Liquid Web Review 8 Reasons I’ve Been With Liquid Web For 8 Years

Liquid Web Review Why I've Been With Liquid Web For 8 Years
Liquid Web Review Why I've Been With Liquid Web For 8 Years

Liquid Web Review: 8 Reasons I’ve Been With Liquid Web Hosting For 8 Years

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Liquid Web, for me, is one of the best hosting companies. I’ve been with them for eight years, so that should tell you something to start. I’ve used many of their services, including virtual private servers, dedicated servers and their managed WordPress service (which I’m currently using). While it can be more expensive to use than other hosting companies, the benefits are endless. I’ve tried others in the past, but I keep coming back to Liquid Web.

The effectiveness of Liquid Web is top-notch because they give you all the tools you could ever need. I have never needed anything that I couldn’t access. You may need help at first, especially if you’re new to the game, and their support will get you through any difficulties.

I’ve put this review together because I want to help others learn more about this company and why it’s so useful. You’ll learn a lot and will be able to make a more informed decision; maybe the one that will ensure your success throughout the ages (though I can’t promise that, of course, ha ha).

Pros/Cons: A Summary

If you aren’t ready to delve right into the review, this short list can give you a few pointers on your way.


  • Website speed
  • Security and Protection
  • Product flexibility (cloud hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers, Managed WordPress)
  • Best customer support available
    • Talk to a human
    • Live chat available
  • Fully managed hosting for all your needs


The price range can vary depending on what you need, and they don’t have just one option or package from which to choose. For example,


However, everything is managed for you, so you never have to worry about a thing. They keep you up and running and you really just pay the bill for it all.


  • More expensive than other hosting sites


My Situation

I’ve been in business for over eight years, and I learned really fast that you have to have a fantastic hosting to be part of the competition. I tried a few other hosts in the past, many of which I had to do all the work myself. Most hosts have support through a ticketing system.  It seemed reasonable, but I was still annoyed that I had to pay and do all the setup myself with no live help.

If you need answers now you need to talk or chat with a person immediately.  Liquid Web has the best customer service in the hosting world, hands down and they are available 24/7.

Others claim that they’re too expensive, but I looked at the value I got from them. I primarily use managed WordPress today but I’ve used LW virtual private servers (Cloud), and dedicated servers and I’ll be reviewing these products below. is a high traffic, photo and content intensive site and when I need help Liquid Web is always there and always eager to help me.  That’s the primary reason I continue to recommend them and will continue to do so.  They’ve got my back.


For example, the WordPress world can be tricky to learn especially if you’ve never worked with it before. Don’t get wrong, WordPress is great but I found that I couldn’t keep up with all the plugin updates. LW handles all the updates, though many sites only handle the installation needs and don’t focus on plugins, which is why LW is so different. Whether you’ve got two plugins that conflict or some other issue, they’ll figure it out and fix the problem.

Another WordPress issue is that your site’s speed gets slower and slower with time. You want to add engaging content, such as graphics and photos, but those slow down the site, which means users may not stay and learn (or buy!). Liquid Web can compress the images, which can speed up the website tremendously. They also have a really cool Stencil feature that applies whatever theme you want and automatically applies the plugins to go with it.

If you’re still unconvinced, you may want to consider that they don’t have any traffic limits, which means you can have as many people on your site as you want without being charged more. If you go now, you can also get an introductory offer that gives you 50% off your purchase price for three months!

Dedicated Servers

As I said, I also used dedicated servers, and with Liquid Web, they are fully managed. They keep everything updated and secure for you. Plus, they integrate traditional servers with the flexibility and provisioning of your Cloud platform, ensuring that you get everything you need.

I was on the prowl for something that gave me protection and peace of mind. Liquid Web’s servers offered all that and much more, allowing me to focus on other tasks.


VPS Hosting

I’ve also used Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in the past and loved LWs version. For one, it’s a great value if you have an e-commerce site, which I did at one point. They also integrate apps and other features so that everything is in one spot. The second you need something, it becomes available so that you never have to wait or wonder. Plus, Liquid Web offers you real-time monitoring. I’ve used that feature so many times to make sure that my company was always “on its toes” so to speak.


They have seemingly endless options for resources, from two GB to eight GB of RAM. Plus, they can give customized resources that can help with Linux, and more RAM, should you need it.


If that weren’t enough, Liquid Web also gives you standard features, such as DDoS attack protection and unlimited sites. It also backs up your server for you. Their add-ons are also pretty cool, as you can have premium emails for business, firewalls, and so much more.

Who Needs It

Now that you’ve learned a little about me and why I was so frustrated, it may be a good time to determine if Liquid Web is right for you. I’d love for everyone in the world to use it since I love it so much, but it’s not for everyone. Therefore, it may be beneficial to find out who can use it and why.


Anyone who has a website or owns a business should consider Liquid Web. For example, if you own a company and want to be transparent, you’ll probably have at least one website and maybe more. One could be for e-commerce only while the other is strictly for informational purposes (that may link back to your e-commerce site). You’re going to need someone to host that site and possibly the domain. The domain is the part between the www. and the .com. So, if you want your site to say, the “ilovegeorge” part is the domain.


Therefore, the hosting company is like a landlord in that you rent the space from the company to hold the site. The host is where all the files are stored for your website, and the host also assigns the DNS address for your data and your domain name so that people can find the site on the Internet, even if they just type in your name without the .com.


Okay, now that we’ve gone through all the domain and host terminology, who needs this? Like I said earlier, almost anyone with a website can utilize their services. However, those who use WooCommerce will find that Liquid Web is the only solution that is designed explicitly for that e-commerce site.


Now, you’ll also note that LW offers options for WordPress and cloud sites. That means that if you use one of those domains for your website or blog, you can also use LW.


I know some of you are reading this and saying, “what if I don’t have any of those domains?” Well, Liquid Web can still help you because all you have to do is set up an account with one of those sites. If you aren’t sure how to do that, you can contact Liquid Web directly and ask for help because their support system is so much better.


Now, here’s the mindblower. While I’ve never personally used it, email hosting is also available from LW. The good news is that if you choose it along with all the other options, you’ll get to have an email address that is perfect for your business. Back to that silly “ilovegeorge” site: You can get an email with that in it, such as, which means everyone automatically sees your website name when they contact you via email. Amazing, isn’t it?


You’ll also find that LW can provide a variety of custom solutions to your problems. They can also help with compliance issues, such as for hospitals and others. PCI and HIPAA compliance are essential for many industries.


How to Solve Your Problem

So, you’re now on the boat with Liquid Web and may have fallen in love with them, just like I did, but your question still remains: What is my problem and my solution?


Well, right now, I’d say your problem is that you need a website, or you need a host for your site. You may already utilize WordPress or Cloud but find that it’s too complicated for you to do yourself. Or, you may not like what you currently have and want to shift to another host. In any of these cases, LW can help you.


If you use one of the popular apps, such as WordPress or WooCommerce, they can give you a simple hosting solution that fits your needs. Plus, they will also manage it all so that you don’t have to deal with it. You never have to learn about installation needs or updates, nor will you have to deal with firewalls and the like.


Now, however, if you want help with firewalls and security, you may find that a dedicated or VPS server is best because most simple apps don’t have those features. The goal here is to select something that gives you high performance so that your site or application is adequately powered. That means you can add a bunch of pictures or content without slowing things down. It also means that they handle all the updates and upgrades necessary to keep your business running smoothly.



To make things a little easier when discussing the features and benefits of the products Liquid Web offers, I’ve decided to make a little table.


Managed Applications Offered
WordPress Hosting This application is perfect for those who want a mission-critical site without dealing with servers and their needs.


You’ll get a performance-tuned website, and LW’s managed hosting reduces your hassles, ensuring that WordPress is updated and secure.

WooCommerce Hosting This application works well for stores and shops that hope to increase conversion rates by having a website that loads quickly. You can also follow up with customers who have things in their cart but haven’t bought them yet.


This all-in-one option is perfect for all WooCommerce stores that need high-performing features. Plus, they are managed by LW, ensuring that they grow with you.

Business Email Hosting This feature allows you to send professional-grade emails to your clients and hopefuls quickly. You’ll never have to deal with an email server that has to be troubleshot or managed.

You can access email anywhere, including webmail and mobile options so that you and everyone else can be more productive.




It also means no licensure fees for spam or anti-virus software. LW even backs up your communication, so you never lose an important note.

Managed Hosting Options
Dedicated servers If your site is resource hungry and seems to take more and more to work correctly, a dedicated server may be right for you. Plus, it is excellent for compliance needs, back-office applications, databases, and resellers.


LW’s servers are customized to fit your needs, ensuring that you get all the resources you need to have the best performance and security.

Cloud VPS If you just want to host your website, have light applications, or use development sites, the Cloud VPS may be right for you.


Liquid Web offers an entry-level option that gives you part of a dedicated server, allowing you to host the app or site. It may be more affordable and still gives you a better performance.

Dedicated Cloud Those of you who have high-resource apps and sites or need multi-site hosting may find the dedicated Cloud feature to be right for you.


This is also a single-tenant server but utilizes more of the Cloud features, such a clone capabilities, instant deployment and others. It combines dedicated servers and Cloud to give you the best of both worlds.

Cloud Sites If you prefer to hose multiple CMS or have a high-traffic website/app, you may find that Liquid Web’s cloud sites feature is perfect.


It uses easy-to-launch platforms that are scalable. You can use multiple CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, and more, all from one account. Everything is in one convenient place, and you can launch them all with just a few clicks.





Custom Options
HIPAA The Health Insurance Portability/Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that businesses who store, process or transmit any electronic health information to comply with rules that are very strict.


Liquid Web allows you to keep up with compliance with their VPS, dedicated, and cloud-dedicated options.

PCI The Payment Card Industry (PCI) requires Data Security Standards (DSS) for any business that stores sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. Without such a certification, you may lose business, and your company could expose confidential information to hackers, even unknowingly.


Liquid Web ensures that your app and website are PCI compliant and their technicians will work with you to design hosting environments that meet those standards.

High Availability High availability hosting is the perfect solution to those who regularly see downtime for their app or site. Many times, it is a hardware failure that’s caused by using multiple servers. You can find one server that best fits your needs and will ensure that your company stays up and running, even when you’re asleep.


Liquid Web’s version works by syncing files between two different servers, ensuring that each server has an identical copy. If one machine fails, traffic can be routed automatically to a second computer, reducing downtime.

High-Performance High-performance hosting ensures that when your app or site starts using too many resources, downtime doesn’t happen. LW allows you more than one server, complete with load balancers, to ensure that traffic is distributed appropriately across many machines.


I hope this table has made things a little easier to understand. If you’ve already decided that Liquid Web is right for you, as I have, you may want to talk to them directly and let them help you determine what you need.


Other Reviewers


If you’re like me, you’re going to research this company up and down, and you’re probably going to visit review sites to learn what others say. I would and did do the same, and it’s an excellent way to determine if this investment is right for you.


Most of the five-star ratings I’ve seen talk about the support system that Liquid Web offers, which means it is better than any other hosting company. You’ll also find that many people love the fact that they talk to a person when they call. Isn’t it annoying when you are having problems, and you call for support, only to hear an automated robot ask you to listen to a bunch of options? You never quite know which one you need, which means you take a chance and then are likely moved from person to person until you actually get the right department.


That scenario is aggravating and won’t happen to you with Liquid Web. I’ve contacted their support numerous times with what I consider minor issues, and they’ve been fixed within a few minutes.


Another fact that is often mentioned in testimonials or reviews is that they cost more. The plain and simple fact is that yes, they do charge more for their services because they are the best. You get fully-managed hosting, which means you’re free to handle other issues. They make sure your site is up and running at all times, so you’re not always checking. That, my friend, is priceless, so it makes sense that you’d pay a little more for such a service.


Here are some testimonials that I think sum up Liquid Web very well:


“Liquid Web boasts supreme uptime, always-there-for-you support, and a constant commitment to building out more functionality for the customer. Upon deeper review, it seems the enthusiasm of the team translates into the technology’s awesomeness.”


  • Alexandria Leslie –


“You can’t help but love them…they are personable in all manners. The tech crew are efficient, on task, reliable, and ALWAYS FOLLOW THROUGH. Any issues posted to them are taken care of within 1 – 2 hour at most, but usually within minutes…NO KIDDING.


I’ve been with Liquid Web for years and will never move to another…when you have the best…forget the rest.”


  • Sandy E. Rivers


“I have been with several web hosting companies and Liquid Web has been the best company that I have been with. I pay a bit more however its well worth it!”


  • Eric Salmon


In A Nutshell


So, the title of the Liquid Web Review was supposed to be eight reasons why I’ve been with this company for eight years, and each idea is in there, even if I didn’t point it out or flash it by. So, in case you missed one of those glorious eight reasons, I’ll summarize:


  1. Their products are top-notch.
  2. Their support is off the charts excellent (live chat is impressive and fast) (you always get a human).
  3. You can customize the package to better fit your needs.
  4. They fully manage everything for you.
  5. They will help you pick the right product, so you don’t buy something you can’t use.
  6. They’ll help you move everything to them.
  7. They handle availability, security, and networking.
  8. Their guarantees are amazing.


You may notice that number eight hasn’t really been discussed yet, so I’ll do it right now. They guarantee that you are always up on the network and that your power is always 100 percent. They also promise that when you have an issue, they get back to you with help in 30 minutes (usually less). Plus, they have a 30-minute replacement guarantee on hardware, ensuring that you’re always up and running.


Whether you’re a freelancer, reseller, agency owner, or someone else, they’ve got solutions that will help you. You depend on the Internet, and you deserve someone who can host you at all times, as well as someone reliable and dependable. It can be easy to focus on the price alone, and many of you will. However, those that want to get the most out of their hosting company won’t focus on the amount it costs. You are going to be like me and love Liquid Web because they take all the guess-work out of owning a website and utilizing it to its maximum. They’ve got over 500,000 sites they manage and help people in over 130 countries, so chances are, they’re available to you wherever you live, ensuring that you get high-quality and high-performance hosting options.

Bottom Line

I use Liquid Web because I trust them.  I can always count on them. They are always there when I need help.  I cannot recommend Liquid Web more highly.  Give them a shot, check out their hosting here.





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