10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard 

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard 
10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard 

    10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard 

Wondering why most of your favorite actors seem to be showing up on the red carpet with beards and well-groomed facial hair in recent years? Actually there is a very simple explanation – various surveys among women of all ages have found that ladies tend to be more attracted to men with beards.

The ever classic manly look of men with beards which Ernest Hemmingway and other historic figures have set as a standard seems to be a timeless iconic look which many men choose to follow, and the majority of women tend to love.

It is intriguing to note how the general tastes and preferences tend to change from one generation to another. While our moms and grandmas adore men with clean-cut faces and hair, the people from the Millennial generation are finding themselves attracted to more natural looking men with burly beards. The idea that a man who wears a beard is a rebel, a bad boy or is simply too lazy to groom himself has turned into the belief that a man with a full-grown beard, and with natural chest hair is strong, mature and reliable instead. In fact it is intriguing to watch how different people from different generations react so differently to something as natural as facial and body hair in men.

Just in case you still not sure whether men with beards are more of a “yay” rather than a “nay”, here are some of the quite logical reasons why it is definitely better to date a man with a well-groomed and attractive beard:

10Growing and maintaining a beard calls for serious responsibility and commitment

To grow a beard being intensely committed is a plus!

As bearded men know – growing a beard does require some serious care, responsibility and shows a certain type of commitment which women are attracted to when seeking a life partner. When growing a beard, one must take all the necessary actions in order to properly maintain it and upkeep it, so it looks good, clean and well-groomed.

This type of responsibility and commitment is exactly what most ladies would like to see in their partners, so choosing a man who has a well-kept beard is the right step to make, if these qualities are what you are looking for in your partner and the father of your children.

Just like our nails, hair and our body hair need to be trimmed and conditioned on a regular basis and with some extra care – beards also require special attention, washing, conditioning, trimming and other maintenance as well.

A person who is willing to commit to keeping himself looking clean, neat and well-groomed despite having a full grown beard – this is surely a sign that he is willing to take the responsibility and commit to a serious relationship and a meaningful future for you both as well!

9Growing a beard requires more patience than you may think

A bearded man is a patient man.

Beards don’t just grow out overnight. Rather, men who decide to grow out a beard pass through an itchy and not so pleasurable stubble phase and through some awkward and even embarrassing moments of having ugly patches on their faces until they are fully grown and ready to be proudly presented to the world.

Many men quickly give up on the idea of growing a beard after experiencing issues such as facial rashes, itching, and getting some unsightly bald spots and patches when trying to grow a beard. Those of the brave guys who manage to persevere through this rough and timely experience, which can continue for two months or more, and are able to nurture a full grown beard are the ones who are probably the most patient of them all.

And as you ladies know, patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to starting and maintaining a serious and meaningful relationship with another person.

A man and a woman need to be patient in order to be able to take into consideration the feelings and emotions of their partner, and show care at all times. This is the basis of any successful relationship. Also, patience is a must when it comes to being able to control your inner urge to say something or do something which could hurt the feelings of your partner and even ruin your relationship.

Overall, relationships require a lot of compromises, understanding and in many cases patience from both parties involved, which is why if you choose to pick a bearded man for a serious relationship, you can certainly be sure that he is not only ready to commit but he has the patience necessary to find the best balance and understanding between you two as well!

8He has that timeless classy look

Beards = Classy

Yes, your bearded boyfriend will always look classy and have that timeless manly and handsome look which only a beard can provide. An old-school look potentially means that your man is also a fan and distinguished follower of the old-school of chivalry as well. This is just what every lady dreams of – a man who will take her out to a fine restaurant, court her and treat her with respect, like a perfect gentleman, and take all the time she needs before moving to a next level in the relationship.

A man with a full grown and properly groomed beard usually will encompass all these characteristics, which is why you needn’t hesitate to agree to go out on a date with a man with beard, because he will most likely treat you with the respect and care which we all dream about when looking for the perfect partner.

Also, wherever you go with your bearded man – he will always be in style and have that classy look which all other men will envy him for and which all other women will admire him for.

Be sure to pick a man who is a gentleman, and one who will bring you flowers and take you to romantic dinners if you want to feel special all of the time. One of the sure signs that a man is just that is if he is sporting a well maintained, full grown, manly beard!

7You will never wake up having to face the day without access to proper face and hair cleansing and conditioning

Bearded men take grooming and hygiene seriously.

This may sound a bit farfetched, but think about the times when you have spent the night or some time at your boyfriend’s house without having any proper, good quality facial cleansing products, shampoos and conditioners? Well with a man who takes regular and proper care of his beard and facial hair – this will never be a problem again.

Men who care about their hygiene and overall appearance and sport beards usually opt for the best products available for cleansing their prided facial hair, as well as for washing the skin beneath it and conditioning the beard and moustache, so that it is always soft, shiny, groomed and clean smelling and looking.

If your bearded boyfriend is especially dedicated to his beard, you may find some exquisite cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning products, such as handmade soaps, luxury oils and scrubs, nice and soft beard balms, exfoliators for the skin of the face and neck, as well as numerous other similar products which every woman would like to try out and use on herself!

So, get yourself a bearded boyfriend and there will be no fretting if you forget to pack your cosmetics bag in your purse when you decide to stay over at his place!

6A man with a beard is a “man’s man”

Plaid? Check. Motorcycle? Check. Beard? Check. Manly man ingredients locked and loaded.

No wonder that the returning fad of wearing full grown facial hair has been referred to as a “lumberjack” fad – men with beards are much more likely to be handy and to be able to deal with various domestic and outdoor tasks with confidence. Men with beards are handier, according to an actual scientific study performed a few years ago.

Historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln and Ernest Hemmingway are still considered some of the “manliest” men who have ever lived. They both have beards and they both remain in history with their lifelong achievements, talents and the respect which other men had and still have for them.

In general, a man who has a beard will be respected by other men, due to the fact that growing a full-grown beard requires some courage, as well as serious perseverance, patience and commitment as stated above.

Also, beards give men an even more masculine look. Bearded fellas leave the impression of being able to handle just about any situation or task without hesitation or fear. This is why men respect and admire their peers who wear beards and take the time to keep them well-groomed and maintained at all times.

Experts claim that a beard can give a man a growing sense of self-confidence and power, which is clearly evident to others and which empowers him to strive for more and be more successful in work and in any other endeavors too!

This means, that if you choose to date a man with a beard, your male friends and other men around you will most likely respect your decision and will admire your boyfriend for his manly attitude and look!

5Beards imply maturity and masculinity

A man with a great beard has his priorities in order

As we already established earlier, a beard makes a man look more “manly”, and thus your bearded boyfriend will always leave the impression of being a strong, reliable and tough man when you are together with him.

Unless, you like baby faced guys, you should choose to pursue a relationship with a man with a beard because he will look more mature, ready for commitment and for a serious relationship, and you will feel shielded and safe at all times when you are with him! Whether you man has a manly stubble or a full beard, he will definitely look much more masculine and strong than a baby-faced man who looks like he is still in high school.

If you are looking for a more serious relationship and want to feel all feminine and cared for by your partner, then picking a man with facial hair is a step forward towards achieving your goals and towards getting into the perfect relationship.

In general, women are attracted to more experienced, worldly and older guys in order to complement their femininity and gentleness, so dating a guy with a beard is a completely logical step, and shouldn’t be questioned by sceptics and those who do not fully appreciate well-groomed facial hair.

Plus, facial hair is a symbol of maturity which starts off during puberty and develops as a boy turns into a full grown man. Women want mature men, especially when they are looking for a serious and long term relationship with a prospect of having children and starting a family.

4Bearded men stand out from the crowd

Beards look great!

Let’s face it, even though there has been a growing fad of men growing beards and moustaches – not many of them are prepared to make this sort of visual shift and stand out from the others. Men who have beards will most likely stand out due to the fact that they have dared to make a drastic change to their appearance, which many others may consider embarrassing or too risky.

Men with beards are an attractive alternative to others. They will always be noticed by others, and carry their own unique identity partly built on their moustaches and beards.

Women like to pair up with men who do not blend into the background. Every girl likes to have a completely unique boyfriend who will always be noticed by others, which is why a growing number of ladies choose to date men who look different and sport beards and manly facial hair.

Also, many times women will find men who have beards much more mysterious and sexy, and know e usual that the man of their choice is definitely not the usual type who blends in with the crowd. Women are attracted to partners who are ready to try something unusual, risky, new or daring. After all – who doesn’t crave for some exciting spontaneity and adventure in their lives?

3The beard just feels great at touch

Beards are wonderful to touch

Forget all the virtues and characteristics a beard stands for, and just admit that a beard does feel tickly, cuddly and soft at touch. When you pick a man who takes proper care of maintaining, trimming, washing, conditioning and oiling his facial hair you will find that you feel an irresistible urge to run your fingers through his beard, stroke and play with it.

The lovely tickly feeling of kissing and hugging a man with a beard can only be compared to cuddling and playing with a fluffy puppy or kitten.

Also, when kissing and fondling a man with a beard, his facial hair will give your skin a fine exfoliating massage, which is always good for you and which feels incredible too.

Some women claim that after kissing a bearded man they can never go back to kissing one without a beard. They find it sexy, manly and a much more arousing intimate experience.

Plus, not only will you love playing with and running your fingers through your loved one’s beard, but he will most definitely love it too.

2Having a beard is a money saving opportunity

Sweet, Beard Money!

Think about all the money spent on expensive razors, razor blades, shaving creams, disposable blades and other shaving related items by a man who chooses to maintain a clean-cut shave at all times. Now think about how cost effective it is for your bearded man to keep his beard instead of shaving it off. True, a beard too requires regular trimming, washing and maintenance, but this can be done at home, with excellent and affordable products and tools, such as a good quality trimmer, and some nice shampoo, conditioner and beard oil. The less cash your boyfriend spends on maintaining a clean shave, the more he will have available to spend for you or for spending quality and fun time with you!

In other words, a man with a beard will actually be able to save money which can be spent for other more useful things, for your home or for you instead of for shaving products which need to be purchased constantly if the beard comes off.

1Men who have beards are healthier

A great beard is a sign of good health

Every woman wants a strong and healthy man beside her side right? The beard has a natural function of protecting the face from different weather conditions, such as: heat, cold, rain or frost. This means that men with beards are much less likely to catch a cold or suffer from sunburn or some of the dangerous repercussions from being exposed to the harmful UV sunlight, such as melanoma. In fact, there is a scientific study which has concluded that a beard can block up to 95% of these harmful sun rays, which means that bearded men’s skin will be slower to age, and the risk of developing skin cancer is seriously reduced.

A beard will keep your man’s face warm and safe from the chilly weather in the winter, and properly protected from the scorching sunlight in the summer months.

No wonder that Mother Nature has given men facial hair – it does serve the purpose of protecting the nose, mouth and face from various other possible risks as well.

In fact, a moustache and beard will act as a natural filter for pollens as well as other airborne microscopic polluters and allergens, and will help keep them out of your man’s nose and mouth. This is especially essential if your boyfriend suffers from hay fever or dust allergies. The same goes for the mouth as well – a moustache and beard will help keep out germs and other harmful microbes from the mouth.  Of course, keeping the beard clean and conditioned is necessary if a man expects it to act as a filter for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Not shaving and growing a beard curbs the risk of developing acne, which is widely associated with shaving among men of all ages too. Shaving also leads to excessive skin dryness which can lead to breaking and flaking, so a beard can help keep the skin moisturized and soft throughout the year too.

The less sunshine that gets to the skin of the face – the less likely that a man will get wrinkles and will age early as well.

This means that you will have fewer reasons to worry about him getting sick, and you can focus on working on having a healthy, fun-filled and loving relationship with the prospect of starting a family, instead.

In conclusion

If you are uncertain about dating a man with a beard, you should think twice, because there are actual benefits of being with a bearded man, some of which you probably have never considered before. These 10 logical reasons for being with a man with facial hair are just some of the few pluses of choosing a man with a unique style and one who stands out from the crowd, emits confidence, manhood, reliability, patience and commitment. A man with a well-groomed beard who obviously takes the time and puts in the effort of keeping it properly trimmed, clean, shiny, soft and conditioned is one who few women can resist. Not only that – other men admire bearded men for their perseverance and courage to wear and maintain a beard as well.

Choose to date a guy with a beard and you will most likely love it at first touch and never regret making such a daring choice and choosing someone who is a bit different and yet so manly and sexy at the same time!

So, next time you get asked out by a man who is a proud beard owner, try to stay away from the common prejudices and beliefs about men with facial hair and give it a try – this could be a life changing moment, and he could be the man of your dreams, hidden underneath that pretty and soft facial hair!