10 Bizarre Facts About Islam

Islam, like all religions is veiled by mysterious rituals, strange customs and weird stories. Here are 10 Bizarre Facts About Islam!

10What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus is the Reason for Islam’s Season?

The Islam religion is definitely counter doctrine to the Christian faith. For example, Muslims believe that the gateway into heaven or paradise is worked out through one’s good deeds. This is the exact opposite of what the Christians believe Jesus died for on the cross. The true Christian church believes that they are unworthy creatures and that there is nothing that one can do to earn their way to heaven and Jesus teaches that faith in his sacrifice is the only way to redemption. However, the Christian sinner will feel convicted and experience sanctification.

9Religion of Peace or Fanatical?

Islam’s Peace Problem

Fanatical Islam teaches that a good work is considered killing any non-Muslim in a battle. In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus said gave an example that to follow God is to your brother because the Samaritans were foreigners and the Jews disliked them. In the parable, Jesus condemns the priest and praises the Good Samaritan that helped the needy man. Followers of Islam claim that true Islam is a way of life that focuses on peace just like Christianity.

8One God.

It’s Me, God. I’m Still #1


The Islam faith holds the belief in one God. They view Mohammed as a prophet, but they do not worship him. The Roman Catholic Church holds the doctrine of the Holy Trinity in which God is three persons in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Christian bible doesn’t really teach this outright, but there are scriptures that back this theory up. The Gospel According to John states that the Word existed in the beginning, the Word was with God and Word was God. The argument that Islam or Christians worship a false God can only be proved when either religion gets off course with the true teachings of peace and love for God and mankind.

7No Pictures.  Really? Even Velvet Elvis Must Go.

Even Elvis Must Go


What Are Some of the Religious Misconceptions that Imprison the World? The followers of Islam are forbidden to have pictures up in their home. This may seem strange at first, but Judaism followers of Mosaic Law are held to the same beliefs when God commanded them not to make any carved images or likeness of any human shape or form. Judaism forbids the use of symbols and is very strict regarding art, although the hypocrisy can be seen in the Star of David. Christians follow the Ten Commandments regarding idols, but they display a cross to symbolize God.

6Burka, Burka, Burka.

Fashion Victims or Ninjas?


Muslim women must wear veils. This seems crazy to the modern American, but consider how nuns wear head coverings. Muslim women are simply trying to follow acts of submission spoken about by the Apostle Paul. The New Testament actually says that women should do this because God is the head of Jesus and Jesus is the head of man and man is the head of a woman. That being said, a woman’s actions in her submissiveness toward her husband and God are a manifestation of this truth. The same can be said for a man that follows God. Muhammad said, “The best among you are those who treat their wives well.” Still weird though.

5Islam’s Sweet 2.5%

Islam Makes that Money

The word Islam means peace, surrender to God’s will and submission. The word Muslim actually means that all of creation is subject to God’s authority. Similar to Christianity and Judaism, Islam is a way of life in which God’s council is sought after in the physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual sense. Islam believes that God is a loving, just and merciful God. The people of Islam aim to please God through their works, such as a 2.5% tithing rule, claiming that legalistic customs such as these prevent complacency. However, they also teach grace. Muhammad said, “God’s mercy prevails over his wrath.”

4Quran Merely a Copy?

Quran A Copy? Or Original Text?

Followers of Islam memorize the Quran. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the three largest religions in the world. Each religion believes in a monotheistic God and surprisingly each religion’s holy book holds the same teachings of the Torah or Mosaic Law. The Law is the fundamental puzzle piece that leads to redemption in one’s spiritual journey. No one can follow the law perfectly. Thus, we need a Savior to receive eternal life because the punishment for sin is death. Islam claims that Jesus was a prophet, but not the Savior. Christianity believes that Jesus was the Savior that the Old Testament prophets spoke about and the people of Judaism are still waiting on their Savior. No one can specifically say for sure if or how these holy books have been corrupted, but the law of the Spirit lives inside every human being that is of God. The First Letter of John states that whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. It’s really pretty simple.

3Massive Memorization

Memorize all you like lady but you better get that burka back on

Some fanatical branches of Islam require that a follower of Allah must memorize his 99 unique names in order to gain entrance into Paradise. His names have very important meanings when it comes to understanding the nature of God. A few of the names include The Provider, The First, The Last, The Near, All-Knower, All-Merciful, The Hidden and The Source of All Peace. However, one must understand that a loving God cares more about how we treat others than he does about memorization.


2Muhammad is the Main Guy

Muhammed Ali. It is really hard to find a picture of the Prophet.

Islam followers claim that the Quran was revealed by Muhammad, written by Muhammad’s followers, and inspired by God. These are the same principles that the prophets of the Old and New Testament based their writings on and the same guidelines that inspired writers claim today. Islam believes that all prophets were of God, but revealed at different times. This is half-true. Jesus was a prophet, but he tells us that his words are eternal. If that made sense then Muhammad’s words should’ve passed away long ago.

1Jihad, Such a Touchy Subject.

Without Condemnation Murderous Jihad is Islamic Legacy

Jihad does not refer to “holy war” in the sense of killing. It can refer to the everyday struggles that one’s spirit endures such as dyeing to self, ignoring the ego, kindness, patience, endurance, faith, trust, hope and love. This is very similar to the New Testament teaching that faith, hope and love are some good things God gave us, but the greatest of these is love.


However, this notion has been corrupted and without a central source of power, an Islamic Pope if you will,  it will continue to be bastardized to foster violence throughout the world unless and until followers of Islam condemn Jihad.