How to Choose the Right Medical Alert Device

How to choose the right medical alert device
How to choose the right medical alert device

How to Choose the Right Medical Alert Device


Americans are living longer than ever. Many men and women live well past their 70’s and turn to assisted living tools to increase independence and enrich their quality of life. This can be through living in assisted living homes, hiring someone to aid with cleaning and cooking, or even living with complete independence. The right living situation depends on many things: your specific needs, such as whether you can still drive to the doctor, what type of assistance falls within your budget, and just how comfortable you are with receiving different levels of assistance in various aspects of your life.


A Good Option for All


Regardless of what your needs may be, it’s always a good idea to invest in a medical alert device. These devices come in a variety of different forms and serve a number of different purposes. While it may seem counterintuitive to purchase a medical alert system while you have a smartphone, the truth is that a smartphone is limited to its proximity to you. If you don’t have your smartphone near you, you don’t have a way to contact someone in case you fall or have another type of emergency. So, a good way to keep your family’s peace of mind, as well as your own, is to utilize a medical alert device.


What is the Best Choice?


How to choose the right medical alert device
How to choose the right medical alert device

Now that you know that you want to purchase a medical alert device, you have to decide which one from the thousands on the market is right you for. It can be a daunting task, especially because many companies even pose as legitimate organizations, though they offer nothing but a scam to consumers. Customers are left with faulty devices or with programs that are ill-equipped to meet their needs. However, there is one medical alert device that stands out among the rest as a reliable, affordable, and effective option for anyone who loves their independence, but also values their safety. This service is provided by Philips Lifeline.


Philips Lifeline Features


Philips Lifeline is a leading provider for medical alert services, and has been in the market since 1974. This business offers every kind of medical alert service that you need to ensure your safety in the least restrictive way. Philips Lifeline provides medical alert services for customers both indoors and outdoors. That means even more freedom for you, as you don’t have to worry about your protection coverage outside your home. Philips Lifeline also created customized plans that match your needs and concerns. You don’t always need the help of firemen and the police; it can be simpler than that, and Philips Lifeline understands that. That’s why you can get just the right amount of support that you need, whether that means a simple check up by a family member, or the help of trained medical professionals for more serious situations. Other than that, Philips Lifeline also offers 24/7 access to a response center to assist you with your situations.


Sound like a product that you’re interested in? Let’s take a detailed look into what Philips Lifeline offers to you.


In-Home Protection


To begin with, you have to take into consideration what your preferences are. You don’t need to buy boat insurance if you don’t own a boat. So why should your medical alert device be any different? If you spend most of your time indoors, it makes sense to invest in equipment that gives you 24/7 assistance throughout your home. Tasks that were easy before, like climbing stairs or stepping out of wet showers, pose a threat that can lead to severe injuries. Injuries mean recovery time and usually long term recovery at that. But Philips Lifeline has changed the game on that with its HomeSafe product.


HomeSafe Benefits


The HomeSafe product comes as a package that offers you thorough and effective protection within your home. Users can choose between wearing a pendant or wristband that have a Lifeline help button to push whenever an emergency occurs. The Lifeline button sends alerts to your in-home Communicator, and connects you with a Lifeline representative who speaks with you throughout your call and assesses the situation.


The HomeSafe program runs through the use of the help buttons on either a pendant or wristband. These devices are both waterproof, so you can even wear them in the shower or during a bath for maximum protection in an accident-prone area. They’re also lightweight, and come in a modern white and gray color. It’s the perfect combination of functionality and style. Not only that, but the Lifeline pendant and wristband also comes with a long lasting battery that Lifeline changes automatically without any work required from you.


The Communicator mentioned is basically what connects you with your Lifeline associate. Any time you press your help button within the range of your Communicator, you’re connected with an associate who’s ready to help. The Communicator utilizes high quality speakers and microphones, so you can hear and be heard by your associate anywhere in your house. This also allows for a two-way conversation to occur, and enables the associate to better understand your situation in a fast and efficient way. If you’re not tech savvy, the Philips Lifeline Communicator comes with easy voice-guided installation set up, and even comes with an installation service if you’re really struggling with getting it up and running. On top of all of these benefits, the Communicator can work through a landline or cellular phone, and runs automatic checks on its system, alerting Lifeline if there is a need for maintenance.


Overall, HomeSafe is a great product to consider if you spend a lot of your time indoors. Your Communicator system is set up to give you the maximum coverage of protection in and around your home, and is available for service day and night. With your pendant or wristband help button, you can safely go about your day without any interference from your help accessories, but still have the comfort of protection near.


Outdoor Protection


Philips GoSafe
Philips GoSafe

Not everyone enjoys spending their day indoors, and maybe you find yourself agreeing with this group. You don’t have to let old age confine you within your home if you’d rather be out and about. However, many older folks feel like going outdoors is just too risky. Going outdoors means you could get hurt in an unfamiliar place without anyone to ask for help or simply get lost. While these are both very serious and oftentimes dangerous issues, there is still hope. You don’t have to stay cooped up indoors with Lifeline’s GoSafe product.


GoSafe Benefits


With GoSafe, you'll experience outdoor living, again!
With GoSafe, you’ll experience outdoor living, again!

With the GoSafe medical alert system, you can enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about losing connection with Lifeline’s protection coverage. GoSafe uses the same pendant design as the HomeSafe product, and has the same familiar help button feature. The only difference is that it’s configured to locate you better in outdoor situations. GoSafe uses up to five different locating systems to find out where you are, and communicate what kind of help you need in your situation.


The GoSafe pendant’s help button connects you with a Lifeline representative when pushed, so help is easily accessible, even outdoors. GoSafe uses an extremely high powered speaker and receiver, so you can rest assured that you can carry on with a two-way conversation directly through the pendant in any situation. These features help your representative understand what kind of help you need, whether that’s just a visit from your neighbor or the help of an EMT in more serious circumstances.


GoSafe’s pendant is also waterproof, so it’s perfect for trips to the beach or pool, or even on rainy days outdoors. Charging while traveling is usually an issue for other electronic devices, but the GoSafe pendant can last up to three days on a single charge. Unlike traditional smartwatches and other electronic accessories, the GoSafe pendant can be charged even while the user is wearing it, making it easier to charge on the go. There is even an airplane mode setting that won’t allow the configured internal GPS of the pendant to interfere with any outside GPS system, so you can wear your GoSafe pendant no matter where your travels take you.


Just like with the HomeSafe technology, GoSafe utilizes a Communicator. This allows your pendant to provide you with protection coverage outdoors, but just easily indoors as well. Your pendant connects with your Communicator as soon as you enter your home door, and the protection service quality doesn’t diminish or get weaker in any way. This Communicator has the same great highly sensitive microphone and speaker, as well as technology that allows it to perform routine self-tests and diagnose and alert Lifeline of any maintenance or repair issues. The GoSafe Communicator is equipped with a great long-lasting battery that has 30 hours of back-up energy stored. This means you can count on the Communicator to connect you with a Lifeline representative even if you lose power from your main electrical source. You don’t have to compromise on such an important necessity like your safety, even if other necessities like electrical power are unavailable.


GoSafe continues to impress with another amazing feature, its fall detection system. This system allows the GoSafe pendant to detect and record any fall that the user experiences. The system then informs a Lifeline agent, who attempts to communicate with the user and ask the level of help they need in the situation. If the user is unresponsive after a few attempts from the representative, the local EMT is notified and sent to the user’s location. This feature is seldom found in other medical alert systems, and if it is, it’s found to be at an outrageously high price.


All in all, the Philips Lifeline GoSafe is an all-around excellent option if you’re considering a medical alert service that goes beyond just your home. Its GPS systems ensure that no matter where you are, help is always nearby. Whether you’ve fallen or have gotten lost, the GoSafe allows you to communicate exactly the kind of help you need, and gets it to your location in a quick and efficient manner.


Philips Lifeline Price


Now that you know what products are offered through Philips Lifeline and the benefits they come with, you might be wondering about the catch. There always seems to be a catch when it comes to products that seem too good to be true, and oftentimes, the price of the product brings you back to reality. With many medical alert products, there are some hidden fees, especially when it comes to communication fees. Consumers find that there’s a hidden fee just to talk to someone about their situation all too late.


But that’s not the case with Philips Lifeline medical alert services. All of the Philips Lifeline products are available through affordable monthly payment plans, and there are no hidden fees or costs. The only thing you pay is the cost of the product and related services, nothing more. On top of that, there is no obligation to take part in a long-term contract when you purchase and utilize any Philips Lifeline product. You are welcome to remove yourself from the services provided at any time, and there is no cancellation fee at all.


How Philips Lifeline Compares to Others


It wouldn’t be honest advice if careful consideration wasn’t given to other competitors on the medical alert market. Most medical alert system competitors offer a few of the features of Philips Lifeline, but none offer all of them. Here’s a little overview of how Philips Lifeline shapes up to others in the same market.


Fall Detection in a Single Pendant


A single pendant detects falls.
A single pendant detects falls.

Fall-detection technology is a must-have for medical alert purposes. Many injuries that the elderly suffer from are a result of a fall of some sort. Philips Lifeline is the one of only two major medical alert services that offers this feature to its users. Despite the importance of having fall-detection technology, other major producers leave this service out completely. Complete protection must include a system for detecting and reporting falls to the user’s family and possibly medical care providers in the event of a serious fall.


Water Resistant


This is the only benefit that was found among all major medical alert system providers. Philips Lifeline takes into consideration the fact that safety should not be limited to the amount of water around the user. Modern technology has advanced to make this a reality, and Philips Lifeline has taken advantage of this modernization for the benefit of its users. The HomeSafe and GoSafe products both offer water proof pendants and wristbands for its users, so safety can be ensured whether you’re in the rain or in the shower.


Location Technologies


Location Technology
Location Technology

Being able to locate your user outdoors is very important because protection shouldn’t only be limited to the safety of one’s home. Other major medical alert service providers don’t compare to Philips Lifeline in this sense because Lifeline is the only provider that uses up to six different locating technologies to track the user in the event of an emergency. Having one or two GPS systems doesn’t provide a thorough coordinate for representatives to send help to. That’s why Philips Lifeline utilizes six.


Multi-Language Support


There is nothing more frustrating and even frightening as needing help, but not being able to communicate that. Your medical alert service is only beneficial to you if you can understand what’s being said and be understood as well in a conversation. Providing multi-language, 24/7 support is Philips Lifeline’s answer to this situation. Multi-language support is offered by many, but sadly not all, medical services. Philips Lifeline proudly offers this support to users from around the world in an effective manner.


Equipment and Design


Philips designs its own products specifically for you and your active life.
Philips designs its own products specifically for you and your active life.

Many medical alert service providers use equipment and technology made by third-parties. Philips Lifeline is one of the only providers that use equipment that was designed by its own production. Not only does this show that Philips Lifeline stands behind its own product, but this means that this producer is an expert in medical alert services, so much so that it designs its own products with perfection that comes only with having an actual love and interest in the field. When a company designs its own products, it means that they are willing to put in the time, effort, and research it takes to generate robust and authentic ideas that stand up to competitors, and that’s exactly what Philips Lifeline does with its equipment and design.


Personalized Help Options


Philips allows you to customize your contact options
Philips allows you to customize your contact options

Sometimes, you just need the help of a family member to get you through something. Although life-threatening circumstances obviously require a trained medical professional, some situations can be easily solved with a little support from a familiar face. Philips Lifeline lets you choose your emergency response contacts before any serious situation occurs. If you’re ever in such a situation, your Lifeline responder speaks with you about who you prefer to be visited by, and whether or not you need medical attention. This kind of control over your help options is only offered by a few medical alert providers, and Philips Lifeline is one of them.




One of the things that users of medical alert services complain about is the fact that they feel trapped or bound into their contract with their chosen company. Many providers require a contract-type relationship with their clients and even charge cancellation fees if they want to switch to a different provider. The good news is that Philips Lifeline doesn’t have any long-term contracts that clients are bound to if they wish to use their services. On a similar note, there are no cancellation fees, or any hidden fees for that matter, related to the services provided to them.


Familiar Call Centers


If you’re suffering from an injury or are in some type of pain, the last thing you need is for your help representative to treat you rudely or put you on a ‘brief’ hold. Since these situations can quickly go from bad to worse without the right help, Philips Lifeline makes sure that every call you make or receive from your Lifeline representative follows the same pattern of conversation. You know what to expect when you press your help button to speak to someone. Having call centers that follow this method is offered by very few medical alert services, but with Philips Lifeline, you get the same excellent experience every time.


Testimonials and Reviews


Philips lifeline products are highly rated
Philips lifeline products are highly rated

To add the cherry on top of the perfection of the Philips Lifeline medical alert services, there are thousands and thousands of reviews that can be found online praising their products and service. From the affordable price, to the amazing help given by the Lifeline representatives, many people around the world have found Philips Lifeline to be a reliable and trusted source. There is an overwhelming amount of reviews on how these products have brought peace back into the lives of the users and their families because the constant worry about the safety of their loved one isn’t an issue anymore. Many have also said that the Philips Lifeline is a seamless addition to their life, and it’s given them back their freedom to live independently. Aside from the numerous positive reviews, this provider is also tried and trusted by countless doctors, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals. They all recommend using Philips Lifeline as a form of assisted living for elderly patients, as it is and effective tool, as well as FDA registered.


To sum everything up, Philips Lifeline provides the best medical alert device services on the market. Whether you need in-home or on-the-go protection and care, Philips Lifeline has products that can meet your needs at a price that fits in your budget. Its flexible help options allow you to customize your help plan, so you get the right level of help that you need and want. You can expect full and thorough protection coverage from your Philips Lifeline medical alert device, regardless of where you are and what your situation is. Investing in a Philips Lifeline product is the first step you can take in leading an independent, worry-free, and safe lifestyle.