10 Reasons Teachers should be Armed with Guns

Teachers should be Armed
Teachers should be Armed for the protection of students

Classrooms are not what they used to be. School is meant for fun with friends, and learning. Kids today are forced to worry about extreme violence every time they walk onto school property. This can easily cause anxiety and limit learning potential. The new reality has forced officials to consider arming teachers in every classroom. This is a huge undertaking, involving millions of dollars in training and equipment costs. The motion is having trouble getting underway, however, due to many oppositions. Time cannot be wasted when it comes to the safety of our children.

Teachers are also showing up to work in fear. They have to remain strong for the children, even when they are constantly considering what to do in an emergency. Teachers need to feel more in control of the situation. They should be able to fight for the children and themselves. It is unfair to ask people to come to work without giving them the choice to protect their own life. Unfortunately, we must face the reality that teaching is now a dangerous profession.

Even without school shooters, there are various reasons that teacher should be armed. High school teachers in rough neighborhoods face violent kids, at times. The majority of teachers are women, meaning that they are more in danger of suffering an assault coming to and from work. Arming teachers offers a new level of security that should be embraced by the public.

10Protection of Children 

Teachers can protect their students with guns in different situations

The main reason that teachers need to be armed is to protect the kids they care about. Prevention is the current plan when it comes to protecting staff and children from armed intruders. This is not foolproof, however. Many schools have not done enough to change polies, either. Older schools with more open access need to be renovated to keep out unwanted individuals. Schools now need to have one entry point for visitors, locks on all doors, and alarms. There also needs to be no free entry system in place. Visitors should have to buzz in and show identification.

These changes are not standard protocol in all areas. A determined shooter can also be sneaky about entering the school. It only takes a second for a bullet to fly through a window. It may take several minutes for an emergency lockdown to go into effect. It could take even longer for armed security to make their way across the building to a specified room. An armed teacher could begin retaliating immediately, saving lives of children in the classroom.

Teachers spend their entire careers tending to the daily needs of children. When they are not allowed to carry guns, it leaves them helpless in the face of danger. Teachers are capable of learning proper gun etiquette and acting appropriately in an emergency. Protection of our children in schools is something that should be mandatory, not questioned.

9Taking Control 

Some teachers use their guns to threaten their students and having a strict control over them

Teachers usually feel in control of their classroom. Their job description gives them the responsibility to keep a large amount of children in-line on a daily basis. Yet, when it comes to defense they are completely unprepared. They can easily feel helpless and out of control when it comes to intruder concerns. Most teachers are willing to put themselves in danger to keep their kids safe. In many school shootings, the teacher dies trying to protect the students. This is not taking control. Allowing this to happen is inhumane. Human beings are left with no way to fight for survival.

Teachers know how to take control, and can be trusted to do so in a shooting situation. Many have shown their bravery, and lost their lives. If teachers are willing to stand up for their students, they should be given a weapon to help them be more in control. Chances of survival rise significantly when a teacher can take action. At this point, shooters are expecting school staff to be unarmed. This gives them a huge advantage.

By not arming teachers, control is given to the criminals that set out to harm our children. When we agree to arm our teachers, law abiding citizens take back the control. Children deserve to be protected at all costs. While different groups are arguing over teachers with guns, the next school shooter is planning an easy attack. Take that possibility away by supporting gun use for school staff. Your child’s teacher could be the one to save a life.

8Inefficient Emergency Plans 

Although, schools have strict security but armed teachers have the best for emergency plans

Most schools have a strict emergency protocols by now. There have been enough school shootings to warrant significant attention to this matter. These plans, however, are having to be executed in outdated buildings with incredible numbers of students. It takes monetary resources to completely overhaul a school building. At best, most schools are making due with what they have. Original classroom doors may not even have locks on them. Emergency plans may be as simple as having students duck under their desks. This is incredibly insufficient when human life is concerned.

Teachers can fill in the gaps in security. One armed teacher may not be able to defeat a shooter, however, several stand a very good chance of taking one down. Large schools simply have too many hiding places and unsecured entry points. There are too many variables to limit armed security to one area of the school. A school shooter often knows the layout of the school, as well as the safety precautions. If every teacher is armed, there is less chance that multiple classrooms become affected.

Some schools require that children be herded into a closet or into cabinets. Shots can still be fired through the doors. A teacher with a gun could fire back from any location. Arming teachers adds an extra layer of defense to the standing protocol in most schools. It is a great idea to reinforce protective measures. Arming teachers may even act as a preventative. School shooters have yet to go up against teachers with weapons. You can depend on one particular method to protect the school at all times. Every emergency situation is unique. It is better to be over prepared, than to mourn the loss of precious students.

7Quick Reactions 

Teachers with guns can give quick reaction to any emergency situation

When an emergency happens, a quick reaction time is pertinent. Lives can be lost if children are not rushed into hiding fast enough, or alarms do not sound on time. It takes time for first responders to arrive on the scene. Large amounts of damage can occur while they are in transit. Even schools with armed security guards have limited coverage. A security guard cannot be everywhere at once. In most cases, the shooter would avoid the area where a guard is on duty. Once an emergency is underway, it can take several minutes for the guard to arrive in the correct location.

All of these delays can result in loss of innocent lives. A teacher can simply reach into her desk or purse and be armed within seconds. Each classroom can have a trained shooter, ready to retaliate. Teachers from nearby classrooms can also respond, quickly outnumbering the intruder. Teachers are great at responding to a variety of situations with innovative solutions. There is no doubt that they can be trained to respond appropriately in this situation, as well.

There is no time to carry out complicated emergency procedures when an intruder has arrived on campus. The entire situation can change within seconds. You cannot completely predict the exact moves of a shooter.

6Dangerous Students 

Teachers can control the Dangerous Students using guns in right way

The threat of a school shooting is not the only reason to support the arming of teachers. There are other dangers that lurk in schools, especially those with older students. Some teachers choose to devote their careers to less fortunate neighborhoods. These teachers are often sent into violent parts of town without access to protection. There are some inner city schools that cater to a dangerous student body. There can be violence from gang type activity or drug interactions. If a student threatens a teacher with a weapon, the teacher should be prepared.

These same schools may also be more at risk for crime from the surrounding residents. Dangerous people, other than intentional shooters, can wander into schools. If there is a need for extra security at a specific school, guns for the teachers should be required. No employee should be fearful during their workday.

Problematic kids are still required to follow the law by attending school. These kids may be in special classes or be known to be unpredictable. Other students can be at risk if there is no one to protect them. Weapons are not allowed in schools, however, disobedient kids may sneak them in. This leaves those that follow rules without a way to protect themselves. This is where teachers can step in when they are armed.

5Increases the Amount of Security 

Teachers armed with guns improve classroom’s security

There should not be a limit to the amount of security that is allowed in schools. There is so much debate over how to best protect students that they are often left without enough defense. Banning guns on campuses does not eliminate the actions of unlawful individuals. We cannot depend on everyone to follow the rules. Placing one or two guards in a school with 2,000 students is not going to help much.

These guards can only respond to a small area of the school in a timely manner. This leaves multiple wings and floors unprotected. Innocent children are left in under protected environments, while political officials walk around with several bodyguards. It is time to get our priorities straight. Cost and disagreements should not interfere with proper security. The government may anger some people by making guns the norm for teachers, but it is worth the hassle. Change is not always accepted well by everyone involved.

Many teachers would gladly pay for their own training if they could carry a gun with them. They should, however, be supplied with the items and training for work safety. Every inch of the school could be secure, if the staff were allowed to be armed. There is no reason to forgo proper amounts of security when you have capable teachers on staff. Arming teachers could increase the security staff significantly. Large high schools may have over 100 teachers. If the entire teaching staff is armed with guns, that puts an army against one shooter.

4Personal Protection 

Teachers also use guns for their Personal Protection

Teachers are not always on campus at the same time as everyone else. They often come early to prepare for the day, and stay late to get their classroom cleaned up. Some may even stay late for tutoring. A teacher is much more isolated and vulnerable with less people around. An intruder could easily target a single teacher working with a couple of students. Personal protection should be allowed for these quiet parts of the day when few other staff are around.

Teachers must also park in employee parking. This is usually quite far from the school. They may very well be walking to and from class in the dark of early morning or evening. This can leave them at risk for crimes such as carjacking and mugging. If teachers cannot bring guns to the school, they are forced to walk to and from their cars unprotected. Some teachers may also take public transportation to work. They may prefer to remain armed while waiting at a bus or subway stop.

Teachers have lives outside of the classroom. Most have families at home and kids of their own. Arming teachers to protect kids is not the only motive. Teachers also need to be able to secure their own safety, so they can return home to their families, as well. By telling teachers that firearms are not an option, you are telling them their lives are not valuable.

3Makes Kids Feel Safer, Less Anxiety 

Children feel free to move around and perform activities when you provide a safer and secure environment

Imagine having to focus on the most important aspect of your life while feeling afraid all day. Kids used to arrive at school with excitement, in past years. They would greet their friends and look forward to lunch conversations and recess. Learning was also the main focus. Kids need to make good grades so they can have a bright future. Instead of learning, however, they are looking over their backs for the next school shooter.

Mornings may be spent practicing emergency drills, instead of spelling drills. Kids cannot learn properly if they are constantly feeling anxious about safety. This negatively affects their minds, keeping them on high alert. When teachers become armed with weapons, kids can feel more secure in their classrooms. Kids that feel safe can resume their normal daily activities with more focus. They can also find time to enjoy their friends and social activities. Schools need to find ways bring joy back to the kids in their classrooms. Making them feel safe is key.

Kids are more perceptive than we give them credit for. Even if you only tell young kids a little bit about the dangers of intruders, they figure out the truth. Unfortunately, in today’s society most kids have already seen the news about school shootings on social media. Arming teachers can lessen the fear that children are feeling on a regular basis. Kids like to know that someone is in charge and taking care of them. An armed teacher in the classroom accomplishes this task.

2Gives Parents Peace of Mind 

If you provide a secure school environment, parents will have peace of mind

Parents send their kids off to school every day, trusting that those in charge are protecting them. Even with minimal security in place, parents have little choice but to send their kids away for the majority of the day. How can a government require kids to be in school, but deny proper defense? Parents often supply extremely young kids with cell phones so they can be in constant contact due to the recent violent incidents.

Parents should be able to have a positive attitude about their child’s education. Instead, they are talking to their kids about difficult situations, and holding their breath until their child steps off of the school bus. This is a terrible predicament to be in. Both the children, and the parents are feeling tense throughout the school day. Parents can be put at ease by arming the teachers in all classrooms.

Parents make great efforts to keep their children safe when they are not at school. Officials should match that effort when they are in the care of others. Parents should be able to remain confident after dropping their child off at school every morning. When trusted teachers are well-trained to handle firearms, this is a possibility. A child’s life becomes no less important when they enter the doors of their school.

1Teaches Children to Be Prepared 

Armed teachers prepare their children for any type of situation

Children need to learn how to manage in the modern world. Unfortunately, this new time period involves a lot of violence. It is not realistic to keep them uninformed. Counselors at schools can help you explain violence in schools, if necessary. Part of navigating this new reality, involves decisions on gun use. Schools are not personal homes, and should not be concerned about personal opinions on gun use. Kids need to see that schools are a place of business and protection is necessary.

Kids would not be alarmed to see police officers in a police station armed with guns. Teachers are working in an environment that requires certain safety features. Arming teachers shows kids that preparation has been taken to keep the building and its inhabitants safe. Is shows that thought has gone into what is best for the group of people that spend their days there. We teach them to prepare for exams. They also need to learn to prepare for unsafe situations.

We are moving into a more modern time, and must let go of some traditional ideals. There was a turning point where children became unable to walk to and from school by themselves. The streets are not as safe as they once were. The same thing has happened to the school buildings. Several people have chosen to bring violence into schools, making everyone prepare better for these types of emergencies. Kids need to understand how to be prepared for intruder issues. It is important that they understand that guns in the classroom are not a means of useless violence, but a method of defense.


School shootings have become more common in recent years. There are many theories about the reasons for this. School officials, parents, and teachers have spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to make schools safer. The plan to arm teachers is often dismissed, as it causes too much controversy. People that cannot agree are keeping children from having safe schools. There is no foolproof way to protect schools. There are downfalls to most of the suggestions. It is important, however, to focus on the positive aspects of each method. Each tactic offers a degree of protection, even if it is not 100 percent.

Teachers should be armed for reasons beyond school violence. Teachers often need to protect themselves as they commute to and from school. If guns are not allowed on campus, teachers have to leave them at home or in their car. These options offer no protection for them. A teacher should have the right to keep themselves safe from harm. Guns do not have to be a major focus of the classroom. They can be kept out of sight, either in a locked area or worn on the teacher at all times. Students can go on about their day with the understanding that this is a standard security measure.

It is important to adopt a more realistic mindset when it comes to having teachers with guns. Lifestyles and environments change over time. This may not be everyone’s ideal solution, however, many lives may be saved. Teachers and children need to feel safe so they can concentrate on learning. Kids deserve to know the age old joy of showing up at school and feeling excited to see their friends and start their day. If arming teachers allows for a little less anxiety in children, it is beneficial choice.