10 Reasons Why Illegal Immigrants Should be Deported

Illegal immigration
Illegal immigration puts a strain on the community of the host country.

Illegal immigrants are a reality in many countries. The United States, known as the land of opportunities, attracts the majority of them. There are, of course, legal ways to enter the United States. The effort it takes to do this, however, can seem quite lengthy to a desperate family. Most immigrants cross the border in hopes of a better life for their children. Many families have good intentions. They often just go about the situation the wrong way. In many cases, only one or two family members cross the border. This is often done so that money can be earned to support family back home.

Illegal immigration puts a strain on the community of the host country. The legal population puts money into taxes to support their own. This money is forced to cover illegal immigrants when it comes to welfare programs and education. The children of illegal immigrants are not denied services due to their status. Some of the children are born here, making them legal citizens with illegal parents. This puts the government in a bind, as deportation, in this situation, would leave children without parents. Deportation is a complicated issue.

Crime is also difficult to manage when illegal immigrants are involved. Some of these individuals commit crimes, and they are not documented in the system. Even without proper identification or citizenship, they must be taken off of the streets. Jails and prisons are forced to deal with more expenses when these incidents happen. Deportation of illegal immigrants can be beneficial to the community, and economy.


Education is one of the reasons for which people choose illegal immigration

Education is not only a right, but a necessity, for all children living in the United States. Illegal immigrants are allowed to sign their children up for school. In fact, a child that is found not enrolled in school may warrant a visit from a truancy officer. Education, however, costs money. Our country puts forth a lot of revenue into the education system. This money is supplemented by funds provided by taxpayers. Legal citizens pay taxes that are partially dedicated to the education of the youth.

Illegal immigrants are not contributing in the same way that legal parents are. The children have access to all of the same educational privileges as American citizens, without any monetary contributions from the family. This puts and incredible strain on educational resources. These kids often eat at school, and use transportation. The taxpayers are contributing to these activities. Funds are already tight in most schools. Many children do not have all of the services they need.

There are strict rules on who can receive things like speech therapy and classroom assistance. When a school has a large immigrant population, they are often dealing with a language barrier. Schools must foot the bill for an English as a Second Language (ESL) class. This is not needed when there is a strictly legal group of children in attendance. Education costs rise, and quality of instruction can decline when illegal immigrants remain in the country.

9Unfair to Legal Immigrants

illegal immigrants snatch the rights of Legal Immigrants

Some immigrants take the time to enter the country legally. These individuals sit through hours of classes to better understand our country. They make a commitment to be loyal and lawful. They also make an effort to learn the native language. This is all done so that they can be a part of the United States. When illegal immigrants reside here, they take advantage of resources without making a contribution. They are also not as committed to being good citizens, as they did not care to learn the laws.

When illegal immigrants come over and take advantage of education and welfare, with no consequences, it takes meaning away from those that put in the effort to become legal. If there are no special attributes that accompany legal citizenship, some might wonder if it is even worth the trouble to achieve legal status.


Illegal immigrants get involved in criminal activities for their survival

There may also be issues with crime when an illegal status is maintained. Some criminals are deported, while others remain in our legal system. When crimes are committed there may be a delay in solving them when there is no record of the perpetrator. Illegal immigrants often form communities in specified areas of town. These areas are often considered to be higher crime areas.

Illegal immigrants may also be driving around without a proper license or insurance. When accidents happen on the road, these immigrants are unable to pay their part. This leads to a financial strain on the legal party involved. Some illegal immigrants live without abiding by laws, in many ways. They may drive without a license or insurance, steal, or become violent. When these things happen, there must be a swift response by law enforcement.

High crime rates raise the burden on our city workers. They also make the community unsafe for those that are legal. When the process to become legal is undergone, there are efforts put in to finding out who these people are. This ensures that criminals are not brought into the country. Illegal immigrants may be criminals in their country of origin. Deportation can eliminate the entrance of criminals.

7 Jobs 

People come to the new places to make their lives better

Illegal immigrants are not all criminals. Some are looking for a way to make their life better. There are many different jobs that are willing to hire illegal immigrants. They are often willing to work for less money. Employers may hire them without putting them on the official employee list. This means that they often make tax-free money. These job openings could be offered to legal citizens if this was not this option.

Jobs in many industries have a dominant population of illegal immigrants. This makes it difficult for members of the community to work in these places. It forms a major language barrier. The cultural differences can also make legal citizens shy away from working in these establishments. This type of situation makes it impossible for legal citizens to get jobs in some areas or industries. There are many jobs that could be done by our own people. The earnings would then be taxed, contributing to the financial well-being of the country. Employers need to be discouraged from hiring illegal immigrants. There are some regulations in place. These are often disregarded, however. Employers find ways around the rules so they can enjoy the cheap labor.

There are many citizens that need jobs. At any given time, a large part of the native population is unemployed. This can cause a strain on the economy, and cause lower quality of life. More applications for welfare are received when a high level of unemployment is reached, as well.

6Medical Care 

Illegal immigrants face Medical Care and all related issues.

Medical costs are another benefit that should only be available to legal immigrants. This is not the case, however. There are many United States citizens that do not take proper care of their health due to high insurance premiums. These same individuals may apply for state health benefits and be denied. Welfare benefits that offer medical care are not available unless the monthly income is extremely low. Exceptions are made when a woman is pregnant. If a citizen has a small income, the possibility of adult medical coverage is low.

Medical care for illegal immigrants is often allowed, due to a lack of recordable income. Since many of these people get paid in cash, there is nothing to report. This way, the individuals can secure welfare benefits for medical care. Often, the entire family is covered. They can get access to annual exams, eye exams, and emergency care. This also puts a strain on taxpayers, as this is where the majority of this funding comes from.

Medical care is not denied to people due to their citizenship status. There is a fine line when it comes to things like this. Medical care is aimed at providing proper care to a human being. Like food, medical care is needed for survival. Illegal immigrants are offered basic human needs, even though they do not belong in the country. It could easily become a case for humanity if anyone is severely injured, or loses their life.

5Prison Population 

Illegal immigration increases the Government cost to maintain a prison population

United States prisons are overflowing with people. Inmates require a lot of necessities on a daily basis. Food and clothing are the main essentials. There are also many expenses that come from the prison experience. Special facilities to keep inmates away from the general population are expensive to build and maintain. Illegal immigrants add to the financial strain in the prison system.

Sometimes entirely new prisons need to be built. Otherwise, we risk having to release people back out into the community. In some cases, early releases are done to make space. Prisons may choose people that are the least problematic to let back into society. Illegal immigrants need to be deported once they end up in the prison system. This allows for the prison resources to be used on legal citizens, only. Costs to taxpayers soar due to illegal immigrants. Some of these taxes go towards the prison system. Taxpayers are usually on board with contributions aimed at incarcerating legal citizens. They can, however, become angered at having to support illegal immigrants in the prison system. It is a waste of resources.

Jails and prisons are already overcrowded. An influx of illegal immigrants is not helpful to this situation. Criminals must be taken into custody so that the community is safer. Authorities are left without much control over the situation due to the dangerous nature of these types of immigrants.

4 Drugs 

Illegal immigration wants to make fast money so they get indulge in drugs

Illegal immigrants may take any possible job to help support their family this often results in low pay and long hours. Sometimes, however, illegal immigrants find ways make a lot of money, quickly. Some turn to drug use or dealing. Some may use drugs to alleviate stress or due to an addiction. These addictions add to the demand for drugs, making the illegal drug situation worse in many areas. Immigrants may also consider dealing drugs earn money. When an immigrant family is new, they are often desperate to make money for the necessities.

The majority of the drugs in the United States are form outside of the country, as well. Illegal immigrants can be responsible for bringing in more drugs than are already here. This adds to problem by creating addicts that cannot care for themselves or others. This, in turn, leads to more medical expenses. Many illegal immigrants may later need a rehabilitation program for drug addiction.

Once drugs are brought into the country, there is often a continuance of the habit. Many immigrants remain connected to their home country, enabling a steady influx of drugs. These products are continuously brought in with drug trafficking. The only way to curb this problem, is to return the illegal immigrants back to their home country. The drug supply must be cut off at its root. By the time these drug rings are discovered, however, they are usually incredibly large.

3Outgoing Revenue 

All the illegal immigrants are the source of outgoing revenue.

Citizens that live and work in the United States, also shop and pay bills here. This keeps the economy moving. Legal immigrants and native people are a part of what makes the community tick. When illegal immigrants are involved, however, this becomes more complicated. An illegal immigrant makes money in a way that avoids taxes. This money is put back into the system, however, when they pay for food or other necessities. The majority of the money, however, is not for the people that are here in the states.

Sometimes a family sends over one or two people to work and make money in the United States. A large portion of this money is then sent back home to support families in dire need of food and shelter. This outgoing revenue never makes it back into our revolving economy. Millions of dollars are estimated to leave the country in this way every year. There is no way for illegal immigrants to contribute to the community if this is their main goal. There is often no tax on the money they earn, and it then goes straight back to their home country.

This tactic is not usually instigated with the intention to harm the United States, however. These families must break up for long periods of time when this happens. A struggling family in another country is usually the recipient of the funds. This means that it is used to feed and house women and children. It is difficult to find solutions to this type of situation. No one wants families to suffer, even if they are illegal. Efforts to bring the entire family to the United States in a legal way may be more productive.

2Food Assistance 

Getting Food Assistance is the right of taxpayers and they get angry because of illegal immigrants

Food assistance programs are the most widely used form of welfare in America. There are ongoing debates about who should be able to use them. Taxpayers are often extremely angered when non-working citizens are given food assistance. They also conclude that food assistance recipients are lazy, drug induced, or dishonest. While many people misuse the system, the majority of people on food stamps are families with children. Illegal immigrants, however, are also able to use these programs. There are several programs aimed at feeding hungry kids, as well.

Schools offer free or reduced lunch to low-income students. This is another program that is funded by taxpayers. Changes have to be made to accommodate illegal immigrants, as well. When populations increase, different funding amounts must be applied. Many children of immigrant families suffer from poverty. Children are allowed to be in schools, and can take advantage of school lunch and breakfast programs. This increases the reach of humanity, however, it puts more financial strain on many geographical areas.

Food banks are also available throughout the country. These offer a place to get food for those in need. Welfare programs do not always cover the entire need of a family. A food bank or private pantry can fill in the gap. Many churches are also non-profit food bank providers. These are often better equipped to handle illegal immigrants, since there is less paperwork involved. The congregation of these churches are likely the ones providing the food. They also contribute money that is used in these food programs. It can put more strain on the community to feed illegal immigrants. This goes back to the main issue of monetary costs that become the responsibility of the United States.

1Less Motivation to Conform 

When illegal immigrants get their rights, they don’t strive for legacy

When immigrants observe their peers surviving without seeking legal status, this can deter them from trying to complete legal citizenship. Everything is provided to the immigrants, even when they are not legal. Some may see no reason to continue with a long legal process. There seems to be no extra perks, as everything is provided to the illegal community. Food and medical programs are offered to illegal occupants, just the same. There needs to be some motivation for illegal immigrants to become United States citizens. This is not always easy when there are so many illegal immigrants and so few resources to help them. It can also be difficult to round up all of the illegal immigrants. Many are in the habit of hiding from authorities. They are incredibly concerned about staying in the United States, however, they remain hidden and put in little effort. For illegals to be motivated to change their status, some of the government perks may need to be removed. If kids cannot be enrolled in school, or food benefits are denied, people may get the process going a bit faster.

There should also be encouraging factors, however. It is not humane to withhold food from hungry children. There needs to be something in place, however. Perhaps benefits are available once the process of legalizing is underway. This would allow for children to be cared for, without having to wait out the entire process. When everything is provided, these individuals may also be less motivated to do things that make them part of the country. The language is often not embrace, for instance. Illegal immigrants need some sort of motivation to set a goal for becoming legal.


Illegal occupants are an issue in many areas of the United States. Border towns are, of course, more heavily affected. The economy takes a big hit when there are large quantities of illegal immigrants living in the community. Citizens that are legal often find that their own resources become smaller. This can especially be seen in schools. Education is not denied when illegal immigrants go to enroll their children. This immediately places more of a financial burden on the school. Lunch and breakfast are usually provided to these children. Transportation is also a cost. Education for illegal immigrants often involves special classes to teach the proper language, as well. Tutoring is often necessary to get these children on the correct grade level for their age. A move to another country can be difficult on the children.

Jobs are often taken by illegal immigrants. These could help to sustain our own population. Employers are often tempted by the lower wages that illegal immigrants accept. Some of these jobs end up paying cash. This takes away the tax responsibility and is not always able to be documented. This makes these families able to get benefits, when native people often cannot. Money is also sent home to families in other countries, in many cases. This makes the revenue unavailable to sustain the economy in the United States. It is important that citizens work and spend in their own communities.

Crime is also an issue when it comes to illegal immigrants. Some bring drugs or other issues with them. Others turn to crime when they become desperate to provide for their families. The stress of being an illegal immigrant weighs heavily on the children involved, as well as the legal populations. Prisons are full and more immigrants are added daily. Deportation of these criminals would be a start to the solving the problem. There are many solutions that need to be implemented.