10 Reasons Why the Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Best Sign

The Chinese Zodiac is just one of the many types of zodiac systems in the world. Just like most other systems of zodiac fortune-telling, the Chinese Zodiac is largely based on the movement of the planets and the moon. Most people know about the Western Zodiac, based directly on the placement of the planets and stars. However, the Chinese Zodiac is also astrologically based, since it was developed when the lunar calendar was in use in China.

Like other Zodiac systems, the Chinese Zodiac divides people into groups, similar because of the time they were born. Zodiac systems usually attribute similar personalities, characteristics, and fortunes for all of the people born in each designated time. The Chinese Zodiac is divided into 12 animal symbols, the pig, ox, dog, horse, rabbit, horse, sheep, dragon, rat, monkey, snake, and the rooster. Each animal is associated with a specific birth year. They all alternate in a 12-year cycle, further divided into a larger, overarching 60-year cycle.

Several years of the snake include 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, and the next Year of the Snake is coming up in 2025. Although snakes have come to have some negative representations and even be associated with witchcraft, in ancient cultures, the snake was revered. That’s why the Snake Chinese Zodiac sign is the best sign of them all. Imbued with so much meaning and history, the Snake Chinese Zodiac sign has a lot to offer. Keep reading to check out the 10 reasons why it’s considered the best.


10 The Intriguing History Behind It

The Chinese Zodiac has been an important piece of Chinese history and the snake is one of those signs.

The Chinese Zodiac system is an ancient system with a rich history. In ancient China, the Zodiac signs were taken very seriously- marriages, friendships, and job choices were all made with a person’s Zodiac sign in mind. Although the origins of the Chinese Zodiac are too old to know for certain, there are many legends surrounding its beginning. Researchers believe that the system was adopted around the 5th century B.C., although it’s likely that it was gaining traction far before that date.

The Chinese Zodiac has 12 animals, each representing a year in the 12-year cycle. However, they also correspond directly to the lunar cycles. Since lunar calendars were mostly used in ancient China, this was the guiding force behind the organization of the Chinese Zodiac. Each Zodiac animal also represents two hours within each 24-hour day, as well as one day in a 12-day cycle. The system depends heavily on a network of cycles, always divided into 12 parts.

The system was officially recognized by the country as a whole during the Han Dynasty, which began in 206 B.C. Ever since that time, the Chinese Zodiac has been an important piece of Chinese history, a rich and ever-changing landscape of culture, arts, and folklore. Although the Chinese Zodiac is far less depended on in today’s modern China, it is still highly respected. In some parts of China, the Zodiac system is more respected than others. However, it has also grown far beyond just China, with many other countries learning about the Chinese Zodiac and respecting its meaning.


9The Snake’s Western Counterpart is Impressive

The Snake’s Western Counterpart is Impressive and Taurus is considered to be a very well-grounded and calm sign.

Simply looking at Western culture and Chinese culture today, it’s easy to tell that the two are very different. The cultures have grown in many different ways, and both Zodiac systems are designed entirely differently. However, many people don’t know that each Chinese Zodiac sign has a relative match in the Western Zodiac. The Western Zodiac is based on the position of the stars, while the Chinese Zodiac is based on the position of the moon. By analyzing both, and finding similarities in the positions of both, counterparts are easily identified. Since there are 12 symbols in both systems, it’s easy to see that they have some similar foundations.

In the case of the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake, Taurus is its Western counterpart. The symbol associated with Taurus is not a snake, however, and it’s actually a very different animal by far. Taurus is represented by a massive bull, and the word actually means bull in Latin. At first glance, a snake and a bull may not seem to have anything in common. However, Taurus and the sign of the Snake definitely do. People born from April 20th to May 20th are considered Taurus, and this was actually the first Western zodiac symbol to be created.

Taurus is considered to be a very well-grounded and calm sign, always rooted and able to make strong decisions. As such, people born with the sign of Taurus are usually reliable and devoted to their friends and spouses. Another similarity between the two is a realistic and alert perspective on the world around them.


8Snake Symbolism Is in Many Cultures

Many Cultures promote the snake and most of these cultures have a negative images. 

Anyone coming from a Western culture likely has a somewhat negative image of snakes or snake symbolism. In Christianity, Satan is often portrayed as a snake or a serpent. Even in pop culture, like Harry Potter, the snake is usually a symbol of “the bad guys” or people who are untruthful. No matter how much the image of the snake has suffered, the truth is that snake symbolism goes far beyond a couple of negative portrayals. In fact, the symbolism of this animal has been around for centuries, among dozens of different cultures. Ancient China was not the only culture to recognize the beauty of the snake, as well as the interesting characteristics that it holds.

Snakes are an interesting symbol because of this dualistic view of both good and evil. Because of this, symbols of snakes are found in nearly every culture- often as symbols of great evil as well as symbols of great good. In many ancient cultures such as the Native American tradition, snakes symbolized the umbilical cord which connects children to their mothers. They also symbolized a larger umbilical cord which connects every being to the Earth.

In nature, snakes shed their skin when it is time to regenerate. This made them ideal symbols of birth, death, and the cyclical nature of life. Many cultures used the image of coiled snakes to represent this circle of life. Even in Christianity, most people consider the serpent to be a symbol of deception and sin. However, the Bible later uses the animal as a symbol of salvation- a new, regenerated life.


7Snakes Are Compatible with Other Signs

Snakes Are Compatible with other people easily therefore they have many friends. 

The Snake Chinese Zodiac sign has many compatibilities with other signs in the Chinese Zodiac. This is a great thing since it means that the Snake is able to find love, friendship, and good working relationships throughout its life. The Snake Chinese Zodiac sign is rarely at odds with another sign, and none of the other 11 signs are considered to be the Snake’s enemy. Oddly, however, Snakes are not particularly compatible with other snakes. The Snake doesn’t usually get along amazingly with the Pig, the Sheep, the Rabbit, or the Tiger.

However, when the Snake does strike up a relationship with someone, it is always truthful and meaningful. This is often the case with the Dragon and the Rooster- the Snake’s best matches. The Snake matches particularly well with these signs when it comes to loving relationships and marriage. When it comes to friendships, the Snake gets along amazingly with the Monkey, the Horse, and the Rat- these animals are usually the best of friends with each other and with the Snake.

The Snake is very complementary to the Ox, meaning that the two can have amazing working relationships and friendships. The Snake and the Ox, together, can accomplish anything with their combined skills. The last of the other 11 signs is the Dog, and the Snake’s relationship with the Dog is usually on the average side of things. They may not become the best of friends or fall in love, but the two usually have mutual respect for each other.


6Snakes Are Loving

Snakes are loving people. They are loyal to their loved ones and love to be with them always. 

Love may not be the first thing you think of when you see a real snake or see the symbol used somewhere. However, in the Chinese Zodiac and in many ancient cultures, the Snake is a huge symbol of love and adoration. The Chinese Zodiac predicts that people born in the Year of the Snake are usually full of love and passion in their relationships. Many Snakes may display seeming indifference at the beginning of a relationship, but once they settle in, they are considered to be the most enthusiastic and supportive partners.

Evidently, being loving and easily able to love is a great advantage in the world. This means that relationships are smoother, and Snakes are usually quick to find people that they click with. Even in a non-romantic way, being loving of people around you means that you will create a positive atmosphere and reputation. Snakes often have good things handed to them and many other people watching out for them because of this loving attitude that they project everywhere they go.

Snakes are considered to be very straightforward and blunt with their partners and everyone around them. Rather than allowing for miscommunications or confusion, people born in the Year of the Snake are able to clear everything up and speak their minds. Snakes are always thinking about what they can offer to others- not the other way around. With this type of thinking dominating their minds, they usually attract amazing things and much happiness into their lives.


5Snakes Are Sophisticated

Snakes are usually sophisticated people. They know how to dress up for different events. 

People born in the Year of the Snake are usually good-looking and sophisticated. Snakes have a nonchalant attitude that allows them to cultivate a fairly sophisticated personality. That’s why the Snake usually finds themselves in high-up positions, able to handle all eyes on them. Consider some well-known people born in the Year of the Snake- Bob Dylan, Pablo Picasso, John. F. Kennedy, and even Elizabeth I of England. Snakes have a powerful and sophisticated personality that usually allows them to get far in life and influence many people.

Sophistication may be a term that you are unfamiliar with or unsure if it’s a good thing or not. The truth is that sophisticated simply means a person with a great reputation. Someone who is classy and always seems to know the right answers. In order for someone to be sophisticated, they must keep up a good image of themselves. The reason that Snakes are usually considered to be sophisticated is that they are kind, loving, and always make other people feel great.

Not to mention, their stoic and calm behavior ensures that people rarely see them freak out or burst out in anger. The Snake has an attitude that makes other people look up to them. This is great in every aspect of life, from dealing with family and friends all the way to professional life. People born in the Year of the Snake can benefit from their reputation of sophistication in so many different ways. It’s a great presence to have, and it allows Snakes to succeed in the world.


4Snakes Are Funny

These are funny people and others love to spend time with them.

Luckily, the Snake’s sophistication is perfectly paired with a wonderful sense of humor. Snakes are not dull or pulled away from other people- usually, the opposite is true. They enjoy being in social situations and are usually the life of the party. Snakes do not usually feel awkward or have the tendency to create awkward situations- they won’t hesitate to crack a joke and make everyone feel at ease again. Having a sense of humor and being funny are some of the best qualities that a person can have. Being funny can allow you to access new friends and certainly make people like you.

It’s so easy to remember the people in your life that can make you laugh. That’s why those people usually have an advantage in life- they are memorable and always a positive person to reflect on. Most people actually have an easier time making it through life if they have a good sense of humor. Not only will it help others perceive you better and laugh with you, but it will also help your own perspective of the world. People with a sense of humor usually don’t let the little things get them down or knock them over.

Having a good sense of humor also means the ability to think on your feet and diffuse situations that could potentially escalate. Being able to crack a joke or make someone feel at ease is the perfect way to get out of any sticky situations or unhappy conversations.


3Snakes Are Intelligent and Alert

Intelligence combined with alertness for the people born in the Year of the Snake.

Among all of the Snake’s benefits and pitfalls, some of the most important ones are its intelligence and alertness. Snakes are amazing at reading situations and figuring out what is going on around them. They never miss a thing and are usually the first ones to zero in on something wrong down the line. Because of this, Snakes are able to escape danger or other negative situations with ease. Snakes are known for having an innate sense of insight and foresight, strongly able to trust their gut.

This intelligence and alertness is a large part of the reason why Snakes are often described as sophisticated. With the ability to make great decisions and always be ahead of the curve, who wouldn’t want a Snake as a friend, life partner, family member, or leader? Intelligence is something highly valued in the modern world, as well as something that people work hard to cultivate throughout their lives. Having an innate sense of it is definitely a benefit.

Intelligence combined with alertness means that people born in the Year of the Snake are constantly gaining new information and learning about the world around them. It’s difficult to fool a Snake once, and they definitely would not be fooled twice! Snakes learn from their mistakes and remember how to improve themselves in the future. The intelligence that Snakes have makes them well-loved since it isn’t the kind of intelligence they force onto others. Snakes share their knowledge when necessary, but mostly analyze quietly and do their own thing.


2Snakes Are Calm and Strong

People born in this year are Calm and Strong and it is the reason they are strong too.

After Snake senses that something is wrong, they do not panic or make hasty decisions. Snakes are well-known for staying calm, stoic, and full of strength during any type of situation, no matter how terrifying. Their determination and rational approach to decision-making ensure that the Snake doesn’t make any fatal mistakes. People born in the Year of the Snake don’t enjoy showing their weak side to others. That’s why they remain strong and think about all of their options internally. In the fast-paced modern world of today, this is a great quality to have and cultivate. Not only can it help people avoid rushing into things, but it can also help them develop a healthy sense of caution.

Many problems in life arise because of knee-jerk reactions that aren’t always the right thing to do. Having the ability to step back from any situation and really consider the right way to go is a serious advantage. Being full of pressure and anxiety means that you will have a hard time making effective decisions. Not to mention, it’s awful for the health of your body and mind.

Remaining calm under pressure has the ability to significantly decrease the level of stress and inflammation in the human body. This can do wonders for your health and happiness. There is not a lot that can shake up someone born in the Year of the Snake- they usually respond very well to pressure and don’t let worries get to their heads too much.


1Snakes Have Great Career Options

People born on snake year can opt for any type of career. They are broad-minded people and sharp too. 

Many of the snake’s great qualities mean that they are very easily able to find jobs and amazing careers for themselves. Snakes are usually well-off, finding it easy to accumulate and save money due to their amazing jobs. Since the Snake usually has a great reputation and can make other people feel at ease, they often find themselves in leadership positions. They are able to bring out the best in everyone around them. Not to mention, the Snake’s ability to make calm and rational decisions is in high demand in most industries. No matter what they find themselves doing, they usually do it with a very low margin of error.

The Chinese Zodiac predicts that people born in the Year of the Snake have easy times finding the right path for them in life. They usually fall right into their lifelong pursuit, discovering what they have the most passion for in life. Many people born in the Year of the Snake pursue creative careers in music or art. They are best-suited to positions where they have the chance to take on a lot of responsibility and truly be an influence on others. Even if the Snake doesn’t land on top right away, it doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

People born in the Year of the Snake usually have an easy time climbing the career ladder and figuring out how to get the position that they want to have. Because of their decision-making skills, they can always see the next step that they should take.



The Chinese Zodiac system is an intriguing form of astrological analysis, and one of the oldest such systems in the world. Although almost every country or region has developed its own Zodiac system at some point, the Chinese Zodiac along with the Western Zodiac have become the two most popular systems in the world. People and places far away from China still respect the system because of its deep-rooted meaning and intricacies.

Out of all the 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac, the sign of the Snake is the best one. The Snake has so many interesting qualities that make it a wonderful sign to have. There’s a reason why snake symbolism has popped up in so many cultures and pieces of art through the years. The animal is a sacred symbol of some amazing characteristics, some of which are usually present in people born in a Year of the Snake.

Checking out your astrological sign in the Chinese Zodiac can be a fun activity as well as a source of guidance in anyone’s life. By learning about your sign, you can learn about the characteristics you should cultivate the most in yourself, as well as the compatibility you have with the people around you. It’s important to take the Chinese Zodiac with a grain of salt, though. The system is beautiful and ancient, but most people regard it as a form of art rather than a real scientific prediction about anyone’s life. However, this does not take away from the wonderful aspects of being born in a Year of the Snake.