10 Reasons the Boy Scouts Should Not Admit Girls

Boy Scouts
Boy Scout programs help the boys to develop muscular skills

The Boy Scouts of America have been around long enough to be considered a long-time tradition. This organization brings many opportunities to boys that they might not otherwise have access to. They encourage bonding between fathers and sons and build strong character traits. Modern times have brought many questionable changes to the organization. The entrance of girls, however, is one that should never have occurred. There are no reasons to change a tradition that has helped kids accomplish so many things. The girl scouts are the equivalent of this group, and girls should be directed to this equally satisfying organization.

Boys and girls each have certain needs that need to be met. One of the reasons for separating the genders was to establish a safe place for these interactions. Boys need to learn certain things from strong male role models, while girls can also benefit from capable female role models. The groups are not meant to discriminate, but to form a safe place for expression and growing. Many kids are a part of their troop from a young age, all the way until they age out at 18 years old. They build incredible bonds with the other kids and leaders throughout these years. Without the distraction of girls, they can focus on accomplishing tasks, and becoming better people.

The Boy Scouts of America should not apologize for wanting to keep their group free of girls. It was set up to serve young boys as they become men. There is nothing available in the group that is geared towards girls.

10 Loss of Focus 

The girls in the boys scout programs divert their intentions and they get a Loss of Focus

Boy Scout programs are not set up to cater to a female audience. The activities are ones that have been proven to help boys bond with their male peers and trusted leaders. Fathers have been volunteering with their son’s scout groups since the beginning of the program. Sometimes there may be boys that do not have fathers in their lives. The boys scouts can easily help provide positive role models. These are main focus points of the group. When girls are added to the picture, this focus changes.

The loss of focus turns the boy’s scouts into nothing but a recreational club for kids. There is no reason to even call it Boy Scouts in this case. Fathers need this isolated time with their kids to build relationships. There are often female siblings at home, and of course a mom, that interfere with this task. Family groups have different genders. Quality time with the female gender can be accomplished at home.

Boys are often drawn to the Boy Scouts because of the exclusivity of the program. It is reminiscent of a group of boys with a treehouse that sports a “no girls allowed” sign. This is something that all boys should be able to experience. The focus of a group like this should be on raising quality men, not interactions with girls.


The presence of girls in boys scout programs affect their bonding between each other.

There is often discouragement about boys being kind and sensitive. Boys need to bond with peers and parents just as much as females do. This bonding happens easily when kids are younger, and they are less likely to be concerned about what others think. Boy Scout groups offer a safe place for boys to show their feelings and form meaningful friendships. This starts them out on a path to healthy relationships later in life. When girls are brought into the mix, it takes away from the male bonding.

There are plenty of other places for kids to mingle with the opposite sex. School, church, and family groups all offer co-ed relationship opportunities. Modern day politics seem to get in the way of exclusive groups. There are new theories that every group must include a variety of gender groups. We are telling our boys that they cannot hang out together without girls without being called discriminatory.

8Inappropriate Behavior 

Boy scouts pay more attention to the girls and show inappropriate behavior

Parents trust that their kids are in good hands when they spend time with the scouts. This means that kids are properly supervised, and appropriate behavior is encouraged. Some Boy Scout activities involve overnight stays. Camping trips are a favorite part of scouts. These trips are much easier to supervise when the participants are all one gender. Inappropriate behavior between boys and girls can happen at very young ages. This is not what parents need to worry about on scout trips.

The Boy Scouts is an organization that prides itself on helping kids grow into responsible adults. They teach them how to reach goals and treat people well. Boys cannot talk about girls to their leaders and peers if there are girls around at each event. Boys need to be able to learn about becoming men without feeling like they are being watched by girls. They are more likely to pay attention to the girls and engage in inappropriate behavior if access is available.

Boys tend to act differently around each other when there are girls around. They get competitive and try to show off. They focus on trying to outdo each other to win the attention of the girls. This is inappropriate for a group that is geared towards personal development and team building with other boys.

7 Resentment

Buy scouts face difficulties and problems for waiting so long

Boys look forward to their special time spent with their buddies. They often ask their parents to sign up for scouts so they can do “boy” activities with their friends. When girls are allowed into the organization, boys do not get to experience what they signed up for. Instead of encouraging inclusion, this can cause resentment. Boys should not feel guilty about wanting time alone with other boys. This is a time for them to be themselves and not worry about what the girls think.

Even adults can have some issues with resentment when they do not get to have time with friends of the same gender. No one is trying to do away with girl’s night out, or guy’s game day. Why are some people trying to take this away from kids? It is important to teach young boys how to be kind and respectful to the opposite sex. This is not accomplished, however, by forcing them to share their special male group activities. You would not expect a group of girls to invite boys to their slumber party. Enrollment in the Boy Scouts is likely to drop due to the change.

Boys should also learn that it is okay to take care of themselves. They do not have to share everything with the girls. As they grow into adults, they can benefit from learning to take time for themselves. Men and women both, are often better spouses when they take some time with their friends. Boys should be taught that scouts is their special time to do things they enjoy.

6Negates the Purpose 

Having girls scouts in the boy scout programs can neglect the real purpose of the program

Letting girls into the Boy Scouts completely negates the purpose of creating the boys scouts, in the first place. There is no reason to make a group with the name “boy” if girls are going to be allowed to join. In this case they would just be called scouts. The purpose of the group is to help boys become responsible men. This is not something that can be done when females are constantly around. Sometimes boys need to be taught about how to act around women. They need an exclusive group to do this.

There is no reason to keep the Boy Scouts around if girls are going to be allowed in the group. There are Girl Scouts for this purpose. The separation is done so that both gender groups can learn to lean on each other as peers. They learn to build on their strengths as young men and women. The entire process of growing up in scouts is about accomplishments. The scouts that make it to the highest rank have showed good discipline and focus.

Boy scouts are meant to be groups of boys earning badges and learning together. Same gender peer groups take the pressure off of male female relationships and allow kids to focus on their inner personality. When girls are let into the group the entire reasoning is negated.

5Traditional Gender Identification

The scout program activities are finalized on the basis of gender identification.


Many people enjoy the scouts because they are a traditional group. They offer traditional morals and activities. Gender complications have been a big deal in recent years. There has been much more focus on gay rights and gender neutral activities. The general public is expected to accept all gender types, however, these groups to not accept that traditional values are important to some people. Many parents would like to encourage traditional gender identification in their children. Many young men would like to be surrounded by a more traditional environment, as well.

The right to adhere to certain beliefs and traditions should be granted. The Boy Scouts should not have to make drastic changes to appease certain groups. As a free country, groups and organizations can gather to share their belief system. The Boy Scouts was founded in a simpler time. Gender identification was rarely challenged. The Boy Scouts do not look for trouble with opposing political groups, however, others have challenged them. This is not acceptable. There are plenty of places that girls are accepted. This protesting is causing the Boy Scouts to end their popular traditions.

The Boy Scouts relies quite a bit on donations to keep serving boys. This is a difficult thing to come to terms with when people begin to protest your organization. Some changes may have been made to keep more people interested and financially supportive. Traditional gender identification as a male or female is a big part of joining the scouts. The Boy Scouts should be allowed to hold on to their early role of an all-boys organization.

4Diminishes Privacy 

Grouping of boys and girls scouts together diminishes privacy among them

There are many benefits to being able to talk to friends of the same sex about your life. Everyone knows about things like “girl talk”. Girls are not scrutinized for having private conversations that exclude boys. Yet, boys are expected to let girls join in on their private time. This can be diminish the meaning of the group for some boys. It would not be surprising to see boys start to quit the Boy Scouts if girls are allowed in. Boys cannot talk freely, in many cases, when girls are around. There would be no privacy of their thoughts and discussions.

Adolescent boys often need guidance, and may ask many questions. They should be able to do this in a private setting with no girls. Groups of boys are more likely to be honest in their conversations when girls are not around. They may share their feelings more, and become lifelong friends. This is an important development that would not be possible with girls in the group. There are many ways for girls to get involved with scouts for their own gender.

Even young children need to have their privacy protected. Parents Girl Scouts would never agree to male scout leaders watching their female children on camping trips. There are fights, however, about having girls in the Boy Scouts. It is best to do away with this notion, altogether. Boys need privacy to able talk freely, and learn.

3Needs Can’t be Met 

The needs of boy scouts and girls scouts are always different from each other

Boys do not always join the boy scouts just for fun. Sometimes boys need a structured activity to help them burn off energy, or improve their attitude. One great thing about scouts, is that they include many children whose parents are unable to pay the fees. This helps kids in bad home situations find a little solace. The last thing these kids need is bunch of girls honing in on their special time. Each Boy Scout has their own need, and a specific reason that they joined the organization. These are often best met by male peers and pack leaders.

There may also be a time when a boy needs to talk about personal issues. Boys, in general, often have a more difficult time sharing their feelings. This can be extremely difficult for boys when girls are nearby. Adolescents are some of the most difficult kids to work with in any situation. Leaders are trained to work with the boys and offer guidance, when needed. Boy Scout leaders spend years gaining the trust of boys in their packs. This makes some packs very close. Boys need a tight knit group of other boys to run around with and bond with.

Girls simply cannot be helpful when it comes to meeting the needs of large groups of boys. Some of their needs may be finding someone to talk to about girls. This cannot happen if the girls are around during every meeting and activity. Boy Scouts is an organization that takes its role in kid’s lives seriously. The fight over letting girls in has wasted precious time and resources. These resources could have gone to much better use. The time and financial issues that result from fighting in a court system could be used to bring activities to the boys, or even to pay their fees.


Boys can distract easily when the girls are around

Boys are easily distracted from tasks when girls are around. This is the concept behind private, all-boys schools. If schools can remain all-boy, the Boy Scouts should be able to, as well. Boys often learn better when girls are not in the picture. There are fewer issues with concentration when boys are away from the females, especially during adolescence. Boy Scouts are often working to accomplish tasks and earn badges. These things take time and dedication. This is not easily done when distracted.

Distractions should be kept at a minimum, as higher accomplishments can help boys get into good colleges, later on. The time they spend in a Boy Scout program can help them many years after they age out. The highest honor of Eagle Scout involves a major project that involves something good for the community. Boy Scouts are busing becoming responsible men. Distractions should not be a part of this experience. Kids have enough trouble concentrating in normal situations.

Girls distract boys in many different ways. The older ones may begin to show romantic interest. This is, however, not appropriate during scout activities. These group times are meant for working together, and working towards goals. Boys can get off track when they become more concerned about the girls.

1Program Changes

The instructor has to change the rules and activities, if there are girls enrolled in the program

Some things may have to change if girls are let into the scouts. This is not acceptable. The Boy Scouts should be able to continue with their schedule that has been going on for many years. If girls are in the group, then women have to be put in as leaders. This is, essentially, turning the group in the Girl Scouts. There would have to be an extra layer of safety added, as there are bound to be sexual harassment and assault law suits in the future. This can make male pack leaders apprehensive about things like camping trips.

The number of leaders would have to increase to cover the safety of the girls, and to have witnesses around in case a leader or scout is accused of sexual misconduct. This is putting girls in a situation where all of the standing policies have to be changed to suit them. There is no reason to do anything like this to an organization that has run successfully for many years. Boys should be able to go on to their meeting without having to be concerned about the fallout form a disagreement with a girl. There are so many things that could go wrong. This realization puts policy makers on edge. The trips would have to be different, with different types of chaperones and even may need to be cancelled. The traditional campy trips may not be able to be done anymore, as they can’t accommodate both sexes.

There would have to be some agreement to separate the girls and boys for some activities. This could cause more debates. Allowing girls into the scouts seems like a situation that is sure to cause many changes in how things are run on a daily basis.


Boy Scouts is a great organization for young boys to join. It allows for bonding time with other males, and gives them a safe place to express themselves. The male only grouping has been an accepted part of the club since its beginning. There is a girl-only group for the females that offers a similar experience. Both groups are geared towards helping kids grow into healthy and responsible adults. These groups also play a big part in helping low-income children be a part of something. There is no room for girls when leaders are trying to make a difference in the lives of young men.

When you try to put girls in a group of boys like this, the needs of the boys do not get met. The boys have needs that are best taken care of without the girls around. The girls can also distract the boys from accomplishing their goals. Awards from the boy scouts can help young men to do better on college applications. This is a great way to start out manhood. Fathers also play a big part in Boy Scouts. This is often the only time that fathers and sons get out alone. There may be many girls at home. This is a special time for the males.

There is always the possibility of inappropriate behavior when males and females are mixed. Teenagers may be more interested in romantic endeavors than sticking to the curriculum. This is not the goal of scouts. Putting girls in the picture, however, makes it unavoidable. Boys should not have to feel guilty about wanting some guy time. Girls do many things that boys are not a part of. This is healthy for both genders, as they get some quality bonding time with peers. This helps children and adults, alike, to handle relationships better. Girls should not be allowed in the Boy Scouts, as it severely impedes on the process of growing boys.