Top 10 Reasons Paris Hilton Will Never Be Famous Again

  1. Her Brand Is Too Diverse

Paris is a DJ too? She's got like 16 jobs mon!
Paris is a DJ too? She’s got like 16 jobs mon!

Celebrity brands usually perpetuate their own fame. However, this is only true if the brand remains successfully without the overt celebrity endorsement. In the case of Paris Hilton, her successful line or brands and products relies almost exclusively on her outright endorsement. Her 18 different perfumes, 17 product lines and her 45 Paris Hilton stores are a testament to this fact.

Paris has recently transitioned from tabloid celebrity to business mogul. Her peers are right to consider her a brilliant business mind and threat. Her fragrance business alone is estimated to be worth around $2 billion.

In addition to all of her retail ventures, Paris has also started opening Paris Hilton branded beach clubs and also makes huge money as a DJ. She has had residencies in some of the biggest clubs in the world.

She is reported to be a hard and thoughtful worker, a true Hilton legacy in the business sense of the world but her brands continue to capitalize on the Paris that many people left behind in the last decade. The Simple Life, which was so keen to remind people that Paris has no need for work, continues to dominate her brand over a decade after it first aired.

Of course, celebrities who want to create a brand or company would be foolish not to use their fame to gather attention and financial backers. Paris’s childhood best friend, Nicole Richie, transformed herself from BFF party girl to bohemian fashion mogul. Her design label, House of Harlow, has taken off and is a staple brand of Nordstrom fashionistas everywhere.

While she may have relied on her name for initial press and funding, the brand has now taken on a life of its own as a successful fashion brand. Richie, well-connected and rich as she is, no longer relies on her own name to keep her line at New York Fashion Week. Instead, her brand has allowed her personal brand to evolve and keep her interesting.

  1. The Media Moves Too Fast for Her to Jump Back In

Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture. Sorry Paris.
Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture. Sorry Paris.

In 2015, we do not live in the same world that we did in 2001. The world moves faster than ever before and the fame game has change completely from the year 2001 or even 2009. Brands that grew up on social media have learned how to play the game to keep up with trends that change by the minute.

By no means is Paris Hilton too old to play the social game, in fact, if she tried she would probably be very good at it. But for her to really succeed in the new media game, she would need to create a new version of herself to enter into the race.

By applying her dated character to a new scenario, it would look more like she was trying too hard to make her dying, but recognizable, brand fit into a new age. The reason that celebrities like Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift attract hundreds of millions of followers online is because they use social media to create an extension of themselves and of their brands. Both in business and in celebrity, Paris Hilton has failed to do that.

People do not follow Paris Hilton to see what photographers caught her shopping in Beverly Hills or what fancy Hollywood parties she attends. She would need to demonstrate a real side of herself that draws a more intimate portrait of who she is as a whole, not who her character is.

This is not hard to do, Kim K has somehow transformed a series of selfies into meaningful expression that is now being published in a book. But Kim has the added benefit of being perceived as a person and not just as a parody.


When you look at all of the things that made Paris Hilton famous, or infamous, and apply them to Kim Kardashian, whose brand is so well defined that her fans would pick up their pitchforks if she was referred to as ‘today’s Paris Hilton’, it is obvious where Kim built on the foundation that Paris pioneered and improved it significantly.

Paris Hilton was the inventor and pioneer of being famous solely for being famous. Her infamy continues to live on years after she lost the attention of both the public and the media. She is now reported as being front row at fashion events in Poland instead of making high profile appearances at New York or Paris.

Although her business mind is undoubtedly one of her greatest assets, her fame is of a previous generation. Paris Hilton’s brand is well recognized but it is cold and inaccessible. In the age of social media, fans expect to be able to interact with and experience the real lives of those they follow. There is very little about Paris Hilton’s personal brand that translates well into the emotional and fast-paced sphere of new media.

Like a bright star that is slowly dying, Paris Hilton’s light is burning out. If she ever regained the fame and notoriety that she attained and encouraged during the height of her career, it would be shock to business, media and Hollywood.