10 Most Powerful Marvel Superheroes

Powerful Marvel Superheroes
There are a number of Powerful Marvel Superheroes that amuse the children

The Marvel superheroes have brought a ton of fun in the way of comic book stories, and also movies. These characters bring to life magical powers that we often dreamed of as kids. Whether it be Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield, kids everywhere imitate their favorite heroes. Part of being a kid was dressing up for Halloween as a Marvel character, or fashioning weapons out of household items. The same debate always accompanies superhero playtime. This is the question of who is the most powerful. Each one has different strengths, making this decision near impossible to answer.

When it comes to superheroes, Marvel has created a genre that stands out across time. Everyone has a few favorites. Many people wait anxiously for each new movie to come out. Once they do, criticisms often fly about the differences of the characters in the movie and in the comics. The producers sometimes take creative license, yet they usually stick as close as they can to the original traits of each character. The excitement of Marvel superheroes never seems to wear off. The villains, as well, pique the interest of a variety of age groups.

The most powerful of the Marvel superheroes cannot be limited to just one. There are too many to choose from. The answer may also vary, depending on who you ask. There is no reason to keep the presumption that a single superhero could be better than all of the others. When you look through this list, you may be surprised to find out just how much power each one has.

10. Thor 

Thor’s power lies in his hammer. He treats it as a sort of security blanket for many years of life

It is hard to ignore the rugged strength of Thor. His muscles extend far beyond those of his adopted brother Loki, who looks like a twig next to him. The most well-known part of Thor’s power is that he is the only one that can lift his hammer. This hammer was not originally meant to be the source of his power. It is, however, the only power Thor knows until much later in his life. He treats it as a sort of security blanket for many years of life. His father gave it to him to help him learn to channel is inner strength. Thor becomes dependent on it, not knowing that his real strength comes from within.

Thor comes from a part of the Universe where some are referred to as gods or goddesses. He is known as the god of Thunder, while his sister is goddess of more sinister things. The goddess of death, Thor’s estranged sister, brings hatred and violence to the land of Thor’s birth during the most recent cinematic rendition, Ragnarok. In this glimpse of Thor’s life, he finds out who really is, and what he is made of. There is little that can be done once his sister starts to take over the land of his youth. His father also dies, leaving Thor with an aching hole in his heart.

As Thor faces challenges, he becomes even more powerful, and sought after. It is later seen that there is strength in numbers, as Thor joins forces with the Hulk and a few other characters intent on destroying the forces of evil.

9. Vision   Vision

The Vision is created by Ultron. He was confused about right and wrong and set out to trap the AvengersThe Vision is another one of the participants in the Avengers group. These superheroes work together to fight the evils of the universe. When first presented with his beet red face it may seem like you are dealing with a villain. The Vision is created by Ultron and was ultimately built as a synthezoid to help fight against Dr. Hank Pym. Early on, the Vision was confused about right and wrong, and set out to trap the Avengers. He soon saw the error of his ways, and set out to help the Avengers fight true darkness in the Universe.

The creation of the Vision involved the use of the brain patterns of Wonder Woman, who was deceased at the time. This can be construed as a part of his strength, as Wonder Woman presents with many natural gifts. While the Vision harbors an inner strength, just as most of the Marvel superheroes. The Vision uses his to join forces with those fighting for good.   This commonality, among, the Avengers, helps to reinforce the fight that plagues us all. This would be the ongoing struggle to fight for what is right, turning away from evil.                                                                                                                                          The Vision looks like a human being in form, but is made of completely synthetic parts. His coloring, obviously, is not that of a human. The jewel on his head absorbs solar energy to keep him powered up. He can channel this energy into infrared beams, as well as microwave radiation. The ability to adjust his density also gives him superhuman strength.

8. Captain America 

Captain America
Captain America is a human that has all the human features including empathy and kindness

Captain America has been able to stand the test of time. Every time we think he is gone for good, he is back. When he comes back years later to a future he knows nothing about, Captain America still commits to fighting the evil that is present in every era. In fact, his heart is one of his biggest strengths. Since Captain America is a human that has been enhanced in a lab, he still embodies the basic human features of kindness and empathy.

The shield of Captain America is considered to be indestructible, and must go with him into every battle. His bodily strength exists due to a serum that was created to bring about super soldiers during the war. He also receives something called a “vita-ray” treatment. These treatments, together, give Captain America extreme speed, enhanced reflexes, and extra endurance. They also increase his strength and durability. He is basically a human with super powers.

Captain America is well-known for being respected in the community, no matter what the time period. He loses is true love when he chooses to save the world. His preservation in ice kept him preserved for the future, when fighting was again necessary. The respected personality of Captain America truly enhances his physical strengths.

7. Black Panther 

Black Panther
Black Panther is one of the best and interesting characters that took his superpower from the herb that is heart shaped

Black Panther has recently been brought back into the spotlight with the new movie. He is an interesting character, as his superpowers come from an herb that is shaped like a heart. This herb, along with his ancient shaman-type connection, bring him super strength, enhanced senses, and even healing. You can also expect to see the Black Panther present with stamina, and speed.

The present Black Panther is not the only one. He draws his knowledge from his predecessors, the previous black panthers. He also draws his strength from those in the past with his mental connections. His actual name is T’Challa and he practices rituals from an ancient group. These are known as Wakandan practices. He doesn’t leave his powerful abilities to chance, however. He continues to build himself up with rigorous physical training.

Leave it to Marvel to make a character that is also proficient in the academic realm. Black Panther is a specialist in the sciences, as well. His unlimited supply of financing ads to his ability, by allowing him to acquire whatever he may need to become stronger and more knowledgeable. The Black Panther is a modern character with an ancient past.

6. Silver Surfer 

Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer is the best character that was turned into his metallic state by Galactus after and invasion

The Silver Surfer comes from the land of Zenn-La. The race on this planet is made up of advanced humanoids. This home planet was a place without crime, hunger, or disease. This Utopian environment eventually has some things go wrong, as it always does. The Silver Surfer was turned into his metallic state by Galactus after and invasion. This is also where he received his equipment. The space surfboard of the Silver Surfer was also acquired from an invasion.

After realizing he could no longer do what he needed to do on Zenn-La, he took off with Galactus, out into space. The need to serve Galactus in an evil search for inhabited areas, grew old. The Silver Surfer, tired of being under the control of Galactus, eventually went about things a different way. When he turned against Galactus, he was sought out to return. He, however, later became the hero we know today. He took it on himself to protect the land he had landed on, as well as his hometown.

The Silver Surfer can go faster than the speed of light on his surfboard. I can go through both hyperspace and interstellar space. He also has something called the power cosmic. This is responsible for all of those really fun powers, such as super strength and endurance. He can also soak up and change the ambient energy in the universe.