10 Most Powerful Marvel Superheroes

5. Galactus 

Galactus is known to use his power cosmic to practice telepathy and transmutation of matter.

Galactus started out evil. His manipulation of the Silver Surfer showed how power hungry he was for a long period of time. He was doomed to a life of consuming planets to sustain his own life. Perhaps his food source. He came on the scene in 1966, bringing forth whole new type of villain, the supervillain, in his early years he was simply an explorer of space. His origin go more detailed when a writer added some interesting information. They made the character a little more in-depth, by making the Galactus a character with a richer history, he brings a more complex being into the mix. He is now said to have been around during the previous universe.

Galactus moved on to exploring after his world ended. His strengths were later used in evil ways. He brought on acts of genocide, and manifest destiny. He needed to move on to a less violent existence at some point. Otherwise his strength may have never been put in check. Galactus has the ability to present differently to each entity that he approaches. His true form is not something that can be seen by everyone. Each person sees something different, a form that they can understand. One of the forms was that of a humanoid star.

Galactus has been known to use his power cosmic to practice telepathy, transmutation of matter, and to manipulate souls. He can even make dead worlds reappear and make their populations appear to be there. This is only and illusion, however.

4. Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange eventually masters the arts of magic

Doctor Strange and his magical education bring a magical element to the world of Marvel. He starts out as a normal human being who seeks out ancient forms of healing for an injury. The mystical journey that follows, leaves him in a battle that encompasses many worlds. Doctor Strange eventually masters the arts that were taught him, while the immortal woman in charge of his guidance ceases to live forever. She is ultimately destroyed by evil around her, and her own quest for power. She failed to maintain a balance between right and wrong, entering into some grey area. Her demise, however, led to an opening for Doctor Strange to lead the way.

Doctor Strange is resistant at first, but eventually embraces his new role in life. He excels at the wizardry he is taught, while still maintaining his moral ideals. This is something that he was frustrated with when he learned about the actions of his predecessor. After his first battle with evil, he goes on to join the superheroes in their ongoing fight to make the universe right again.

Doctor Strange is powerful because he can manipulate things with magic, and his mind. He does not have to be near anyone or anything to move them across the room, teleport them, or even manipulate objects. He is also proficient in the martial arts, making him able to even better defend himself. His proper title is Sorcerer of the Supreme. He has some creative items that help him, as well. He has swords, axes, and the cloak of levitation. These are only a small part of the collection he has in his home.

3. Hulk 

The Hulk, green state, brings the reality of the destruction that can happen when anger gets out of control

Childhood would not be the same without cartoons containing the Incredible Hulk. Those that grew up with The Incredible Hulk on Saturday mornings, learned all about his struggle with anger. This is an interesting way to present anger, as is shows that you can completely become someone else when you are angry. The Hulk, in his massive, green state, brings the reality of the destruction that can happen when anger gets out of control. These changes happened in a lab, with chemicals that could have easily killed Bruce Banner.

This also shows a very different version of Bruce. Bruce is not the same as his alter ego. He is known as a very shy and introverted person. He thrives in an intellectual environment, which leads to his curiosity about the potion to change into Hulk. It is even said that the Hulk and Bruce Banner do not like each other, even though they are the same person. This can also be representative of how we often do not like parts of ourselves, even though they are not a part of who we want to be.

Eventually the Hulk uses his powers for good with the Avengers. This is still hard to control, however, as Bruce Banner disappears, for the most part, when the Hulk is present. He turns green, his clothes rip, and he gains impressive amounts of muscle. He is incredibly strong at this point, and is known for smashing things. The phrase “Hulk Smash”, has become famous. Thor is often able to talk Hulk down to his normal self by reminding him to calm down and that he has Bruce Banner inside of him. The Hulk helps us to be sympathetic to the things that are difficult to handle, personality wise.