Guest Posting Guidelines

List Land now accepts guest posts; however, we are very particular about the types of posts we accept.

Please note, by participating as a Guest Poster you agree to assign all rights (including but not limited to, all international copyrights) in the content you create to

Please follow the instructions below to participate as a Guest Poster.

1. Sign Up:

Sign up for the following e-mail list using this form.

2. E-mail:

You will receive periodic e-mails with a list of available guest posting assignments.We will be giving priority to posting assignments that we send via this email list.

3. Claim an Assignment:

If you’re interested in writing one of the posting assignment please e-mail Jon @ to claim the assignment.

4. Get Assigned an Assignment:

Once you’ve been assigned a list, draft the list following our list posting format:

5. Outbound links:

you may insert only one link to your site. All other links must be to authoritative sites (e.g. webmd, Wikipedia, major news outlets or well established authoritative sites). No byline links are allowed.

6. Internal Links:

Include 3 internal links to other relevant articles on

7. Double-check your List Before Submitting:

Ensure you’ve followed the list format; and

Check that your content is unique with or similar plagiarism checker.

8. Submit: 

E-mail the completed list to jon @

9. Review, Acceptance & Rejection:

Once we review the list, we will advise whether it is accepted or rejected. We reserve the right to reject any content. Your participation and assignment of a list does not guarantee publishing.

10. Publishing:

If accepted for publishing the list will be placed in our publishing queue (or be published at appropriate time if seasonal content) and will appear on, be promoted across our social networks, and e-mailed to our newsletter subscribers.

Thank you for your interest in guest posting on List Land.