Top 10 Reasons You Should Try Blu Electronic Vaping Accessories

Top 10 Reasons to Try Blu's Electronic Vaping Accessories
Top 10 Reasons to Try Blu's Electronic Vaping Accessories

Top 10 Reasons You Should Try Blu Electronic Vaping Accessories

Vaping and the use of e-cigarettes has increased dramatically over the past few years. Research and Markets recently estimated that the global vaping market may exceed $32 billion by 2021. What makes this even more impressive is how vaping was seen when it emerged in the market less than eight years ago: as a mere passing fad. In some cities, it was impossible to find vaping products outside of cheap brands sold in convenience stores. Now, sales have exceeded all expectations, and most cities across the country have at least one dedicated e-cigarette or vaping store. Consumers who vape no longer need to seek out the sub-par products offered by convenience stores.


Blu is a vaping company that was founded long before vaping became mainstream. In fact, they were one of the first companies on the scene in early 2009. Blu was founded by smokers who wanted to find a way to indulge the habit without the negative impact of ash and the lingering foul odor. The company was based on the shared desire the founders had for a viable, affordable alternative. Blu vaping products and accessories hit the market shortly thereafter. The company has remained successful throughout vaping’s early years, when many were skeptical of companies devoted to these types of products. Now, they are seen as one of the pioneers of the industry, manufacturing high-quality products that consumers still seek out today. Blu understands that they cannot ride the coattails of their earlier successes throughout the company’s future, and continues to lead the way in innovation, design, and customer service. Here are the top 10 reasons you should try blu vaping devices, including their all-in-one Myblu starter kit.

10Excellent Battery Life and Charge Time

blu’s vaping accessories offer great battery life.

One of the most common consumer complaints about vaping products is their relatively weak batteries. This can often make vaping an incredibly inconvenient hobby, especially for those who travel often or work away from sources of electricity. Long charge times combined with short battery life makes for a device that is hard to continue to use. As a result, many people interested in vaping revert back to smoking physical cigarettes after purchasing one of those cheap and hard to keep charged products. In many other cases, the way the devices are engineered makes it very hard to figure out how long the battery is expected to last. This can make it very difficult for users to anticipate charge times and to plan things out accordingly.


Products manufactured by blu, including its Myblu vaping kit, are different. Each one charges in less than 20 minutes, making it easy to take your vaping device on the go no matter where you are. In addition, the battery life is designed to last all day. This makes blu products perfect for construction workers, traveling salespeople, flight attendants, and anyone whose job requires them to constantly be on the go. Blu also manufactures small and easy to carry charging packs, giving you extra battery life in cases of emergency. Each device is designed so users can easily tell how much battery life is remaining. This is typically done though a system of lights along the side. Blu devices are incredibly easy to recharge, as each one comes with USB connectivity and a DC power adapter.

9Instant Refills

Blu liquidpods offer instant refills

While vaping is an attractive alternative to smoking, the cumbersome way most vaping products require users to refill the juice is a huge deterrent. It often requires a lot of skill and a steady hand. Some refillable products are incredibly hard to open, making them ill-suited for many vaping users. Failing to refill the chamber properly can result in juice getting into other areas of the vaping product, causing it to prematurely wear out. Alternatively, they can leak and spill, resulting in wasted product and lost money. In addition, there are often very limited flavors available, making it hard to stick with the habit over something else like smoking cigarettes.


All Blu vaping products make refilling the e-cigarette or vaping juice easy. Instead of relying on a complex system of eye droppers and juice chambers, blu products use a liquidpod. This liquidpod is already filled with the juice of the user’s choice. It clips into the end of each vaping product, making it easy and mess-free to replace your juice. This makes these products perfect for all vaping users, including those with arthritis or other bone and joint issues.


These liquidpods come in numerous flavors, including:


  • Carolina Bold
  • Blueberry
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Polar Mint
  • Cherry Crush
  • Magnificent Menthol
  • Vivid Vanilla


Thanks to the ease with which these pods are replaced, you can switch back and forth between flavors if you want. This makes it a lot more versatile than other vaping products, which require you to use all the juice in the chamber before replacing it.

8Lifetime Limited Device Warranty

Blu offers a limited lifetime warranty

Cheap e-cigarettes and vape pens are known for their short lifespans. Unfortunately, this has painted higher-quality products with the same brush. Consumers are often wary of purchasing vape products out of fear that they may not last long enough to make the switch to vaping worthwhile. Not all brands come with warranties either, so consumers often make a gamble when it comes to their vape products. Even products that do come with a warranty may be hard to replace. Disreputable vape brands tend to make it very hard to fulfill the conditions of the warrantee.


With blu’s myCARE Warranty, consumers can purchase their vape products with peace of mind. These warranties last for a period of five years, with the option to re-register at each interval. In total, consumers can receive a lifetime warranty on their blu vape products. Users can switch out defective devices up to three times per 12-month period. This type of warranty attracts first-time buyers, as it gives you access to high quality products with very low risk. If something goes wrong, you can trust blu to replace the product without any hassle. Customer services agents are highly trained in consumer relations and can help facilitate the product return with ease. Users who have trouble renewing these warranties can also contact customer service for assistance. Keep in mind that, as with all warranties, there are certain obligations on the user. You must always use blu accessories and juices with blu products to avoid voiding the warranty.

7Easy to Use

Blu’s products are easy to use

People switching to vape pens and other devices from cigarettes often complain that certain devices are very difficult to use. Many products require a series of complex actions before the juice begins to heat up. Other devices are hard to switch on, making them poor choices for individuals with any type of bone or joint issue. Rather than struggle with these items, individuals faced with challenges in vape use often stick with smoking. After all, most people decide to vape to help them relax after a stressful day or to enjoy quiet moments to themselves. No one wants to struggle to switch on the device in times like these.


Another common complaint is that these devices were large and clunky. This made them hard to transport without drawing attention to the product. The clumsy design of many subpar vape pens also contributes to the challenges in use.


Consumers who opt for blu products do not need to struggle with their device. In fact, these vape pens are known for their ease of use. Simply charge your pen, click a button, and inhale. There is no complex series of actions that users must learn, nor do you need to worry about accidentally turning your pen on while it is in your pocket. While the click and go technology makes it easy to turn the product on, the location of the device is such that it is impossible to accidentally turn on. The design is meant to be ergonomic, easy to fit in the palm of your hand, and easy to reach the ignition switch regardless of physical limitations. Users looking for something lightweight may prefer to start with the Myblu starter kit, as it is light and easy to carry.

6Myblu Pod Kits Are Perfect for Beginners

Blu’s vapes are good for beginners

Those who are new to vaping may feel overwhelmed with the numerous decisions that must be made. Figuring out which type of device to use and which flavors are most appealing is one of the biggest challenges. Depending on the products you opt to start with, it can be incredibly expensive to try out different flavors and find a product that is user friendly, keeps a charge, and is well-made.


To help beginner vapers pick up the hobby quickly without the need to purchase multiple products, Blu came out with an all-in-one starter kit called the Myblu. It is a slim and lightweight vape pen that is also incredibly sturdy. Its weight makes it easy to transport and carry with you without weighing you down. These products are just as easy to use as the other ones across the Blu vaping device line. Each kit comes with several liquidpods of different flavors, giving you a chance to try something new.


One of the biggest complaints by new vapers is that the devices are hard to figure out. The Myblu vape pen is virtually foolproof. There is no complicated combination of clicks or switch-flicks that you have to figure out, making it perfect for beginners. Another perk to these products is that each Myblu liquidpod comes with a mouthpiece. Each time you change the pod, you get a new mouthpiece, which is very convenient. Cleaning existing mouthpieces can be cumbersome and, in many cases, a deterrent to those thinking about getting into the hobby.

5Disposable and Reusable Designs

blu offers disposable and refillable products

In some cases, you may find a brand that you like, but does not carry a wide enough selection of products and accessories. There are certain occasions that may call for different vaping products. For example, if you are travelling, you may want a disposable vape pen. This way, if your luggage gets lost or you misplace your pen while you are away, you haven’t lost your main vaping device. In other situations, you may want something that is more or less powerful. Some users prefer to have multiple pens; an inexpensive one for work and something capable of higher performance for home use. This is not always possible with many vape device manufacturers.


The team behind blu did recognize that vape consumers do use different products for different purposes. They also know that it is much easier to purchase vaping products across the same brand rather than try out multiple ones. This makes it much easier to purchase juice and vape cleaning products. Blu offers a variety of vaping devices for sale, including a disposable pen, a blu Plus Xpress, the top of the line blu Pro, and the Myblu starter package. Each design is compatible with the same charging and refill devices, meaning that users do not have to worry about purchasing and keeping track of multiple chargers and other accessories. In fact, each pen is USB rechargeable, so there is no need to collect additional charging devices if you prefer to stick with those you already own.

4Free Shipping

blu offers free shipping!

Even though there are a ton of vape stores throughout the country, it can still be hard to find a high-quality vape device. This is particularly true for those who live in small towns or rural areas. In some cases, you may be able to find a vaping device, but lack access to the type of juice that is meant to go with that product. As a result, these individuals often turn to online shopping to find the perfect products for them. The only issue with many online retailers is the high cost of shipping. It is not uncommon for online consumers to spend more in shipping than on the actual product itself. When it comes to things like purchasing vaping devices, accessories, and vape juice, this is a huge deterrent.


Blu sets itself apart from other online vaping retailers by offering amazing customer service and free shipping. Free shipping applies to all products, not just purchases over a certain amount. This gives blu customers the freedom to pick out the perfect vaping product and accessories for them without trying to meet a dollar value quota to qualify for reasonable shipping prices. It also means that you can restock your vape juice as is convenient for you. Free shipping can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you are a frequent vaper or someone who enjoys having multiple vape juice options available to you.


When it comes to shipping, blu stands out among the rest. Each one of the company’s products is sent out in an attractive package and contains everything you need to start vaping, including charging supplies. If there are issues with your order, customer service representatives are eager to do what they can to set things right.

3Choice in Nicotine Concentration

blu’s products have different percentage concentrations of nicotine. It’s your choice!

Many people turn to vaping as an ash-free alternative to smoking. It is a less expensive and more socially acceptable habit. In addition, vaping does not leave the same foul odor behind as cigarettes. The only issue with replacing cigarette use with vaping is that not all vaping companies offer juice in a variety of nicotine concentrations. Depending on the user’s prior smoking habits, this may mean that they still feel compelled to smoke cigarettes in addition to vaping, negating the socially acceptable component of this particular hobby. Others turn to vaping to help them cut back on their nicotine habit, working their way through various nicotine concentrations in vape juice until they hit zero. Whatever the reason, it is important to have this variety in concentration levels available. Not all vaping companies prioritize this for their consumers.


Blu is a company run by former smokers who wanted to create a vaping product that was a realistic and reasonable alternative. As a result, they made sure to develop vape juices spanning multiple levels: 4.5%, 2.4%, 1.6%, 1.2%, 1%, and a nicotine free option. This ensures that there is the perfect vape juice available for every type of vape user. It also means that users do not have to sacrifice nicotine preferences to get the flavor of juice they want. The company understands that not everyone vapes for the same reason, striving to create juices and accessories that appeal to a wide range of user needs. This sets them apart from companies that are hyper-focused on only selling to certain segments of the market.

2Earn Rewards

Blu rewards your loyalty

Repeat customers enjoy being rewarded for their loyalty. This includes vape users. Whenever you make numerous purchases, especially from an online retailer where you can’t benefit from a storefront or instant access to customer service, it is nice to feel appreciated. Most online vape retailers do not offer any type of loyalty program or rewards, believing the product to be incentive enough. However, this is not always the case, and many online products do not live up to expectations. While these companies may have repeat customers, it is often because those consumers are not aware that they have other, better options available.


If providing incentive for consumers to become repeat visitors is important to you, take a look at bluNation rewards. This is a program developed by the company to ensure that all customers feel appreciated. Unlike other rewards systems, it is easy to earn points. Users can do so by purchasing blu vaping products and accessories, in store and online, or by completing one of many activities that is listed on your bluNation account. These activities often include connecting your social media accounts to the program, increasing its social aspect and introducing you to others in the vaping community.


Using your points is also incredibly simple. They can be redeemed on any product available in the online store, without restriction. All you have to do is select your points as the payment method upon checkout instead of your credit card. Since blu always offers free shipping on every product, as long as you have the points to cover the full purchase amount, there is no money owed.


blu offers affordable, quality products backed by a lifetime warranty. And, oh yeah, free shipping!

It is a common myth that all vaping products are incredibly expensive. This may have been true when vaping first became popular, especially in smaller areas that lacked access to inexpensive yet well-made vaping products. As time has gone on, many vaping companies continue to keep their prices high. The reasons for this may vary, though it usually has something to do with the impression companies want to give their customers. Cheap vaping companies are also common, often setting up pop-up shops throughout various cities, selling off their cheaply made inventory and moving on to the next one. Sadly, both types of companies have left many with a bad taste in their mouth about the industry as a whole.


When blu was founded, the owners agreed that one of the company’s goals would be to ensure vaping stays affordable. This is why they have focused on creating well made products, guaranteed to last. Each one of their vaping pens, from their disposable option to their top of the line model are incredibly affordable. Disposable options start at less than eight dollars, with more advanced pens available for less than $20. The company also runs limited time specials, often offering their introduction package for just one dollar.


All blu accessories are also incredibly affordable, making it easy to purchase multiple chargers and refill devices without breaking the bank. Refill juice pods are also reasonably priced, especially when compared to other refill packs made by competing vape companies. As mentioned, blu offers free shipping on all products, making it easy to start vaping today.




Despite the popularity and wide-spread acceptance of vaping as a hobby throughout the country, many struggle to find high-quality vaping products. It is not always easy to tell which ones are made by reputable companies. In addition, finding complimentary accessories and juice that work with existing devices, are easy to find, and come at reasonable prices can be a challenge. Some decide to give up the hobby altogether as a result of those challenges.


Instead of going back to cigarettes, or opting to use an inferior product, consumers should consider purchasing blu vape pens and accessories. Blu makes all their vape devices, juice pods, and accessories easily available online. With free shipping and affordable rates, blu ensures that vaping is a hobby accessible by everyone across the country, not just those with a lot of money to burn. Blu also offers its customers a rewards program and access to a variety of juices spanning several nicotine levels. The company also has a friendly customer service department, ready to answer any questions.


Consumers turn to vaping for a number of different reasons, including as a cigarette replacement or as a hobby. Blu ensures that whatever your reason for wanting to vape, they can provide you with a perfect product. Even their juice flavors span several taste categories, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Take a look at their range of products or learn more about the company’s impressive history online. Blu prioritizes customer satisfaction, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them to have all your vaping questions answered.



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