Top 10 Things Every Man Should Know About Flirting

2. Speak Smartly

Speak Intelligently. Know current events and some pop culture
Speak Intelligently. Know current events and some pop culture

Women are insanely turned on by intelligent men. They find them truly sexy and attractive. Oh no, don’t frown if you don’t feel you’re a smart guy. I’m not talking about being Einstein or Lavoisier here. This part of flirting doesn’t require you to master Quantum Physics or Molecular Chemistry. Being smart in terms of flirting is knowing how to talk to a woman in the same way that smart men would talk to her. Smart guys talk with confidence, with sense, and with certainty. And they also know how to keep the conversation going and fun.


If you’re not good with conversation, then practice. Go out and mingle with others. Talk to your friends more. Read so you can improve your knowledge. Watch news to keep you informed about the latest happenings. Remember, many women find intelligence important. They want someone whom they could relate to on an intellectual level. Most women are turned off by guys who are boring and have nothing to say for themselves.


Well, if you’re naturally shy, as mentioned, practice. In addition, you need to think of things to say first before approaching the girl you want. This will help you avoid those awkward moments of silence. And also remember to avoid talking about topics that you actually know nothing about no matter how interesting they are. That will put on you on a big trouble!


One easy way to impress the girl of your dreams is to tell funny jokes. If you run out of jokes, compliment her or ask her things about her life, feelings, or hobbies. Find out what interests she has and talk about those. It’s also a good thing to open her a bit about yourself. Then, just enjoy the talking. The truth is, there are so many things that you could talk about to make your conversation fun. Just relax, be nice, and be respectful and she will surely notice you.

 1. Be Yourself 

Be authentic. And if you can't fake it.
Be authentic. And if you can’t fake it.

And finally, just be yourself! At the end of the day, women still choose the guy who is real – who doesn’t pretend to be someone else, who doesn’t lie, or who doesn’t say cheesy lines just to impress. Sure, you flirt in order to get the attention of the woman you’re interested in, but flirting isn’t about being someone you’re not, or using awkward pickup lines, or seducing someone by what you wear. It has something to do with expressing your real intention to the girl in the most sincere way. And you can’t do that if you keep on imitating someone else, or you keep on being too nice or too sweet.


So, just be yourself. When you’re “you,” not only that you will feel more relaxed and look more confident, but you’ll also become more unafraid to speak honestly and express what you truly feel. Don’t worry if you think you don’t look like Tom Cruise or her favorite baseball star. If she doesn’t like you, then fine, there are more other interesting girls around. Just move on and find someone else. Isn’t it great if you find someone who can truly accept you for who you are? Life is much happier and meaningful with less stress, self doubt, and with someone who accepts you for who you are.