10 Reasons Animal Hunting should be Banned

Animals hunting is becoming a fashion nowadays

Hunting has been around since ancient times. Cave drawings from past cultures show the animals they hunted to use for food and clothing. Many cultures also made use of plants by hunting and gathering. Sedentary tribes eventually perfected the art of agriculture. When using natural resources for survival, hunting may be a necessary part of life. These old cultures, however, showed much more respect to the animal kingdom than humans today. There was also no other way to feed large groups of people.

In modern times, there are some who wish to revert to these past traditions. These individuals often apply for a hunting license and take off into the wilderness. When it is done improperly, hunting causes unnecessary pain to the animals. Hunting was a way of life at one point in time. At present, it is more of a sport. This status makes people treat it in a competitive way, at times. Competition takes the focus off of the main goal, leading to accidents, excessive kills, and trophy hunting.

Regulations are limited, making it possible for people with inappropriate intentions to participate in hunting. People that want to harm animals instead of hunting for food can slip through the system. The environment can be dangerous, as well. The nature of hunting calls for hiding and silence, making it difficult for people to know that others are out there. Humans and pets can get shot accidentally. Animals can also attack hunters while they are busy looking out for their target. Hunting can cause many complications when not done properly.

10. Alternate Food Sources 

Hunting animals is a source of alternative food when you are on your vacations

In today’s modern society, there are many alternate food sources that eliminate the need for traditional hunting. Farms for meat are a regular part of the food industry. Some say that they hunt so the meat is fresh, and not tainted with hormones. There are many organic options for meat in your local supermarket. There are also specialty stores that focus on all organic foods. This can be more expensive than the average options, however, hunting is also expensive.

There is also the option of eating a more plant-based diet. This eliminates all forms of animal products when done to the extreme. Some individuals that practice this diet even refrain from eating eggs and dairy. If you have a moral issue with using animals for food, this may be an option for you. There are plenty of alternate protein options. When done properly, a well-rounded diet can be accomplished.

If you want to be responsible for your own food sources, there are many things you can do. Hunting is not the only way to provide for yourself. You can start an organic garden in your own backyard. Many areas are tolerant of chicken ownership, meaning that you can easily provide your own eggs. Goats can be used for milk, if you do not have the space for cows. Even in smaller living spaces, strides can be made to provide some plant foods. An herb garden can easily be grown in the window. You can get back to nature without hunting.

9. Trophy Hunters 

Trophy Hunters
Some hunters take hunting just like a sports game and love to go outside for hunting

A major problem with hunting today, is that people tend to treat it like more of a sport. Instead of being humble and obtaining only what is needed for sustenance, some people make it a competition. When this happens, animals get killed to show dominance over other hunters. The kill is made to gain a head for the wall, instead of for food. This attitude makes hunting extremely unattractive, and inhumane. There are many places overseas that cater to the human ego. There are businesses that harbor docile animals, such as giraffes. These are kept on the premises for hunters to come and kill for fun.

When animals like giraffes and elephants are killed, it is only meant for showing off. There is no skill necessary to do this, either. Many of these animals are gentle and trusting of humans. The meat is not used for eating. The animal dies a fearful, and unnecessary death. Some of these animals come from zoos when they are no longer needed for breeding for breading purposes. They have been cared for by humans their entire lives.

Trophy hunting can also lead to the killing of the biggest, or fiercest animal. These types of hunters are not looking for a proper food source, but are trying to make themselves look tough. Hunting today, is not always done with the proper intentions, making it questionable option for our modern times.

8. Lack of Education 

Shooting an animal requires perfection. Poorly educated hunters miss their shoots most of the times

Many hunters learn the sport from family or friends, and not from a reputable educational source. Some people are genuinely trying to provide a good source of food for their families. Many, however, are just looking for a weekend pastime. There is no education sought out by these types of hunters. They may go out and shoot poorly, causing more pain for the animal. An experienced hunter knows how to limit the suffering of the animal, and chooses a viable food source.

Uneducated hunters take out the first thing they can, often executing the shot poorly. Education for any type of activity takes extra resources. This is a monetary expense that most are unwilling to commit to. There is also a time commitment involved in learning how to do something properly. Most people just want to buy a gun and some fun camouflage clothing. A weekend or two of playing the part is all that most people are looking for.

Properly educated hunters know how to choose an animal that provides maximum amounts of foods. They also know how to shoot in an efficient way. This is not how everyone approaches hunting, however.

7. Lack of Regulation 

Lack of Regulation
Hunting process do have some rules and regulations and hunters should consider that all

There is little regulation when it comes to giving out hunting licenses. People with questionable backgrounds can go out and spend time shooting innocent animals. The majority of hunters may have proper intentions, however, the dishonest ones are allowed to slip through the system. Those individuals that hunt for the purpose of torturing animals may be out there on the deer stand. Hunting gives people like this a legal setting in which to carry out their deranged actions.

Without proper background checks, you have no way of knowing who is out in the field with you. You could be out hunting and end up surrounded by others that do not share your good intentions. This can be dangerous for both animals, and humans. Individuals that hurt animals on purpose are usually not far from transferring that anger to humans. These are not the type of people you want to be alone in a forest with.

It can also be difficult to maintain a count of how many animals are hunted each year. There are certain hunting times and limits, however, people always find ways to get around these rules. The dishonest hunters ruin it for everyone. When greed takes over, there is no concern for the rules and regulations.

6. Animal Attacks 

Animal Attacks
Animals also attack back on the hunters when they feel insecure

Hunting is never perfectly safe. Even in ancient times, there was danger involved. Any time you head out into the territory of wild animals, you are putting your life in danger. You can easily become the prey. Humans are often considered to be at the top of the food chain. This is not, however, due to physical strength. We have maintained this position due to weapons and engineering minds. We know to stay out of the wilderness, for the most part.

Even the Native Americans knew to make their camp away from where the animals lived. Modern homes are built far from the forest, with some rural exceptions. These, however, are often protected by fences. When out in the natural environment, animals know their way around much better than humans. Hunters are in the territory of the animals, and are not always safe. There are many types of animals that live in areas where hunting is practiced.

There have been cases where hunters have been attacked by animals other than the ones they are hunting. This can result in severe injuries, and even death. Things like bears, mountain lions, and other large cats lurk in the background of hunting grounds.