Liquid Web Review: Best Dedicated Server Plans

Server Plans

Here I am again, ready to brag on the services provided by Liquid Web. It may seem like I should have run out of things to say by now, but I haven’t. I haven’t run out of words, because they have so many different services, and I don’t have to use several companies to accomplish all of my business needs. Liquid Web has everything in one place. I have used their web services for a variety of things throughout the course of my career. From my early years of blogging to my more mature business ventures, Liquid Web has had something to offer for each step of my adventures. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

At a certain point, it can get overwhelming, and even impossible, to save all of your data in a home or office computer. You may also be struggling with the lack of ability to process information effectively. Downtime of a site is common on shared servers, as well. You should never have to worry about your data or program when you opt for a dedicated server plan. Liquid Web aims to give you confidence about the plan you choose.

I have taken the time to write this review so that other business owners can better understand what a dedicated server can do for them. Many people know they need help to handle their information, but don’t know exactly what they need. Dedicated server plans may be a new concept to those early in the game. By the time you finish reading this review, the only question you should have is, “How do I sign up?”


Pros And Cons: The Summary

Server Plans
Server Plans can help you see the awesome qualities, as well as a couple of things that aren’t my favorite

A long review can be a bit overwhelming when you are in a hurry to choose a service. Since you may need to quickly go over some information about Liquid Web, I’ve narrowed things down to a few important points. These points can help you see the awesome qualities, as well as a couple of things that aren’t my favorite.


My Likes 

  • Reliable
  • Top-notch security
  • Allows for constant availability of your site
  • A necessity for busy sites


My Dislikes 

  • Costly
  • You don’t have access to the physical server (This is, however, a reality for any dedicated server)

I want to be upfront about the costs since this is often the first aspect that concerns new customers. The cost of securing a dedicated server depends on your individual needs. I am providing the cost breakdown so you can decide if this is a possibility for your site, without having to read further.

Business sites are the most likely type to need a dedicated server. High traffic blogs can also benefit from dedicated server assistance. Any site that relies on availability to secure revenue is a qualified candidate.

Pricing for dedicated server plans starts out at $199 per month for 16 GB RAM and 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz. The excellent support staff can help you determine which plan is best for your unique situation. The monthly fees top out at $599 per month for 32 GB RAM and 24 cores at 2.2 GHz. Different ranges of backup and bandwidth accompany these specifics. These plans include complete support and management. Your freedom begins when you hire Liquid Web to handle your server requirements.

Full management is automatically included in all of the dedicated server packages. Some individuals like to be a little more involved. There are various levels of management, however, these do not affect pricing. These options are offered as a form of customer compliance. To clarify, fully managed means that you have access to assistance for things like software updates and LAMP stack. You aren’t just paying for a server, you are paying for complete support and continuous service.

For my blog, I can get by with a basic package. Since my blog is a site based on visitors who read and interact, I don’t have people using credit cards or sharing other sensitive financial information. For my business needs, I felt the need to take advantage of some of the add-ons available. I want to be sure to receive emails from customers, so I added a business email hosting to my package. This adds on costs anywhere from one dollar to ten dollars per month. This is added on to your base price. Security is also an issue on business sites, so I use their add-on security services. These SSL services are priced yearly and range from $50 to $570. Two-year plans are also available. I think the extra security measures make my customers feel better about buying on my site. It is worth the extra money, from my perspective.


My Experience

Web server
It often seems overwhelming to begin your first website. Many people never proceed with the process because of costs.

I have tried a variety of approaches during my 8 years with web-based businesses. From blogging to my adventures as an entrepreneur, I have experienced almost every aspect of web-hosting. There are so many concepts that were foreign to me at first. This is why I want to share what I have learned and why I trust Liquid Web to handle the intricate needs of my various websites. I was spending more time figuring out the technical complications of running a website than I was spending on content and products/services. I have learned a lot about these things, but I am best at writing, interacting with followers, and focusing on my business offerings.

It often seems overwhelming to begin your first website. Many people never proceed with the process because of costs. I was tempted to choose a less costly option when I began my search for web assistance. I realized, however, that I had very little knowledge about how different resources work. Once I decided to use Liquid Web, I quickly understood why the less expensive services would not have helped me. I needed the comprehensive concept offered by Liquid Web. Even with a WordPress site, I had limited features on my first site because I did not know how to implement the many features. I am embarrassed to say that my early business site was not covered by the best security features. In my experience, I have learned that it is perfectly fine to admit to not knowing everything about web hosting, as long as you don’t mind hiring someone who does.

The upfront expenses were well worth it, especially when I needed to switch over to a dedicated server. I had to come to terms with the fact that I needed an experienced company to take over many of the technical aspects of my websites. The increased revenue from a well-run site made all the difference. Once my business site took off, there was simply too much information to process on a shared server.


Dedicated Server Plans That Grow With You

Planned Service
Dedicated planned service helps you to add on items like business email, security, and performance options.

The most frustrating part of moving to a dedicated server is often the one size fits all approach of other companies. When my business grew large enough to need a dedicated server, it was still relatively small. This meant that I needed off-site storage and consistent availability, but I didn’t need as much as more established businesses. I really love the ability to purchase only what I need from Liquid Web. Their plans are created to be customizable to your specific needs.

I know that I can change my plan once I reach a greater customer base, or if I have an increase in blog followers. I never have to pay for more storage than is necessary. The plans are designed to fit a variety of business types and budgets. While the expense may seem high for new users, you have the choice to pick a plan that fits.

The necessities are included in each package, while add-ons are also available. This also helps to keep your plan unique and at a lower cost. By not including certain features in basic packages, they can keep from having to charge each person for them. This way you can add on items like business email, security, and performance options. Your plan can grow along with your business. When you reach a certain amount of growth, you can change the basic part of your plan to the next level. This is one of my favorite parts of using Liquid Web. I don’t feel like they are only out to make money off of confused customers. They make an effort to offer different levels of service, rather than forcing all customers into the same category.


When To Consider a Dedicated Server

Data room
Once you reach a higher level of popularity, however, it may become apparent that individuals are unable to access your site at busy times of the day.

You may wonder how to know when it is time to consider a dedicated server. When your website is new it can be hard to imagine reaching this point. There are a few things that may start to happen when the time is coming near. Once I started to look through all of the services that come with a dedicated server from Liquid Web, I knew I was ready to take the plunge.

A shared server can only offer a certain amount of reliability. When your site is not experiencing a lot of traffic, this really isn’t a problem. Once you reach a higher level of popularity, however, it may become apparent that individuals are unable to access your site at busy times of the day. This can easily be solved by acquiring a dedicated server. Many programs also require large amounts of storage for data. This is best stored offsite on a sizable hard drive.

Blogs host different types of information than many business sites. I really began to worry about the safety of information that was being shared on my business site. It was completely up to me to keep my customer’s valuable information safe. I also began to increase the data on my site. All of this took a toll on my computer equipment. I found myself questioning my ability to secure information and became stressed out about reaching a storage limit. When you find yourself sharing these same concerns, a dedicated server should be in your near future.


Add-ons And Other Details

Server Plan
You can choose a business email with different features to fit your needs.

The add-on features are one of my favorite parts of using Liquid Web. The ability to only pay for what you need really helps when you are starting out. Like I’ve mentioned before, the cost is often the biggest obstacle when planning for use of a dedicated server. I am confident, however, that everything I need is included with the option to add extras.

Some of the add-ons are also listed with varying levels, just like the whole plans. You can choose a business email with different features to fit your needs. The pricing is adjusted for each level. The website has lists of each detail that is offered with the add-ons. These detailed lists are easy to navigate and help you make the right decision. These details are too numerous to be added to this review, so I am going to share an example of a couple of them with you.

Business email is one of the add-ons I have mentioned throughout this review. At first, I thought I could handle my business emails through my personal account. I simply added an address, and figured I was good to go. I wa very wrong, however. As my business grew, so did my inbox. I had to add the business email option to my dedicated server plan to avoid a disruption on my own computer. The Liquid Web business email choices can cost anywhere from $1 to $10. They are well worth it for these minute amounts. With these plans, you get filtering services, security, and 50 MB attachments. These are only a few of the attributes of the business email add-on. At the highest priced plan you have an added control panel, a free copy of Outlook, and complimentary distribution lists.

Performance is key when you want to get your site seen. The faster your site is available to consumers, the faster you can bring in revenue. Cloud Delivery Networks are a viable option for accomplishing this task. Akamai CDN and CloudFlare CDN make sure that your page is available faster for viewers. These programs change the way your content is delivered by using severs close to your customers. Smaller file sizes and faster page loading are some of the tactics used. The area you are trying to reach may play a part in which one of these you choose. CloudFlare CDN can be added on at no charge, while Akamai has charges from $100 to $500. A consultant can help you figure out which one you need to be using to increase your site traffic and monetary gain.



I have spent quite a bit of time explaining why dedicated servers are necessary and the different options available. I would like to also provide a more detailed breakdown of everything included in dedicated server packages. If you are new to all of this, do not be overwhelmed. The excellent support staff at Liquid Web always make sure you have a full understanding of everything you need to know. Live chat or an actual human on the phone are available to help you. I am including this list of services so that you have a quick reference guide.


Included With All Dedicated Server Plans 

  • Sufficient Backup
  • Cutting-edge Security
  • Unique IP Address
  • Business level Storage
  • Full Power Uptime SLA’s and Complete Network
  • Common DDoS safety
  • CoudFlare CDN
  • Plesk Onyx and cPanel/WHM options
  • Root and IPMI admittance


Varied by Plan 

  • Intel Xeon single or dual processor
  • 4- 6 cores at various speeds (GHz)
  • 16 or 32 GB RAM
  • 2 x 250 or 2x 480 GB SSD primary drive by Enterprise
  • 5, 8, or 10 TB bandwidth
  • Available for Windows, Linux, CentOS, and Ubuntu


Provided Services 

  • Full management
  • Free setup
  • Option to use your personal Microsoft Windows Server license
  • 24- 48 hour building time for each server
  • Instructions and follow through for setup
  • Reliable customer support

All of these features make the detailed and extensive nature of the dedicated server package the best value for your money. Everything you need is included, and extra items are available. Liquid Web has thought of every scenario, and planned accordingly.


Summing It Up

I hope this review has answered most of your questions on why Liquid Web is the best option for dedicated servers. I have also tried to include information on how to know when you are ready to switch to a dedicated server. I want to help you make the right decision for your business, not purchase something you do not need. Liquid Web may still seem like something you aren’t ready for. They want you to get what you need, as well. This is why you can call and talk to a person, not a machine. You can give them a call and learn more about each service and how it fits in with your business plan.

I have also taken the time to focus on the expense involved with hiring Liquid Web for your dedicated server needs. You should understand that all web hosting services become expensive over time. I have, however, found Liquid Web to be more upfront about their charges and what is included. This review is not meant to bully you into using the company, but to let you know how my online endeavors have changed with the addition of their dedicated server package. They make every effort to only add the features that you need, leaving the extras to be considered as add-ons. They do this to keep charges down for those that need less. The cost became less of a concern, as I now have peace of mind that everything is managed properly.

My business site and the revenue from it has changed completely since I started working with Liquid Web. I can’t make predictions for you, but I can offer the facts about this service. This particular company offers all of the common aspects related to a dedicated server. These include storage, backup, and security. A variety of cores and bandwidth seal the deal. There are, also, enough add-ons to create a dedicated server perfectly tailored to the needs of your unique site.

All businesses and personal sites benefit from a stable web-hosting situation. When you know that your site is functioning well and the data is secure, you can rest easy. It can be a big financial leap, but the outcome is far greater than you may expect. You can focus more on your actual business instead of the technical parts of running the site. No one knows this better than a computer challenged business owner. I know, because this is me! I was so drained by trying to figure out the technicalities of my sites, that I wanted to quit altogether. Liquid Web took a huge weight off.

Okay, let’s go over the key attributes of their dedicated server programs one more time. You have access to complete support from human beings, not machines. The dedicated server plans guarantee that your site is always up and running, as well. Basic packages with different levels, and customizable add-ons keep you from spending more than you need to. All dedicated server plans, regardless of size, are fully managed. Your dedicated server is also promised to be completed and ready for deployment in 48 hours or less. There really isn’t anything you could ask for that they do not have. I’m pretty sure you don’t need much more convincing, but I’ll wrap up with one, quick reminder about my experience with Liquid Web.

I have started from scratch creating my blog and entrepreneur site. The growth I experienced over the years gave me no choice but to consider a dedicated server. There was simply no way to handle a large amount of traffic and data on my own. My bargain personality led me to many sites that were cheaper, however, I quickly learned that these would have cost me more in the long run. The expertise, organization, and personal touch at Liquid Web blows the competition away. I have not regretted my decision once since I have incorporated their many services into my website planning.