10 Reasons to Abolish the Second Amendment

Government of any country defines the laws and rules

Laws are an important part of keeping the country running in an organized manner. There are simply too many people to let things get out of hand. The government puts a lot of thought into amendments to the constitution. When the constitution originate, our country was a completely different place. The concerns of the community in 1791, when the second amendment was put into place, were very different. The constitution was made to undergo changes, as needed. The founding fathers were not naïve enough to assume that their ideals would last forever.

The second amendment is significant because it allow people to protect themselves against the very people that made the laws. The government in the United States promised to be a reflection of the general population. The people of the United States hold tight to the belief that they can rise up in defense if the government shows signs of straying from democracy. There are also many opportunities to protest when needed. Over time, however, this amendment has also guaranteed the right for people to protect themselves, and their homes.

The need for gun control is not a new issue, as there has been regulation in the past. Admitting of this, however, would mean that people may have to reconsider their stance. Those that fight to keep the second amendment in place as it is, fear extensive government control of weapons. The second amendment, however, needs to be abolished due to the lack of regulations on extreme shooting guns, such as assault rifles.

10It is Outdated

The second amendment is simply not relevant anymore. Complete allowance of all guns in homes, is not in the best interest of the current population. When the amendment was placed in the constitution, there were no assault rifles. The guns that people could own were less damaging than many that are available today. The entire way that our culture does things has changed. We do not resist change when it comes to technology, or machinery. The changing of a law, however, often meets with severe opposition.

People are not expected to dress or talk the same as people did in 1791, the government should not be expected to adhere to ancient rules, either. Protection of the people was the main goal of the second amendment. With the reality of recent school shootings, the people do not seem to be protected anymore. The very law that set out to help the public, has allowed dangerous people to acquire guns.

The best way to stay current, is to reassess the laws on a regular basis. Their relevance can change when we make advances as a society. An outdated law can do more harm than good. There needs to be a mutual trust, however, between the people and their government. A few specific gun regulations does not mean that guns are completely abolished. Changes are meant to make gun ownership a more responsible reality, as opposed to the chaos that is now taking place.


Misinterpretation of law and its rules leads to wrong decisions, so rules should be chnages or understood properly

There can easily be some misinterpretation of the amendment as it stands. Since so many years have passed since the amendment was formed, people have changed how the way they interpret it. There have been so many different people in power over the years that the original meaning has been lost. There have also been many protests by the public about the right to bear arms. This opposition has led to a lot of sensitivity over the second amendment. It can be hard to enforce the true meaning of it, as people tend to get overly upset over any mention of gun limitations.

The right to bear arms meant something different before assault weapons were invented. The modern population, however, wants this amendment to cover these changes. It was clearly never meant to do such a thing. When people begin to use the law to support their own interests, the results can be harmful to the community. The interpretation of each law is an important part of how we behave as a society.

The second amendment can easily be misinterpreted due to its limited clarity over certain types of weapons. This was not something that was an issue, or that could have been completely predicted. New laws would clarify things better so that proper interpretation would be the new norm.


Americans like freedom so the rules are created or changed accordingly


There is nothing more important than maintaining the freedom of the American people. Many fear that repealing the second amendment may infringe upon their freedom. The entire point of the American government set up is to keep the government from gaining too much power. The people are supposed to have a say in how the country is run. The second amendment protects some of these freedoms.

It is important, however, to see what kind of freedoms are taken away by the second amendment, however. There are many situations where freedom is limited due to the ownership of guns. We now have to worry about violence in situations when we should not have to. Kids cannot go to school without fear of being gunned down. Venues, such as movie theatres, are in danger of mass shootings, as well. It is unlikely that school age children feel free into today’s society. Fear is a prison of its own.

Freedom should come with the ability to enjoy life without concern of losing your life. The freedom of safety is now compromised due to the standing law according to the second amendment. Freedom is a balance that depends on proper limits while still giving leeway for the desires of the people. Freedom diminishes when people take advantage of the wording of standing laws. There has to be a better understanding of gun control for these attitudes to change.

7Military Based

Some laws are amended on the military based activities for the welfare of mankind

The original ideas behind the second amendment were geared towards the absence of a professional military. Fears of the population at the time were centered on the possibility of a military that could rise up against the citizens. The second amendment put the power of defense in the hands of the people. This also meant that the general population had the responsibility to defend the country, as well as themselves.

An organized military, however, was deemed necessary for protection. The amendment was put into place to secure the rights of the people in case of an attack by the military. The right to bear arms was meant to make the general population more comfortable with the creation of a large militia. The people need protection to defend freedoms against other countries, however, they also want to be able to defend themselves.

These issues are not the same as they were in the 18th century. We clearly need, and appreciate, the military in our present time. The enemies in the 21st century are more likely to come from other countries, and revolve around terrorism. The fears have shifted from what they were in the past. We are not still in the stage of forming a country. Now that we are better established, some of these issues are not a concern anymore.

6Personal Protection

The government defines the personal protection law to reserve the human rights


People are now concerned about personal protection against each other, more than they are concerned about the infringement of the military on their lives. This is one of the main reasons that people are so adamant about keeping the second amendment. Society has become incredibly unsafe in so many ways. People prefer to be armed in case someone breaks into their house, or approaches them on the street.

People have, however, taken this to the extreme. They refuse to see any need for regulations on the types of guns available, and who should own them. The second amendment was not meant to allow for guns that people can kill their peers with. The guns available now, go far beyond the necessity for personal protection. An assault weapon is not necessary for fending off a home robbery.

Personal protection is not something that the government wants to remove. Many people, however, panic when it comes to changes in laws that govern rights. They fail to understand that personal protection is different from assault weapon ownership. Abolishing the second amendment means that new regulations are going to take place. These are not going to keep people from owning guns, altogether.

5Mental Changes

As time changes, the mind changes and the rules should be made accordingly


Unfortunately, the mental status of a large portion of the population has changed over the years. In the past, there was a more simple mindset and more stable population. The hectic nature of modern life has steadily increased over the past centuries. This has created a slew of new mental disorders, or at least increased the present ones. Kids are more stressed out than ever due to heavy responsibilities, and abusive homes.

Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Many changes in our environment have contributed to these issues. There are more reasons, in present times, to keep heavy weaponry out of the hands of the general population. Mental illness does not always lead to violence. Warning signs like issues with the law, are often more telling of a person’s intentions. Regulations are not intended to keep responsible people from owning weapons. They are meant to keep the weapons out of the hands of those that may be a danger to society.

Until we can find a way to better regulate mental health and treatment, guns may continue to be a threat to our daily lives. Many modern medications have been blamed for the violence. Individuals that have ongoing issues with safety and the law, should not be able to gain access to guns. This idea, however, goes against the second amendment. The right to bear arms does not limit who can be armed. This may not have been an issue in the past, but it is our new reality.

4Cultural Changes 

Changes in culture are frequent but slow, but these ultimately change the lawOur culture has changed immensely over the last two centuries. It says something about our country, however, that the amendment has lasted so long. The government has been hesitant to inhibit the freedom that the constitution promises. This means that it is important and the people are still heard when they speak out. As a culture, there is much more negativity and violence than there was when this amendment was put into place. This has caused a lot of distrust within communities.

Kids cannot go to school without being bullied. No one can feel safe walking around a city at night, either. We have to lock everything up, and purchase extreme alarm systems, just to be able to leave our homes for a few hours every day. Our culture has warranted a misuse of weapons. Many people in large cities fear for their lives on a daily basis. This is no way to live. The plan for gun control is to bring safety and calm back into our culture.

Many people reminisce about a simpler time. This is, unfortunately, not the reality we are experiencing now. Guns seem to be a catalyst to excessive violence in normal everyday places. Schools are receiving the most focus right now, as many innocent children have been lost in shootings. The laws must adjust to the new cultural norm.

3 Crime

As soon as a new crime is introduced, the Government changes its laws immediately to overcome it

The crime rate in many areas is astounding. It is impossible to feel safe in many situations. Even without the consideration of school shootings, there are many other crimes that take place on a daily basis. Businesses are often robbed, domestic violence results in deaths, and muggings also happen regularly. All of these things become more dangerous when guns are involved. Criminals are often found to own more guns than the general population. This make the environment incredibly dangerous.

The second amendment needs to be abolished to keep dangerous guns out of the hands of criminals. Even if those that purchase guns do so legally, there is always the chance that they can fall into the wrong hands. Theft of assault weapons causes these weapons to be used for crime sprees and school shootings. Many of the guns that school shooters have used came from the homes of their families. These were not given to them in a legal manner.

The second amendment allows for more guns to be out in the community. These guns are always at risk for theft by violent individuals. If the second amendment is changed, these guns can be kept out of the general population. This means they cannot be stolen from homes or businesses. A decrease in crime is what government officials are hoping for. Many things contribute to crime. An increase in population, financial stress on a community, and poor mental healthcare all make our environment unsafe. Guns are only making the problem worse, by allowing crimes to become more violent.

2 Regulations that have been Forgotten 

According to the second amendment, gun ownership can be transferred to citizens

Our past is not as perfect as some may want to think. The second amendment is believed to allow for gun ownership for all citizens. The community, at present, takes advantage of its wording. They think that gun regulation is going to be new thing that has never existed in America. This thought process, is keeping the government from making our environment safer. When you look back into history, however, there were more gun regulations than there would be now. Discussions of regulation do not include taking guns from certain ethnic groups, like they did in the 18th century.

Our past holds some pretty ugly realities when it comes to slaves and Native Americans. This cannot be ignored when we look at gun regulations. It is naïve to think that all Americans had the right to own guns in the past. The second amendment had some limitations. The black community was rarely allowed access to guns. White people were given weapons to keep control over this particular group of individuals, as well as other no-whites. Gun ownership was far from being all-inclusive.

There were also laws that prohibited the sale of weapons to Native Americans. America was very new when the second amendment ways written. There were far more discriminating laws in place than what is on the table in government offices. In the past, weapons were meant to hold back possible revolts from slaves and Native Americans. The descendants from Europe wanted to hold the power. Regulations on guns in modern times are planned to be much more lenient than they were in the past. This is something that most people overlook. We have a history of regulation, already.

1Best Interest in Mind

The second amendment in the law is best for people’ interest

The general population often looks at the most negative possibility when it comes to gun regulation. There is no way to convince some opposing parties that the second amendment is causing more harm than good. Things need to be rearranged to better fit the current cultural climate. This is not easy to swallow. People do not want to hand over any more power to the government. The government has to find a way to convince the public that their best interest is taken into consideration.

People are crying out for the violence to end. Every time a school shooting happens, the issue of gun regulation comes to the forefront. Many people also want to crack down on mental health treatment, which is often hard to get. Gun regulation has been put on the back burner time and time again. This is because many groups think that the best interest of the community is not an issue that is discussed. Government officials are at a standstill when it comes to doing what is best for the public, as they are not allowed to proceed. When people protest, the government takes this into consideration.

There is a fine line between gun ownership regulations and taking too much control. The people are not going to tolerate complete control over their gun ownership. Some sort of balance must be found. It is not in the best interest of schools, however, for the second amendment to continue as it is. There has been too much lenience when it comes to interpreting its meaning. The best interest of the population is not always the one that the general public wants to adhere to. Sometimes hard decisions must be made.


The second amendment is in need of revising, at the very least. A complete abolishment, however, is the best course of action. There is no need to allow unnecessary violence to continue at such an alarming rate. Laws are meant to be changed to fit different times. There are many changes to the constitution that have had to be made over the years. Society is much different that it was when our country began. The constitution, thankfully, is set up to be flexible in this way. The second amendment is one of the laws that has brought the most controversy, however.

People have a great fear of losing their freedoms. They often fail to see that they are no longer free in many ways, however. By keeping the amendment in place, and supporting excessive gun ownership, many freedoms have already been reduced. Kids are no longer free to enjoy a day at school without fear. They often have to submit to carrying see-through backpacks and going through metal detectors. Everyone that exhibits behavior that is not average, is pinpointed as a possible threat. Our fears go far beyond the possibility of gun regulation. They are just not acknowledged.

We must now think of safety issues when we go to a club, a movie, or just a walk down the street. The availability of assault weapons has made crime more violent than it was before. Our country is in a crisis, all over a disagreement that sees no end. There is never going to be complete cooperation when it comes to gun control. The way our country is set up, however, change can be slow. Even with concern over the population’s best interest, the government must follow certain protocols to maintain the rights of the people. A sudden change without majority agreement could easily result in unwanted protests, and even more violence. The abolishment of the second amendment needed to happen long ago, however, the change seems to still be far off.