Liquid Web Review: Best Cloud Hosting Plans

You may not believe it, but I still have a few more features I want to talk about at Liquid Web. You may have noticed by now that I just can’t get enough of the extensive range of features they have to offer. As if the VPS and dedicated server options weren’t enough, take into consideration how many of their services deal with the Cloud. This once mysterious part of internet storage has come into play in even the simplest of scenarios. I know I gave my phone a crazy look the first time it displayed a message offering cloud services for my photos. When hard storage runs out, the cloud is ready and waiting. Liquid Web knows how to accommodate those who choose these options.

As a website owner, you should be able to add as much information as you want to your site without being concerned about running out of space. The artistic license shouldn’t be limited, right? Business endeavors shouldn’t be put on hold, either. The cloud services at Liquid Web allow you to expand easily and have many flexible features. Many of these you might never have thought of. Look for more details on this later on in the review.

This review is not dedicated to a certain type of website, like many of my reviews. Cloud services offer a much wider range of availability and therefore work well with a variety of websites. Sometimes cloud solutions are a matter of preference. At other times they are, indeed, the best option for the website. Get ready for another in-depth review of services offered by Liquid Web. Let’s explore cloud hosting plans!

Cloud Hosting Plans
Cloud services offer a much wider range of availability and therefore work well with a variety of websites.

Pros And Cons: The Summary

I can respect that this review is fairly long and you may want to get down to business. I’m offering up a few of my favorite things and a couple of things I’m not a fan of for you to look over right away. These features may help you decide if the cloud hosting services at Liquid Web are worth reading more about. Of course, I’m biased, so I definitely want to read everything!


My Favorites

  • Lower costs (While Liquid Web may still be a more expensive company, cloud services often cost less than other options)
  • Flexibility
  • Easy access
  • Various storage options
  • You choose the amount of control


My Least Favorites

cloud categories
The cloud categories listed on Liquid Web are Cloud VPS, Cloud Dedicated, Private Cloud, and Cloud Sites.
  • Cost (This is always one of my least favorite items. Web service costs really add up over time.)
  • Cloud use can be difficult to understand at first (this is where support services come in)

I really like to talk about costs first in all of my reviews. I know that most people want to know what they are in for upfront. No one wants to read several pages of information only to find out they cannot afford something. I am going to share these costs with you first, but I urge you to continue reading to find out exactly how cloud hosting plans by Liquid Web can benefit your website and business. You may find that their extensive range of services are worth the extra cost.

The cloud categories listed on Liquid Web are Cloud VPS, Cloud Dedicated, Private Cloud, and Cloud Sites. They all focus on different possibilities for cloud abilities. For ease of navigation, a list of each with pricing options may be helpful to you. I have put together price ranges for all of the major plans (excluding add-ons and custom designs).


  • Cloud VPS

Prices range from $59 per month to $169 per month with differences in vCPU and SSD disk space. Add-ons are available with extra charges.


  • Cloud Dedicated

Pricing for these services starts at $159 per month and goes up to $269 per month. Differences between these plans involve the number of cores, core speed, and the amount of RAM. Add-ons are offered at various rates.


  • Private Cloud

Prices vary greatly for this service. The starting prices for various servers are $149 per month minimum and as much as $899 or more per month for the higher end services. Variations revolve around CPU type, RAM, and a number of cores.


  • Cloud Sites

Cloud sites are available for $150 a month, which includes unlimited sites. There is no limit on site visitors, and 50 GB SSD storage is included.

This is an overview of pre-planned packages. When you add on extra services, your monthly premiums change. There are also variations on the private cloud hosting plans that can raise the minimum for each plan offered. Higher prices indicate increased control and flexibility. Adequate storage also accompanies these plans.  An in-depth consultation with customer service can help you better organize your course of action.


Why I Use Cloud Services?

Cloud Services
Cloud sites come with the availability of more than one site.

Cloud services, for me, offer a myriad of creative opportunities. Cloud sites come with the availability of more than one site. This option really appeals to me because I like to try out different things. With everything located in the cloud, it is also not such a big deal if I change my mind about activity on my sites. It can easily be manipulated, in most cases. With the risk of permanence out of the way, I feel free to express myself on my sites.

Many people refrain from trying out cloud hosting services because they present the idea of a site with no foundation. When you order hosting services there is most likely a picture in your head of a giant, freezing cold room somewhere, full of CPU’s. This picture of a tangible place and thing makes us feel more secure about our purchase. It is something you can see and touch. Cloud hosting has an air of mystery around it that makes some people uneasy.

I was the same way at first. I worked so hard to finally build my business, and I just couldn’t bring myself to trust it to something named after a floating object in the sky.

It took a lot of research and convincing to get me to give cloud hosting a try. I’ll admit, I waited for one of Liquid Web’s motivational sales. From time to time they offer a reduced price for three months of their cloud site package. This was the push I needed to go for it. I haven’t looked back since that fateful day. I love the ability to make things even more tailored to my individual tastes. I also feel great knowing that wherever my customers are in the world, they can easily connect to my sites. I think that cloud hosting is on its way to being the most popular form of web service. I have since tried a variety of cloud services to see what I like best. As with regular hosting, each of my sites has specific needs.


Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS
Cloud VPS plans are great for smaller websites, but more space can be added as needed.

I’m going to dive a little deeper into each of the different types of cloud hosting offered by Liquid Web. The differences may seem subtle at first, but once you read more, it starts to make sense. Cloud VPS is basically a combination of cloud service and standard dedicated service. The server is split virtually instead of physically, however. This virtual split allows for multiple programs to be run at the same time on one CPU. The data or program an easily be moved when more space is needed. This lowers the work load and time frame of moving information. This simple approach also allows for customers to be charged less money for services.

Cloud VPS plans are great for smaller websites, but more space can be added as needed. Once you reach a certain threshold, however, it is recommended to move on to cloud dedicated hosing. I really enjoyed having my blog on Cloud VPS once I became brave enough to trust the concept. A cloud VPS plan is a great starter program for first time cloud users. You still have a managed, secure site, but you can move things around a little easier. Once you feel comfortable with one of these cloud plans you might get more adventurous later on.


Cloud Dedicated

Cloud Dedicated
Users that are not clear how to handle certain hardware and software tend to do better with cloud dedicated hosting.

Users of dedicated servers usually have very specific requirements. The switch to a dedicated platform happens when your needs can no longer be met on a VPS. Liquid Web knows that their cloud dedicated server has to maintain the same strengths as the traditional dedicated server. This is all done while also introducing transparency into the mix. Transparency offers an absence of otherwise confusing information. Users that are not clear how to handle certain hardware and software tend to do better with cloud dedicated hosting. It helps to simplify the technicalities. The long setup process that accompanies traditional dedicated server programs are not necessary with the cloud option. For many, this brings a new level of comfort.

Part of the flexibility includes the ease of changing the size or scale. The site can grow as needed, without major hardware changes. Cloud dedicated servers are available almost immediately. This is a major change from the 24 – 48 hour wait for a traditional dedicated site to prepare for launch. For those of you who just can’t wait to get things rolling, this is the option for you. Cloud dedicated servers are the best of both worlds. The security and strong foundation of a regular server remains, while the flexibility and transparency of a cloud server join in.


Private Cloud

Private Cloud
Private cloud services are usually acquired by companies that need an extremely secure cloud space.

Private cloud services offer the most control. They can also be the most expensive. It is often worth the price, however, to have everything the way you like it at all times. These expenses come from many costs that are often covered by the hosting company. The acquisition, maintenance, and deployment are all being paid for at this point. It is easier to think of it as purchasing your own web environment, and inheriting the responsibility that comes with it. When you rent a home, you pay to use the property. Repairs, however, are the responsibility of the owner.  Homeownership requires that you take care of more things yourself. The same goes for private cloud services. If you want to be in control, you have to assume more responsibility, both technically and financially.

Private cloud services are usually acquired by companies that need an extremely secure cloud space. These are not sites used by individuals. They often require the help of the company’s IT team to incorporate them into the existing data infrastructure. Hybrid private clouds are even more complicated as they have to be worked in with existing software. This is behind the scenes work that would normally be done by the host company. This not only takes time but adds more financial obligations to cover extra IT hours.

Large companies may, however, have good reasons for needing privacy in their web environment. Sensitive information must often be shared between employees. This need may arise at odd hours or offsite. The private cloud option offers all of the conveniences of a cloud server while protecting the company like a traditional one.


Cloud Sites

Cloud Sites
Cloud sites can be the most fun of all the cloud hosting options. The service comes with the availability of more than one site.

Cloud sites can be the most fun of all the cloud hosting options. The service comes with the availability of more than one site. For bloggers, like me, this is a dream come true. When I use this service I can wake up with a crazy idea for a new blog and try it out almost immediately. If it doesn’t work out, it’s no big deal because I have unlimited sites. I can also simply remove the one that was not received well. Liquid Web claims on their site that a launch using cloud sites can happen in two clicks of a mouse.

The hard part of developing a site on WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal is managing the technology. This often requires knowledge of detailed technical skills, such as cPanel. Server management skills are necessary for website maintenance. Cloud sites eliminate the worries of these items. You can have all the fun you want developing site without the pressure of complicated upkeep.

Cloud sites from Liquid Web allows your sites to reside on various computers. This makes it practically impossible to experience a total failure at any one point time. The speeds and operating times are guaranteed to be constant, as well. Cloud sites is one of the most versatile packages they offer.


Features/ Benefits

Many of the features and benefits have already been discussed in detail, so this final list should be short. Perhaps a quick glance option with a few details can help you make up your mind about the service that is best for you. If you’ve made it this far through the review, you might as well keep going. You don’t want to miss anything important, do you?

1. Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Room to grow
  • 100% guarantee for uptime
  • Real-time observation
  • Backup
  • Security and DDos attack Protection
  • Unlimited sites


2. Cloud Dedicated Hosting 

  • Fully managed
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Personal IP address
  • Guaranteed uptime at 100%
  • Security


3. Private Cloud

  • Linux and Windows VPS on a common server
  • Complete control
  • Private, secure environment
  • Intel Xeon processor
  • DDos standard protection
  • cPanel and Plesk obtainable


4. Cloud Sites 

  • Unlimited sites
  • No need for server management knowledge
  • Work with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
  • 100% uptime
  • Managed hosting
  • Client organization

These are only a few of the many attributes associated with Liquid Web’s cloud hosting plans. Uptime, as you can see, is a major priority for their company. You shouldn’t have any doubt about your website availability with a paid site. Add-ons are available for most plans, and include things like extra security and email. All plans come with the option of support whenever you need it most. Even if this is at three in the morning. Liquid Web knows that your business can’t wait. The FAQ sections are also extremely detailed, offering an area for self-help.

With these reliable features, there is no reason to stay grounded. Take your business to the cloud and enjoy the increased flexibility that it has to offer. Managed sites are available in cloud form for those of you who still want a full service plan. The intention is not to throw you out there on your own, but to guide you through the process of adopting a cloud based package with more client control. All the while, Liquid Web representatives are standing by to help you out.



This review should have you considering the possibility of web hosting plans now or in the future. The fear of moving to the cloud is unfounded, as I found out myself. There is, actually, a lot more fun to be had in a cloud environment. There are more possibilities, greater flexibility, and you have more control when you want it. I know you can’t wait to be done with this review so you can go check out the Liquid Web online site.

Even if you just go to the site to research, you are sure to find information that persuades you to join. Liquid Web has gone to great lengths to provide every detail of their packages on their site. I spend a lot of time on their site looking around, and I find something new every time. There is seriously that much information. You just cannot take it all in during one visit. If you have an idea of the service that you like best, go ahead and search that up first. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

If you still want to check out the competition, then I can be sure you are a savvy shopper. Quality is often questionable these days, and there is nothing wrong with doing proper research. Take a look at other Liquid Web specific reviews and you are sure to find other people boasting about their positive experiences with the company. I can’t tell you who to choose, but for me it’s an obvious choice.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to how their website is run. The great thing about Liquid Web cloud hosting plans is that you are given choices about how involved you want to be. Cloud services can be managed by Liquid Web or you can take total control, depending on the type of plan you choose. You may also find that you enjoy taking a different approach than you normally do. Cloud hosting plans can change a lot about how individuals interact with their own sites. It is often more fun to try your hand at managing a site when there is flexibility and on-call support.

I always add something in my review about the Liquid Web support team. The availability of employees can make a company more successful. Think about when you have a problem in a retail store. Have you ever gone for help and been unable to find an employee? I don’t know about you, but usually end my visit to the store right there. A business that wants me as a client should make the effort to remain available when I need help. I never feel abandoned by Liquid Web. The tradition of speaking with an actual human being is long gone in most business communities. It takes multiple tries to get a person on the phone when I just call my electric provider. Everything is automated. Liquid Web is making huge efforts to change this approach to business. Top reviews list many compliments on their availability during times of need.

I hope you learned what you needed to know about cloud hosting services, as well as a little about the Liquid Web Company, itself. I want to make sure you walk away from this review with some consideration of Liquid Web for your next cloud hosting need. All of the basic necessities are readily available and can be quickly set up and deployed when you make the call. Bring the fun back into your website with cloud hosting services from Liquid Web.