10 Reasons Donald Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Election

10 Reasons Donald Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Election
10 Reasons Donald Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Election

10 Reasons Donald Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Election

If you were like most people, you didn’t see it coming. However, 59 million-or-so voters who elected Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States were ecstatic the night of November 8th, 2016 when he was announced the victor. While the majority of people predicted he would secure the Republican nomination for President, few thought it would result in a man with no political or military background leading the free world.

Alas, the President-elect of the United States of America is, without a shadow of a doubt, Mr. Donald Trump. If you are like many of the others who believed that Hillary Clinton would secure the seat, you may wonder how in the world this happened. While there are the obvious reasons that relate to the country being sharply divided along educational, cultural, gender, class, religious, ethnic, and racial lines, there are others, as well.

Here you can delve into 10 reasons that Donald Trump is the President-elect, the impact of certain groups of voters, and other tidbits you may have been blissfully unaware of before now. For the next four years (at least) this is the man at the helm of this nation. Getting to know some of the reasons he was put there may help ease your mind and help you better understand the transition period before he begins his role as Commander in Chief.

Sit down, strap in, and explore the 10 reasons that Donald Trump is now the president and even learn some of the reasons that Hillary was unable to secure the position.

10The Surge of Voting from White Men with No College Degrees

White men love the Donald.

Trump received a massive amount of support from the working class men in the world. As a result, the turnout of this group of voters was nothing short of impressive. The fact is, the mainly white, working-class counties around the country had an extraordinary turnout at the polls. This provided President-elect Trump more support in many areas, even the ones that supported President Barack Obama back in 2012.

For example, in Macomb County, Michigan, which is a white, working-class suburb of Detroit, the voters supported Obama during the election in 2012.This was over their home-grown candidate Mitt Romney, by a total of four points. However, when they voted this time, Trump easily won, with 53.6 percent over Hillary’s 42.1 percent. This is quite a stunning reversal. It is estimated that approximately 72 percent of white men, with no college degree, wound up voting for Donald Trump.

Also, while Clinton did secure the African-American and Hispanic vote, by smaller margins than Obama, she did not rack up the expected big gains from the college-educated suburban women that were expected. Also, the votes from African-Americans were down slightly from the 2012 election. This is part of the explanation of the losses she suffered in Pennsylvania and Florida. There is no question that the working class wanted a change from the same political garbage they were fed for decades. In the eyes of this group of voters, Mr. Trump was the change they desired.

9Mr. Trump was Appealing to Middle America

Trump’s populist message was well received.

Commonly called the “Rust belt,” this is the region that straddles the Great Lakes and includes the Midwest States. This part of the country has been in a state of economic decline since the latter part of the 1980s. Traditionally, the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan voted Democrat, but they have slowly been turning red recently. The working class in these areas increasingly looked to Trump to help and restore the past glory days of the steel industry and car manufacturing industry.

Mr. Trump responded to this by tapping into the disillusionment with rather unbelievable pledges to this part of the country. He stated that he would begin to levy a 35 percent tariff on all cars built in Mexico and shipped to the U.S. during a rally in Michigan. During a rally in Virginia, he stated that he would make Apple, “start building their damn computers and other things in this country.” He also stirred an anti-Clinton feeling by stating that her support of the Free Trade Agreement in North America had worked to destroy the industries that were already present in these deprived parts of the nation.

And, as a result, on election night, Donald Trump easily secured the votes of the white, working class people in this region who believed the promises he made. While their vote was cast in an effort to help restore jobs and prosperity to the region, Trump never once outlined a plan regarding how he would make his promises a reality.

8The Electoral College Picks who is President

The electoral college screwed Hillary.

Even though Hillary Clinton’s vote count surpassed what Al Gore received in the 2000 election, she was still defeated when it came to being named President. The fact is, when Al Gore ran against former President George W. Bush in 2000 he won the popular vote by getting 547,398 more votes than Bush. However, this isn’t what determines who wins the presidency. The Electoral College does.

This means that Democratic candidates have won the popular vote now, six of the last seven elections; however, they lost the Electoral College in two.

According to the constitution, the Electoral College is what has the final say when determining who the President-elect is. According to experts, this system was created by the founders to avoid the biggest states having the most control when it came to their favorite candidate. The fact is, just a few areas in the country represent a third of the population. This means that these areas would have a large say-so in who was elected if the popular vote is what won the day. In the grand scheme of things, this is not fair to the remainder of the nation that may not have populations that are as large or diverse.

While some still say this is unfair, the vote is in, and Donald Trump is the official 45th President of the United States.

7People Wanted to Cast their Vote Against the Establishment

“That’s right! I am the establishment. And I won the popular vote! Bigly!!”

Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

There is no question that Hilary Clinton has the experience in politics that is required for the position as the President of the United States. However, many believe this worked against her in a number of ways. In fact, President Obama asserted that Clinton was one of the most qualified candidates for president…of all time. However, there were far too many people tired of and ready for a change from the typical politician and politics that they had endured for the last few decades.

Clinton was highly criticized for being too involved with certain policy decisions during the time when her husband, Bill, held the President’s office, as well as during her time as Secretary of State, which lasted from 2009 to 2013. It was also stated that most of her years in office were plagued by controversy, with the most notable being the Libyan attacks of Benghazi. In this particular situation, many have blamed her for the death of four Americans.

Due to the lack of political experience and background held by Mr. Trump, many people felt that he was on a much more human level. For a number of Americans, Trump represented the change that they wanted to see. In fact, there were many who viewed him as the exact opposite to the establishment, which is what they wanted in their next President of the United States. This is one of the major factors of why he walked away with the presidency.

6Trump Makes it Through Scandal Without a Scratch

You know what he did.

Donald Trump is no “newcomer” to the public eye. As a result, when a new scandal came out, it almost just rolled off his back. For example, when a video was leaked that boasted him making sexual advances toward women, he made a halfhearted apology and then moved on. While Hillary Clinton and the media tried to continue making it relevant, the fact is that the public simply did not care any longer. They were so ready for a change, there were willing to accept this flaw in their potential president.

In another situation, he was hit with a lawsuit (which wound up being dropped the Friday prior to the election) by a woman who claimed that Trump had raped her when she was only 13.

He also refused to show the American public his income tax returns, making the comment that him not paying federal income tax actually made him smart. Other comments included him stating that John McCain was no war hero because he was taken as a prisoner during the war in Vietnam; he mocked a reporter who had a congenital joint disease; and despite all this the electorate ignored them all, let them slide by and still named Mr. Trump as President of the United States.

5Hillary Clinton’s Email Debacle

Hillary needed a better I.T. team. I still don’t get this.

Even though Mr. Trump seemed to escape scandalous situations rather easily, Hillary Clinton didn’t come out of these types of situations very well. One of the biggest issues during the entire campaign was the emails she sent out from her private email server.

During the time she served as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton didn’t use a state.gov email account. This is one that would have been hosted on services that were not only owned but also managed and secured by the United States government.

During an FBI investigation that occurred in July, it was stated that Clinton and all of her aides had acted in an extremely careless manner regarding the handling of various classified information. However, it was also stated that there was no “reasonable prosecutor” that would actually bring up an official criminal case against her.

Then, just two weeks prior to the election, James Comey, the director of the FBI, made the discovery of new, Clinton-related, unsecured emails. Even though she was once again cleared from any type of criminal wrongdoing, this only cemented the view of her among the American people. If someone was on the fence regarding her trustworthiness in the past, they knew now that this was not who they wanted in charge of the entire country.

Many stated that the new finding by Comey was one of the final nails in the coffin of Clinton’s attempted presidency. The American public was tired of being lied to and, as a result, they decided that Trump would make a better president over Mrs. Clinton, regardless of the many scandalous situations he had been involved in himself.


The Affordable Care Act. Too expensive and too unwieldy.

Obamacare, also called the Affordable Care Act, was the radical reform of the healthcare system in America, put in place by President Obama. It was signed into law in 2010.

This policy worked to make insurance available to the tens of millions of people around the country who were unable to afford it. In the years of Obamacare, more than 11 million people from around the country enrolled in the federal or state marketplace plans that were created by the law.

However, the entire idea of Obamacare has been extremely controversial from its very beginning. It was also never a hit with very many voters. In 2013, the polls showed that 53 percent of the American public wanted the opponents to try and change the program, or stop it altogether.

Donald Trump made the statement that he had plans to repeal the legislation. In fact, this is the main component of his entire campaign. While Republicans in the Congress have tried more than 60 different times to have Obamacare repealed, they have also failed each time. However, with Trump in charge, they may finally have a chance to succeed.

It is important to note that Trump announced AFTER the election, that he was not actually repealing Obamacare altogether, despite his campaign promises. Instead, he will change only certain parts, such as the rate increases that tend to keep coming year after year. While some are still on the fence about his exact plan for the program, they are also still hoping he will get rid of as much of it as possible.

3Many Voters Chose a Third Party Candidate

Trump is no Republican. If ever a 3rd party candidate existed, it’s Trump.

It is difficult to say what candidate these third party voters would have voted for of the main two. However the fact remains, millions of people voted for one of the third party candidates. The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson received over four million votes, which was equivalent to three percent. This is up from the 1.3 million received in the 2012 election. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, received 1.3 million votes in the 2016 election, which was only about one percent overall.

However, more young voters decided to cast their vote for a third party this year (2016) than ever before in past elections. For example, of the 18 to 29-year-old demographic, only three percent chose to vote for a third party in 2012, but more than eight percent did so in the 2016 election.

Many believe this is because young people were not impressed with either candidate and could not cast their vote for someone they did not fully support. However, regardless of the reason, there are some who state that these millions of voters who did not cast a vote for either main candidate contributed, partly, to Hillary Clinton’s loss and Donald Trump’s win. While this is not something that is known for sure, it is something that is assumed simply because Hillary believed she was going to secure a good percentage of the young people’s vote. This was just another part of the upset her campaign experienced.

2Trump Impressed Voters

Donald is a born showman. “Many, many people are telling me that my hair is really, really wonderful.”

Many people believe that one of the main reasons Trump secured his bid for the presidency is because he flipped rather large margins with the white and working-class voters in Pennsylvania and the Midwest. This was something that was always possible, but many believed would not happen.

The fact is, Trump spoke to these individuals and told they what they wanted to hear. For some, it was the message that he had about his trade ideas, as well as Clinton’s ties to the pro-globalist ideas and the establishment. Other reasons he connected with some was the fueling of white resentments, racial bias, and even a bit of sexism that wound up playing a part.

However, Clinton made some huge errors with this group. One of the biggest errors in her judgment was when she called more than half of the Trump supporters “deplorable.” This is what fired up these “type” of voters even more.

By the end of the election, Clinton had successfully embodied the caricature that had been created around her. This was surprising to many when they considered how she had campaigned for her Senate seat back in 2000. At that time, she took on the role of a carpetbagger who did not deserve the position by talking with and meeting with voters in the state of New York. Due to these efforts, she easily won her Senate seat. However, she did not use this strategy in the Presidential election, which may have impacted her loss.

1The Entire Clinton Foundation

“The Clinton Foundation? I plead the Fifth.”

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The simple fact that Mr. Trump was running against Hillary Clinton may have helped to lead to his ability to secure the role of President. With campaign statements such as “Crooked” Hillary, many people began to see her in a less than admirable light. Factors that did not help this situation further was the more than $200,000 speeches she gave at Goldman Sachs – multiple times, as well as the Clinton Foundation’s dealings with the big money favor seekers. This all brought back memories of the pay-for-play time that existed when Bill held the office of the President in the 1990s.

Events connected to this time include putting the Lincoln Bedroom up for sale, fugitive Marc Rich being pardoned, and the “bimbo eruptions” occurring regularly.

The secret email server of Hillary fit in with this trend of events from Bill’s presidency so well that many people began to have even more negative images of Hillary. As a result, the outrages coming from Trump’s side did not seem as bad and in some cases, his supporters even viewed them as acceptable compared to Hillary’s digressions.

During the entire election, many of the American people viewed Clinton as the status quo, rather than a good candidate for leader of the Free World. As a result, this is yet another factor that helped to lead Trump to the White House. In many ways, Hillary herself, her husband, and everything she stood for led Trump right into the Oval Office.


As you can see, there are quite a few reasons that Trump’s bid for the presidency was successful. While there are many others, besides the ones listed here, these are some “biggies” that made a huge difference in the outcome of the election.

The fact is, Donald Trump defied virtually all expectations from the very beginning of his presidential bid. What started in 2015 as what many people thought of as a “joke” has led him into the White House. The fact is, few thought he would really run – but he did. They did not think he would climb in the polls – but he did. They did not believe he would win the primaries – but he did. It was not believed he would secure the Republican nomination – but he did.

Finally, many people all around the country stated that there was no way he would defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election – but he did.

Now, he is the 45th President of the United States. While this is shocking for some, others see it as a breath of fresh air. Regardless of what anyone thinks, it is time to get behind the President and work for his success. After all, the success of the new President of the United States is the success of the entire country.

While the reasons here may not always paint Trump in the best light, they all played a part in Trump’s success. Without these factors, Hillary Clinton may have become the next President of the United States.

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