About ListLand

Top 10 Things About List Land

10What’s the deal with List Land?  

List Land is a great place to have a laugh, get inspired, learn something new and experience the world through our unique perspective.  Every week we publish new Lists that features our writers’ fresh viewpoints.  You’re guaranteed to know a little more every time you visit.

  9. Who Writes the Lists? 

Our staff writes some of the lists but we also seek out great writers to provide amazing content.

8. You Pay Writers for Articles?  

We sure do. For good ones.  We’re Always Looking for Great Writers and Fun Lists.  If you’d like to submit a list, please fill out our Submission Form.  Our minimum payment for an approved list is $30.

7. Why Lists?  

Lists are an easy way to approach a topic. People love them.  You can break down anything into this entertaining format.

6. How is List Land different that all the other sites that are chock full of lists.

While we write for the masses, our content is quirky, off-the-wall stuff you just won’t find elsewhere. Our writers are instructed to take look at the world through a different lens and feel free to let their singular life experience influence the content. The result: some fun, some bizarre, but all truly unique lists.

5. How Can I Get In Touch with List Land?  

You can follow us on twitter (@ListLand) or google+ or email us here: Jon@ ListLand.com.

4. What If I Want to Advertise on List Land?

Simply contact us directly.  Jon @ ListLand.com

3. Who isListLand’s Favorite Active Boxer? 

Sergey”the Krusher” Kovalev.

2. Any Advice for Would Be Bloggers? 

Don’t do it.  It’s tough.  Convince people your artwork is valuable somehow, like this guy.

1. What’s Your Philosophy?  

Focused energy + perseverance equals success.