10 Reasons Why the Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Is the Best Sign

When it comes to the Chinese Zodiac, most people are familiar with just a few of the animals, including the Dragon, Dog, and Pig. However, there are nine others, including the Rat, Tiger, Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Snake, Monkey, Goat, and Rooster. As such, the Dragon is the fifth of the zodiac animals.

According to one of many myths, the Jade Emperor claimed that the order of the animals on the Chinese zodiac calendar would be decided by which ones arrived at his party first. Of course, everyone expected that the mighty Dragon would arrive quite early, though he did not. He came after the Rabbit, Tiger, Ox, and Rat. When he was asked why he was late, the Dragon said that, on his way, he saw a village that was suffering from drought. Therefore, he decided to stop and make it rain for them.

The Jade Emperor felt content with this explanation of such a noble deed, offering the Dragon the fifth position. While there is much to be said about the Dragon, it’s important to understand that it represents the hours between seven and nine in the morning. In ancient times, the zodiac told the time in increments of two hours. If you had something to do between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., you’d say you were busy between the Dragon’s hours.

Dragons are a much-revered animal in Chinese culture. As such, the Chinese call themselves descendants of the dragon. Emperors were commonly seen as a reincarnation of one dragon or another.


10The Element and Birth Year Make a Difference

Entrepreneurs are going to be more successful in the dragon’s year.

A Dragon’s personality is based on the element and birth year for that person. For example, anyone born in 1964 and 2024 is in the wood element. These Dragons usually live their life quietly with a variety of surpluses. Entrepreneurs are going to be more successful, though family and friends might not be dependable.

Those in the Fire element (people born in 1976 and 2036) are more social and intelligent. They are more likely to have breakthroughs in the middle years of their life and enjoy prosperity later in their lives. If your birth year was 1928 or 1988, you are within the Earth element. As such, they are likely to be cheerful and positive. They aren’t going to bully others, but they won’t fear their enemies either. These people tend to surround themselves with more supportive people and build loving families.

Anyone born in 1940 and 2000 features the Metal element. These people tend to speak bluntly, though they are as kindhearted as can be. They’re likely to enjoy wealth and success because they are strategic and talented. Lastly, those with birthdates of 2012 or 1952 are Dragons who likely work hard throughout their lives and gain fame and a positive reputation. Many times, they worry and overthink, but this will smooth out and pass off throughout the decades. It can help to know what year you were born in to determine which characteristics and personality you might have. Of course, you can change these aspects at times, but they are at your core.


9Both Men and Women are Strong and Courageous

Strong and Courageous men and women generally belong to this zodiac. The people are usually responsible. 

Most men who are born in a Dragon year hold fast to their belief systems. They aren’t going to do things that are suspicious or slack off on their responsibilities. As such, others aren’t likely to lose trust in them because they are as honest as they can be.

Primarily, these men aren’t going to be wasteful with money, but they also aren’t going to pay a lot of attention to it. Most of the time, Dragon men aren’t going to hurt for money much in their lives but won’t notice it, either. As such, they tend to be adventurous when it comes to entrepreneurial opportunities. They dream of rising to fame. In some cases, their efforts are wasted and don’t come to fruition. Still, they tend to live their lives around their work. Dragon men tend to be fine alone. They may be lifelong bachelors or end up getting married at a very young age.

Women with the Dragon sign tend to be strong and mesmerizing. These people will stand up for themselves to defeat you if you underestimate them. As such, these women tend to have high self-esteem and are serious with whatever they choose to do. They don’t ask for much but demand full respect. Gender equality and feminism are very important to these women.

Many Dragon women tend to focus on their careers and not get married. However, when they do choose to get married, they make excellent wives. Often, they cannot create a balance between home and work life because they go to the extremes.


8Their Personalities Are All Over the Place

People with Chinese dragon signs are bold enough to deal with any problem.

Most people wouldn’t think that this is a reason to be the best sign. However, it does mean that you can figure out how to turn the more negative ones into positives. Remember that, with the 12 Chinese zodiac animals available, the dragon is the only one that is imaginary. As such, it is considered the mightiest of all of the signs.

During ancient times, the Chinese believed that the dragons could control everything and everyone in the world. This was because of their personality traits of ambition and dominance. As such, dragons tend to be natural-born leaders. They are usually confident, enthusiastic, and courageous. Primarily, these people aren’t afraid of challenges and are highly intelligent. In most cases, Dragons tend to be passionate and ambitious, as well. They are more willing to take risks and live by their own rules. Of course, this can get them into trouble at times, but that doesn’t seem to bother them too much. Dragons are also quite independent, self-reliant, and determined. If they set their minds to it, they will likely succeed.

Primarily, those are all the ‘good’ qualities, but there are some slightly negative ones, as well. For example, Dragons are always going to be there to help other people, but they can’t usually ask for help for themselves. People born under this zodiac sign might be considered (by others) to be quick-to-anger or aggressive. Typically, they’re impatient, stubborn, and don’t like to be criticized. As such, these people want to see immediate results no matter what they’re doing.


7Career Options Are Plentiful

Dragon zodiac people have several career options to opt from.

People born in a Dragon year are usually fast thinkers. They can excel in activities that others find mentally exhausting. Because of that, they tend to gravitate toward engaging careers in education, politics, and the arts.

Dragons are also fighters, which can be a good and bad thing. Of course, fighting for what you desire and need is a foundation for success. However, it can also hinder your personal development. If you’re always fighting for something better, you may forget to enjoy what you currently have. Therefore, Dragons should remember to create a lasting work-related relationship and be more low-key.

Many times, people born in the year of the Dragon are indecisive and insecure when they work alone. While this is a flaw, it also means that these people should focus on jobs where they work with a team of experts. You’ll find that you can unleash all of your potentials this way, and you’ll have a significant say in what happens and how it happens. Typically, Dragons are excellent at coming up with ideas and making plans. However, they need others around them who can work out the minute details.

With all that said, what career path is right for you? It can vary depending on your particular strengths and desire, but many Dragons want to gain recognition. They tend to do well as pilots or in television and advertising. Outside jobs are also good, such as hiking guides and environmental research. Other likely job matches can include management, lawyer, sales representative, and architect.


6Dragons Experience Good Health

Dragons people usually experience good health and they also enjoy it. 

In most cases, people born in the Dragon Chinese zodiac sign are generally healthy and full of energy. Because they are so ambitious and work hard, they tend to feel stressed and overwhelmed a lot of the time.

Usually, those people born under the Dragon zodiac sign don’t get sick very often. However, when an illness does arise, it tends to be more serious. They don’t pay close attention to their health because they are busy with work. Sometimes, though, the Dragon brushes it off, thinking that it is minor and that it will go away on its own. Because of this, minor colds often turn into severe conditions, such as bronchitis. It is very important that those who are born in a Dragon year pay close attention to their digestive, urinary, and circulatory systems. Many times, these people have more stressful careers and may overanalyze small details. They often become fatigued quickly, but they might not be able to sleep and suffer from insomnia.

Often, Dragons take more risks than others, which can lead them to exciting opportunities. On the flip side, they can also get tension-style headaches frequently. If you are a Dragon, it might be wise to consider incorporating some mild physical activity, such as yoga, walking, cycling, swimming, or jogging. As such, other lifestyle changes can help you reduce stress and tension headaches. Dragons should eat a balanced and healthy diet, drink a lot of water, cut out caffeine, and get a lot of sleep.


5Those born in a Dragon Year Have Educational Success

Dragon people have a sharp mind and they learn new things quickly. They get educational success.

Amazingly enough, studies have been conducted to show that your Chinese zodiac sign could help determine if you will be successful in your educational endeavors. This working paper shows that there are some superstitions that surround the Chinese zodiac and its 12 creatures for each year.

The study showed that, even though children born in Dragon years could face more competition because of fewer resources, that hasn’t happened. Instead, the opposite is true! It focused on 5,000 students who were born between 1987 and 1989 who were stationed in 15 different Beijing universities. Some students were randomly selected to give answers during a survey. Of those selected, Dragon kids tended to score higher on the high-school entrance exam than other signs.

Another study showed that Dragons were 11 percent more likely to earn their Bachelor’s degree compared with people who were born in non-Dragon years. Of course, the assumption was that these kids were told that they held the Dragon sign, so they knew they were more special than others. However, this wasn’t the case. The authors of the paper analyzed results throughout the nation, giving it to about 13,000 students in middle school, all of them born between 1996 and 2002. This test measured cognitive ability, subject-matter mastery, and asked about future expectations and self-esteem. Children born under the Dragon sign didn’t think they were going to succeed or be better than others. As such, their self-esteem was about average, and they didn’t outperform peers in any study area.


4They’re Compatible with Many Other Signs

They’ have a friendly nature because of which they are compatible with other signs too.

Dragons tend to be highly compatible with people born under the Pig, Monkey, and Rat signs. The Dragon and Rat signs work well together, as each allows the other to maintain freedom and independence. They trust each other easily because they are both confident in themselves. Typically, this is the power couple of the signs because both the Rat and Dragon like to be the center of attention. The Rat has a more positive attitude, which draws the Dragon to them. As such, the Dragon is always grateful for the Rat’s support and loyalty. Rat signs, while lively and outgoing, tend to allow the Dragon to take on a more dominant role to which the Dragon desires.

The perfect match might be between the Monkey and Dragon. They both know how to cherish and respect each other, and they’ll both put in the hard work and effort to have a successful and long-lasting relationship. Usually, Dragon signs are attracted to the charisma of the Monkey sign, while Monkeys tend to admire the Dragon for their leadership skills. As such, both signs are understanding and ambitious. Therefore, they tend to make a great couple, both romantically and mentally.

In most cases, the Pig and Dragon are also a good relationship match because they’re both assertive, energetic, and active. However, both signs go about it in different ways. People with these two signs have opposing personalities, but they are still quite compatible romantically. They both bring the values of understanding and acceptance to the relationship. Where the Pig is supportive, the Dragon is ambitious. Though the Dragon is impatient and impulsive, the Pig is gentle and can patiently endure any shortcomings.


3Dragons Are Incompatible with Just a Few Signs

Although dragons are friendly in nature, they are also incompatible with some other signs.

While those people born under the Dragon Chinese zodiac sign can get along with almost everyone, the worst relationship matches are the Sheep, Dog, and Ox. As its sign suggests, the Sheep is a follower while the Dragon is a leader. This can work in favor of a relationship, but it takes a lot of time and effort to understand each other. Therefore, they must both give each other freedom and independence, which is hard for the Sheep to do.

The Dragon and the Dog are also not the best matches. This relationship will be rife with disagreements because they both have such different personalities. Both are proud, forceful, and aggressive, and both want to demonstrate their leadership skills, though in various ways. People born with the Dog sign tend to want partnership and loyalty while those with the Dragon sign want to be independent and free. These types of relationships can work out, but it requires a lot of compromise from both people. It usually tends to be too much for a long-lasting relationship.

Of course, the Dragon and Ox can also find issues when dating, and marriage isn’t likely. It’s possible for such a relationship to succeed between these signs, but both will have to make significant compromises. Dragons tend to desire to be the center of attention at all times. They want to be surrounded by their friends. However, Ox likes to spend their time alone. Therefore, both signs have strong characters and are stubborn. It will take a lot to learn how to respect one another’s opinions to make the relationship work.


2Dragons Do Commit, but It Takes Someone ‘Special’

These are committed people and fulfill all their promises no matter what.

As a Dragon, you tend to be talented, intelligent, and confident. You want to get your own way and be recognized for your accomplishments. When it’s time to fall in love, you may have significant issues with commitment. You’re not used to compromising, and no relationship can last without it. Dragons always expect to be adored, though you know that’s unrealistic. Therefore, it is important that you work on these weaknesses and learn how to put the attention on others, especially the ones that you love.

While most Dragons don’t mind being single forever, they do still desire intimacy at times. When it comes to finding your soulmate, you may not want to make a permanent commitment or move forward in the relationship. For example, if you’re casually dating someone and they suggest being exclusive, you may balk at it. If you’re in a monogamous relationship and they ask you to move in with them, you may drag your feet or break up with them to keep them from moving ahead.

You’re never going to give up your independence and freedom, and you don’t have to do so. It is possible to find a thick-skinned partner – one that can handle your vengeful temper. Right now, you might be thinking the future (for relationships) is bleak. However, when you do commit yourself to someone, you’re committed to that person for life. As with everything, some people under the Dragon zodiac sign are happier to be alone while others are never lacking in love.


1Their Strengths Far Outweigh Their Weaknesses

The people know how to overcome their issues and weaknesses. They can manage everything well.

You may be surprised to learn that the Dragon zodiac sign does have a variety of weaknesses. However, it is easy to turn them into positives if you want to do so. Primarily, Dragons tend to be relentless, arrogant, and elusive. They’re often in a daze and might come across as rude or ‘loopy.’ As such, their arrogance turns many people away from them. This can be considered a good thing because you tend to want to be around those who adore you and look to you for answers.

Dragons tend to strive for perfection in almost everything they do, which makes them a great leader. However, your relentlessness tends to make you criticize others to the point of madness. As such, you might not be liked by those at work. The best thing you can do is to let people know what they’ve done wrong while also praising their good deeds. If you can master leadership, you will have a large team of people who are willing to take your orders and go with them. You’re also highly ambitious, which can help you realize your dreams. Once you’ve attained that, you’ll shift to fighting for success at every turn. Of course, the Dragon sign is supposed to be quite lucky, which doesn’t hurt your chances for success!

One problem Dragons tend to have is that they get upset by setbacks fast. Therefore, they tend to give up about half-way through. It’s also important that they get their desired outcome almost immediately. This rarely happens in life, so it’s essential to try to stay focused.



Are you a Dragon or do you know one? If so, you have now learned more about why the Dragon is the best Chinese zodiac sign. These 10 points can help you understand yourself or your partner more, which is highly beneficial to everyone involved. While you’ve learned quite a bit about why the Dragon sign is so great, you also learned a bit about the downfalls. This was intentional so that you could determine why you’re so popular with others and why those relationships tend to fail.

As such, it won’t likely matter where you are in life. If you’re still in high school or college, you’re more likely to be successful in your educational career. Once you finish your education, you’re probably going to succeed in whatever career path you choose. Of course, you’re going to desire a job where you can tell others what to do and utilize your leadership skills. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take into consideration some of your weaknesses so that you are well-liked and people want to listen to you and do as you ask.

When it comes to looking for love, you now know your best matches, too. However, we aren’t suggesting that you break up with or divorce your current love if they have a different Chinese zodiac sign then you. It just means that you might have to work a bit harder in the relationship. With your strong desire to succeed in everything, this likely won’t be a problem for you.