10 Reasons Why Illegal Immigrants Should be Deported

2. Food Assistance 

Food Assistance
Getting Food Assistance is the right of taxpayers and they get angry because of illegal immigrants

Food assistance programs are the most widely used form of welfare in America. There are ongoing debates about who should be able to use them. Taxpayers are often extremely angered when non-working citizens are given food assistance. They also conclude that food assistance recipients are lazy, drug induced, or dishonest. While many people misuse the system, the majority of people on food stamps are families with children. Illegal immigrants, however, are also able to use these programs. There are several programs aimed at feeding hungry kids, as well.

Schools offer free or reduced lunch to low-income students. This is another program that is funded by taxpayers. Changes have to be made to accommodate illegal immigrants, as well. When populations increase, different funding amounts must be applied. Many children of immigrant families suffer from poverty. Children are allowed to be in schools, and can take advantage of school lunch and breakfast programs. This increases the reach of humanity, however, it puts more financial strain on many geographical areas.

Food banks are also available throughout the country. These offer a place to get food for those in need. Welfare programs do not always cover the entire need of a family. A food bank or private pantry can fill in the gap. Many churches are also non-profit food bank providers. These are often better equipped to handle illegal immigrants, since there is less paperwork involved. The congregation of these churches are likely the ones providing the food. They also contribute money that is used in these food programs. It can put more strain on the community to feed illegal immigrants. This goes back to the main issue of monetary costs that become the responsibility of the United States.

1. Less Motivation to Conform 

When illegal immigrants get their rights, they don’t strive for legacy

When immigrants observe their peers surviving without seeking legal status, this can deter them from trying to complete legal citizenship. Everything is provided to the immigrants, even when they are not legal. Some may see no reason to continue with a long legal process. There seems to be no extra perks, as everything is provided to the illegal community. Food and medical programs are offered to illegal occupants, just the same. There needs to be some motivation for illegal immigrants to become United States citizens. This is not always easy when there are so many illegal immigrants and so few resources to help them. It can also be difficult to round up all of the illegal immigrants. Many are in the habit of hiding from authorities. They are incredibly concerned about staying in the United States, however, they remain hidden and put in little effort. For illegals to be motivated to change their status, some of the government perks may need to be removed. If kids cannot be enrolled in school, or food benefits are denied, people may get the process going a bit faster.

There should also be encouraging factors, however. It is not humane to withhold food from hungry children. There needs to be something in place, however. Perhaps benefits are available once the process of legalizing is underway. This would allow for children to be cared for, without having to wait out the entire process. When everything is provided, these individuals may also be less motivated to do things that make them part of the country. The language is often not embrace, for instance. Illegal immigrants need some sort of motivation to set a goal for becoming legal.


Illegal occupants are an issue in many areas of the United States. Border towns are, of course, more heavily affected. The economy takes a big hit when there are large quantities of illegal immigrants living in the community. Citizens that are legal often find that their own resources become smaller. This can especially be seen in schools. Education is not denied when illegal immigrants go to enroll their children. This immediately places more of a financial burden on the school. Lunch and breakfast are usually provided to these children. Transportation is also a cost. Education for illegal immigrants often involves special classes to teach the proper language, as well. Tutoring is often necessary to get these children on the correct grade level for their age. A move to another country can be difficult on the children.

Jobs are often taken by illegal immigrants. These could help to sustain our own population. Employers are often tempted by the lower wages that illegal immigrants accept. Some of these jobs end up paying cash. This takes away the tax responsibility and is not always able to be documented. This makes these families able to get benefits, when native people often cannot. Money is also sent home to families in other countries, in many cases. This makes the revenue unavailable to sustain the economy in the United States. It is important that citizens work and spend in their own communities.

Crime is also an issue when it comes to illegal immigrants. Some bring drugs or other issues with them. Others turn to crime when they become desperate to provide for their families. The stress of being an illegal immigrant weighs heavily on the children involved, as well as the legal populations. Prisons are full and more immigrants are added daily. Deportation of these criminals would be a start to the solving the problem. There are many solutions that need to be implemented.