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List Land’s actively engaged audience’s demographics and interests can be broken down as follows:

Female: 52.6%                               Male: 47.4%

  • 18-24 years old: 45%

  • 25-34 years old: 23%

  • 35-44 years old: 15%

  • 45-54 years old: 10%

  • 55-64 years old: 5%

  • 65+ years old: 2%

Affinity Categories & In-Market Segments

The affinity categories that our readers are passionate about include:

  • Movies

  • Television

  • Technology

  • News

  • Photography

  • Shopping

  • Music

The In-Market Segments that excite our readers are:

  • Employment

  • Education/post-secondary education

  • Dating Services

  • Travel/Hotel & Accommodations

  • Employment

  • Apparel

  • Consumer Electronics; and

  • Financial Services

Traffic Sources

  • 80% of total traffic is from search engines

  • 70% of total traffic is from United States

  • 55% of the users visit via desktop

  • 45% of users visit via mobile

                36% of users visit via smart-phone mobile

                9% of users visit via Tablets

Traffic Stats

Pageviews: 350,000+ per month

Unique sessions:  235,000+ per month

Last Updated:  January 2, 2018