10 Most Powerful Marvel Superheroes

2. Spiderman 

Spiderman is coming back with his attractive power to amuse children

Spiderman is another childhood favorite that keeps on coming back in the movies. There always seems to be another Spiderman movie right around the corner. Just when we think we can’t learn anything new about Peter Parker, Marvel surprises the audience. The famous spider venom that inflicted Parker, goes along with the many superheroes that have been changed in lab accidents. He slowly becomes a human with spider like abilities.

The interesting thing here, however, is that his appearance never changes. Parker has to go to great lengths to hide his identity. He takes it all in stride, however, as he wears a suit with a spider web pattern proudly. Parker works at night to save the world, while he tries to live a normal life during the day.

Spiderman has been adapted in many ways. There are cartoons for kids and films that incorporate more adult content. The films bring out the human side of Spiderman. They delve into his personal relationships with family. He also has a romantic interest that loves him in both forms, not knowing they are the same. He is fast, smart, and dedicated. He also shows the vulnerability of a human kid that makes mistakes. He feels responsible for the death of his uncle, as it happened due to him not obeying like he should have. He goes on to fight evil in an act of redemption.

1. Iron Man 

Iron Man
Iron Man has different versions and children like all his versions

Iron man is another situation where a young boy becomes a superhero by using special equipment. Tony Starks uses a special suit to fight evil without recognition. Only his close friends know about his secret. They form a small team, with his friends able to contact him while he is in the suit. He has upper speed and can fly. The Iron Man suit changes over time, as an improved version is made.

Iron man encompasses the traditional powers and flashy suit. What kid doesn’t wish he could have a flying suit? Iron Man is still just as popular as he was in the past. This is another hero that has been made into a cartoon character for children to enjoy in a more simplistic way. The weapons on the suit give him the ability to fight of the bad guys, as well. There are missiles and energy repulses.

Tony Stark has a super power of his own, even without the suit. He is incredibly intelligent and excels at engineering. He uses this academic prowess to bring safety to the city in the form of a superhero. His suit also acts like armor to protect him from oncoming attacks.


Superheroes are often the best part of growing up. As kids, most of us spent time running around outside and swinging on the playground, all the while pretending to be a superhero. Kids can often be seen on normal days wearing their favorite cape, or carrying their favorite Marvel accessory. Superheroes have been enhancing creative play for an incredibly long time. Dressing up as a favorite superhero is a memory that most adults have from their youth.

The powers of our favorite superheroes are what draws us in, many times. It is fun to imagine what it is like to run as fast as the wind, or fly above the tall buildings of the city. Even as adults, it is hard to resist a good superhero move. Many remakes of our childhood favorites bring nostalgia and shared experiences with our kids. The Marvel superheroes are not just famous for making movie history and breaking box office records. Their strengths and powers give us a much needed break from reality, at times.

As for who is the most powerful, there is no strait answer. Each marvel superhero has their own physical and mental strengths. Part of the allure is their need to do good for humanity. These characters bring out what we wish was present in many humans today. Sometimes our daily lives and the media stories show evil in the world, and we wish for a superhero. These movies give us an outlet to think about fighting back in an unfair world. Their speed, agility, and healing powers are all examples of superhero powers. The physical strength, of course, is what the movie goers are often after. The action is key to bringing in an audience, while the good, moral characters keep us wanting more. These most powerful superheroes would surely fight for us when times become dark.