10 Reasons Concealed Carry Handguns Should Be Legal

10 Reasons Concealed Carry Handguns Should Be Legal
10 Reasons Concealed Carry Handguns Should Be Legal

Top 10 Arguments in favor of the legality of concealed handguns.

The term “concealed carry” refers to the act of keeping a weapon with you in public in a concealed manner. This usually applies to small arms like handguns and the like, and has been the topic of heated debate in the United States. This list brings you the top 10 arguments in support of the legality of concealed handguns. Read on to find out more!

10Concealed-Carry Promotes Women’s Safety

Concealed-Carry Promotes Women’s Safety

When discussing the concealed-carry debate, oftentimes the mindset revolves around a male dominated perspective. This excludes the perspective of women for whom firearms can provide the most significant equalizing power. Women are physically more vulnerable to violent crimes than men, and legalizing concealed-carry allows for an avenue by which they can defend themselves. Statistics shows that an increasing number of women are choosing to carry firearms specifically for this reason.

Over 20% of women are victims in homicides with around 82% of these homicides being sex-related. Of the crimes committed, the criminals were found to be majority male. More research on crimes committed in Canada show that women are 11.3 times more likely to be victims of sexual assault, 1.2 times more likely victims of simple assault and 3.1 times more likely to be victims of forcible confinement. What these numbers show is that a good number of violent crimes victimize women more than men and more often, if not always, their assailants are male. Concealed carry laws will allow women the safety of legally obtaining an equalizer like a handgun, and training to defend themselves with it against such violent assaults.

9Armed Citizens Serve As A Crime Deterrent

Armed Citizens Serve As A Crime Deterrent

Crime is arguably a constant, regardless of how safe the government tries to make a nation. Violent crime almost always involves weapons of some sort, and is at its most effective when the victim or those immediately around the victim are unable to prevent the crime. This is often because the criminals have weapons which serve as force multipliers, and allow them to carry out their criminal intentions. If you think about it, there is likely to be only 1 or 2 criminals in a group of 5 citizens, but if those criminals have a gun, they can easily overpower the others.  Allowing responsible citizens to be armed with concealed weapons re-balances out the force multiplier equation, with greater favor to regular citizens because they outnumber the criminals.

Robbers will think twice about robbing stores where they know there is a high chance of the patrons and store clerks/owner carrying firearms as well. Rapists and violent criminals will think twice about assaulting people in a public area where there is a good possibility that one of the people passing by has a firearm. Criminals intent on going on a shooting spree will think twice about it when they know that the people they intend to shoot will likely be shooting back as well. Statistics taken from the United States show that in states with “shall-issue” concealed-carry laws, murder rates were reduced by 8.5%, rape by 5% robbery by 3%, and aggravated assault by 7%. Another study found that from 1980-2009, the states in the US with restrictive concealed carry laws had firearm related murder rates that were 10% higher than states with less restrictive concealed carry laws. That the statistics shows less crime in locations where concealed carry is permitted is a fair indication that concealed carry serves as an effective crime deterrent.

8Removing Concealed Carry Does Not Remove The Capacity For Criminals To Obtain Illegal Firearms

Removing Concealed Carry Does Not Remove The Capacity For Criminals To Obtain Illegal Firearms

Again, regardless of the effectiveness of police or law enforcement agencies, the criminal element will always exist in society. Only perfect societies or utopias have absolutely zero crime. Ideally, the percentages of crime can be reduced to where society can feel safe. When a crime occurs, particularly a violent one, it is a struggle between the victim and the criminal, and the victim’s life hangs in the balance.

Unfortunately for the victim, most crimes are premeditated, meaning the criminal will have the advantage of preparation before the actual crime, and will likely have brought the tools necessary to facilitate his crime, like illegal firearms. Anti-concealed carry camps will argue that concealed carry promotes the availability of firearms which facilitates criminal behavior. This is simply not the case, as criminals will carry weapons regardless of their legality. If it is illegal to carry weapons, then there’s a higher chance that the law-abiding citizens who aren’t likely to commit crimes will be defenseless against criminals and their weapons.

Criminals will always find ways to obtain weapons and firearms legally, and if weapons are illegal for regular citizens, their safety hinges on the efficiency of the police force, which isn’t always the best (particularly in developing countries). As such, we must ensure that our citizens have a legal way to obtain a defensive tool should they be subject to violent crimes. Removing legal concealed carry removes the victim’s ability to bring an equalizer into a possible fight for his life.

7Statistics Do Not Conclusively Show That The Concealed Carry Of Handguns Promotes Violence

Statistics Do Not Conclusively Show That The Concealed Carry Of Handguns Promotes Violence

Another common argument of the anti-concealed carry camp is that legalizing concealed carry firearms promotes violence. This is inaccurate for two reasons. First, there is no conclusive statistical evidence to prove that violence or crime rates (since illegal violence against another citizen is a crime) have increased in areas where concealed carry is allowed. In fact, the statistics show quite the opposite; violent crimes in areas with legal concealed carry laws has decreased as compared to violent crimes in states without concealed carry laws. Secondly, this argument assumes that every individual has violent tendencies, and desires to use the firearms obtained purely for violent crime purposes. Statistics indicates that in Texas, non-concealed carry permit holders are 5.3 times more likely to be arrested for violent crimes and 14 times for non-violent crimes than a concealed carry permit holder. The citizens that want the right to carry concealed weapons usually know their rights and are responsible law abiding citizens. Assuming that every person who will apply for a concealed carry permit is a psycho is simply silly! If we assume this, it can be a form of discrimination as well.

6Concealed Carry Firearms Can Be Properly Regulated If Legalized

Concealed Carry Firearms Can Be Properly Regulated If Legalized

There is a constant fear that allowing concealed carry weapons will open the floodgates for violence. This fear has been inflamed further by recent shooting sprees and various incidents involving psychopaths and firearms. One person may look at these incidents and say “look here, you had a psychopath and a gun and how did that turn out? Definitely a no to concealed carry.” While this may seem like a compelling argument to some, it is important to separate the firearm from the true cause of the problem. The owning of firearms in these cases is not the problem, the problem is the system by which ownership was awarded to individuals with clear psychological problems.

Obviously, these individuals do not have the capacity to properly handle firearms and should never be given one all the more legally. It’s also important to remember that arming these psychopaths is not the aim of a concealed carry law. The aim of a concealed carry law is to allow responsible citizens the right to carry firearms for self defense. The legalization of the concealed carrying of arms allows the government to keep better track of those who purchase arms as well. The key element of the purpose of pro-concealed carry camps is that the citizens are first responsible and law-abiding; psychopaths are neither responsible nor law abiding citizens.

The problem then lies with the regulation of determining “responsible and law abiding” citizens. The system has to and can successfully be designed to ensure that the check process for vetting against psychopathic or criminal behavior is sound. Concealed carry laws and processes can be implemented to effectively fulfill its purpose. It is simply a case of ensuring you have a properly enforced, effective vetting and regulation process for individuals that already do own the firearm. They also must make sure that red flags in the system are adequately captured and handled.

5Everyone Deserves (At Least) The Right To Choose To Carry Armaments

Everyone Deserves (At Least) The Right To Choose To Carry Armaments

Firearms have been shown to increase a victim’s survivability in violent crimes. Legalizing concealed carry firearms does not necessarily imply dramatic increases in the number of concealed carry permits or firearms. What it does, aside from the aforementioned advantages, is that it allows for a legal avenue for citizens to exercise their right to properly defend themselves.  Should citizens choose to carry concealed firearms for their own protection or not, legalizing firearms recognizes that right. Making concealed carry illegal removes this right from the citizens. It effectively says that should they become victims of violent crime, they are not allowed to use firearms; no state should ever make this decision for its citizens when one of the cornerstones for every state’s founding is the protection of its citizens. The ability to carry concealed firearms facilitates the citizens right’s to defend themselves against crime, especially against criminals who do not recognize the legality of arms anyway and are more likely to have one.


4Carrying Weapons Promotes Situational Awareness

Carrying Weapons Promotes Situational Awareness

Carrying a firearm is a big responsibility. Concealed carriage of firearms isn’t as simple as buying the firearm, especially because these laws require even more stringent regulation of weapons. Training is required to correctly handle the firearm and teach responsible citizens its proper legal use. Part of training to use a firearm involves building situational awareness to be able to correctly identify potentially dangerous situations, as well as to be able to correctly act under the pressure and threats that come with these situations. In this way, the legalization of concealed weapons means that more citizens are situationally aware.

In turn, citizens that have a high level of situational awareness promotes a safer society. Situational awareness is a skill in itself and will allow citizens to identify potentially bad situations, and report or avoid them. People become more responsible for their actions as well. Legalizing concealed carry firearms does not directly translate to situations where the firearms are used. Most self-defense schools will promote situational awareness; they give more importance to preemptively avoid getting yourself in a dangerous situation over having to use your firearm. This situational awareness is an invaluable skill in itself, as a society that is situationally aware is a society able to identify dangerous situations, act correctly and look out for themselves and each other.

3Carrying Weapons Empowers Citizens

Carrying Weapons Empowers Citizens

Police and law enforcement institutions are created to serve as protectors of society and facilitate the implementation of law. Processes are designed around this, and the people that serve in these institutions are trained accordingly. However, because these institutions have a human element to them, there still tends to be abuses of authority. The authority granted to police and law enforcement agencies is for the protection of the citizens, but when abused, can be greatly detrimental for the citizens themselves. This is especially true in countries where regulation and accountability is poor, and causes an imbalance of power. With the authority given to police and law enforcement agencies comes training and weapons to facilitate the enforcement of the law and the protection of the citizens.

In societies where abuse is rampant, these same tools that were meant for protection are the weapons used to facilitate the corruption and mistreatment of regular citizenry. Legalizing concealed arms laws gives citizens the option to arm themselves, and provides them with the training to know what they can and cannot use their firearm for. This knowledge often includes how to handle police forces and what their rights are as citizens. Law enforcement individuals who misuse their authority and firearms will find themselves facing citizens that are aware of their rights and capable of standing up to abuses, if necessary, with their firearms. Beyond serving as a deterrent for crime, legalizing concealed arms also serves as a deterrent for police and law enforcement abuses by empowering the citizens with the ability to defend themselves from abuse and the knowledge of what their rights are. This pushes society a step closer towards some measure of self-regulation, responsibility and more transparent accountability.

2Carrying Weapons Promotes Civil Defense

Concealed Carry of Weapons Promotes Civil Defense

It is the prerogative and responsibility of government to defend its citizens. However, situations may arise where the government requires the help of the citizens to facilitate their defense. Certain countries use mandatory military service to promote this mindset of “civil defense”. Legalizing concealed carry firearms also promotes this by creating an armed and capable population of responsible law abiding citizens. It is infinitely harder to conduct criminal activities within such a society.

Consider an example wherein police are in a struggle with a violent criminal. Social media is full of instances where the criminal overpowers the police force at the scene, usually because they have stronger weapons from the black market, in which case the policeman is put in a situation where he is in a fight for his life. If this happens in a society where concealed carry is legal, the citizens that come to help the police officer are more than capable of helping the police until backup arrives, mitigating the risk of loss of life. It is also infinitely more difficult for foreign elements to conduct aggressive operations against an armed citizenry. If a nation like the United States were to come under attack by a foreign aggressor, the opposing forces would not only find that they would have to defeat military might, but armed citizens as well.

Terrorist activities become more difficult when the citizens are vigilant, situationally aware and capable of defending themselves. However unfortunate it may be, violent crime is now also being propagated by fundamentalist ideology. This type of criminal and terrorist behavior is difficult for police and law enforcement to handle alone, as the scope can be quite significant. We cannot expect our police force and military to be in all places at all times. A society with high levels of civil initiative and a defensive mindset is the best solution against this.

1Responsible Citizens Have A Right To Defend Themselves

Responsible Citizens May Choose to Carry

Governments exist because of the authority given by the citizens of that nation. Inherent to every citizen’s rights is the right to defend and provide security for themselves. While people may argue that this is the job of police and law enforcement professionals, these institutions are unable to guarantee 100% of the time that criminals do not have access to firearms. Furthermore, history has shown us that the very law enforcement and police institutions we have, while designed to protect the citizens, are also subject to abuses of power. Should the citizen then simply surrender his natural right to safety to institutions that cannot guarantee protection? The answer, of course, is no. As such, responsible citizens should be given the right to carry concealed firearms for their own personal protection. Statistics indicates that 59% of the times, individuals carry weapons outside their home because it makes them feel safer. Victims of violent crimes who use firearms to resist their assailants have a higher chance of not being attacked further, or be subject to further injury. 55.5% of the time, the assailants break off the attack and retreat when a firearm is used. The numbers clearly show that concealed carry firearms used in violent crime situations are both a means to fight back and a deterrent to injury, implying a higher chance of survival.