10 Reasons Why Cigarette Smoking Should be Banned

Smoking is very dangerous for the human health. It does not only affects smoker, but also the people around

Smoking is not a new pastime. This habit has been around for generations in many forms. Native Americans smoked peace pipes, high society enjoys cigars, and the daily habit of tobacco has persisted in modern culture. Despite warnings about health and pollution, cigarette use continues to grow.  Bans on items like tobacco are difficult to enforce, and usually do not stop all activity. Illegal selling of cigarettes is likely to follow a ban, if not enforced properly.

Cigarette smoking causes numerous health issues, including fatal cancers.  The addictive nature makes it a difficult thing to stay away from once it has been experienced. This is made especially difficult when cigarettes are tried at a young age. Developing minds often form addictions faster. Cigarette smoking has caused a lot of controversy over the years when it comes to public use. In the past, it was normal to see smoking sections in most restaurants. Once smokers were banned to the outside of buildings, definite boundaries were drawn. This made the habit more unpopular with some, however, many addicts still persisted.

The environment also suffers when cigarette smoking continues. There are many toxins in cigarettes. They go far beyond the inclusion of the tobacco plant. Arsenic is even included in the list of items that are included in a cigarette. If humans are not going to take it upon themselves to decline the use of these dangerous products, then a ban may need to be implemented.

10. Pollution 

Smoking causes air pollution that ultimately affects lungs

Our environment has undergone many changes that have made the air quality poor. Cars, machinery, and pesticides are among the items that have contributed to the poisoning of our air and land. Once this pollution has begun, it is not easily reversed. This is an issue when it comes to making a clean environment for crops to be grown in. Poor air quality is also taking a toll on the health of many people. Chronic issues like asthma are on the rise, as well as many allergy sensitivities. There is no reason to continue to allow something that has such a detrimental effect on our surroundings.

Cigarettes contribute to pollutions on a daily basis as people smoke them and release toxins into the air. Our air is already lacking in quality. This is only feeding the problem. Global warming has become a major issue due to the steady influx of pollutants into our air. We also need plants to help filter our air and provide cleaner air to breathe. The air around us is also needed by plants. Crops grown by farmers in pollute air, do not provide the best nutrition for our bodies. Contaminated air and soil cause these issues.

Indoor pollution is also an issue when it comes to cigarette smoking. Many people smoke in their homes and cars. These items can rarely be resold without major renovations when a smoker decides to move out or get rid of their car. It is difficult for people to visit smokers in their homes, as well. The smell is usually extremely overwhelming to those that do not smoke.

9. Cancer 

Smoking is the cause of lung cancer. It destroys your health within a couple of years

Cancer is a common outcome for those that smoke for many years. Your chances of avoiding cancer are improved immediately upon quitting the habit. The damage to the lungs, however, can be significant. There are many fatalities that revolve around advanced lung cancer. The lungs of these ill individuals are often viewed to see how much damage occurred. They are often found to be completely black, like the inside of a chimney. Pictures of smoker’s lungs are often shown to health students so that they can better understand the fate of smokers.

Some people use tobacco in a different way. They chew tobacco. This can lead to many ulcers in the mouth. These often turn into advanced mouth cancer spots. The smoking of cigarettes, however, can also lead to cancers of the mouth and throat. The smoke that consistently goes down the airways damages the delicate tissues of the respiratory tract. There is no reason to continue to allow the use of a product that is killing people.

Cancer is on the rise in many forms. Lung cancer can even occur after the habit of smoking ends. It takes time for the cells to repair themselves once they have been damaged. Take into account how many packs of cigarettes per day are included in the regimen of a single smoker. The amount of smoke that is emitted by one smoker over a lifetime is an unbearable amount. Smokers often regret the decision to try cigarettes when cancer is the diagnosis. Others may be resentful after being exposed to secondhand smoke against their will.

8. Addiction

Initial smoking stage for teenagers make addiction a much faster process to complete

Cigarette smoking can be added to the list of the many addictive substances in the world today. Even though they may not make life as unbearable as a hard core drug addiction, there is still the risk of many health issues. Many individuals start smoking in their early teens. Some even start before even become teenagers. Teenage minds are still developing, making addiction a much faster process to complete. Those that become addicted, often deny the problem for many years. Major health issues arise when this addiction continues for a lifetime.

An early life addiction issue can interfere with later goals. A smoker may be unable to live with a non-smoker. This can make it difficult for addicts to find roommates, get married, and to find housing. Many rental properties prohibit smoking on the premises. This does not prevent smokers from moving in, but they can be charged if they damage the property by smoking inside.

Addiction is a major health issue that claims the lives of many people. Heavy drugs, of course are more dangerous when it comes to immediate deaths. Cigarette addiction causes a more gradual fatality. Addictions can take immense amounts of energy to recover from. They often require rehab programs, medication, and multiple doctors’ visits.

7. Public Health 

Public Health
If you smoke in public, then you are also destroying others health.

The individual that smokes is not the only one affected by cigarette use. The general public is often exposed to unwanted secondhand smoke. This can be detrimental to the health of many people who have no intention of ever smoking. This puts people in a position where they could become ill, even if they make all the right decisions. This was a huge problem when smoking was allowed in restaurants. Even with separated sections, non-smokers were constantly exposed to the smoke. Diners may only have had to endure the smoke for the duration of their meal. Workers in the restaurant, however, became exposed to the cigarette smoke for the entirety of their workweek.

Employees of restaurants with smoking sections were exposed by no fault of their own. They may not have had the choice to quit their job, due to financial need. Even with the new rules today, cigarettes are still allowed outside of establishments. They are required to be a certain amount of feed from the door, however. This can still cause issues to the public, as the smoke travels. These places are usually near an entrance or exit to the building, as well. This makes it easy for anyone entering or leaving to be exposed.

Cigarette smoke still a public health risk, even with the new restrictions. Children, teens, and adults are all affected when smoke happens in public places. Apartments can be especially tricky, as smoke can travel in close spaces. Smoking from a balcony on one apartment can easily contaminate several nearby apartments, especially if they have their windows closed.

6. Children 

Children’ organs are sensitive to the health hazard products. Cigarette smoke is one of the problems.

Children are at a very high risk from cigarette smoking. Parents who smoke, subject their children to poisons, every day. Young bodies that are still developing can be especially sensitive to the effects of cigarette smoke. Children can easily become addicted when they live in the home with a smoker. This starts them out on the same path once they reach adulthood.

Children that are exposed before they are even born can have many issues right away. Pregnant women who smoke, put their new babies at risk for prematurity and low birth weight. They can also be born addicted to nicotine. Children do not know that the smoke is bad for them. Children with smoking parents are often unaware of the issues until they start school and learn about the dangers. They may also be told by their peers that they smell bad, as their clothes are stored in a home with smoke.

The recent laws prohibit smoking in the car with children. This is a huge step towards protecting children from adults with bad habits. Children that are exposed to cigarette smoke early on, often suffer from respiratory issues. This can include asthma, a chronic disease. The toxins from smoke settle into the hair, clothes, and furniture of smokers. Even if a smoker chooses to smoke only outside, the toxins from the cigarettes still make their way to children in the home.