Top 10 Facts About Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW

Top 10 Facts About Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW
Top 10 Facts About Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

Men Going Their Own Way, a group commonly referred to as MGTOW, is a group of men who reject the hegemony of women at some level. As a whole, there are certain laws that members believe in. Each of these things is designed to help instil the autonomy and self-determination that these men want or need.

MGTOW is one of the most controversial groups on the Internet. They are not a terrorist group, they do not have regular meetings, and they do not get together to collectively target specific people. However, their beliefs are in direct contrast to the burgeoning feminist movement. This makes the group a target of both hate and misunderstanding.

Feminism has grown in influence over the last few decades. It is the result of the acceptance that women have been treated badly, or as second-class citizens, throughout history. It fuels change and inspires both men and women to do better in treating people equally.

MGTOW contrast the work of feminists intentionally. Many websites specifically state that members cannot be affiliated with feminism in anyway. This is because the beliefs of this group undermine feminist beliefs completely.

MGTOW, along with men’s rights groups, believe that femininity has changed for the worse. Most of these men have either struggled with poor or abusive relationships or are socially awkward and cannot get into a relationship at all.

But, whether you believe that women are fully fledged people who deserve rights and recognition or that women are designed to cook dinner and bear children, here are the top 10 things you should know about Men Going Their Own Way.

10Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) Is a Movement for Men Who Want to Reject Society’s Expectations

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) reject societal expectations like men’s subjugation to marriage

MGTOW says that men are expected by both society and women to work hard to become the perfect mate. The group believes in sovereignty for modern men by allowing them to choose their own destiny. Instead of taking a job that asks everything of them to support a woman who also asks everything from them, these men choose self-determination and autonomy by rejecting the societal requirement find and commit to a single mate.

Men involved in MGTOW believe that they should not be forced to do so much work only to be treated as a disposable thing by women. MGTOW is a rejection of marriage and a boycott against women. However, it is more than just a group of men who refuse to engage in relationships with the opposite sex.

The idea of MGTOW is supposed to demonstrate that the relationships between men and women are evolving. It is also designed to recognize the real, or perceived nature of women. It believes that relationships like the institution of marriage are over-sold and over-prioritized in today’s society.

Essentially, the men of GTOW reject the mating and dating rituals that they find to be abusive and manipulative. These men describe the experience of dating as a financial transaction in which they spend a huge amount of resources to receive a reward that is mediocre at best.

9Men Going Their Own Way Are Not Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs)

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) reject sexy, sexy feminism

MGTOW has little to nothing to do with the political activity that Men’s Rights Activists engage in. MRAs work to achieve goals like cutting government funding for abuse programs that include women but not men.

Beyond this, MGTOW do not like to be referred to collectively as MRAs. They believe that just because neither group wants to live under the tyranny of women does not make them the same type of group.

There are certain points where they agree. Both movements are a reaction to a growing and more encompassing feminism. However, men going their own way describe themselves not as a collective group but as an individual lifestyle choice.

The group says that everything that members need to know is clear within their name. When men go their own way, they can go whatever way they like. It is not a collective way. This is visible in the number of levels that exist within the group. Some men simply lament their previous relationships with women while others swear off of almost all interpersonal relationships that are not necessary for survival.

8Men Going Their Own Way Are Not Pick-Up Artists (PUAs)

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) are not the same as pick up artists or PUAs

MGTOW and pick-up artists are very different groups of people. On the surface, a pick-up artist operates within a completely different theoretical framework as MGTOW. For pick-up artists, life is about going through as many women as possible. Some PUAs are all about playing the game; others are overcompensating for a period of shyness earlier in the life. Some PUAs are out to find a long-term partner but have no other method than pick-up artistry in achieving in their goals.

Pick-up artists are rarely accused of hating women like MGTOW are. Pick-up artists are accused of not respecting women or of manipulating women and accusing them of hatred of the oppose sex is a stretch for most people. However, disrespect is often equated with emotional violence in the game and so these accusations are uncommon but possible.

For a pick-up artists, the game is a source of fun and a means of reaching an end. The types of men involved in pick-up artistry vary more than they do in MGTOW. This is because the game is not just for men who have been burned. Men with varying successes with women will get involved in pick-up artistry.

Pick-up artists may be keenly aware of the social disparities between men and women that MGTOW and MRAs are so passionate about. But they do not let these thoughts get in the way with their relationships with women.

7MGTOW Say That They Realize That Women Are Complex Individuals with Many Facets- They Just Don’t Want Any of Them

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) don’t put women on a pedastal.

The typical MGTOW blogger or website will admit that women are more than just soul destroying creatures that are out to sleep with their friends and spend all their money. In fact, most MGTOW websites are happy to admit that women are complex people just like men. However, many MGTOW want very little from women other than a few compulsory items.

Many people who adopt this ideology believe that for a woman to redeem herself and be worthy a man’s time, they must only offer a few things. The first thing that most MGTOW agree on is that women should return to a more domestic place. They believe that women should be able to cook and clean and take care of household chores.

Secondly, men insist that women should offer sex fairly. For MGTOW, women cannot offer and facilitate sex and then decide that it was a mistake after it was over. Women should also not berate men for not being interested in sex.

Third, women offer the ability to have biological children, which is important for some levels of men who are going their own way.

Finally, if a woman plays her cards right and controls herself, she can offer MGTOW companionship. However, women should be kind, nurturing and supportive at all times.

6MGTOW Have Decided That Valentine’s Day Is Now the International Day of Men Going Their Own Way

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) recognize Valentine’s day as MGTOW Day!

Men who subscribe to the MGTOW ideology believe that men have and always will do Valentine’s Day better. The group says that men spend twice as much on Valentine’s Day as women do. They believe that there is no reason that they should invest so many resources into Valentine’s Day and that women are undeserving of the time, attention and money spent on February 14th.

The group says that children have their own version of Valentine’s Day and that the day is Christmas. However, unlike grown women, children have no rights and are not in control of their own politics or emotions. According to these men, it is okay for kids to act spoiled on Christmas but grown women should know better.

MGTOW says that the amount of money spent on Valentine’s Day every year could help save children from starving in Africa. However, they also allege that women not only expect to spend money on frivolous things that they do not deserve but they also delight in the fact that the money is being diverted away from people who really need or deserve it.

5There Are Five Levels of MGTOW

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) has 5 sweet levels.

The first level of men who are involved with MGTOW are men who are aware of some of the negativity surrounding their situations. They understand the perceived risks of having relationships with women; however, they do not believe that the risks outweigh the benefits of continuing to play the game. These men may take certain precautions against women who may be out to hurt or take advantage of him. Some may even ensure that a woman who takes action against them ensures mutual destruction. However, these men do not reject marriage, women or other societal pressures. Some say that this level of men does not fit within the MGTOW laws.

The second level includes men who reject the insistence of any and all long-term relationships. Long-term relationships with women might include living together, marriage or anything that can turn into common-law marriage. They also reject the idea of helping to raise other people’s children.

The reason that men reach is level is often because they are afraid of having children and then losing them in a divorce. They also fear being accused of domestic violence and adultery. Another fear includes losing their property or resources in a nasty divorce.

Men in this level participate in what is known as a ‘marriage strike’ because they believe there is no reason for men to get married or have children if everything can be ripped away from them in the blink of an eye.

The third level of MGTOW are men who reject all short term relationships or personal relationships with women. These men refuse to date, sleep with or even be friends with women. All interactions with women for these men are superficial and professional. These men try to keep interactions with women to a minimum.

The reason that men reach this level is because they believe that the laws support the targeting of men for sexual crimes. From federal laws to state laws to societal laws, men believe that they are found automatically guilty when accused of a sexual crime. They also believe that these laws allow women to accuse them of actions that are not crimes. One of the biggest issues for this level lies in that they believe women are allowed to accuse men of rape when the physical relationship between the two did not warrant this accusation.

The fourth level includes economic disengagement. Men who reach this level not only reject relationships with women but intentionally make themselves unattractive to the kind of women that they are uninterested in. They go out of their way to ensure that they remain in the lowest tax bracket possible for their income while still being able to pay this bills and remain in a good standard of living.

This level consists of men who do not want to give their money to anyone – male or female. They believe that the taxes they pay at the state and federal level are an unfair redistribution of wealth.

The final level of men who go their own way is a total rejection of society. This is usually the result of not only disillusionment but also disdain for the modern world and Western society. It is said to include an understanding of how society works as well as the desire to protect themselves from it.

The men who reach this level are not contributing to the economy, they are not procreating, and they are usually not engaging with society at any level. The community calls this “going ghost”.

These men may work but it is often under the table, for cash or for barter in order to avoid taxes and other people. However, a significant number go into self-imposed exile either physically or spiritually.

4MGTOW Has a Distinct Jargon

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) has its own convoluted and descriptive jargon

Men that participate in MGTOW and other websites use a distinct language that is important to know when reading and discussing their websites. Some of the jargon includes acronyms like MRA (men’s rights activist) and MRM (men’s rights movement).

There are plenty of other terms that you need to sift through the information on these websites. The Anglosphere refers to countries where English is the normal language.

Some men are referred to as Incel or involuntarily celibate. These are people who have not been able to have a date or a sexual relationship in a long time. Incels are people who are usually socially awkward and struggle to meet women. Incels usually have a bitterness towards women that just ends up being self-defeating.

These websites get a lot of criticism both on and offline. The community came up with an acronym to deal with it called NAWALT or Not All Women Are Like That. NAWALT is one of the biggest and most common criticisms that people on these sites received. Some people in the community treat it like a rebuttal to criticism.

Finally, there is Western Women or WW. Western women are essentially known as the most evil type of woman. Western women usually exist within the Anglosphere. However, WW do not include all women. There are also foreign women, who are generally referred to with more kindness. Foreign women are usually from third world or developing countries. It also refers to women from southeast Asian women. These women have their own designated term because they are more desirable than western women and are often considered to be more pliable and thus less dangerous.

3MGTOW Work for a Limited Government But They Are Not Conservatives

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) wanted limited government but aren’t necessarily conservative.

Part of the manifesto of MGTOW includes working for a limited government. Although the number of people in this aspect of men going their own way is limited to those committed to the higher levels of the organization.

By working towards a limited government, MGTOW work towards a more limited government. In theory this is aligned with a conservative or Republican set of values. However, MGTOW prefers to avoid political connotations. Instead of suggest that the whole group should align themselves with a set of political beliefs, male sovereignty extends to varying politics as well.

2MGTOW Is All About Returning To a Traditional Masculinity and a Traditional Femininity

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is about traditional gender roles.

The MGTOW manifesto is meant to inspire other men, and women, to work to return to a more traditional form of masculinity. The manifesto lists several strategies for achieving these goals.

By inspiring masculinity in men, MGTOW mean that they want to demand more traditional respect for men. They also aim to serve as role models for the kind of masculinity they mean. What they mean is that they want to live lives that are independent of the control of both women and the government. These men also aim to fight and destroy chivalry.

Of course, these men also have an idea of what the ideal woman is. The group aims to hold both men and women accountable for their actions and their lives. The qualities that MGTOW aim to instil in women are said to be complementary rather than competitive. They outline a stereotypical woman who is supportive, honest, responsible, respectful and nurturing of men.

When both groups are able to reach an accountable position in their lives, MGTOW say that relationships will once again become beneficial for both parties. While men are to remain independent on their own, any relationship they enter must be co-dependent to a certain extent.

They illustrate their point with the scenario of a man and a woman alone in the woods. The belief is that if one man and one women were to find themselves alone in the woods, the pair would become willingly dependant on one another. They suggest that both the man and the woman would enter into a more traditional role out of necessity for both survival and the relationship. They say that no one would be betrayed or left because in this case, both parties would suffer rather than just one.

1MGTOW Is Part of the Larger Manosphere

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is part of the larger MANOSPHERE

The manosphere is a group of websites revolving around men. It is a part of the blogosphere and the Internet in general. The manosphere is an informal name that is given to all of the different groups, bloggers and commentators that discuss issues that oppose feminism. The websites all vary. Some talk about male self-improvement while others discuss traditionally masculine subjects like bodybuilding.

The manosphere also includes websites and blogs dedicated to men’s rights issues as well as pick-up artists. These sites include the MGTOW base site as well as other sites like Red Pill Room, Return of Kings and A Voice For Men.

In addition to these websites, a large group of supporters of MGTOW gather on websites like Reddit. Some of the top Reddit threads in the manosphere have around 100,000 subscribers.


Men who go their own way may fall under one heading but they include many different types of people. MGTOW are not just men who have been abused or cheated on but men who simply cannot attract the women they want.

The manosphere is filled with different groups of men working for freedom from women. Although they may fall within the same category, they too vary in in type and intensity. Men who reject the societal norms that they believe say that their lives should revolve around women deal with this through protests, through disengagement and even through hyper-engagement by using pick-up artistry.

If you have ever had your heart, or more, broken by another person, it can be easy to identify with some or all of the aims of these groups of people. However, rejecting another groups valuable qualities in favor of playing it safe is not a productive way of conducting personal or romantic relationships.

Perhaps if these groups promoted mutual respect rather than throwing grenades, people, not just men or women, would be capable to treating those they like, love or merely know with the respect and kindness that people of all genders, religions, backgrounds and races deserve.