10 Reasons Why the Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Best Sign

The Chinese Zodiac is a system of birth date analysis that was and still is prevalent in Chinese culture. The Chinese Zodiac has even become a respected and well-known system all around the world. Although most of the world abides by the Gregorian calendar, with our 12 months and seven days of the week- the Chinese Zodiac abides by something different. Namely, the Lunar calendar, a calendar that is completely based on the lunar phases, movement of the planets, and astrological events. The Chinese Zodiac is made up of a 12-year cycle, with each year represented by an animal symbol. In order, these symbols are the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Sheep, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog, and the Pig. Overall, the sign of the Tiger is considered one of the best out of all 12 signs.

The Tiger is ranked third in all the Chinese Zodiac, meaning that of all the signs, it is at the top of the list. In the history of the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger was initially ranked second, until the Rat tricked the Ox and stole first place. Regardless, the Tiger is still the best of the Chinese Zodiac signs, with a number of impressive characteristics and personality traits.

The Tiger is associated with the hours of 3 am to 5 am and often associated with children and protection. The Tiger is also known to be fierce, protective, benevolent, and kind- all wonderful qualities for a person to exhibit.


10The History Behind It

History Behind is so strong as the sign represents. The Chinese Zodiac has a lot of intricate details and history behind it.

The Tiger, just like all of the Chinese Zodiac signs, has a very interesting history behind it. The Chinese Zodiac was first introduced, or at least recorded, as far back as the 5th century BC. Although it is hard to trace things back to this time period concretely, researchers believe that the beginnings of the Chinese Zodiac and its 12 signs were introduced during the Guo period. Even today, in parts of China and Asia in general, the Chinese Zodiac system is still used to determine someone’s birth year.

The Chinese Zodiac has a lot of intricate details and history behind it. It’s an astrological system, meaning that it is heavily influenced and based upon the moon and the movement of the planets. The animal signs are organized in a 12-year cycle, which is further a part of a massive 60-year cycle overall. The animals of the Chinese Zodiac were based on a legend involving the Jade Emperor. The story goes that the Jade Emperor called down to Earth, looking for guardians. The Emperor asked for the 12 animals of the Zodiac and proclaimed that the first to arrive would be the highest-ranked.

The Tiger arrived third overall, quite a high ranking considering the number of Chinese Zodiac signs. The story explains that the Tiger arrived third, narrowly beating out the Rabbit because of his speed and competitive spirit. The only animals ahead of the Tiger are the Rat and the Ox considered early risers. The Rat is a trickster who used the Ox’s back to arrive at Heaven’s Gates ahead of all the others.


9The Best Western Counterpart

According to traditional Western astrology, Uranus is the planet that represents innovation and surprising events.

By considering the positions of the planets during each year, it’s possible to determine a Western astrological counterpart for each Chinese Zodiac sign. Although the two systems have some similarities, they are ultimately separate. However, it’s interesting to keep in mind some of the similarities that have arisen in the astrological systems created by two totally different cultures. The Tiger is considered to be a counterpart of the Aquarius sun sign in Western Zodiac. The Year of the Tiger takes place every 12 years, in years such as 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022. On the other hand, Aquarius has a certain time period dedicated to it. People born between the dates of January 20th-February 18th have the Western sun sign of Aquarius, represented by a mystical healer who is a water bearer.

The characteristics of those born in Aquarius include a particular penchant towards social justice and revolution. This sign is considered to be the most humanitarian of all the Western sun signs. People born in Aquarius are said to be nonconformist and often eccentric. The sign of Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus.

Aquarius is hands down one of the best Western sun signs, which is why the Tiger is even better. The signs are different but often apply to the same people. Many people born in the Year of the Tiger are also born during the Aquarius time frame, making for some impressive characteristics.


8Not Just in Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac is popular in different countries of Asia and was used heavily in the folklore and cultures of countries.

For centuries, animals have been revered and used as symbolism in human religion, mythology, and lore. The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac are just some examples. Whether animals have worshipped themselves, or personified in stories and legends- it’s clear that they have a strong presence in human culture.

The Tiger is one of the most used symbols in human culture. It’s not only important to Chinese culture and the Chinese Zodiac, but also to many other ancient and modern cultures. Tigers are most popular in Asia and were used heavily in the folklore and cultures of countries like India, Japan, and China in particular. Because tigers are generally quite solitary but fierce and courageous- they gained an important reputation and sense of reverence from humans.

Although many countries consider the lion to be the king of the jungle, eastern Asia actually awards this title to the tiger. The tiger is considered the king of the animals in many countries, and the Chinese symbol for ‘king’ was even based on the markings that are on tigers’ foreheads. Tigers are even the national animals of South Korea, Malaysia, India, and Bangladesh. In Chinese culture, white tigers are a symbol of the Chinese Constellation.

Overall, the symbol and importance of the tiger have pervaded many cultures and religions- especially Asian. The Sign of the Tiger is one of the best because it has so much rich history and connections around the world. All in all, it’s not just about what the Chinese Zodiac has to say, it’s about the extensive symbol of the animal itself.


7The Tiger Is Fierce

Tiger Is Fierce and it is an important component of passion and drive. It is also a symbol of hard work.

One of the first words you may think of when picturing a tiger is the word fierce. Fierceness is considered to be one of the main characteristics of people born in the Year of the Tiger. What exactly does this characteristic mean? Well, the origin of this prediction is based on the behavior of tigers themselves. The animals are known to be strong and powerful, easily able to best their enemies or win a fights. Fierceness can also translate to intensity, meaning that the tiger does everything with a sure foot and an intensity of spirit.

In humans, fierceness is a great characteristic to have in any way of life. This is one of the main reasons that people born in the Year of the Tiger make great leaders and do extremely well in business. Fierceness is strength and means that you are likely able to withstand a lot of hard work, pressure, or even difficulties in life. Living with the intensity associated with the Tiger is something that can help you get ahead and keep going despite any problems and challenges that you may encounter.

Fierceness is also an important component of passion and drive. The Tiger tends to do well in situations of hard work, since they are easily able to keep pushing ahead and doing what needs to be done, no matter what. The Tiger certainly isn’t weak or soft-spoken, and that’s just one of the things that makes it the best of the Chinese Zodiac signs.


6The Tiger Is Courageous

Tiger Is Courageous. It is all about bravery and it does not mean that you don’t feel afraid, but you can face everything

Another two of the main traits associated with the Tiger are courage and bravery. Again, this is a trait originally influenced by the behavior of actual tigers in nature. Tigers don’t tend to hesitate in battle or in any situation, whether they are scared or not. The Tiger is the same way, with a tendency to face any situation with a brave face and a strong determination.

Having courage is one of the most valuable characteristics a person could possibly have. Throughout the course of your life, you will undoubtedly face many dangers, difficulties, and scary situations. This is simply unavoidable, so bravery is necessary in order to make it through each and every one of them. We need bravery in order to hurdle these obstacles and find success in life.

The important thing to remember about bravery is that it does not mean that you don’t feel afraid sometimes. The key to being brave is feeling fear and still working through it anyways. This is sometimes harder than it sounds, but the Tiger tends to excel in this area. Being courageous is also a great way to judge making the right decisions and avoid acting out of fear. Instead, courage allows you to step back, take a deep breath, and analyze the situation more rationally.

Courage is a trait that allows the Tiger to excel in leadership and fighting for what they believe in, no matter what. Risk is sometimes necessary for life, and the Tiger doesn’t hesitate to jump right in.


5The Tiger Is Confident

People with Tiger sign are confident. It is a feeling of comfort in yourself and in your abilities

Along with the fierceness and bravery that the Tiger exhibits, this sign is also known to have a lot of confidence. The Tiger always has a sure foot and doesn’t avoid challenges. Having confidence is one of the most useful traits to exhibit, so that’s why the sign of the Tiger is the best. The Tiger tends to have a strong sense of self and does not allow other people to tear him down.

Confidence is a feeling of comfort in yourself and in your abilities. This is a trait that allows people to connect better, feel happier and more comfortable in general, as well as attract a lot of success in life. Having natural self-confidence and developing this trait is a great way to be able to trust in your own judgment and make the right decisions.

Confidence is important because it is essentially the building block that allows you to develop a number of other skills. It’s difficult to exhibit fierceness, bravery, or any kind of charm without first having a healthy dose of confidence and belief in yourself. The Tiger has become a symbol of confidence because of the majestic animal’s attitude. Tigers are known to walk with a certain swagger that shows their confidence in their own skills- they aren’t worried about anything because they know they can handle it.

This is a trait that helps in many aspects of life, including business, work, and relationships. Insecurity can easily cause bad decision-making and unnecessary fears- who would want that?


4The Tiger Is Charming

Tiger has charming features. The people are not afraid to ask for help or show a little bit of weakness if they need to.

One of the main reasons that the Tiger is a very compatible Chinese Zodiac sign is because the Tiger is a charming sign. The first three traits of fierceness, bravery, and confidence combine to make the Tiger someone that people tend to look up to. The Tiger is so confident in himself and sure of his decisions that he does not have a hard time talking with others and getting along with them.

Because the Tiger is generally justice-oriented, this confidence comes off warm-hearted rather than giving off an atmosphere of trickery or influence. Part of their genuine charm comes from their ability to be fierce yet vulnerable at the same time. The Tiger isn’t afraid to ask for help or show a little bit of weakness if they need to.

Some of the best ways to be charming simply involve being honest and genuine with other people. The Tiger always shows their excitement about other people and doesn’t hesitate to tell people that he loves them. The Tiger is strong-willed but also a great debater, making him easily able to convince people or explain his point of view succinctly.

The Chinese Zodiac explains that the Tiger naturally cares about the people that he meets and wants to be a good friend. This results in a reputation of being charming and well-liked by everyone. Being charming is a great trait to have in today’s world since having people like you is an easy way to be successful and get ahead in life.


3The Tiger Is a Protector

Tiger Is a Protector and is known to be a good parent because of their innate sense of benevolence and protection.

In symbolism, the Tiger is most commonly associated with a protective figure of sorts. The Tiger is known to ward off evil spirits and be a protector of children. The Chinese Zodiac explains that the Tiger enjoys being both a benevolent leader and protector of its people and of the people around him. In history, this symbolism was so strong that people even bathed their infants with tiger bones and put in tiger-decorated clothing to protect them from harm and spirits. Nowadays, many clothes are adorned with designs of tiger fur, and it’s likely that the tradition began in an effort to bring safety and protection to the wearer. Many people in ancient China, and even still today, depict tigers around their homes to have the same protective effect.

The Tiger is also a symbol of peace and protection for the dead. Graveyards are often adorned with tiger decorations to symbolize their watch over the dead spirits and assurance of peace for each of them. This trait of protectiveness goes along with many of the Tiger’s other characteristics and makes for a sign that is well-loved by all.

The Tiger is known to be a good parent because of their innate sense of benevolence and protection, especially towards children. They are naturally willing to put themselves between others and harm’s way in order to save someone else, even if they end up taking the heat. This is, of course, highly influenced by the fierceness and bravery that the Tiger also has.


2The Tiger Is Energetic

People are said to have a general sense of energy ingrained in their personality. They are energetic and joyful.

Being the third of the Zodiac animals, it’s clear that the Tiger is not a lazy sign. The Tiger is known for speed and dexterity, but also for being generally energetic. Being energetic is a great way to be productive, happy, and get things done. This is one of the main reasons why the Tiger is so successful and able to face all of their challenges.

People born in the Year of the Tiger are said to have a general sense of energy ingrained in their personality. There are also many easy ways to become more energetic and channel some of the Tiger’s strength. It’s important to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and get enough sleep to promote energy. One of the keys to being energetic is to know when to take a break to relax and renew. Without energy and awareness, it’s difficult to accomplish much in life. Not only that, but it’s also difficult to feel like your best self and gain happiness if you constantly feel tired or lazy. The Tiger is one of the most energetic signs, always ready to jump up and get something done.

One of the best ways to stay energetic is to keep your focus on things that matter to you. It’s difficult to stay motivated about something you don’t really care about, so find things that you really want to succeed and use your energy to get there. Burning out is an unfortunate side effect of being so energetic, so it’s essential to keep rest in mind and try to stay steady.


1The Tiger Is Trustworthy

Trustworthy is the most important feature of tigers. Such people are honest, reliable, and can be counted on.

When describing a friend, mentor, or family member, one of the most important traits to include is the trustworthiness. A person who is trustworthy is so much easier to become close with, to love, and to build a relationship with. The Tiger tends to do very well in relationships because he is a naturally trustworthy animal. The Chinese Zodiac sign describes the Tiger as a sign that is loyal to his friends, followers, and everyone in his life. The Tiger is strong-willed and does not tend to say anything he doesn’t mean.

Being trustworthy is essential for everyone, no matter how old or young. This characteristic allows relationships to thrive and it also gives other people a much better opinion of you. When this is the case, other elements of your life are able to come together much more easily. Being able to trust the people around you and stick to your own word is a great way of making life easier and a lot more pleasant.

Trustworthiness is a trait that shows a lot about a person. Trust means that you believe a person is honest, reliable, and can be counted on. It’s difficult to trust a person who exhibits negative traits or a malicious personality. Since the Tiger has a strong connection to justice and fairness, it makes sense that this sign would also be known as trustworthy. This sign tends to have a lot of friends and strong relationships since people know that the Tiger can be counted on.



The Chinese Zodiac is a unique and interesting system, first introduced in ancient China when everyone lived by the same Lunar calendar. Nowadays, some people still use Chinese Zodiac in an attempt to make predictions or find compatible mates. Either way, it’s definitely worth checking out your Chinese Zodiac sign to see if any of your characteristics match up. This astrological system is one of the oldest by far, although most cultures have developed their own version of something similar.

The Chinese Zodiac shares a lot with the zodiac systems used in several other Asian countries, like Vietnam. The animal symbols also share some similarities with Native American traditions and mythology. One thing that many systems have in common, because of their connection to the lunar phases, is number 12.

There are 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, as well as 12 Western sun signs. The determination of these 12 different signs was originally based on the movement of the planets and the stars, so that’s why they have the same numbers. There are even many similarities between the characteristics of each sign in both systems because they are usually related to the same planetary movements. The Tiger Chinese Zodiac sign is by far one of the most respected of the signs. Consider the animal- tigers are known for their fierceness and intelligence. The same is said to be true of people who are born in a Year of the Tiger. This is considered a blessing because of the many positive connotations connected to this Zodiac sign.