10 Reasons Bald Men are Scientifically Sexier Than Men With Hair

10 Reasons Bald Men are Scientifically Sexier than Men with Hair
10 Reasons Bald Men are Scientifically Sexier than Men with Hair

10 Reasons Bald Men are Scientifically Sexier Than Men With Hair

Baldness has always been thought of as somewhat taboo, especially if it happens at a younger age. Long lustrous locks of hair, not only for women but for men as well, were thought to be the acceptable societal norm when it comes to hair. In Ancient Rome, adulteresses, traitors, and prisoners had their hair shaven because of the negative connotation baldness had in the society. Much hasn’t changed throughout the years, and most men fear going bald.

When people start suffering from thinning hair, and eventually loss of hair, many go to extreme ends to try and turn the clock around. Now, science has come out telling men to relax and embrace baldness because it might actually turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to you.

Every man has to deal with the harsh reality of the inevitability of hair loss. For some it happens quite early and others later on it life. The American Hair Loss Association has it that ? of men start losing hair at 35 while 85% of them show significant hair loss at the age of 50. Hair loss can happen earlier too, and a few even experience it in their early 20s.

Often, those who start going bald earlier on suffer from psychological and self-esteem issues. With science coming out to let the world know that baldness isn’t such a bad thing, let’s expect to see more men donning the clean-shaven look.

If you still aren’t convinced that bald is the new sexy, here are 10 things that scientifically prove that bald men are hotter.

10Accentuated Features

Look how nicely his beard is accentuated.


Turns out that women often notice a man’s hair first at first glance. In the absence of hair, the eyes are the next thing that women tend to notice about a person. That means that a bald man can easily make eye-contact with a woman and create that rapport to get things going.

Breaking the ice has never been easy, even for the hunky men who seem to get all the girls. Add in dealing with a lack of locks, and the situation seems complicated for most. Who would have thought this would be true. It turns out you just have to get the conversation going.

Making eye contact has been established as one of the important aspects of attraction. Studies report that just two minutes of eye contact inspires deep feelings between complete strangers. Eye contact establishes a connection and in turn, builds trust. Therefore, men have long been advised to try and establish eye contact before going in to talk to a woman. For a bald man, half the work has been done because her gaze will naturally fall into his eyes and the rest, as they say, will be history.

However, disclaimer; not all women will fall for you on account of a bald head. You still have to turn on the gentleman meter, toss in some charm and just be who you are.

9Bald Men Appear Smarter And More Intelligent

Definitely smarter because bald!


To start with, most bald men tend to be older, and you can see why the deduction that they are smarter comes out strongly. According to a University of Saarland study, women also tend to find bald men wiser and intelligent.


However, one thing that should be clear; the smarter and capable connotation comes from people who sport an entirely shaven look. Men with patterned baldness or bald spots are frowned upon and often seen as less attractive and weaker. Therefore, it just makes sense to shave it all off once you start making a note of thinning hair or bald spots.

Seth Godin, a tech entrepreneur, and ‘baldie’ was quoted saying that baldness creates a statement that “you have done something active.” Not to say that shaving your hair will make you more successful, but men with shaven looks just look more successful and smarter.

The study also showed that bald people are thought to be well educated and hence more successful. This goes back to the age factor and chances are a bald man in his late 40s or 50s definitely has a good education background to brag about.

Back to women and why they find bald men smarter; it just boils down to perception. Now, if women perceive you as being more intelligent and successful, why not play the part and turn it into reality?

8Bald Men Are More Consistent

Bald = consistent


Consistency falls under one of the unwritten rules in any relationship and bald men just come equipped to offer just that! A bald man will wake up looking how they did the night before, and still look the same way throughout the day. People with a full head of hair inevitably look different at various times of the day, just because that is how hair behaves.

The estimate stands at $3.5 billion as the amount spent annually on baldness cures all around the globe. The staggering amount shows just how much emphasis gets placed on maintaining a full head of hair over other important matters. There are drugs that claim to reverse hair-loss, but they also come with side effects such as impotence. That doesn’t seem to matter though. These drugs shot up in sales back in 2014 up to $264 million. Let’s not even get into the hair transplant debacle! The bottom line is that men are throwing away a lot of money on hair-loss treatments that don’t work.

The unfortunate thing about balding men who choose to spend money on the next hair-loss cure is that they get caught up in the never-ending cycle for the quest of the miracle hair restoration cure.

While all these attempts prove futile, the bald man who embraced his nature-given look stays consistent and maintain a hold on to a vast amount of their money. Also, the clean-shaven look is the most affordable and easiest to maintain.

7Bald Is Always In Trend

Bald goes with everything!


There are those things that stay in trend and stand the test of time year-in and year out. Some of the timeless things we know about include chinos, moccasins and loafers, and Italian roadsters; and now, we can add in scalp-short hair to that list.

The last thing any man needs is to try to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion and add in the constantly transforming hairstyles. It all gets confusing for anyone. Men like to keep it simple; t-shirts and jeans are for those laid-back days while pin-striped suits are for work. Bald men have it easier when it comes to staying in trend because bald is always trending!

Back to reducing and saving on costs; the clean-shaven look costs virtually nothing to get and maintain. Men with long hair tend to spend as much, if not more on occasion, on their hair as women do. The bald man’s only concern would be keeping their head warm in cold weather, but who can’t deal with that quickly?

For the person who is experiencing thinning or bald patterning, the solution is to shave it all off. Don’t wait for it to fall away as a way of coping; the bald patch or spots look never has, and will never, be in trend. Therefore, shave your hair if only to keep money going back to your pockets, but also to always stay in trend.

6Look Manlier

Baldness is manliness


Levels of manliness exist, and consensus has it that men want to come across in the manliest of ways possible. Playing football or being an avid football fan automatically accords you a masculine status. Spotting ponytails and man buns quickly detract from your male status. However, one thing that allows you to maintain that butch, manly status is the bald look.

Let us review some of the bald actors we know and the roles they play in movies. “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham are some of the prolific bald actors we all know and love. Name any movie where they played less of an intense role? They are always cast in huge, macho roles, the kind of characters ordinary men dream of playing and women daydream about! Let’s just conclude that being a baldie is manlier.

Now, one urban myth has it that lifting weights causes baldness. Weights seem to go hand in hand with the clean-shaven look, and although the two have been linked, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that one causes the other. On the other hand, a man who lifts weights and is bald ends up looking manlier.

Women naturally love the masculine man, and it is no wonder that most gravitate towards bald men. Once again, it doesn’t mean that women will flock to you just because you are bald. Attraction is determined by several factors, and you can use your baldness to play in on those factors.

5Social Dominance

Bald is dominant

A Barry University psychologist, Frank Muscarella, conducted a study on the receptiveness bald men had within the general population. Muscarella conducted a study based on information compiled from 59 respondents. His findings showed that baldness had evolved into a form of signal that gave people a social dominance that was non-threatening.

Baldness immediately creates a strong statement and perceived traits about a person. Muscarella said that while baldness had the effect of seemingly decreasing the perceived attractiveness of a person, it inversely had the effect of increasing their social dominance.

The vast majority of literature also presents the argument that women are attracted to men exuding signs of high social dominance in as much as they are attracted to good-looking men. It has also been tabled that women tend to feel attracted to men because of their height, social status, and money in as much as they are attracted to their looks. Therefore, given that bald men exude that much alluring high-social standing and “well-to-do” appeal, a number of women are naturally attracted to these men.

On top of gaining a perceived social standing, bald men also hold a perceived social maturity. Collectively, the perceived social status, helpfulness, and honesty traits a person has accorded them the social maturity status. This goes back to age and the fact that most bald men are usually in their late 40s to 60s.

4Raised Testosterone Levels

Baldness means more testosterone

Balding has been linked to increased levels of testosterone as presented by Dr. James B. Hamilton’s, Yale, study in 1960. The study, shockingly, was looked into 21 boys going through castration. Apparently, back then, castration was deemed a treatment for mental or behavioral problems. Hamilton’s studies found that after castration, this group never showed any signs of developing pattern baldness well into adulthood.


Hamilton’s study revealed that boys of the same age who hadn’t undergone castration started suffering from receding hairlines as they went into adulthood. Centuries earlier, Aristotle and Hippocrates had made similar deductions on testosterone levels and its link to baldness.


However, it is now known that testosterone levels do not solely dictate likelihood of going bald, but genetics has a hand in the aspect as well. Genes are believed to affect the sensitivity of hair follicles to small amounts of testosterone. Dihydrotesterone, a testosterone-converting enzyme, is also thought to have a hand in the process of causing shrinkage of hair follicles.


Therefore, it is true that bald men have a marked level of higher testosterone, but it also means that they have elevated levels of the testosterone-converting enzyme as well. High testosterone levels have an impact on male sex drive, and it is also said to have a hand in making bald men better in bed.

3Increased Confidence

Confident? You damn right!


Yet again, going back to the well-known bald celebrities, they all have yet another thing in common – confidence. Think of LL Cool J, Billy Zane, and Taye Diggs, apart from sharing the commonality of being actors who are bald, they always ooze confidence both on-screen and out of it.


The reality is that most men who start struggling with hair loss in their teens going into adulthood often aren’t the most confident. Hair loss does affect confidence, and it has been associated with sex appeal. According to studies, the average man fears hair loss more than aspects such as losing their minds. However, women don’t seem as bothered by hair loss in men, and just about 13% of them would get upset if a man they were dating or married lost their hair.


A study conducted by “Psychology Today” showed that men believed that women were more attracted to their looks than anything else. The study had women ranking four personality and physical attributes that they chose out of an ideal mate. A man’s nature came out as a man’s strongest suit that made him more appealing to a woman.


Now, when it comes to bald men and confidence, a balding man who has embraced the hair loss entirely or earlier on tends to have a marked level of increased confidence. It takes a strong man in his early 20s going into his 30s to shave off his head completely. As explained, most people decide to wait it out instead of resorting to shaving off their hair at the onset of balding or thinning.


Turns out the society and women have noticed that “bald means confidence!”

2Bald Is Strength

People think you’re stronger if you’re bald. The truth? You are!


Once again, a celebrity inference will better bring this point across. Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham are embodiments of powerful, bald men. These men are bulked up and have ripped physiques; they just make you believe that there is nothing in this world they couldn’t literally lift and they are hard wired to get through tough situations.


A study conducted by University of Pennsylvania’s Albert E Mannes found that people tend to perceive bald individuals as being taller as well as 13% stronger. It just happens that most bald men who embrace the look are powerful, influential, and authoritative figures. However, the study by Mannes had participants look at various pictures, half of them being photos of bald men and the baldies were rated as the most dominant and stronger lot.


The written part of the study had participants ranking men without hair as more masculine, dominant, and more powerful. It also came out that people perceived men without hair as having the highest potential of getting into leadership roles.


Mannes encouraged balding men to embrace it and advised those with thinning hair to shave it all off. Shaving off your hair will be the first move towards a much liberated and undeniably happier life. A man with a shaved head perceivably gets a superhero status and seems more virile. Shaving it all off is a bold move, but the bald look has the potential of increasing your leadership image.

1Bald Men Are Honest

Would this beautiful bald man lie? Never.


To sum it all up, bald men are perceived as being some of the most honest people out there. Honesty is a trait that resonates with everyone as a good leadership trait as well as a great trait to bring into a relationship.


The clean-shaven celebrities portray characters who are always influential and authoritative based on their honesty. Everyone seems to gravitate towards them because you always know what you see is often what you get with a man donning a clean-shaven look. Also, given that most people who confidently wear the scalp-short look are well advanced in age. With age comes wisdom and the common belief that the older you get, the more honest you are with yourself and the rest of the world.


Now, we are all aware that perceived honesty and actually being honest are two entirely different things. However, the best of men will see it as an opportunity to work on themselves and use this perception to advance in their careers and also make greater strides with the ladies.


Women rank honesty amongst the top five, if not higher up on the list, of things they look out for when searching for an ideal partner. Honesty is an important virtue for anyone to bring into a relationship, and just about every situation in life. So if you are bald and liberally using honesty, why not go full swing with this trait to get ahead in life?




If you are a man and have a head full of hair, you should make peace with the fact that hair loss is inevitable. It doesn’t matter how long your hair is now, the hair loss clock will eventually kick off, and it will all start falling off. The reality is that we are all predisposed to start losing our hair at some point, and it all comes down to genetics as well as the other factors discussed.


Hair loss doesn’t have to be a shameful thing or tied to stigmas such as low virility, chronic disease or less-attractiveness. In fact, from the studies that have gone into hair loss and the society’s perception of people who are bald, it comes out strongly that the past negative beliefs about losing hair have long been discarded.


It doesn’t mean that you still won’t fall victim to the uncalled for bald jokes or strike out with the ladies; wearing your baldhead with confidence is what matters most. Most important is to encourage teens and men in their early stages of hair loss to embrace it as opposed to falling prey to the endless trap of searching for hair loss cures.


The crucial inferences to make out of it all is that hair loss doesn’t signal the end of life, you are perceived in a far much better standing than you think, and you might just actually strike it off with the ladies more. Take it and run it, don’t ask questions and just be who you are with an incredibly contemporary clean-shaven look.

Last but not least, the wise bald man will take all the incredible things that they are believed to be and run with it to actually transform into that near-perfect man women want. Work on one thing and the next and with time, you and your perfectly bald sexy look will land or keep that woman of your dreams.