Top 10 Reasons Sexual Orientation Is Not a Choice

  1. Birth Order Significantly Impacts Odds of Being Queer


One of these guys loves show tunes.
One of these guys loves show tunes.

The fraternal birth order effect is also one of the reasons why there are gay men. According to several studies, each older brother increases the chances of the next son of being gay, by at least 33 percent. This is because when a woman is pregnant, especially with a boy, her body can see the fetus as a foreign object and try to attack it, usually at the fetus brain that links to sexual orientation, by producing antibodies against it. The more male son a woman has, the more adept her body becomes to attack the fetus inside her, which increases her chance to give birth to a gay son. In a nutshell, the more boys, the higher the chance the next son will be gay.


Studies were performed by some scientists to prove this hypothesis. And one major experimental study was done by Ray Blanchard, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Together with his team, Blanchard collected a certain number of heterosexual and homosexual men, and all of them were asked some significant questions about their sexuality. After the test was done, they found out that the homosexual men subjects had more older brothers than the heterosexual men subjects. So this shows that fraternal birth order is a significant predictor of sexual orientation.


  1. Sexual orientation Isn’t Learned


I learned that sexuality isn't taught that's what I learned
I learned that sexuality isn’t taught that’s what I learned

Sexual orientation is biological in nature and cannot be changed by learning some ways to be attracted to another person. Do you know a gay person who went through an education process that taught him how to be attracted with the opposite sex? I don’t think any one does that, at least for me. Well, I know that you see some gay men who are in a relationship with a woman, but that doesn’t mean that their sexuality is changed – and that they’ve learned to alter their sexuality by awareness or lessons. As experts emphasize, homosexuals and heterosexuals remain to be who they are regardless of their sexual behavior. A person who has a homosexual orientation remains “homosexual” even if that person has sex with the opposite sex. A person with heterosexual orientation remains “straight” even if that person never has sex with anyone.


One major case that can prove that sexual orientation isn’t learned but inborn concerned the child named Bruce Reimer. Bruce was born a normal boy, but he was raised as a girl because his penis was accidentally destroyed during a botch circumcision when he was a few months old with no possibility that it could be reconstructed. The family got so worried that their boy would live a doomed life without the male organ, so they consulted numerous medical specialists for a solution. Then there came Dr. John Money, a psychologist at Johns Hopkins University. He advised the family to raise Bruce as a girl, and so they did. They even changed his name to “Brenda.”


Well, it’s true that after some years, Brenda or Bruce developed some kind of female characteristics. Dr. Money even published an article that the case of Bruce was evidence that gender identity can be learned. But Dr. Money misrepresented many facts. In reality, Bruce never wanted his female identity. He hated wearing girl dresses and seeing his breast developed. He disliked his long hair and every doll that his family bought for him, and eventually demanded to rebuild his genitals. He, then discontinued to use the name Brenda, and adopted a new name, David.


  1. Sexual Orientation Can’t Be Treated (And Shouldn’t Be)


Jesus commands you not to be gay. Don't be gay.  Screw Jesus.  Hmmmm...
Jesus commands you not to be gay. Don’t be gay. Screw Jesus. Hmmmm…

Many anti-gay groups, particularly in religious community, promote the concept that an individual can change his or her sexual orientation by either religious efforts or medical treatments. Well, while there are now treatments, such as “conversion therapies,” available claiming that they can change a person’s sexual orientation, experts declare that these treatments are not effective, and in fact, are harmful. After all, there haven’t been scientific evidences gathered proving that these treatments are successful.


Contrary to what many people believe, being gay is not a disease; therefore, it can’t be treated or cured. It’s already part of human existence that people can’t change or abolish ever. All those treatments that claim to modify one’s sexual orientation do nothing but to teach these people to deny and hate who they truly are. It destroys their true identify and self-esteem. In fact, the American Psychological Association (APA) published a report saying that “there really is no evidence that orientation can change, (or that you can change) who you’re attracted to or who you fall in love with.”


And if, for instance, a male person with a homosexual orientation decides to undergo such treatment and successfully obtains “male characteristics” doesn’t mean that this person’s sexual orientation is truly changed. Remember the case of Bruce Reimer? As mentioned, sexual orientation is biologically natural, same as with our race and hair color. Our hair can be dyed to look another way, but it will always grow back in its natural hue. Likewise, we can hide our true identity by changing our behavior or dressing differently, but our real sexual orientation will always be part of us, no matter what.