10 Reasons to Ban Photoshop

Nowadays, Photoshop is the most important tool used from business point of view

At one time Photoshop was a fun app that enabled you to change the way you look. With all of the selfie taken going on in today’s society, it is important to know that many of these to no accurately represent the person taking the picture. In this day and age, you can simply shave a few inches off of your thighs, or make your hips narrower. There are hundreds of different options. This is a fun idea for personal use, however, it can easily get out of control. When there are no natural pictures being sent, you may need to confront some negative body issues.

Photoshop is often used by advertisers to promote their products. When used on a professional scale, Photoshop can interfere with pictures we see, in many advertisements. When you are reading magazine, you are sure to run across a plethora of advertisements. Most advertisements use a professional model in their campaign process. You may notice that the model looks a little different in each photograph, or that her body proportions are no natural looking. Photoshop takes beautiful people, and turns them into odd creatures.

Protests against Photoshop have spurred a little change, however, much more is needed. There is no need to continue the shaming of models and ourselves. The quest for the perfect body has become even more ridiculous. It is not only average citizens that are having issues with body shaming. The majority of the photo shopped pictures are of celebrities and models. These are people that have made a career with their looks. If they are not considered good enough, who is? A ban on Photoshop would help to keep the general public aware of what normal body types look like.

10Negative Body Issues 

Photoshop hides body issues and portrays good image to the people

Body issues are an ongoing problem in America, especially for young girls. Pictures in advertisements show a single moment in the life of a model. This moment is usually, staged and photo shopped. There is no reason for girls to think they should look like this, but they do. They often try to achieve the exact look of the photograph. When they cannot get the look right, young girls may fall into an ongoing negative mindset. What advertisers tend to ignore, is the delicate balance of adolescent minds.

Negativity is often easier to believe than positivity. It can be difficult to find acceptance of your body, when the media is throwing Photoshop images at you. Negative body issues are one of the most common issues among teens. This unhealthy mindset can keep them from trying new things, hanging out with friends, and participating in sports. They often want to hide out at in oversized t-shirts and remain at home.

There may also be spontaneous emotional outbursts. These can come from, both, sadness and depression about the situation at hand. They are, however, crying over something that is not even real. The Photoshop image is simply a small part of the model that posed for the advertisement.  Advertisers have been warned repeatedly about the effects of these types of photos on young men and girls. There seems to be no end to the problem. Photoshop has now added an even worse element to this issue. People cannot compete with computer generated pixels.

9False Advertising 

Photoshop supports False Advertising and creates imaginary world for people

How can a company be trusted when they are not even showing something that is real? Along with their make-believe models, it can be perceived that a low quality product may follow suit. A company that is quick to be dishonest in their advertising campaign may have few standards in other areas, as well. When you are aware of the fake image, you can then begin to make an informed decision about the product.

False advertising is not legal, however images that use Photoshop are a common thing. Somehow, this form of false advertising is not recognized as wrong because it does not affect the portrayal of the product, only the physical nature of model.   If you see a picture that looks too good to be true, it probably is. A company that goes to these lengths for deception has become the norm.

Unfortunately, these types of advertisements show no sign of slowing down. The only way to stop them, is to stop buying their products. A lack of business means less revenue, which may get the attention necessary. Letters need to be written and products need to be tested.


Most of the times, photoshop highlights Unrealistic products

The advertising world is rarely built on reality. They are all about finding creative ways to get your money. This is to be expected, and we all should make a point to call them out on this issue. Unrealistic photos become more of a problem, even, when they are of yourself. Selfies are supposed to be a quick pic of you, and maybe a friend or two. These are often taken to be sent to friends, or posted on social media. It is a sad thing to feel that you cannot be yourself.

These pictures may also warrant attention from the opposite sex. This is not a bad thing if you are being honest. Unrealistic pictures that are changed with Photoshop are not a real depiction of how you look on a daily basis. This can be a dangerous thing, as your photo may attract attention from a bad person. Women may add attributes, like larger breasts, making them more available for unwanted advances from men.

When you take many unrealistic photos you may get used to your new image. This severely affects your life in some ways. You may be unable to make new friends easily because you are worried about seeing people in person. You end up creating an image that does not really exist, so you have to hide out. This is no way to live.

7Support and Respect for the Models 

The photoshop skills enhance the beauty of the models and support them

The models that succumb to this atrocity are often dismissed. After all, they took the job and got paid for it. There have been some cases where the photo shopped pictures were taken without the knowledge of the actress or model, however. These models need support, as they are also at risk for developing a negative body image. It is unbelievable that a person that looks beautiful for a living ends up feeling bad about themselves.

Find ways to support models that have experienced this by researching companies that do not do this. Write in support of the models when the post something natural on their social media page. Let the companies know that natural is better. Buy the products that are associated with the more natural advertising campaigns. This can help to make a change. The models also need to take a stand for themselves. They can do this by asking ahead of time if photo shopping is a part of the job. If it is, they should refuse.

The public must stand up for models that try to take more natural jobs and maintain a healthy weight. There is no excuse for poor body image in today’s society. We have so many resources to get help when falling in despair over our appearance. Talk to a friend, call a helpline, or seek out a doctor. Models and the public, alike must work together to ban Photoshop.

6Bad Business

Many bad businesses enhance their products’ looks using Photoshop

Businesses that take this approach are often rotten to the core. This is a last resort method use to sell more items. It is bad business to take someone’s body image into your own hands. A model is a professional that takes the job, just like everyone else. She can opt out of the job if the business is bad. It is simply a poor way to run a business. More time should be spend on thinking about the demographics of their audience, and website following.

It is often up to the public to educate a company on what we want. We have to make it known that we want more natural looking models in the pictures. This can help businesses to better understand their customers. There are simply some rules that should apply to all business advertisements. This is would help each company to better adhere to Photoshop etiquette. Some touch ups may be beneficial and not cause as much harm.

It is a bad business move to keep changing the way people look. It says to the customers that they are not important, as human beings. When real looking photos are used, the revenue of a company is sure to improve. This is because of a positive business move on the part of cooperate.



Using photoshop to enhance your products’ results is Unprofessional

It is extremely unprofessional to take a picture out of context. This leads people on, and often in the wrong direction. There is no reason to think that a company who uses models in this way, would be good to do business with. The professional thing to do for pictures, is to hire a good photographer, and let him work magic. Professional pictures are artistic and show natural beauty. They are not perfect, as this would take away from their interest.

The pictures used for advertising are often using fake backgrounds and are made to look to perfect. This is not what consumers want to see. They want to see something that they can relate to when they are considering buying a product. This can boost sales, and keep the company professional.

The action of photo shopping is also unprofessional in itself. This should not happen at all, especially when working with a good photographer and a relevant model. It is better to take some time finding the right people to work with than settling for a poor picture using Photoshop.

4Negates the Model’s Hard Work

Models get discouraged for their activities and beauty when they need to get their images photoshop

Models are professionals, and pride themselves on being ready for their photos. Photoshop simply negates all of their hard work. They often limit their foods, and workout regularly to keep in shape for their photo shoots. When you Photoshop a model, you are telling them they are not good enough. This is an unacceptable way to treat a hardworking, and dedicated individual.

Models do not all look the same. If you need a different look, it can be helpful to find the right model before you start shooting. Photo shopping may happen when you are not comfortable with the chosen model. It can be easy to try and change things when you do not start out with the right person for the job. When you hire a curvy model, do not expect to get an athletic picture. There are models suited for what you need, and you can save time on the photo shopping.

A model is not an inanimate object. He or she is going to notice if you Photoshop them. They are going to look at the picture later and see what has happened. This can easily mess up their career. Others may call them for work that want the same look. They cannot provide it, however, because it does not exist. A photo shopped image can also not be used for their portfolio. This means it is like the job never existed. They may not even be able to put it on their resume, since the picture is not all

3Eating Disorders

People are not as skinny as they show using the photoshop

Eating disorders are on the rise again. Modern day teens are too caught up in what they look like. The stress on teens is more than it has been in the past, as well. There is no reason to keep the trend going by using Photoshop. This is the worst thing that has happened to pictures. They are not real and kids do not know that. Anorexia and bulimia seem like a feasible way to shed some pounds when you are depressed about your weight. There is no reason to keep from being healthy because of a picture, but it can be past logic once an eating disorder has begun,

People are not as skinny in real life, as they are in pictures. It is important for kids to understand that. They friends they see every day are not looking like toothpicks. They cannot understand that, however, the person on that photo does not exist in that state. This illusion leads to their own issues consisting of food and exercise. Other mental issues can also accompany these horrible conditions. There are some people that lose their lives to eating disorders. Photoshop should not be used, as it could be fatal.

Eating disorders often take years to hit their worst. Some kids start having small symptoms in their early years, and get worse in their teens. All along, they may be looking at photos of individuals with these “perfect” bodies. Take the time to protest Photoshop pictures in the media.  Kids should be watched regularly if they start to show sudden concern over their weight, as well. Photoshop is an unnecessary evil.


2No Artistic Touch 

Photoshopped images don’t have Artistic Touch in them

People love going to art museums because they can see something new and creative. This is not something that is has been constant with Photoshop. The creative attributes are fun, but not truly artistic. A good photographer can work with angles and colors to get the right picture, not with Photoshop. It is important to realize the difference between true artistic talent, and someone playing on their computer. This is not the only problem. The models need to look good so that they can continue in their career. If a bad photo shopped picture is released, they may get some bad press.

Photographers work with models all the time to create beautiful images. Sometimes they even go to exotic locations. This is not always affordable, so people just add the changes with Photoshop. This needs to stop, as it is ruining the reputation of artistic photography. Even an average consumer does not want to see a poor image every time a certain ad pops up. It is beneficial for people to keep their photos fresh and new.

To do this, they need to think in way that does not involve Photoshop. A photographer needs to go in thinking that it does not exist. If it is not an option, perhaps a better idea is around the corner. Photographers need to go back a few years in style to get a better outcome in their modern pictures. Modern does not have to include computer generated, either. This is the best way to find inspiration, at times. Artistic photos from the past can give great ideas for the future, no Photoshop needed.

1Better Response 

The companies would get better response, if they don’t photoshop their products’ images

Companies would get a better response from their consumers if they would stop trying to invent a body type that does not really exist. There is no way to keep up the standard in real life that these pictures create. There are kids killing themselves to keep up with the diet to get there. Many consumers respond much better to the real pictures of people, even if one is somewhat overweight. When people can relate to the pictures they are more interested in trying the product. This is because they can actually see themselves using it. If only the pretty, perfectly skinny girl used the face wash, then the consumer may think they do not deserve it. Teens may try to make themselves worthy.

When consumers like the images they see, there is a better overall response to the company, as well. The reviews may get better, and the revenue may be more. This is the goal, after all. There is no reason to keep the good pictures from the public. They may not seem perfect, however, neither is the general public. There is not a set ideal when people look in the mirror every day, unless the media places the expectation. Without Photoshop, the expectations can be realistic. These are often even more beautiful.

Companies need to reach their audience, and this is not happening when Photoshop is used. There is a large gap between the product and reality. When this gap is closed, there is better communication and understanding between the business and the consumer. Companies should take time to read reviews and act on this advice. Consumers should take the time to respond and tell the company what they expect from their advertising campaigns. Parents of teens may very well, have a lot to say.


Photoshop is a horrible addition to advertising campaigns and other media outlets.  It has completely changed the way we view photos.  Photos of celebrities and models used to be artistic and beautiful. Now they are fake and staged. Photo shop can be used to change any detail. This means that less photographers set out to find the perfect scenery for a photo, they just Photoshop it in. This takes away the special elements that come from creativity. This can be a severe issue when creative marketing is what is needed. Consumers may not be as drawn to these pictures either. They often make consumers feel bad about themselves.

When consumers are questioning their weight and appearance, it can lead to some serious health issues. These may span over many years. Take the time to protest photo shopped images of relevant models. There are also plenty of models to choose from. This way advertisers can find what they prefer, instead of photo shopping the others. Making one model feel bad is not good business, and consumers eventually find out when businesses mistreat their clients. It is irresponsible, as well, to create something that doesn’t exist. Someone out there in the general population may think that girls are often this skinny. This can be a national health issue when allowed to continue.

The best way to guarantee quality photos is to ban Photoshop. It is not something that should be missed by the working models and consumers. Companies need to understand that their products sell better when the models are depicted as realistic human beings. There is no reason to compromise the career of the model, or the health of the general public. Hopefully advertisements can become a better reflection of the people that watch them every day.