10 Reasons Why Illegal Immigrants Should be Deported

5. Prison Population 

Prison Population
Illegal immigration increases the Government cost to maintain a prison population

United States prisons are overflowing with people. Inmates require a lot of necessities on a daily basis. Food and clothing are the main essentials. There are also many expenses that come from the prison experience. Special facilities to keep inmates away from the general population are expensive to build and maintain. Illegal immigrants add to the financial strain in the prison system.

Sometimes entirely new prisons need to be built. Otherwise, we risk having to release people back out into the community. In some cases, early releases are done to make space. Prisons may choose people that are the least problematic to let back into society. Illegal immigrants need to be deported once they end up in the prison system. This allows for the prison resources to be used on legal citizens, only. Costs to taxpayers soar due to illegal immigrants. Some of these taxes go towards the prison system. Taxpayers are usually on board with contributions aimed at incarcerating legal citizens. They can, however, become angered at having to support illegal immigrants in the prison system. It is a waste of resources.

Jails and prisons are already overcrowded. An influx of illegal immigrants is not helpful to this situation. Criminals must be taken into custody so that the community is safer. Authorities are left without much control over the situation due to the dangerous nature of these types of immigrants.

 4. Drugs 

Illegal immigration wants to make fast money so they get indulge in drugs

Illegal immigrants may take any possible job to help support their family this often results in low pay and long hours. Sometimes, however, illegal immigrants find ways make a lot of money, quickly. Some turn to drug use or dealing. Some may use drugs to alleviate stress or due to an addiction. These addictions add to the demand for drugs, making the illegal drug situation worse in many areas. Immigrants may also consider dealing drugs earn money. When an immigrant family is new, they are often desperate to make money for the necessities.

The majority of the drugs in the United States are form outside of the country, as well. Illegal immigrants can be responsible for bringing in more drugs than are already here. This adds to problem by creating addicts that cannot care for themselves or others. This, in turn, leads to more medical expenses. Many illegal immigrants may later need a rehabilitation program for drug addiction.

Once drugs are brought into the country, there is often a continuance of the habit. Many immigrants remain connected to their home country, enabling a steady influx of drugs. These products are continuously brought in with drug trafficking. The only way to curb this problem, is to return the illegal immigrants back to their home country. The drug supply must be cut off at its root. By the time these drug rings are discovered, however, they are usually incredibly large.

3. Outgoing Revenue 

Outgoing Revenue
All the illegal immigrants are the source of outgoing revenue.

Citizens that live and work in the United States, also shop and pay bills here. This keeps the economy moving. Legal immigrants and native people are a part of what makes the community tick. When illegal immigrants are involved, however, this becomes more complicated. An illegal immigrant makes money in a way that avoids taxes. This money is put back into the system, however, when they pay for food or other necessities. The majority of the money, however, is not for the people that are here in the states.

Sometimes a family sends over one or two people to work and make money in the United States. A large portion of this money is then sent back home to support families in dire need of food and shelter. This outgoing revenue never makes it back into our revolving economy. Millions of dollars are estimated to leave the country in this way every year. There is no way for illegal immigrants to contribute to the community if this is their main goal. There is often no tax on the money they earn, and it then goes straight back to their home country.

This tactic is not usually instigated with the intention to harm the United States, however. These families must break up for long periods of time when this happens. A struggling family in another country is usually the recipient of the funds. This means that it is used to feed and house women and children. It is difficult to find solutions to this type of situation. No one wants families to suffer, even if they are illegal. Efforts to bring the entire family to the United States in a legal way may be more productive.