10 Facts You Should Know About Kellyanne Conway

10 Facts You Should Know About Kellyanne Conway
10 Facts You Should Know About Kellyanne Conway

10 Facts You Should Know About Kellyanne Conway

Over the past few months, President Donald Trump has taken the media by storm. Stories about him leading our country as our newest President infiltrate just about every media outlet possible. But what about the strong, powerful, and bold blonde who is helping him manage his responsibilities in the White House? Kellyanne Conway is a name that you are probably pretty familiar with by now, as well.

Kellyanne Conway stepped up to the plate as Donald Trump’s campaign manager in August of 2016, making her one of the first ever female campaign managers for the Republicans. A political veteran herself, she was brought on board the campaign to help Donald Trump refine his image and guide Republicans in the process of appealing to female voters. In fact, she has spent the past 30 years or so working in various political circles helping candidates appeal to women. As Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne managed virtually every aspect of Donald Trump’s campaign, from fundraising to advertising to building voter confidence. She now serves as Donald Trump’s counselor in the White House and is officially the highest ranking woman on Capitol Hill.

Despite being Donald Trump’s ‘right hand woman’ in the White House, Kellyanne Conway is an interesting individual whose background and experience might surprise you. While she spends most of her time speaking with the media about Trump’s future presidential plans, she has an interesting story of her own to lend to the public. Here are ten facts about Kellyanne Conway that will lend additional insight into the world of our current presidential counselor.

10Kellyanne Conway is Very Well-Educated

Kellyanne Conway has book smarts

It is true that Donald Trump’s campaign manager turned counselor is a very well-rounded and highly educated individual. You may have guessed as much from watching her comment on the political landscape on various media outlets like CNN and ABC. She is well spoken, well-articulated, and has the educational background needed to back up her claims.

Kellyanne Conway grew up in Camden, New Jersey. During her early years, she attended a Catholic high school called St. Joseph High School, where she graduated in 1985. St. Joseph High School is a rather small, private school that draws together high quality education with Catholic teachings. After high school, she applied to Trinity College in Washington, DC, where she decided that she wanted to pursue a degree in political science. Not only was it a feat, in and of itself, that Kellyanne was accepted into this highly regarded and highly competitive liberal arts school in the Capitol Hill area, but she graduated after four years with one of the highest academic distinctions possible.

After completing her degree at Trinity College, she then enrolled and studied for a short time at Oxford University where she earned prestigious academic accolades. After Oxford University, she then went on to pursue a law degree at George Washington University Law School where she graduated in 1995.

9Kellyanne Conway is a Former Pageant Winner

Kellyanne Conway is no stranger to beauty contests

As you watch Kellyanne speak on television about Donald Trump’s latest plan and motive for execution on recent presidential orders, you probably would never guess that she was a former pageant winner.

Yes, Kellyanne is more than just a political advisor for the Republicans. She is more than just a strong, powerful, and well-articulated woman working tirelessly in the White House. She is a pretty face that has a history of competing and winning in a local, hometown pageant.

Growing up in New Jersey, Kellyanne spent many of her younger years working at a local blueberry farm that was located just outside Atlantic City. Here, it is where she learned how to pick and pack blueberries like a champ. In fact, in 1982, Kellyanne won the local New Jersey Blueberry Princess Pageant. More of a surprise, perhaps, is that she also won a top spot in the local speed packing blueberry competition. She was one of the fastest blueberry pickers and packers around, averaging about 300 crates of blueberries per day.

As a testament to her strong work ethic and notably attractive features, Kellyanne also served as a cheerleader on St. Joseph High School cheerleading team during her high school years. From blueberry picker to cheerleader to pageant winner, Kellyanne’s background is certainly an interesting one.

8Kellyanne Conway Was Raised Primarily by Women

Kellyanne Conway comes from a broken family

Kellyanne Conway’s dad was a truck driver who owned a trucking business in New Jersey. Her mother worked for a bank when Kellyanne was young. Throughout her younger years, her dad played a more pivotal role in her childhood. It was when her parents got divorced, however, that this dynamic started to shift. Kellyanne was only three years old when this happened.

If you have ever watched Kellyanne speak about her childhood and upbringing on national television, she will often attribute her professional success to four, strong women who helped to raise her after her father left the picture. These four women included her single mother, her grandmother, and two unmarried aunts. All four women were devout Catholics with strong personalities and traditional Italian values. They taught her the value of being a strong, Christian woman in a very rough and rugged world.

Kellyanne praises each of these women and speaks very highly of them. In addition to her days working on the blueberry farm outside of Atlantic City, Kellyanne attributes much of personal and professional success to these four woman and, in turn, is a strong supporter of strong, powerful women in the political arena and beyond. She also values higher education and was taught to never stop working hard for what she wanted to accomplish in life. Out of all four women in her household growing up, she was the first to attend college, pursue a law degree, and start her own business.

7Kellyanne Conway Has Known Trump for a Much Longer Time Than You Think

Kellyanne met Trump because she purchased a condo

While some might assume that Kellyanne Conway just started working for Donald Trump at the beginning of his presidential campaign, their relationship extends well beyond the confines of current presidential affairs. In fact, Kellyanne and Donald Trump have known each other in some way, shape, or form, for almost a decade.

Kellyanne Conway’s and Donald Trump’s relationship actually started in 2006. The two crossed paths when Kellyanne was living in one of Donald Trump’s buildings. During this time, Kellyanne served on the Board of Directors for the condo association for Trump World Towers in New York City.  She was a critical advocate for residents within Trump Towers. Donald Trump would often show up at these board meetings and was often actively involved in the decision making process. It was here that the two of them became familiar with one another.

After meeting in Trump Towers, it is reported that Donald Trump would actually call Kellyanne from time to time to ask her opinion on various topics after seeing her on television. Seeing her on television would spark his memory and typically instigate a call of some sort to converse and share ideas.

When Donald Trump decided to run for president, he called upon Kellyanne once again. In March of 2015, the two met and began speaking about his presidential campaign. It was during this time that Donald Trump reportedly offered her a job working with him on his campaign for presidency, but she initially declined. Sources say that she was worried about the type of image it would portray to the media and to the American public if she accepted his offer.

Several months later, however, she decided to take the jump and the two of them began working together in a more formal manner, building off what has become a decade long acquaintanceship.

6Kellyanne Conway is Pro-Immigration Reform

Kellyanne Conway is in favor of overhauling immigration in America

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about immigration in the United States of America. In fact, there has been a lot more than just ‘talk.’ There have been a number of protests around the country responding to Donald Trump’s relatively hard line on immigration in this country.

Although Donald Trump has softened his rhetoric since his campaign, he is still taking a strong stance on immigration in America. He is dedicated to making sure that our security is tightened and that the process for which people gain entry into this country is controlled by American bureaucracy. There are many people on both sides of the equation who either agree with his stance or completely disagree with some of his notions.

Despite any anti-immigration comments or notions on behalf of the President, Kellyanne Conway is actually very much pro-immigration reform. She believes that America is a country rooted in immigration; a melting pot that should continue to pave the way for people to buy into the American dream. She wishes to support common sense reform and has indicated that she supports a strong pathway for undocumented individuals who have come to America to become full-fledged citizens.

5Kellyanne Conway Has Strong Republican Ties that Date Back Decades

Kellyanne has been on the right for quite some time

While you have probably seen a lot of Kellyanne Conway on television and in the news in recent months, this is not her first run around with right wing politics. In fact, she has been involved with the Republican Party for much of her professional career.

As mentioned prior, Kellyanne’s background is in both political science and law. She was a practicing lawyer who has worked with an outstanding list of both Republican organizations and individuals to better their relationships with female voters. Some of these organizations include, FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity, as an example. She has also worked with well-known names like Newt Gingrich and Mike Pence. She has worked with a number of different people and a number of different organizations to help them refine their image, strengthen their platforms, and appeal to female voters around the country.

Sources say that since the early 1990’s, Kellyanne has provided commentary on more than 1,000 shows and has been a strong supporter of women in the political arena. Often times, in her earlier career, she was seen commenting on the Clinton administration’s ideas and notions and was a strong opponent of their views.

While Kellyanne was hired back in the early days of Trump’s campaign to help him refine his image and better appeal to female voters, she has a lot of experience doing this with other candidates in many other areas of the country. This experience lends her an upper hand like no other when it comes to assisting Donald Trump in office.

4Kellyanne Conway is the Highest Ranking Woman in the White House

Kellyanne is #1 in the White House: among ladies. Sorry Melania

Imagine being the most powerful woman in the White House, outside of the First Lady, of course. When Kellyanne Conway started working with Donald Trump on his presidential campaign, she probably never thought that she would grow into a position of such authority and power, serving as Trump’s counselor. On top of raising four children and managing a life outside of the political environment, Kellyanne Conway has become one of the most powerful and high profile women in Capital Hill.

Many people originally thought that Kellyanne Conway would be stepping up as Donald Trump’s Press Secretary. This job, perhaps well suited, would have been too much of a burden on Conway, so she declined any possibility of stepping up into this role. With four children, the responsibilities would have been too great for her to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to her family.

So, rather than stepping up to the plate as Trump’s press secretary, Conway became his campaign manager and was officially the first woman to hold that title on either side for a presidential candidate. As if that wasn’t an achievement in and of itself, Kellyanne soon moved into a position acting as Trump’s counselor. Trump touted numerous times that Kellyanne was the perfect woman to get the job done right. He mentioned several times to numerous media outlets that she is a tireless advocate for his political campaign and has the skill needed to communicate effectively with the masses. As counselor, Kellyanne plays an integral role in the Trump administration and is officially the highest ranking woman in the White House.

3Kellyanne Conway is a Business Woman

Kellyanne Conway is all business

Not only did Kellyanne Conway graduate Trinity College with a degree in political science and then later from George Washington University with a law degree, but she also started her own business. Kellyanne is not only extremely well-educated, but she is also an entrepreneur at heart.

In 1995, Kellyanne Conway developed her own polling business. Her company, ‘The Polling Company’, focused on a wide range of consumer trends. The Polling Company provided consultations for a number of large clients, including Vaseline, Hasbro, and American Express, to name a few. Her company focused on women as their primary audience and often looked at trends within this particular population.

Prior to starting her business, Kellyanne worked for companies such as the Withlin Group and Luntz Research Companies. It was during her time with these two companies that she picked up a number of skills that would later help her to develop her own business in the polling industry. Using her background education and experience in the field, Kellyanne started a company that provided the groundwork for her future involvement with politics and the Trump campaign.

2Kellyanne Conway Has Written a Book

Kellyanne has been published

As if being a business owner and a practicing lawyer isn’t enough, Kellyanne Conway is actually an established author, as well. Not only has she worked in the political arena for many years, but she has also used her experience to write a book titled, ‘What Women Really Want.’

Who knew that the same woman who won a blueberry pageant and a blueberry packing competition as a young girl would grow up to not only lead a presidential campaign, but also co-author a book? In coordination with Democratic strategist, Celinda Lake, Conway helped to write the book, ‘What Women Really Want’, which addresses a lot of today’s most pressing issues in the United States.

The book, which is sold on Amazon, illustrates how women of all backgrounds are coming together to fight the racial, religious, and political tensions that plague this great nation. It demonstrates the power of women coming together, despite having different beliefs, to fight for what is right and just in the United States of America.

Kellyanne’s book mirrors her political views. As Trump’s presidential campaign manager turned counselor, Kellyanne is often found demonstrating the power of a strong, intelligent, and committed female voice both in both the political arena and beyond.

1Kellyanne Feels Strongly About the Abortion Debate

Kellyanne Conway is pro-life

One of the most sensitive and, often times, pressing issues on any President’s mind is the issue of abortion. The topic is not an easy one to open and up and talk about, as there are many individuals on both sides of the argument who feel very strongly one way or another. The topic of abortion, like only a few others, hits close to home for many individuals and continues to tug at the heart strings of many Americans, despite what side they may stand on.

Kellyanne Conway has come forth on a few different occasions to speak about this important issue. While she is considered to be ‘pro-life,’ she has been empathetic to those standing on the other side of the debate. Early in 2017, Kellyanne attended the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. March for Life is an anti-abortion rally that takes place every year outside of the White House. She spoke to the masses, letting them know that those who suffer from unplanned pregnancies, for one reason or another, are heard and supported by those working in the nation’s White House.

In addition to supporting those who go through unplanned pregnancy, she has also made it very clear that she understands why some women would chose to have an abortion. While she is very much pro-life, she understands and respects women who chose to have an abortion. She has made it very clear that she understands that every situation is different and that she does not judge those who have to end life for one reason or another.

One point that Kellyanne has made that is vital to this debate is that regardless of what side you stand on, as a woman, you should have access to resources and be able to understand all of your options. Once a woman has been presented with all of the pertinent information, it is up to her to make a decision based on what is best for her and her loved ones. Despite any comments that Trump has made during his presidential campaign, no decision is judged and Kellyanne continues to be a powerful female voice in this debate.


Over the past few months, there has been a deluge of information pertaining to Donald Trump, his presidential campaign, his cabinet, and his plans for the future of the United States over the course of his term.

While it may seem like every time you turn on the television, hop on the computer, or turn on the radio, you hear Donald Trump’s voice or see his face, there is another very powerful character to keep in mind that is working the backend of the President’s business. In a relatively male dominated environment, that character happens to be a strong, powerful, and independent woman named Kellyanne Conway.

Kellyanne Conway started working with Donald Trump quite a while ago, but just recently became very involved in his political endeavors as President of the United States. She was hired onto his campaign team early on in the process, helping to refine his image and market him to female voters. After winning the election, she was promoted from campaign manager to counselor and stands as the highest ranking woman in the White House.

Kellyanne Conway, in truth, is a powerhouse when it comes to politics. She is a strong advocate who is skilled at marketing and messaging to the masses. She is also a wife, mother, former pageant winner, co-author, and entrepreneur who has dedicated much of her professional life to involving women in politics.

Outside of what you may have seen on television, Kellyanne Conway has an interesting personal and professional background that has truly paved the way for her success in politics.

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