Top 10 Reasons Paris Hilton Will Never Be Famous Again

  1. Her Brand Is Boring

Paris would rather make money than controversy.
Paris would rather make money than controversy.

Her own personal brand, which was so carefully crafted throughout the first decade of a new millennium, is boring. Paris’s struggles with the police and the press have been problems that she has created for herself. It is hard to create any emotion or empathy within a readership because her brand perpetuates her image as a rich, white woman who will be rich whether she works or not.

Her brand does not include any real struggles or meaning in her life. Fans can speculate that Paris is not an android and that she does in fact have a real personality as well as feelings and issues that she keeps away from the cameras. The fact that she doesn’t show them leaves her looking vapid and boring instead of dynamic and interesting.

Her simpleton, party girl brand is not complicated by her apparent green thumb in the realm of business. In fact, few people care how she has created so many brands that are associated with her name. They assume that she is a product of the connections that are inherent in the Hilton name.

At the end of the day, she wasn’t discovered as a model by Donald Trump because of her raw and stunning beauty but because she was the infamous blonde socialite who could add real media capital to a new modelling agency.

  1. She Does Not Have a Humble Origins Story

Yes Paris was born with a silver spoon.
Yes Paris was born with a silver spoon.

The media loves a humble origins story. It does not matter whether the subject is an actor, a model or a business person, both fans and the media eat up these rags to riches stories. Even Kim Kardashian has one, despite being the daughter of a wealthy Hollywood attorney. A humble origins story makes a character or celebrity more relatable. Why else would the popularity of in-depth interviews and talk shows remain so prevalent?

Paris Hilton’s popularity dropped significantly after the 2008 recession and it is not hard to see a connection. It is obvious in her brand and in her created character that she was not just born with a golden spoon in her mouth but that she could choose from an entire selection of rare spoons with which to feed herself.

Nowhere is this transition in public priorities more apparent than the pivot from Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian. Kardashian’s image profited immensely from the false representation of her relationship with Paris. Memes from The Simple Life show Paris ordering Kim to do menial tasks, even though this did not happen in the show.

From her unrecognizable name to her humble origins as Paris Hilton’s lowly assistant friend, Kim has documented on film almost every moment of hard work that she has put into the brand that she has become. Despite her undeniable fame, her television programs still show her going into the boutiques that she owns, doing work and managing her employees.

  1. Her Business Ventures Are Successful but She Was Never a Talented Singer, Model or Actress

Her music may not be my favorite. It's an acquired taste.
Her music may not be my favorite. It’s an acquired taste.

There was a point where Hollywood producers, record labels and modelling agencies would do their best to capitalize on Paris’s fame for their own projects. Paris Hilton has been offered a slew of high profile roles and contracts despite never seeing any tangible success or talent in acting, music or modelling.

Paris’s roles were always obvious attempts at drawing big box office numbers and more media attention different projects. She undoubtedly turned down and continues to turn down a large number of high profile roles and cameos from producers who were interested in free press.

If Paris was able to shine in Hollywood, her personal brand would have become more than the two-dimensional character that she depicted in her reality TV shows and in the media. If she had taken on roles where she could portray demonstrable talent, the media would have been shaken awake with surprise. People would have engaged with the projects not because Paris Hilton was in it but because Paris Hilton performed well in it.

While these roles were good for her business and good for Hollywood, they have not contributed to creating a more relatable brand that would continue to be relevant today. Instead, they simply informed her audience that what they already knew is true. Paris Hilton is famous for being famous and not for her talent.