10 Reasons you’re Breaking out in Acne in your 40’s

2. Larger Pores

Larger Pores
Collagen and skin structures break down as you age. Your skin is bombarded with things on a daily basis.

You may have noticed that the perfectly smooth skin of your youth is absent once you reach your 40’s. This is often due to the larger size of your pores. Your body takes a lot of abuse from the environment and your lifestyle, over the years. There are many things that are difficult to avoid, due to increased pollution levels. Stress that occurs from normal daily life eventually leads to markers on the skin. Your skin is the first part of your body that encounters pollutants from the environment. Once reaction to pollutants, over time, is the increase in pore size.

Collagen and skin structures break down as you age. Your skin is bombarded with things on a daily basis. Forty years in, there is bound to be some damage. When the collagen and skin structures break down, the pores open up more. These stretched out pores leave your skin vulnerable to attacks from oil and bacteria. There are many aging creams aimed at reducing pore size. These remedies, however, often cause the skin to become greasier.

When pores are tightened, they secrete less oil. Retinol treatments are well-known for returning the collagen to proper levels in the skin. These products, however, are often unable to be used during certain times. They are dangerous during pregnancy, and can increase sun sensitivity. Retinoid are similar to Vitamin A, in that they act as a stimulant for your skin to produce more collagen. As we age, this does not come as naturally.


1. Diet

Dairy is a big contributor to acne. This can include the ingestion of things like cheese, yogurt, and milk.

When we are young, it always seems that myths of acne revolve around food choices. Teenagers are often told to avoid greasy foods because they cause acne. This advice leaves teens everywhere feeling guilty of each delicious hamburger. This is not accurate information, however. Culprits in the diet are foods that you may think are actually good for you. Dairy is a big contributor to acne. This can include the ingestion of things like cheese, yogurt, and milk. These are all things that are likely to be a part of the diet in people in their 40’s. The health benefits of yogurt, however, may outweigh the risk of acne.

The majority of adults in their 40’s have children. Even older children tend to eat a lot of dairy. They consume milk and cereal for breakfasts, and cheese is a part of many popular dishes. Parents tend to eat what their children are eating, to avoid making two different meals. Eating out is also a big part of life in your 40’s. You may go out to lunch with your coworkers, or spend time with friends. Restaurants serve an alarming number of dishes with cheese and other dairy products.

Studies have shown that the possibility of acne increases by about 20% when more than two glasses of milk are consumed daily. This may be related, in part, to the hormones present in these foods. It is important to drink large amounts of water, as well. Busy lives often contribute to the ingestion of soft drinks and coffee on a regular basis. Water helps to flush toxins from your body. Organic dairy products may also help, if you plan on consuming these products on a regular basis.



Acne in your 40’s can be frustrating. It often makes you feel less mature and causes issues with self-esteem. Acne at any age can cause people to shy away from social situations. There are many health concerns that pop up during the decade of the 40’s. Acne is just one of them. Acne can also be a side-effect of other health issues. It is important to consult a health professional when unpleasant or odd symptoms show up.

Acne in your 40’s can be caused by a myriad of issues. These include hormones, stress, and inflammation. Hormones contribute to the increased prevalence of acne in women. Women experience far more hormone changes throughout their lives than men. Hormone changes are a part of life, and can often be regulated with medical treatments.

Your diet is also a major contributor to acne. Dairy is an often overlooked culprit of acne. Hormones given to dairy cows and cattle for meat, often affect the hormone balance in humans. Consumption of organic food is highly recommended if you have severe acne in your 40’s. The environment is full of containments, requiring humans to be vigilant about their health care.