10 Reasons Why the Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign Is the Best Sign

The Chinese Zodiac is one of the most respected and interesting systems of birth analysis and prediction. It’s a 12-year cycle of animals, along with their related symbols and fortunes, which all correspond to the Chinese or Lunar calendar. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which is used in most of the world, the Chinese calendar moves according to lunar phases and other astrological events.

The Chinese Zodiac includes 12 animals, each corresponding to specific years and each having their own individual characteristics. One of the best and most respected of all the Chinese Zodiac signs are the sign of the Ox. Sometimes called the Cow or the Water Buffalo, the sign of the Ox has many amazing fortunes and characteristics that make it so wonderful. The Ox is related to the Earthly Branch symbol of ?. Each sign of the Chinese Zodiac is given a corresponding Earthly Branch, related to specific seasons, directions, months, and times of the day. Originally, the Earthly Branches were determined by carefully observing the orbit of Jupiter- another example of the importance of astrology in this system. In the case of the Ox, the? symbol corresponds to the season of winter, the direction of 30 degrees, the 12th month, and the time 1 am to 3 am each day.

Of all 12 of the Chinese Zodiac signs, the Ox is one of the best. It’s one of the first signs of the whole system, has an intriguing history, and a wide array of beneficial and positive characteristics.


10It’s one of the First Signs

The Year of the Ox takes place every 12 years. You are the luckiest one to fall in this year

Of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, the sign of the Ox is the second in the cycle. It comes second only to the sign of the Rat. Although the order of the Chinese Zodiac symbols is not the same as a ranking, it is indicative of just how amazing the sign of the Ox is. The Ox is one of the first signs for a reason, based on the story of the Great Race that the 12 signs are based on. Although the Rat is technically the first and highest ranking of the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox is a close second. Not to mention, many people believe that the Ox is the rightful owner of the first position. The story says that the Rat tricked the Ox and made his way to heaven’s gates by using the Ox’s back as a bridge. Many people actually rank the Ox as the highest of the zodiac animals because of this trickery on the Rat’s part.

However, in the official cycle through the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox comes second. The Year of the Ox takes place every 12 years, after the Year of the Rat and just before the Year of the Tiger. Years of the Ox include 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, and 1973. Upcoming Years of the Ox are in 2021 and 2033.

The Ox’s position high up in the rankings among the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac is part of what makes it the best. The Ox has proven itself as a resourceful and quick-witted sign thanks to this position in the legends.


9An Intriguing History

Intriguing History shows that 12 animals raced to heaven’s gates in order to become guards for the Jade Emperor.

The Chinese Zodiac has a longstanding and interesting history. The system is based on a unique mix of mythology, astrology, and ancient Chinese history. There is actually a lot at play beneath the simple labels of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. One of the most important pieces of history of this system is called the Great Race, the Zodiac Ranking Race, or the Story of the Chinese Zodiac.

Legend says that 12 animals raced to heaven’s gates in order to become guards for the Jade Emperor. When the Jade Emperor’s request first reached Earth, the 12 animals which would later become the Zodiac had to race to his side and surpass several obstacles on the way there. The Emperor proclaimed that the first animals to arrive would have a higher ranking.

The first two animals to arrive sometimes called the early risers or the quick-witted of the bunch were the Rat and the Ox. The Ox became a valued service to the Jade Emperor in Chinese mythology. The Ox was a common visitor of Earth, often passing messages and prophecies back and forth between humans and the Emperor. The Ox is connected to farming and considered to be a symbol of harvest and abundance because of another legend in ancient Chinese culture. The Ox volunteered to bring seeds to the mortal world in order to make it more beautiful for the Jade Emperor. However, the Ox made a mistake when sowing the seeds that cause the Jade Emperor to kick him out of heaven. The Ox then landed on Earth and was destined to work for farmers his entire life- that’s why humans often employ oxen on farms.


8The Coolest Western Counterpart

This is the coolest in Western astrology is Capricorn or The Mountain Sea-Goat

Each sign of the Chinese Zodiac has a rough counterpart when it comes to the Western sun signs. In Western astrology, the signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each of these sun signs also corresponds to an animal, type of person, or symbol, although they are not the same animals as the Chinese Zodiac. Leo is sometimes called The Lion, Aries The Ram, Taurus The Bull, Gemini The Twins, Scorpio The Scorpion, Cancer The Crab, Aquarius The Water Bearer, Virgo The Virgin, Libra The Scales, Sagittarius The Archer, Capricorn The Mountain Sea-Goat, and Pisces The Fish.

In the case of the Ox, the rough counterpart in Western astrology is Capricorn or The Mountain Sea-Goat. These are two quite different animals, but the signs share some significant similarities in terms of fortunes and characteristics. Capricorn is the 10th of the Western sun signs and corresponds with the birth dates of December 22nd to January 20th.

Capricorn is based on a god from Babylonian mythology, named Ea or Enki. The god took the form of a creature with the upper body of a goat and the lower body of a fish. This god was the symbol for many things, including intelligence, creation, and magic. Although the Chinese Zodiac and Western Zodiac systems have very different ways of functioning, they are both based on the movements of the planets. Jupiter, in particular, is used to matching the signs to their counterparts. In each Year of the Ox, Jupiter is in Capricorn.


7Presence in Many Cultures

Ox has been seen Holy in Many Cultures like Hindus and Muslims. 

The sign of the Ox is a symbol revered and used in many cultures, not just ancient Chinese culture. The Ox is an important symbol in Native American mythology and in totem symbolism. Some of the most prominent symbols of the Ox in this civilization were fertility and energy. They are a common choice for totems in this culture, as well as in ancient Celtic culture.

Because of the oxen’s position as a farm or work animal, the Ox became a religious icon or a symbol of strength in a number of other ancient civilizations as well. In ancient Egypt and Greece, oxen were commonly sacrificed to the gods. In some Hindu civilizations, they were worshipped and prayed to in an effort to invite strength into a worshipper’s life. Because of the importance and prominence of farming in many early cultures, the Ox also came to symbolize money and success. It was a symbol of both physical growth and financial growth to Celtic, Native American, Chinese, and many other cultures.

Some of the negative qualities of the Ox, or similar animals, have also become widespread and commonly known. For example, the term ‘bullheaded’ is used to describe someone who is stubborn. This comes from the fact that bulls, oxen, and similar animals are symbols of people who don’t give up. This is positive to a certain point, but too much stubbornness can be detrimental. Overall, the symbol of the Ox has pervaded not only a number of ancient cultures but also the cultures of today.


6The Ox Is Hardworking

Ox Is Hardworking and if you are having an Ox Zodiac sign, it means you are probably able to work harder

The Ox Chinese Zodiac sign has a handful of prominent traits and features that are often found in a personality. People who are born in a Year of the Ox often exhibit some of these characteristics, at least according to the Chinese lore. As with the rest of the Chinese Zodiac signs, the characteristics are often related to the characteristics found in the animals themselves. One of the most noticeable things about oxen is their hard work. In the legend of the Jade Emperor, when the Ox was banished to Earth, he took his punishment and worked in the fields for the rest of his life. This association between the Ox and hard work, as well as with the traditionally grueling labor of farming, has made the Ox a symbol of good workers.

Being a hard-working person has obvious benefits. People born in the Year of the Ox are able to keep pushing and keep working no matter what kinds of obstacles they face. Persistence along with hard work makes for some amazing personality traits, and the Ox has both. With traits like these, the Ox is well suited to leadership positions because of its tendency to never give up. Luckily, the Ox is also known to be cautious and patient. All of this comes together to support the Ox’s hard work and make it fruitful. Being born in a Year of the Ox means that you are probably able to work harder than most and get the most out of your hard work!


5The Ox Is Honest

Having honesty as a character and if you are having an Ox Zodiac sign, you must be honest and reliable. 

Another one of the main traits associated with the Ox is honesty. Honestly really is the best policy, so this is definitely the best characteristic to have. Compared to all the other signs, it’s possible that the Ox is the most honest of all. In the Jade Emperor legend, the Ox owned up to his mistake as soon as he made it. This meant that he had to be banished from Heaven, but he admitted the truth anyways.

Honesty is not just a benefit to others but also to yourself. Being a naturally honest person can allow you to access opportunities and relationships in life that may not be available otherwise. Without the struggle of dealing with deceit, lies, or secrets, an honest person is able to live freely and always feel as though they have done their best.

The Ox is also well-suited to being honest with himself and living his life honestly- this sign does not tend to force itself into anything. Having honesty as a character doesn’t just mean that someone is good at telling the truth. It also means that they are able to walk away from things and situations that are not good for them and live their lives the best way possible. The Ox has nothing to hide from anyone, and it’s not a sign that does well with lying, which is a great disposition to have. Along with this comes a unique natural sense of morality which helps the Ox make the best decisions in every aspect of their life.


4The Ox Is Humble

An Ox man is always humble and is easily able to identify weaknesses in itself without swaying.

Another characteristic related to the Ox’s fateful mistake in the Jade Emperor legend is humility. The Ox is known to be a humble creature, and people born in a Year of the Ox tend to share the same trait. Humility is a useful trait, especially in the modern world. It’s essential to be aware of one’s own mistakes and shortcomings. This is yet another reason why the Ox is quite well suited to leadership positions.

Being humble is essential for self-improvement and for anyone who wants to be a leader. Consider some of the most well-known people who were born in the Year of the Ox. Leaders like Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon, Catherine the Great, and even Walt Disney were all born in the Year of the Ox. With humility as a natural and easy characteristic for the Ox, it’s easy to identify areas where they need to improve and areas where they excel.

Although humility may sound like a form of self-deprecation, it’s actually quite the opposite in reality. Being humble requires plenty of confidence and a solid sense of self. The Ox is able to excel in each of these areas. This sign is easily able to identify weaknesses in itself without swaying or getting too upset. The Ox can see what needs to be changed and change it, without any need for losing confidence. The Ox is a common role model and leader because of these qualities. They tend to stand strong without being too arrogant or cocky.


3The Ox Is Compatible with Many Signs

Ox Is Compatible with most of the other signs. So if you have OX partner, don’t worry you are lucky. 

The Ox has a high level of compatibility with other Chinese Zodiac signs because of its generally laid back and strong demeanor. The Ox matches best with the Rat, the Snake, and the Rooster. The Ox tends to avoid confrontation and is not an aggressive sign. This means that they can get along quite well with the rest of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

Being compatible with other signs and an easy person to get along with is a great trait that can set you apart from others. This is actually one of the most valuable life skills of all, and the Ox has it mastered! No matter what path you take in life, what kind of career you have, or what kind of family goals you are pursuing- there will always be other people around. Plus, there will even be people around who may be difficult or different than you. It’s essential to learn how to relax and not cause unnecessary confrontation.

The Ox is a good example of someone strong yet yielding. This sign does not cause unnecessary turmoil or attack for no reason, but it also stands strong and doesn’t let anyone walk all over it. In a world where it’s common to step on other people to get ahead, this is definitely a refreshing quality that makes the Ox an amazing sign to know or be. Being compatible, a good friend, and an easygoing sign are just some of the many reasons why the Ox is the best Chinese Zodiac sign.


2 The Ox Does Well in School

Ox people are a very hard working and quick learner. They adopt new things in their surroundings quickly.

Many of the Ox’s best qualities are well-suited to educational pursuits. People born in the Year of the Ox tend to excel in school and enjoy the challenges of continual education. They are able to focus, commit, and work hard in whatever needs to be accomplished for their studies.

Having the kind of qualities that allow you do excel in school are some of the best you could ask for. Plus, it’s not just useful for people who are actually students. Anyone can use a bit of determination, focus, and motivation in their daily lives. Not to mention, it’s likely that everyone has goals and steps to take to reach them. The Ox is able to take those steps in leaps and bounds because of the sign’s natural penchant for forward movement and progress.

The Ox is also a great example of the old proverb ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Oxen are definitely not the first animal that comes to mind when considering speed. However, in the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox almost won the race. This was because he woke up early, was cautious, and never gave up. With these kinds of qualities, people born in the Year of the Ox naturally excel at whatever they do- even if they have to take it to step by step. The Ox is one of the only signs that exhibit this kind of combination of both caution and determination. It’s certainly a unique and important trait to have in this world!


1The Ox Is Consistent

The Ox is consistent and steady and successful gains. They usually avoid taking risks. 

The top reason why the Ox is the best Chinese Zodiac Sign is that this is the most consistent sign. The Ox is steadfast and doesn’t go back and forth in their characteristics or personality. Although they are definitely well suited to growth, the Ox is a sign that is dependable and consistent in most life matters.

Consistency is key in so many different areas of life. This trait is what makes the Ox such a compatible Chinese Zodiac sign. They tend to excel in relationships and marriages because it’s rare that they do something unexpected or out of character. Many people consistency to be the key to success, and it is the driving force behind good habits. Good habits mean action taken towards a better and more fruitful future every day. Although it is sometimes confused with boringness or lack of change- consistency is actually a trait that can help you get ahead and continue making improvements to yourself and your life.

Consistency is the main reason that Ox tends to do very well in business and financial matters. The Ox isn’t likely to take any unnecessary risks, and this often translates to steady and successful gains. The Ox excels at prioritizing the things and the responsibilities in their life and making sure to be consistent at keeping up with each of them. In a world where time is extremely valuable, the consistency of the Ox is something that avoids any waste. You always know what to expect from the Ox, and there are rarely any negative surprises from them!



The Chinese Zodiac is one of the most interesting and intricate systems. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to learn about characteristics and fortunes based on the time of your birth. Although Western zodiac symbols are also a popular form of astrology, it’s interesting to note the differences and similarities of different cultures and their interpretation of astrology.

The Chinese Zodiac has a lot in common with other Asian systems, like the Vietnamese Zodiac. The use of animals is also reminiscent of some Native American traditions and symbolism like the totem. One of the things that most systems of astrology have in common is the number 12. It’s an important number in several systems.

For example, the Chinese Zodiac features the 12 animals and there are also 12 Western sun signs. Many of the systems of astrology also base observations on the different elements. In Western society, the elements are fire, earth, water, and air. In Chinese culture, the elements are called Wu Xing and each corresponds to a certain planet. Wood corresponds to Venus, Fire to Jupiter, Earth to Mercury, Metal to Mars, and Water to Saturn.

Additionally, each system of astrology is significantly based on the cycles of the moon and the planets. The Chinese Zodiac system was used in many different aspects of life, including medicine, martial arts, and fengshui. The Ox is the best of the Chinese Zodiac signs with some of the strongest characteristics. This sign is usually considered a blessing because of the Ox’s tendency to be steadfast and hardworking.