10 Reasons to Abolish the Second Amendment

5. Mental Changes


Mental Changes
As time changes, the mind changes and the rules should be made accordingly

Unfortunately, the mental status of a large portion of the population has changed over the years. In the past, there was a more simple mindset and more stable population. The hectic nature of modern life has steadily increased over the past centuries. This has created a slew of new mental disorders, or at least increased the present ones. Kids are more stressed out than ever due to heavy responsibilities, and abusive homes.

Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Many changes in our environment have contributed to these issues. There are more reasons, in present times, to keep heavy weaponry out of the hands of the general population. Mental illness does not always lead to violence. Warning signs like issues with the law, are often more telling of a person’s intentions. Regulations are not intended to keep responsible people from owning weapons. They are meant to keep the weapons out of the hands of those that may be a danger to society.

Until we can find a way to better regulate mental health and treatment, guns may continue to be a threat to our daily lives. Many modern medications have been blamed for the violence. Individuals that have ongoing issues with safety and the law, should not be able to gain access to guns. This idea, however, goes against the second amendment. The right to bear arms does not limit who can be armed. This may not have been an issue in the past, but it is our new reality.

4. Cultural Changes Cultural Changes

Changes in culture are frequent but slow, but these ultimately change the lawOur culture has changed immensely over the last two centuries. It says something about our country, however, that the amendment has lasted so long. The government has been hesitant to inhibit the freedom that the constitution promises. This means that it is important and the people are still heard when they speak out. As a culture, there is much more negativity and violence than there was when this amendment was put into place. This has caused a lot of distrust within communities.

Kids cannot go to school without being bullied. No one can feel safe walking around a city at night, either. We have to lock everything up, and purchase extreme alarm systems, just to be able to leave our homes for a few hours every day. Our culture has warranted a misuse of weapons. Many people in large cities fear for their lives on a daily basis. This is no way to live. The plan for gun control is to bring safety and calm back into our culture.

Many people reminisce about a simpler time. This is, unfortunately, not the reality we are experiencing now. Guns seem to be a catalyst to excessive violence in normal everyday places. Schools are receiving the most focus right now, as many innocent children have been lost in shootings. The laws must adjust to the new cultural norm.

3. Crime

As soon as a new crime is introduced, the Government changes its laws immediately to overcome it

The crime rate in many areas is astounding. It is impossible to feel safe in many situations. Even without the consideration of school shootings, there are many other crimes that take place on a daily basis. Businesses are often robbed, domestic violence results in deaths, and muggings also happen regularly. All of these things become more dangerous when guns are involved. Criminals are often found to own more guns than the general population. This make the environment incredibly dangerous.

The second amendment needs to be abolished to keep dangerous guns out of the hands of criminals. Even if those that purchase guns do so legally, there is always the chance that they can fall into the wrong hands. Theft of assault weapons causes these weapons to be used for crime sprees and school shootings. Many of the guns that school shooters have used came from the homes of their families. These were not given to them in a legal manner.

The second amendment allows for more guns to be out in the community. These guns are always at risk for theft by violent individuals. If the second amendment is changed, these guns can be kept out of the general population. This means they cannot be stolen from homes or businesses. A decrease in crime is what government officials are hoping for. Many things contribute to crime. An increase in population, financial stress on a community, and poor mental healthcare all make our environment unsafe. Guns are only making the problem worse, by allowing crimes to become more violent.