Top 10 Facts about Steve Kamb’s Blog Nerd Fitness

Top 10 Facts about Steve Kamb's Blog Nerd Fitness
Top 10 Facts about Steve Kamb's Blog Nerd Fitness

Top 10 Facts About Nerd Fitness  

Nerd Fitness is a fitness and health website run by Steve Kamb, who refers to his followers as “Rebels.” The slogan of this organization is “Level Up Your Life.” Visitors to the site are encouraged to follow him on his self-proclaimed “epic quest of awesome.”

Currently, the Facebook page for Nerd Fitness has more than 59,000 likes and the newsletter, which is distributed monthly has over 273,000 subscribers. Some of the topics covered in the monthly newsletter include body transformations from other “nerds,” dieting, weight loss, exercise, and RPG IRL, which refers to career-related subjects.

Visitors to the website also receive access to “Battle Gear,” which consists of women’s and men’s shirts, flags, hats, and hoodies. Originally launched in 2014, the Nerd Fitness site began featuring fitness and nutrition related information, and offered a summer camp experience for followers called Camp Nerd Fitness. Here, participants spend four nights in a lodge in Georgia learning various fitness and diet strategies, implemented by Nerd Fitness, all while hanging out with other Nerd Fitness Rebels.

While there are some who are still unfamiliar with what Nerd Fitness is and what it has to offer, there are thousands of others who have jumped on the bandwagon and, as a result, are seeing epic results. If you are ready to know more about this revolution in diet, exercise, and overall well-being, then you are in the right place. Here are 10 interesting, little-known facts about the man behind Nerd Fitness, what the organization offers, and more.

10The Man Behind Nerd Fitness: Steve Kamb

Steve Kamb. The Man Behind

According to Steve Kamb, he began the business to help give those who were struggling with getting fit a chance to get healthy. During both high school and his time in college, Kamb described himself as the stereotypical nerd – he visited the gym but constantly struggled to see any type of meaningful change. He also described himself during this period of his life as a “complete newbie” while in the kitchen and was easily overwhelmed when forced to interact in social situations.

During this time, Steve realized that there were likely quite a few other people out there who were just like him. This is the main inspiration behind why he started in 2009. Steve has repeatedly emphasized in interviews that he is no “fitness expert.” However, he did receive a basic personal training certificate from AAAI just a few years after he began his website to help provide him with a better understanding of fitness, health, and overall well-being.

Even though Steve has dedicated the past 12 years of his life to fitness and his business, he still considers himself a student, always ready to learn. He runs the site, not as a fitness guru with every degree and answer known to man, but rather a normal guy – just like his followers – who enjoys sitting at his computer playing video games throughout the day; however, he also enjoys helping others find their way to get into the best shape of their lives.

9The Followers of Nerd Fitness are Known as Rebels fans are known affectionately as Rebels! Star Wars much?

Fans and followers of Nerd Fitness are referred to as “Rebels.” The headquarters for all these Rebels is found at This is the site where followers can find forums and discussions related to all the different aspects of the Nerd Fitness lifestyle.

These forums are extremely active. There are many members who actually arrange meetups in the real world, and even a sub-forum for meetups in Antarctica, although it isn’t extremely active.

Some of the various sections found on the Nerd Fitness Rebellion forum include the following:

  • General discussions in the Rebel Army Base Camp
  • The forum that offers a place to share milestones at The Woot Room
  • A place for new rebels to introduce themselves is the Rebel Introductions forum
  • If something goes wrong, Rebels can post in The Respawn Point and talk about how they plan to overcome the issue and respawn for success
  • A place to find an IRL sidekick is the Rebellion Meet Ups forum

There are also several sub-forums dedicated to various topics including running, yoga, bodyweight training, powerlifting, recipes, general nutrition and diet, female specific training, weight loss, and fitness. More sections are present, as well, that are non-fitness related such as family, parenting, your epic quest, finances, and even a book club. The forum offers the ideal place for Rebels, and Steve himself, to interact, offer advice, failures, triumphs, and more. It is a unique community of Rebel “nerds” who are trying to improve their overall health and well-being.

8Steve Took His Brand to the Next Level by Offering Camp Nerd Fitness

Camp Nerd Fitness

In the fall of 2014, Steve took Nerd Fitness to the next level by launching Camp Nerd Fitness. This is a real-world camp with the goal to teach all the “Rebels” new, exciting fitness strategies. The camp is always staffed by professional, educated instructors, and personal trainers. Steve Kamb also attends to oversee all the festivities that occur.

A second Camp Nerd Fitness occurred in 2015 between the dates of September 30th and October 4th in Clayton, Georgia. This camp offered 300 bunks when registration initially opened at the beginning of 2015. By March of 2015, every single spot was filled.

Some of the activities campers experienced during their time at Camp Nerd Fitness included:

  • Inverted training
  • Lifting instruction
  • Slacklining and Parkour
  • Morning boot camps
  • Medieval combat training
  • Grip strength
  • Cooking and nutrition lessons
  • Yoga sessions
  • Bodyweight strength exercises

During their time in Georgia, campers also found time to squeeze in quite a bit of fun by playing different games, such as basketball and board/video games, group activities including karaoke and themed parties, as well as other events including zombies vs. human’s events, nightly bonfires, ultimate Frisbee, lake activities, and more.

In both 2014 and 2015, the camp was hosted at Kaplan Mitchell Retreat and Conference Center. This is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, found in Clayton, Georgia. Annual Camps are now being offered by Nerd Fitness, as long as interest in the events continues.

7Steve Had Virtually No Fitness Related Experience Prior to Launching Nerd Fitness

Steve didn’t have any formal fitness training before starting

Steve began strength training while he was a junior in high school. The encouragement for this sudden interest in training resulted from being cut from the school’s basketball team. At this point, he made the decision to get stronger and bigger to ensure he could compete the next year and have a chance at making the team.

During his first day of strength training, he tried to bench press an excessive amount of weight, almost injuring himself. However, this is when he fell in love with the idea of strength training to get a bit stronger every single day. However, it took him more than six years of wasted effort and mistakes before figuring out the proper combo of strength training and nutrition that resulted in the life and body that made him proud.

This is when he decided that his ultimate goal was to help others avoid the six years of mistakes he had made. At this point, Steve earned his personal trainer certification and started to assist family members and friends get healthy, eventually picking up several clients.

This is when Steve also started writing for Nerd Fitness and began down the path of what the site is today. Steve wanted to help others, and had the ideal story to do just that. Letting others see his struggles and failures helped them see that this was a part of it; but the tips and advice offered on the site help many people avoid the same mistakes Steve made.

6Steve Had No Past Blogging Experience Before Nerd Fitness

Steve wasn’t always a blogger.

Prior to starting the Nerd Fitness blog, Steve had no blogging work under his belt. At a point during a regular work day at his old job, before starting Nerd Fitness, he wrote a post about a recent travel experience he had with the company. The executives loved the post so much, they put Steve in charge of the entire company blog. This is when he initially discovered his love for creative writing. At this point, he had a new way to reach others and share his thoughts.

Once he had discovered this new passion, Steve began using as a home for all his fitness and adventure related topics. At this point, he simply started writing. He does not consider himself a technically inclined individual, so he outsourced some help from a friend. This individual helped him set up his WordPress site, at which point he was able to begin cranking out all types of content and building his following of like-minded Rebels who were seeking real solutions to their health and fitness woes.

Once Steve Kamb got a taste for writing, he discovered that not only did he enjoy it, but he was also pretty good at it. As a result, the pieces he created received quite a bit of attention and a loyal following. This is essentially the humble beginnings of Nerd Fitness, and what began his ability to help others meet their fitness and health goals.

5Blog Posts by Kamb are Usually Random

Steve keeps his blog posts unique.

The majority of ideas for the blog posts published on Nerd Fitness are thought of randomly. Steve has stated that many ideas come to him while he is in the shower, playing a video game, or even in the middle of the night.

Once an idea is thought of, he tries to block out several hours to actually create it. The majority of pieces he writes are between 3,000 and 4,000 words, so they can take from four to eight, or even 12 hours to fully create.

His process is similar to any other creative writer. He begins by creating the various section headings to split the article up. Then he starts writing section by section, based on the one that excites him the most.

Steve has also stated that he does his best writing late in the night, which is why he often puts some music on at 11pm and enters his “write like crazy” mood. Once he gets through the article one time, he takes a break for a few hours and then comes back to it to rework or rewrite some of the sections.

The last steps include several edits and finding several photos to go along with the text. He recently brought an editor onto the staff of Nerd Fitness, who helps with various tasks including content formatting, editing, and more. He has also stated that he loves creating the content, but hates editing his own work over and over again.

4There is Really No Marketing Strategy Used for Nerd Fitness

A marketing plan? What’s that?

According to the owner of Nerd Fitness, there is no real marketing strategy in place for the company. In fact, Steve has stated that he has not spent even a single dollar on any type of advertising, which means that all the growth that has been achieved with Nerd Fitness was through Google traffic and word of mouth.

Steve has also stated that he doesn’t know much about SEO (search engine optimization); however, many of his articles do show up at the first page on Google searches because so many people like the content.

An example of this is if someone were to search “paleo diet” on Google. His content shows up in the third position after the Wikipedia page for the paleo diet. This creates more than 100,000 visits each month, just from a single article.

This is not because Steve has learned how to “game the system,” but because he actually creates content that people want to share.

The real marketing strategy is knowing that if he writes great articles that are full of actionable, helpful information, then the content is going to get shared all over the place, on social media, and even emailed from one person to another. Steve also puts the time into emailing every single person who emails him, and responds with a personal message, rather than a cookie-cutter response that everyone receives.

3Steve Uses Several Methods to Monetize his Blog

Steve has written 3 cool books

There are several ways that Steve currently uses Nerd Fitness to monetize his blogging and fitness information efforts. He has three books for sale on the Nerd Fitness store, including the Rebel Strength Guide, the Rebel Running Guide, and the Rebel Fitness Guide. He stated that these guides alone account for up to 90 percent of his total monthly revenue.

However, that is not the only way that the Nerd Fitness website makes money. He also sells sweatshirts and t-shirts that feature the Nerd Fitness logo. He views this revenue stream as more of a community/relationship/advertising building effort, instead of an income stream.

He also stated that he plans to diversify his efforts in the coming months by rolling out a few secret projects he has been working on. While no one knows for sure what these projects are, it is quite exciting to think about what is coming down the road to current and future Rebels. However, the eBooks are still considered his main source of income related to the Nerd Fitness website right now.

However, the website is doing quite well financially, which lets you know he definitely isn’t sitting on his laurels. This site is an income-generating machine, and there are likely several other ways he could increase this amount further. Just like any other website owner, he may also use paid advertisements (for products he supports and stands behind), in the future, to generate some income for his business.

2Steve has Made Blogging Mistakes Along the Way


According to Steve, the biggest mistake he made during this entire journey with Nerd Fitness, and his blogs, was not creating a serious email list until 18 months into the lifecycle of the site. While he had a Feedburner and RSS email, he did not encourage anyone to sign up for an email list. He has stated repeatedly that he wished he had done this.

Now, Steve claims that his email list is his most valuable asset, and that he uses it to reach his most dedicated and loyal readers when necessary. He has also provided the advice that if a person is planning to start a blog and is serious about it becoming a real, money-earning business, then it is worth it to pay the 10 dollars each month to offer, and even encourage, people to receive their emails. All a blogger has to do is create a free email series that offers exclusive resources or a PDF download. He also stated that the very best customers for any company or blog is elicited from this list.

Don’t create an email list to simply spam those who sign up. This causes them to unsubscribe to the list, which can result in a loss of profits. Take the time to create valuable, informative content that those who sign up are eager to receive and read in their email, on a regular basis. Also, make sure to provide this content on a regular basis. That way those who sign up are encouraged to keep reading.

1Steve Willingly Offers Advice to Others Who Want to Start their Own Fitness/Health Blog

Steve is eager to share what he’s learned.

In 2011, Nerd Fitness became a six-figure business. This is a number that only continues to increase, without spending a single dollar on sleazy marketing tactics, “make money online” programs, advertising, or SEO efforts.

According to Steve, it is possible for anyone to create an extremely successfully business that helps others and allows the owner to have a clear conscience at night. The key to this success is to write content that is insanely helpful and offer help to anyone that asks. The individual also needs a unique perspective on health and fitness so that they stand out from the masses. Also, another piece of helpful advice he offers is that you don’t need to ask for anything from those who reach out until they begin asking for the services you have to offer.

Take the time to carve out a niche and put some effort into interacting and helping anyone that comes to the site. If you want to attract long-term customers, then you have to take the time to create sales pages, products, and content that reflects this desire.

While it may take longer to build an audience using this process, there is no question that 100 of the right people are worth much more to any business than 1,000,000 of the wrong kind of people, who are only searching for quick fixes, but have no desire to put effort into making a real change.


The fact is, there is no question that you can learn quite a bit when you take the time to learn about Steve’s path to success. Not only is he helping other people reach their health and fitness goals, he has also created a sustainable business platform that helps him make a living.

Creating an approachable presence is a must when it comes to blogging success. The more popular the blog is, the more time-consuming it is to answer emails. However, a person who starts a business or blog does not need to look at this as wasting time, but rather building relationships.

The fact is, Steve built his Nerd Fitness empire by chance. While he never imagined he would provide health and fitness advice to others, it is something he is good at and that people respond to. is a site that many people now consider a “go to” resource for their health, fitness, diet, exercise, and overall well-being needs. If you were to take some time to review the information here, you would likely discover the vast array of topics that are offered relate to real life and offer actionable steps to help you achieve success.

There is also the opportunity to interact with others who are searching for the same information. Being informed and seeing what is offered from the unique site provides anyone with an opportunity to reach health and fitness goals that may have been impossible to achieve in the past. Nerd Fitness is more than advice and articles, it offers actionable tips, meetups, and more for those who are dedicated to making a change.