10 Reasons Why the Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Best Sign?

The Chinese zodiac assigns a new animal every year for 12 years, then the list restarts. These animal zodiacs have traits attached to them, which anyone who is born during one of their years is supposed to have as personality traits. The 12 animals that were carefully selected to be part of the Chinese zodiac calendar are the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and the pig.

You may be wondering, what is the reason behind having 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac calendar? Well, ancient Chinese folklore said every animal was one day summoned to the palace for a race, and these 12 were the first to cross the finish line. Another assumption is that these 12 animals were the ones Chinese ancestors spent their lives with, so they had a deeper connection with them than other animals.

The zodiac horse is said to be the best sign out of the 12. Anyone born during the years of 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, and 2014 are in luck because these were the previous years of the horse. Did you know that if you were born during these years, yellow and green are your lucky colors? Well, now, you do! The horse is assumed to be active and energetic, living a life filled with animation. The zodiac horse is a whole lot like real-life horses since they are some of the liveliest animals around. If your Chinese zodiac is a horse, you’re likely a fun, animated person as well.


10The Tale Behind the Beginnings of the Chinese Zodiac Years

The tale demonstrates the horse as a trustworthy and devoted animal since it did not choose to cheat in order to pass the finish line.

The Chinese zodiac has existed since the 5th-century B.C.E, which in Chinese history is known as the Zhan Guo period. It was during the Han Dynasty that the 12 animals began being attached to a year, every year. This was over 2000 years ago! Today, the Chinese zodiac is used as a means to determine someone’s birth year.

There is also a Chinese folklore tale about how the Chinese zodiac animals came to be. Depending on who is telling you the story, it either begins with Buddha or the Jade Emperor. One of these two figures summons every animal in the animal kingdom to a race. For this event, the 12 animals of the zodiac made their way to the palace where the figure resided. The order that the zodiac animals are listed in is said to be the order they appeared at the palace that day. It was the rat that won the race but apparently did so by tricking the other animals. This is why the rat is known for being highly intellectual. Other animals found ways to cheat during the race, like the snake. It hid on the hoof of the horse for the entire race and jumped off the horse as soon as the finish line approached. This scared the horse, causing it to come 7th in the race, just after the snake.


9What Does the Horse Symbolize?

A horse symbolizes the ability to handle any journey that comes its way, so people born during a year of the horse are able to do the same.

As China Highlights puts it, “It was believed by the ancient people that the Horse was an elf in the Yellow River and the incarnation of descendants of the Yellow Emperor, and it now symbolizes the subjective spirit and moral standards of the Chinese nation. The Horse symbolizes Qian (referring to Yin, heaven or a male in the Eight Diagrams) in the worldview of the ancient Chinese people, and it means vigorous and prosperous. The Book of Changes records: “Qian represents the Horse,” therefore, the Horse not only represents heaven, a king, a father, and a well-educated man, but it also represents a man of honor in traditional Chinese culture.”

When the horse is not representing humans themselves, it is shown as a human’s most dedicated partner. Known for being faithful and noble, a horse never lets anyone down. In ancient Chinese history, horses went through everything that the people went through and always remained devoted to them. Since horses are filled with enthusiasm, they are said to have been able to convince their owners that they can overcome any obstacle. The horse, here, symbolizes the spirit of the Chinese and their devotion to their beliefs.

In traditional Chinese culture, the horse is a symbol of saints and capability. During this time, a talented individual would be referred to as a “Thousand-Li Horse,” which signified how much a horse could travel within a day’s time.


8The Eight Horses in Chinese Mythology

People born during the years of the horse are expected to be competent humans who can endure anything.

According to ancient Chinese legend, the horse gained recognition as a magnificent animal because of King Zhoumu. This King owned eight horses and brought them to the battlefield with him whenever necessary. Each of the eight horses is said to have had their own specific role on the battlefield, which ends up transcending to the “eight talents” that aided the King in governing the entire kingdom.

Due to this, horses continue to be related to talents today. One of the most known legends where horses are equated with abilities is the “Purchasing Horse Bones with 1,000 Taels of Gold.”

The King of Zhao was seeking one specific horse, a thousand-li horse, to meet all of its needs, so one of his servants, Guo Wei, volunteered to go search for this horse. When this horse was found, it was dead. Guo Wei came back, relayed the information to the King, but said not to worry, because the other thousand li-horses were sure to travel from all around the world to come to the kingdom. Soon after, eight thousand li-horses did make their way to the kingdom. The King then made Guo Wei chancellor; whose job was to gather talents from all over the globe together to make the State of Yan one of the strongest kingdoms in Chinese history. The tale of the eight horses is meant to demonstrate that horses come bringing success wherever they go. As powerful animals, they strive for greatness.


7One of the Most Famous Chinese Parables Involves A Horse

S?i W?ng lost his horse

The story of “S?i W?ng lost his horse” is made to teach people the meaning of life. The story goes:

“An old Chinese farmer saved up small amounts of money over a year to buy a new horse. Just a day after the farmer bought the horse, it ran away. His neighbor expressed grief, but the farmer himself was calm. “I hope you can get over this bad news,” said the neighbor. “Good news or bad news, can’t say,” replied the farmer.

The next day, the horse returned to the farmer’s house by itself and brought another stray horse with it. “Cheer up, we’re going to multiply our farm income. That’s great news” said the farmer’s son. “Good news or bad news, can’t say” replied the farmer and carried on with his work.

A week later, the farmer took the first horse to his farm and his son took the second horse to follow his father to work. On the way, the second horse pushed the boy down and ran away. The boy’s leg was fractured badly. That evening back home, the farmer’s wife groaned “We will have to spend all our extra savings on our son’s broken leg. What terrible news”. Once again, the farmer replied: “Good news or bad news, can’t say.”

A month later, the farmer’s King announced a war on the neighboring nation. Citing a lack of foot soldiers, the King ordered all able-bodied men in the nation to get drafted into the military without excuses. The farmer’s son was spared because of his broken leg. Later, the inexperienced soldiers got slaughtered in the war. “You are lucky that your son did not get drafted. Mine returned with severe injuries. Many have been handicapped or killed” complained the farmer’s best friend. Unabashed, the farmer responded: “Good news or bad news, can’t say.”


6 People Born During the Year of the Horse Are Highly Motivated

Someone born during the Year of the Horse gets things done. They decide on what they want, and they go for it.

According to Chinesenewyear.net, “Horses are full of energy, albeit a bit too much. Both studious and athletic, they are strong believers in chasing after dreams. Rather than wealth and fame, happiness is what motivates them. They expect others to operate at the same speed as them and don’t understand why others can’t. Contradicting characteristics come from the fact that they are ever-changing emotions. They have short tempers and become angry quickly. But once it’s over, they forget quickly. They’re the biggest fault is that they’re blind to their own faults.”

When it comes to seeking a healthy lifestyle, people of the zodiac horse are the most likely to stick to their strict diet and workout plan. They set one goal for themselves, achieve it, then set another one. Someone born during the Year of the Horse is not someone who backs down quickly. They decide on their desired future and stop at nothing until it is achieved.

Their determination sometimes leads them into anger whenever they are faced with an obstacle. Some let their passion subsume them, while others use it as fuel to continue moving forward. In this case, one gets to decide whether the extreme energy they were gifted with by being born during the Year of the Horse comes as a blessing or a curse. If you put your enthusiasm in the wrong place, it can hurt you. So, learning to place your energy in position areas is how you can live a fulfilled life.


5Horses Are Independent Creatures

If you are someone born during the Year of the Horse, let your independence guide you to do great things.

Regardless of one’s gender, anyone born during the Year of the Horse is sure to be an independent being. Horses, although loyal to the people around them, enjoy their alone time. The men of the zodiac horse sign, specifically, crave utter freedom and have a difficult time staying in one place. Horses love to travel since it is what they spend their lives doing. For women born during the Year of the Horse, their independence is shown by the way they never ask anyone for help. They like getting things done on their own since they always have a clear vision of what they want.

When it comes to combining their independence with work, a person born during the Year of the Horse cannot be tied down to any tedious old job. “Rather than a simple and routine job, Horses are more suitable for technical and effective work. Some examples include journalism, sales, and translating. These jobs require quick reflexes and improvisation. They must also be ready for work at all times. With these, Horses will be in their element. Similarly, Horses would enjoy jobs that are constantly changing. This is because Horses constantly change attitudes and feelings towards certain things. They’re able to adapt to changing environments. Many times, they already have a plan when others are still trying to figure things out. This makes strong candidates as politicians and critics. Give Horses the freedom they need. There is nothing more painful for them than doing the same thing every day.”


4The Horse as A Zodiac Hour and Month

Anyone would rarely be a triple horse (hour, month, and year), but if you are, you are destined for talent and greatness.

If you are into Fung Shui, knowing the zodiac animal that corresponds with your birthday can be very beneficial. While many people focus solely on what their zodiac year tells them about themselves, you can learn a lot about your destiny by knowing which zodiac time and month you are associated with. The hour you’re born is said to reflect your personality, while the month can help predict your future.

The Chinese zodiac hour associated with horses is named “Wu Shi.” “11 a.m. to 1 p.m. is Wu Shi. Horses are on behalf of Wu Shi as they are still sthenic while the others are tired and taking noon break.” This is when the sun is at its peak during the day, a metaphor for people born during a year of the horse shines the brightest. Horses were assigned these two hours because back in ancient China, all farm animals would lay down to rest when the sun got too hot, except horses. As an animal that loves the sun, this is a horse’s favorite time of day.

Since there are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and 12 months in the calendar, each animal was assigned its own zodiac month. The horse is given the lunar month of May. The meaning for this is “Horses run and crow happily in the grassy lawn.” Since grass begins to get green again in May, the horse is brought joy during this time.


3People Born During the Year of the Horse Are Loyal Lovers

When a female born during the Year of the Horse falls in love, she remains realistic.

Chinese tradition has come out with love compatibility for the zodiac animals. Horses are most compatible with goats and tigers. People born during the years of the zodiac goat are said to be compassionate, gentle beings who make great lovers. They help keep a person of the zodiac horse focusing their energy in the right place. Zodiac tigers, on the other hand, are the most confident of the zodiac animals. Since many people find confidence attractive, there is no wonder people of the zodiac horse always find themselves falling for the ones born during the years of the tiger.

The compatibility also led to figuring out what people born during the Year of the Horse are like when they’re in love. Male horses are said to be the most charming of the 12 zodiac animals. They dress to impress, which makes the popular amongst women. Although male horses are committed while in relationships, they are known for lacking romantic ideas. It seems that once in love, males born during the Year of the Horse demonstrate signs of impatience and have a difficult time showing off their feelings. Regardless, they are the most loyal men around.

They accept affection easily but do not like it when their significant others become too open with them. Once they have found their person, they are said to remain loyal to them forever, as long as their counterparts are equally as loyal to them.


2Although Zodiac Horses Are Good People, 2020 May Be Difficult for Them

The horoscope for horses for the upcoming year, 2020 the Year of the Rat, isn’t looking so good.

Just because a person born during the Year of the Horse is automatically set with great personality traits and a prosperous future, it doesn’t mean they won’t face hardships in their lives.

ChineseNewYear2020.org predicts that “The year of the Rat may be a bit of a challenge for Horses. Several unlucky stars are brought to their zodiac, and they may find themselves losing their focus and temper more often than usual. Horses are advised to maintain a low profile and to avoid making big decisions as they may have traitors plotting against them. Fortunately, Horses can ward off the bad energy by doing volunteer or charity work and avoiding overly yin environments such as funerals and cemeteries.”

2020 is set to be a year for horses to focus on being mindful of their actions and teaching themselves to think before acting. Spending time taking care of themselves is going to be necessary, as their zodiac sign is prone to illness. Not much is expected to happen for the love lives of Horses during 2020, although married couples may experience waves of highs and lows. The beauty of this is that you need to know the bad to appreciate the good.

Don’t forget; a horse can overcome any obstacle. So, even if 2020 is a tough year, they’ll consider it just a little bump in the road and continue moving forward. Everything is a growing experience!


12026 Is the Next Year of the Horse

2026 would be the luckiest year for the people with horse Chinese Zodiac.

This warning is for all those born during the previous year of the horse. According to Chinese legend, people experience lousy luck during their zodiac year. It is said that every twelve years of a person’s life when their zodiac year comes around again, they feel the wrath of Tai Sui, the God of Age. During this time, many misfortunes come onto them if they are not extremely careful with their actions. This is why anyone who believes in Chinese astrology acts with caution during their birth sign years. Fear not, Chinese tradition has left ways that fend off these misfortunes!

Whenever your zodiac year comes around, you should wear red during this year as often as possible. The color red is said to protect you from any unwanted bad luck that may be heading your way. This color symbolizes success and happiness, which scares evil spirits away. So, incorporating a red accessory into your daily outfits may be in your best interest.

Another method to steer clear of evil spirits during your zodiac years is by wearing jade. Many wear jade jewelry during their zodiac year, but you can also keep a jade crystal in your pocket as a means of protection. Jade, like the color red, symbolizes prosperity. Facing the opposite direction of Tai Sui is said to bring you good luck, instead. During every zodiac year, the God of Age is positioned in a different direction. This God is in the South (180 °) during the years of the horse. So, people face the furniture in their home in the opposite direction, as a way of blocking out the bad luck.



The upcoming year of the horse is in 2026, so if you believe in Chinese astrology, this could be a bad year for you. Not to worry, there is tons of time to buy some red and jade accessories and figure out how to turn your furniture away from the God of Age. Next time you go on a date, you may find yourself searching to see what zodiac animal the other person is. Remember, as a person born during the Year of the Horse, your best relationships are said to be with zodiac goats and tigers.  Considering horses are so independent, two zodiac horses in a relationship together often don’t work out.

Many may not admit to believing in the Chinese zodiac, but it is often right. Although the personality traits and future predictions associated with each animal are quite broad, they typically have some truth behind them. It’s your choice whether or not to believe that the year you were born can dictate certain aspects of your life, but the more you do think it, the more real it becomes. This is why people often end up practicing Fung Shui even if they’re not entirely sure about the Chinese zodiac.

People often choose not to believe in zodiac definitions of themselves if they cast a negative image about who they are. Since the zodiac horse is known for being talented, loyal, and independent, there’s no reason not to want to believe that you hold these characteristics if you were born during the Year of the Horse!