10 Reasons Why Teachers Should not be Armed with Guns

Teachers Should not be Armed with Guns
Armed teachers does not mean that children are studying well.

Safety in schools has become a huge issue. There seems to be no foolproof way to secure schools from danger. Most schools have an emergency protocol when it comes to intruder concerns. These plans, however, often do not cover every scenarios. Many school buildings are not designed for defense. Older school buildings often have open courtyards and a large number of entrance points. Locking doors and hiding does not always work, either. There is also the question of what to do about windows that do not resist bullets, as well. Arming teachers is just one solution that does not work in every perceived situation.

In a perfect world, arming teachers would add a significant amount of protection in the school environment. Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with this idea. There are also moral objections. There is no way to satisfy school officials, parents, and the general public. Students may be put at risk of injury or death in the event of accidents, as well. Even with proper training a teacher with a gun may not be able to take out a shooter.

There are too many negative aspects of arming teachers. Attempting to push the issue may cause more issues than it solves. When it comes to classrooms, many people are against bringing items in that represent violence. Exposing kids to guns on a daily basis is not what school is for.

10. Cost

The cost of the armed teachers is higher and the management has to focus on that

Every new policy in a school costs money. Security measures are some of the most expensive changes that schools have had to endure in recent years. Cameras, heavy door locks, and building renovations are just some of the costs that have come about as a result of recent school shootings. Arming teachers would be a massive expense. Even if just a few teachers in each school become armed, the cost would take away from learning tools.

Arming teachers is not only a question of equipment. Extensive background checks and training must be applied to each person that is considered for the program. A ban on personal weapons would, most likely, still apply. This means that each armed teacher would have to be issued a district approved weapon. These would have to be regularly maintenance, as well. Since the weapons need to be kept on campus, proper storage also has to be purchased.

Once teachers are trained and armed, their training may require annual renewals. They must also be tested regularly. They have to be able to maintain knowledge and ability over the course of their career. All of this incurs costs. Most schools are already over budget when it comes to their needs for each school years. Students in many districts suffer from lack of supplies and proper building updates. Learning is already at an all-time low, due to budget cuts for necessary programs.

9. Student Risk

 Student Risk
The security risk of the students is also ensured with armed teachers

Students of the armed teachers are always at risk. They may get the guns without teacher’s permissionThe same risks that apply to a gun in the home, apply to guns in schools. Teachers with a gun must be able to access the weapon quickly, while still keeping it away from the kids. Kids are naturally curious. Some may not adhere to the rules, and try to gain access to the weapon. If the gun is secured enough to keep the kids away, it may be too difficult for teachers to reach it quickly.

Elementary school kids are at risk of accidentally shooting themselves or their peers. Teenage students may attempt to steal the weapon for themselves. The school is expected to maintain liability for enrolled students. There is the possibility of some expensive and complicated lawsuits if students get hurt. Teachers would also be expected to use the gun in appropriate emergency situations. A gun used inappropriately, even if by accident, could also cause liability issues.

Safety of students is the reason for consideration of armed teachers. Ironically, the safety of the students is also the reason for opposing the idea. There is no way to guarantee that children are completely safe from contact with the weapons. In the confusion of an emergency, a student may be accidentally shot, as well.

7. Moral Differences

Moral Differences
There should be no guns while teaching students.

Some of the disagreements that revolve around arming teachers stem from moral ideologies. Some people oppose violence on all levels, refusing to own weapons. Others simply think that exposing kids to guns is improper, as it may breed violent tendencies. There is no way to appease every parent, much less every individual in the general population. Politicians tread lightly when it comes to this sensitive issue, as it could easily cause a reduction of votes.

Moral issues cause some of the biggest disagreements in law making. Officials have to look at the possible fallout of arming teachers. Chaos could easily ensue. Parents may pull their kids from the armed schools, demanding that they be transferred elsewhere. This brings the possibility of uneven enrollment and a burden on some school populations. Families must be given the choice to have their kids in a school that does not oppose their moral values.

Moral differences often result in protests. Protests would be disruptive to the school environment, therefore, it is best to avoid them. Protests can also turn violent, endangering students. Any change in security has to fit the needs of the entire student body. Gun use is surrounded by too many moral complications.

6. Handguns are Inefficient

Handguns are Inefficient
It is a fact that Handguns are Inefficient, but they should also try some other things

When there is talk about arming teachers, the plan involves easy to maneuver handguns. These have limited abilities. A school shooting may involve large assault weapons. An entire classroom could be taken out before the teacher even gets one shot. A school shooter is likely to come in and start shooting very quickly. If a teacher happens to hear them coming, they may be able to get the handgun out in time. The teacher, then, would have to remain in plain sight of the shooter to get an accurate shot. The teacher is likely to be shot before they can do much. The sight of a handgun may anger the intruder more than it deters them, causing them to hurt more students.

Accurate handgun use also takes a lot of practice. Unless the school keeps up with the teacher’s training schedule on a regular basis, a lack of ability may be present. Professions that require regular gun use, also come with the responsibility of practicing on a regular basis. Policemen and military personnel frequent the gun range to keep their skills up to par. one training class and passing of a test are not enough to guarantee that a teacher could pull of a successful shot.