10 Reasons Cosmetic Surgery Should not be Banned

Cosmetic Surgery
Make yourself attractive and beautiful with Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a popular trend that has gained momentum in recent years. People not use it to make aesthetic changes to their natural appearance. Some people also have procedures to resist aging and lose weight. A ban on cosmetic surgery would impede on the personal rights of individuals to make decisions about their own bodies. Regulations are put into place in many places that deter those with psychological issues from undergoing procedures. Evaluations prior to surgery help to keep people from doing something they may regret later.

Doctors can choose to use their talents for purely cosmetic reasons, or to help people that have been disfigured in accidents. Some may do both. Many are known for their excellent nose job or breast augmentation procedures. A ban on cosmetic surgery would take away job choices for aspiring doctors. Some may prefer the artistic aspect of cosmetic surgery, over other medical niches. A sudden ban would put many people out of work.

Cosmetic surgery can help boost people’s self-esteem, and help people recover their appearance after an injury. Cosmetic surgery is an industry that is in high demand. People spend thousands of dollars to change things they are not happy with. People are certain to find a way to continue these habits with, or without, approval. A ban is not a realistic option when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

10Freedom of Choice

Cosmetic Surgery provides freedom of choice to get better looks

People prefer to make their own choices when it comes to their appearance. In fact, most consider it a human right. Those that make decisions to ban things like this have to first consider the lawfulness of it. There would have to be some severe safety issues to ban consenting adults from having cosmetic surgery procedures. Regulations have already been put into place to protect patients. This is, probably, as far as the general public would allow law officials to go.

People tend to speak out in protest when they feel that their rights are being infringed on. People are not likely to stand for changes in their access to cosmetic procedures. The entire United States constitution revolves around people’s freedoms. It is important to maintain the standards of this document in many aspects concerning the lifestyle of American citizens.

As it stands, most cosmetic procedures are available by choice. This is the way most individuals would like to see things stay. People can choose their own hairstyles, clothes, and makeup. Cosmetic changes are thought to be a personal style choice.

9Increased Self-Esteem

The best cosmetic surgery improves your Self-Esteem to a high level

There are many cases where people suffer from low self-esteem. Appearance is a big deal to many people. At work, school, and in social situations, the way you look can affect your success. Appearance is the first thing that people notice about you. When you apply for a job, or meet someone new, you are usually seen before you are heard. While this may be a sad reality, judgement about a person can happen almost immediately. Most of us try to look our best, by dressing nice or applying makeup. These efforts add confidence and help us fit in to different situations.

The teen years are usually the most difficult when it comes to appearance related self-esteem. These formative years are often the time when cosmetic surgery begins to be thought of. Most procedures have to wait until the body is done growing, however. As a result, many people have suffered from low self-esteem for years before they go in for their first procedure.

Cosmetic surgery can help to transform facial and other body features that make individuals feel self-conscious. A renewed self-esteem can be the result of a successful cosmetic procedure. Cosmetic surgery can help people become more outgoing, more interactive, and less isolated. Even a subtle change can make all the difference for someone who has been upset by their appearance for many years.


Cosmetic Surgery Brings comfort and confidence to everyday life

Some aspects of the body may make people physically uncomfortable. Women with large breasts often choose to have a reduction. A large chest can cause severe back pain over the years. It can also make athletic endeavors difficult. A simple run can be incredibly complicated when the chest is very large. It can be difficult to find supportive undergarments, as well. The lack of support causes even more pain.

A person that is overweight can often be too uncomfortable to even exercise. Severe obesity can cause heart issues, lethargy, and many aches and pains. Diet and exercise take quite of bit of time to take effect. Once the weight starts to fall off, however, extra skin often remains. Some procedures can help get weight loss on its way, and others can help to deal with the aftermath. Extra skin is often removed, and the tummy tucked. This gives a fresh, youthful appearance to a once obese body.

Aging comes with a lot of discomforts. Sagging skin is not only, difficult to accept, it can be uncomfortable. Breast tissue becomes much less buoyant as the years go by. Women who have breastfed their children experience a big change in how their breasts appear. They often sag low, due to the stretching that has occurred to allow for milk storage.  A slight lift is all it takes to relieve the discomfort of the pull this causes in the chest area.


Cosmetic Surgery has been a necessity in modern world

Cosmetic surgery may not seem like something that is considered necessary in any way. Most people consider it a luxury. There are some people, however, that rely heavily on their looks for their source of income. Actors and models have to be extremely diligent about keeping up with their appearance. They often exercise several hours a day, and adhere to strict diets. Elaborate beauty routines also exist to care for their skin and hair. When they begin to lose jobs due to certain features, they may consider plastic surgery to help the situation.

Cosmetic surgery can be used to enhance the face shape, or change a nose to better suit job requirements. Some features are great when they stand out, others seem to get in the way of gaining work. When your livelihood depends on your appearance, it can feel very necessary to make some changes.

Some actors make changes so drastic, however, that they are hardly recognizable. When choosing a cosmetic procedure, it is a good idea for these types of people to undergo a consultation for help with final decisions. Athletes may also need to change some things to better perform. A large chest can make some sports more difficult. Things like running, ice skating, and dancing may be much easier with a reduced breast size. Some nose jobs also help individuals to breathe better, or stop snoring.

6Lack of Surgeons

Lack of Surgeons does not mean that you should ban cosmetic Surgery

A ban on plastic surgery could severely limit the number of doctors that specialize in the field of cosmetic changes. This could make it difficult to find a cosmetic surgeon when one is necessary for health issues. A shortage of doctors could leave many people in physical pain, as they wait for an appointment with one of the few remaining cosmetic surgeons.

Some surgeons that are already practicing, would be out of jobs if a ban were enforced. This could have a big change on the economy, especial in certain geographical areas. Popular demand states that cosmetic procedures are desired by the general public. Even a partial ban could make it difficult to maintain the amount of cosmetic procedures that are performed at present.

Cosmetic surgeons are also helpful when it comes to helping people bounce back from disfiguring situations. Many people would have to settle for their altered appearance if a cosmetic surgeon is unable to be found. Once a ban falls into place, the fallout from economic effects and public protests would be apparent. Cosmetic surgery is a popular and lucrative profession for many. The loss of this career option would change educational focus for schools, as well. It could be much harder to find a place to study this practice.

5Recovery from Injury

Cosmetic Surgery can fix injuries

There are many situations where cosmetic surgery can help restore the appearance after an injury. There are many occasions where this occurs. Once an injury heals up, there are often lasting effects, such as scars. These can be especially upsetting to individuals who have scarring on their face. When something like this happens at a young age, people may be especially motivated to fix the issue. Injuries and scar tissue that appear around sensitive areas, like the eyes, may also cause impairment with the function of eyelids. A cosmetic procedure can easily reduce complications.

Dog bites can cause deep wounds that leave noticeable scars. Dog bites are often not stitched closed, due to the risk of bacterial infection. The wounds are preferably left open to keep from trapping dangerous bacteria in the body. Some exceptions are made when the bites are on the face, however, scarring is still an issue. Cosmetic surgery can help reduce the after effects of a traumatic experience. Mental and physical trauma occurs from things like severe car accidents. A lasting reminder can be painful for many people. Cosmetic surgery can improve the well-being of people that are recovering from these difficult circumstances.

Some people may also incur disfiguring injuries from car accidents, sports injuries, and common household incidents. Any injury, big or small, can result in large wounds that scar. When these injuries are in noticeable places, many people like to minimize the damage with a cosmetic procedure. Scars may not impede health, however, they do bring more attention than some people like. It can be much easier to interview for jobs, for example, when a large scar is not the topic of discussion.

4Unsafe Procedures

Banning Cosmetic Surgery would create unsafe, underground black market.

If there is anything to be learned from past bans on things, it should be that people always find a way to get what they want. Think about prohibition of alcohol. The entire process caused an uproar from the public. People did not stop drinking alcohol, they simply found ways to sneak around and do it anyway. The same concept would likely apply to a ban on cosmetic surgery. The results, however, could be far more dangerous. There are already risks involved in cosmetic procedures, a ban would make things worse.

Doctors with lasting skills would likely accept cash to do procedures under the table. This would cause cosmetic procedures to be done with no regulations, whatsoever. This could be incredibly dangerous, especially when anesthesia is involved. People who are willing to do procedures outside of the law, may also not care if they provide quality service. Even if surgeons are well qualified, their cosmetic license would be invalid. Medical professionals usually commit to regular training and education. These option would cease to be available. Eventually the skills that surgeons have would become outdated.

In order to meet a demand, less qualified individuals might seize the opportunity to perform procedures. This could cause some severe health issue for people that seek out unlawful cosmetic surgery. Fatalities could even occur, as proper aftercare may be unavailable. A person suffering from a bad cosmetic procedure may then be afraid to seek out medical care, fearing consequences from breaking the law. Unsafe procedures would be on the rise if a ban on cosmetic surgery becomes a reality.


Banning cosmetic surgery is not practical or enforceable.

A ban on cosmetic surgery is completely unrealistic. The first issue would be a backlash from the general public. There would likely be protests from those that have had successful procedures, as well as those planning cosmetic changes. A ban would likely be very hard to enforce, with surgeons and patients fighting back. Many people would make up reasons why their procedures need to be done for “health” reasons. This would likely cause a long wait for those that really do need cosmetic work for health reasons. People may suffer due to long waits for appointments.

A ban is also unrealistic, because it would simply breed illegal activity. There are enough incidences of dangerous crimes that need to be dealt with, adding cosmetic surgery offenders is not feasible. Law enforcement, and courts, would be even more overwhelmed than they are now, if a ban is put into place. It would take a lot of approval before this ban could ever be put into place. Law makers are not likely to mess with a proposal that stands no chance of success. There is no need for votes on this issue. Records can easily be referred to when the demand needs to be analyzed. Popular cosmetic procedures are not a secret, and are a big part of the economy.

Law makers know how the public reacts when undesirable things occur due to new laws. Bans are one of the most sensitive subjects in America, due to our many freedoms. The right to protest is written right into the constitution. Some laws are changed, not realizing the stance of the people. When proper studies are done, however, lawmakers can decide the best course of action. The high demand for cosmetic surgery, speaks for itself.


Prevention is the most important part in the cosmetic surgeries

There are several things that can happen when a cosmetic procedure comes into play. Usually they are done to make an immediate change. Some people, however, set out to prevent issues by having a cosmetic procedure. If genetics are showing that a large chest is unavoidable, plans may be made for a reduction in the early years. A person can easily tell in their early 20’s if a large chest is going to adversely affect comfort. Some choose to prevent the disabling back aches, by having a reduction at a young age.

Some people snore their whole lives. Later in life, this could be a sign of underlying health issues. Sleep apnea is a complicated ailment that causes the breathing to stop throughout the night. Issues with face structure, especially the nose, can contribute. If an individual wants to ensure that the issue does not advance, a cosmetic procedure is in order. Noses are one of the most common cosmetic targets. These can be repaired rather easily. There is no need for people to suffer due to the inability to find a surgeon or legal place to have surgery.

Scar tissue can also cause a lot of pain later on in life. It may be many years before the negative issues arise. Even with time to spare, it can be beneficial to start thinking about the inescapable cosmetic procedure. When large amounts of scarring happen, it can be good to think ahead, in a preventative way. Cosmetic surgery can help to remove and repair scars, leaving the patient much more comfortable. Prevention of these issues with a cosmetic procedure can help, immensely.


Cosmetic Surgery Strengthens the Economy

Cosmetic surgery is a booming business. There are many different areas of the country where it is a major boost to the economy. Cosmetic procedures are fairly expensive, ensuring that earnings are sent right back into the economy. This helps to keep the economy healthy. When money is constantly revolving, a healthy financial climate can remain. The removal of cosmetic surgery may cause a major economic upheaval in some areas. When you remove a major money making business from the equation, there are bound to be consequences.

Surgeons, for example, would suddenly be out of work. Considering the high demand for cosmetic surgery, there is likely an extremely large population of cosmetic surgeons. This would add a huge responsibility to the unemployment services. The number of unemployed individuals this would produce, could easily overwhelm government services. Unemployment benefits and other welfare necessities would be necessary for many. These programs are already overextended, on a daily basis.

There would be less revolving income at this point, as well. People would not be spending, therefore the money that usually flows through the population may be reduced quite a bit. Supply and demand are the way that our economy works. When there is a healthy demand for something, people are able to work, and money is spent often. When the product that is in high demand is suddenly removed, complications can occur. A failing economy and less choices for the public are not beneficial to the economy.


Cosmetic surgery is a popular solution for those wanting to make changes in their appearance. Almost everyone has thought, at some point, about changes they would make. Not everyone has the financial ability to carry out their plans, however, many dream of a new nose or bigger chest. Cosmetic procedures are in high demand, making a ban an unrealistic choice. Certain geographical locations have much higher incidences of cosmetic procedures. These areas of the country would likely have large protests to defend rights, when it comes to the body. A ban is unlikely to remain in place long, due to issues enforcing it, and the people’s unwillingness to accept it.

There many cases where cosmetic surgery can remove scars left by severe injuries. A ban would make it difficult for people in this situation to get help. People would still seek out cosmetic specialists, raising the chances of unsafe procedures. When things like this are done under the table, the conditions may not be sterile. The surgeons may also lack the proper skills. When people become desperate to get what they want, safety is usually the first thing to go. Botched cosmetic procedures could cause severe health issues, and even fatalities.

Regulations on cosmetic procedures are the best way to keep things running smoothly. Regulations give lawmakers some control, while leaving the main decision up to the public. This solves the issue of keeping people safe, while still giving them choices.  Cosmetic surgery can improve self-esteem, and help people with scars. Some may also use the services for anti-aging routines. There are many reasons why people seek out cosmetic surgery. They are usually hoping for a fresh start, in some way. Increased self-esteem also seems to be a common factor in many situations. A ban on cosmetic surgery would take skilled doctors out of the picture, and result in further injuries. The right to choose needs to be protected.