Top 10 Reasons Why the Fat Acceptance Movement Should Be Ashamed of Itself

Obesity Ahead
Obesity Ahead

The fat acceptance movement also known as “health at every size” subscribe to the following pledge:

Health at Every Size is based on the simple premise that the best way to improve health is to honor your body. It supports people in adopting health habits for the sake of health and well-being (rather than weight control). Health at Every Size encourages people to:

  • Accept your size.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Accept and respect the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes.
  • Eat in a flexible manner that values pleasure and honors internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite.
  • Find joy in moving one’s body and becoming more physically vital.

This feel good message cloaks several dangerous, uniformed and/or violently misrepresentative ideas.   The fat acceptance movement and its supporters should take a long look in the mirror and feel serious, wallow-inducing shame for the following 10 reasons:

10.  Because the Fat Acceptance Movement is Anti-science


FAM Is Anti-Science
FAM Is Anti-Science

The fat acceptance or “FAM” turns a blind eye to the overwhelming medical evidence that being grossly overweight is quite simply very, very bad for your health.  Having too much body fat is very bad for you: (see #6 below).

Just as insidious is the belief that science is inapplicable to body size and that caloric intake is no predictor of weight gain.  Take for example this blogger’s strange musings:

I’d like to say something about how much fat people eat. I, personally, would be neither surprised nor offended if it were somehow proven that fat people, on average, eat more than thinner people. Of course, this hasn’t been proven, and if it were, there would be exceptions and outliers — but if it were found to be the general case, it wouldn’t surprise or offend me in any way.

This individual holds herself out as a “nutritionist” and her formal title is “diet tech.”  She has the audacity to propose that it is somehow possible that fat people may not be eating more than thinner people. Her position is indefensible, morally bankrupt and scientifically backwards.

Let’s apply just the tiniest bit of analytical thought to dismiss this absurd idea.  In order to maintain a specific body weight X number of calories must be consumed daily.

For example, according to’s daily caloric intake calculator

  • a 5’10” tall, 40 year old sedentary man who weighs 300 pounds must consume 3,302 calories per day to maintain his weight;
  • a 5’ 10” tall 40 year old sedentary man who weighs 200 pounds must consume 2,658 calories per day to maintain his weight;
  • a 5’4” tall 40 year old sedentary woman who weighs 170 pounds must consume 2,034 calories per day to maintain her weight; and finally
  • A 5’4” tall 40 year old sedentary woman who weighs 125 pounds must consume 1,787 calories per day to maintain her weight.

If any of the above described individuals consume less calories they will lose weight. If they consume more calories they will gain weight.

The FAM ignore this basis precept: that eating more causes weight gain.

  1. Because It’s Un-empowering, Dispiriting and un-America

FAM is Un-American
FAM is Un-American

The FAM adheres to an ideology that our bodies are unmalleable, unchangeable, and something to accept: a complete rejection of the American way.  In this country we believe in pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and carving out a better life than that to which we were born.

By resigning themselves to the false idea that their bodies can’t be changed they sentence themselves to a prison of their own making.  If, however, they were to overcome their ignorance or willful witlessness they may, with repeated, concerted effort, escape.

  1. Because the FAM Promotes Laziness, Overeating, and Unhealthy Behaviors

FAM Promotes the Obesity Epidemic
FAM Promotes the Obesity Epidemic

One of FAM’s central tenets “accepting and respecting the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes” shrouds tacit approval of bad behavior.  While it’s true that not every individual is the same, each individual can be characterized as either obese or not obese.  Each individual has the capacity to be either thin or obese.

To say otherwise is disingenuous.  To accept an obese body as normal is to accept the behaviors that lead to such a state.  The binge eating, binge drinking, and lack of exercise that lead to obesity are tucked away neatly in the waist coat pockets of the housecoat you’ve been wearing all weekend while drinking a 24 pack of IPA, choking down a ½ dozen big macs, and scarfing up an economy size bag of mini-Twix cookie snacks.

  1. Because the FAM Promotes Disease

FAM Promotes Disease Heart Disease #1 Killer
FAM Promotes Disease Heart Disease #1 Killer

The FAM believes that you can be healthy at any size.  This is dangerous, reckless, or deliberately intended to deceive.

Being obese leads to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, stroke, kidney problems (End Stage Renal Disease), fatty liver disease, and pregnancy complications. Obesity impairs the normal functioning of the body.  Obese people have excess adipose tissue (fat) that causes the overproduction of leptin.  Leptin regulates food intake and energy expenditure.  Too much leptin results in abnormal food intake and energy regulation.

The idea that you can be “healthy” at any size is either a dangerously ignorant point of view or a purposeful lie perpetuated by disingenuous charlatans posing as prophets.  Among experts there is absolutely no critical or recognized debate about whether obesity is unhealthy. Universally, all experts agree that obesity without a doubt or prevarication leads to serious disease.

For example, obesity causes heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States and the world.  That alone should be enough to stop FAM in its tracks and the fact that it isn’t should be disconcerting to its supporters or would-be supporters.

Dear reader, never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity.  The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.

  1. Because Obesity is 100% Curable

Obesity is Curable
Obesity is Curable

Unlike innumerable diseases, obesity is completely curable.  With proper nutrition and exercise every individual can avoid obesity.  There is no scientific or medical debate to the contrary.  Your doctor will never tell you that you cannot lose weight through proper nutrition and exercise.

Your support system might. The internet will.  Your doctor won’t, in fact, if you give her the opportunity to speak freely you’ll likely hear some great advice.

  1. Because the FAM’s Encouragement to Accept Yourself is Deceptive

Self Deception is the Worst Sort
Self Deception is the Worst Sort

Listed as the first step in FAM manual, accepting yourself is as self-deceptive as it is self-destructive. The first step should be: identify the problem or more accurately admit that you have a problem with food.

Self-awareness is crucial when attempting to fix a problem or cure a disease.

  1. Because FAM’s Advice to Trust Yourself is Wrongheaded

Should a drug addict or alcoholic trust themselves
Should a drug addict or alcoholic trust themselves

Would FAM advise someone suffering from anorexia or bulimia to trust themselves?  Would it provide the same advice to someone suffering from a heroin addiction or alcoholism?

An obese person has gone off the tracks and is a state of utter disrepair.  The individual’s internal sensors have short-circuited.

Relying on your own judgment in such an altered state is foolhardy.  Obtaining advice from a trained medical professional and following that advice is paramount.

  1. Because FAM Puts Too Much Emphasis on Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is Earned Not Learned
Self-Esteem is Earned Not Learned

This one is tough. Everyone should feel valued, happy, and safe.  But maybe not about everything in their life all the time.  If you are failing, underperforming or engaging in bad behavior that leads to multiple life threatening disease states your self-esteem should likely take a shot.  And maybe that’s ok.  Purposely putting yourself in precarious health is preposterous.

Self-esteem is something that is earned.  And it can be. Just like each individual has the power and ability to make real change in their lives.  They can choose to do so and the reward… you guessed it is self-esteem and positive results.

The FAM is blissfully ignorant on this point.  The FAM merely asserts that each person has the right to high self-esteem regardless of their behavior.

  1. Because FAM Ignores That Behavior Equals Result: We are what we repeatedly do

Repeating Positive Small Steps = Big Success
Repeating Positive Small Steps = Big Success

Good habits equal good outcomes.  Bad habits equal bad outcomes.  Engaging in repeated bad behavior day in and day out leads to nothing but sorrow and failure.

It is the small steps taken every day that can lead a person from darkness into the light.  This article is not meant to be disheartening or cause dismay.  Rather it is to point out the irrationality of the FAM and to suggest, humbly an alternative.

And that alternative is that small, positive steps can produce dramatic productive results.

  1. Because Accepting an Obese Body as Normal or Healthy is Purposefully Harmful

Obesity Acceptance is like a punch in the face
Obesity Acceptance is like a punch in the face

According to the Journal of American Medicine 34.7% of U.S. adults and 17% of children are obese.  Non-Hispanic blacks have the highest age-adjusted rates of obesity at 47.8%, followed by Hispanics 42.5% then non-Hispanic whites at 32.4% and finally non-Hispanic Asians at 10.8%.  Obesity is higher among middle age adults 40-59% than among younger adults age 20-39 or adults 60 and over (35.4%).

The disparity at older age seems strange. You might think that as you age you simply put on more and more weight.  The reason is quite simple.  Obese people simply do not live that long.  Their lives are foreshortened by co-morbidities that arise from their disease of choice.  Obesity leads to cancer, heart disease and kidney disease, which are the three leading causes of death that are in turn all caused by obesity.

If the sheer numbers alone do not strike fear into your heart, the rate at which the fattening of America is occurring should send shivers down your spine.  The obesity rate of the U.S. is mindboggling.  In the past 20 years the prevalence of obesity among adults age 20 – 74 years has more than doubled from 15% to the 34.7% above. And the proportion of morbidly obese adults in the U.S. has quadrupled from 1 in 200 to 1 in 50.

The FAM ignores this epidemic. They insist without any shred of scientific or medical evidence that obesity is healthy.  A line in the sand must be drawn.  The U.S. is fast approaching a future in which most individuals will be obese.  Not fat.  Not chubby.  Not pleasantly plump.  Obese.

To turn back the tide there can be no acceptance that obesity is normal because to do so would be to hammer another nail into the coffin of America.  Recognizing obesity as a disease is perhaps the first great step.  But what comes next is harder.  The eradication of the disease.  Much like the eradication of other diseases what comes first is education and then action.

The purpose of this article is educate our readers that there is no shred of evidence or defining particle of truth in the FAM that can rationally lead anyone to believe that obesity is normal or healthy.  The gauntlet we lay at the feet of each and every reader is to act.  Reject the false arguments of the FAM.  Realize the critical precipice upon which our country is perilously perched. Do you want to live in a country that is obese? Do you choose obesity for yourself and your children?  Do you truly believe that living a life trapped in an obese body is better than living in a fit, healthy one?  Are you prepared to live those choices by make small repeated decisions every day?

Dear reader, give yourself the gift of a fit, healthy life.  Reject obesity. Choose health.  Reject emotion. Choose reason.  Rejection nonsense. Choose logic.  Reject death and choose life.  And live the life you deserve.  Live a life free of obesity.



  • clorox43

    The amount of delusion in the HAES movement is staggering. I have never seen any peer reviewed research that supports any of the HAES claims. Beyond that, I often wonder what the endgame of this movement is. Assuming the HAES proponents accomplish their goals (more societal acceptance, wider airplane seats, etc.), they will STILL be uncomfortable because living in an obese body is an inherently uncomfortable state of existence. If you are obese, I implore you to fight for your life and fight for your health. It’s not easy, but it is so so so worth it.

    • Rebecca Lane

      Have you actually investigated HAES? My PCP is in full support of this approach to health.

      • TheDarkArtist

        Some doctors aren’t good doctors. Including yours, apparently.

        • Rebecca Lane

          Wow, that’s downright silly.

          • anobesepersonworkingonhealth

            Your doctor is either forcefully delusional or REALLY likes your money.

  • Caroline Stoner

    I find it highly entertaining that most FA blogs have links to actual, peer reviewed studies to back up what they are saying, while this little list has none, but FA is the “feelz not reals” group. Sure, keep telling yourself that. It is obvious that this writer has done very little research. The fact that they conflate HAES with fat acceptance (two completely different movements) is evidence enough.

    • bethany blackman

      Haes bloggers link you to unscientific studies and they pick and choose facts to push their agenda. This is common knowledge.

      • Caroline Stoner

        I’ve actually read the linked studies, as well as the ones that argue against the findings, and you are incorrect.

        • bethany blackman

          No I’m not, haes has absolutely no scientific backing and its killing people.

          • Caroline Stoner
            • Kale Stedman

              Forgive me, I skimmed through the linked articles, so I may have missed some details. But it seems that each of the papers on studies about the effectiveness of HAES/”intuitive eating”, with the conclusions being that people remained on the “intuitive eating” diet longer than other diets and felt better about themselves (their “feelz”). However, none of the studies concluded that the participants were healthier, more energetic, or lost weight.

              All of which is besides the point. The main point of the list here is that fat is not healthy, which the studies you linked did not disprove. The list above claims that it’s about self-esteem and feeling better, which the studies support.

              • Caroline Stoner

                The studies I linked to here were not meant to prove that fat is or is not healthy. They were in reply to Bethany’s statement that “HAES has no scientific backing and is killing people.”

                As for what is stated in the original piece, I simply don’t have the time or patience to address the sheer number of blatantly false claims made here.

                • bethany blackman

                  The point is that fat is unhealthy and that kills people. The fat in your body surrounds and blocks your arteries,which makes your organs have to work harder because of the extra strain. This damages your heart and cause damage and even organ failure. Your heart can only work so hard and if you’re too heavy, blood can’t reach you’re hands and legs and that causes damage. Heavy people have problems with extra fluid which collects and causes ulcers and you can lose limbs completely. Because fat people eat more, this is true because energy doesn’t come from nowhere and fat is stored energy so the energy has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is extra food. They eat more on a regular basis which raises their blood sugar and causes diabetes and diabetes kills.

                  • Rebecca Lane

                    Your simple generalizations are rather astonishing. Where is the science?

                    • bethany blackman

                      Rebecca, just because you don’t know what science is or you’re ignoring it so you can keep arguing radically and infactually doesn’t mean its not there. You’re whole “I bet you believe this, that’s just silly, well that’s wring, oh lol you don’t know what you’re talking about” doesn’t give you any credibility or Merritt. You have had nothing good to say except tell people they’re wring but I brought you facts and you say “oh well that’s an over generalization “. You’ve brought no facts and have argued in the most childish way possible. Also, its not an over generalization because guess what! All bodies work the same. Its why the same treatments are used over and over again, its why people heal the same, why bodies look the same. There’s slight variations but nothing that makes the haes people able to use it to excuse their weight. Its science, science is right, science bitch.

                    • Rebecca Lane

                      My dear, since you’re the one making the claims, asking for citations is logical. I can see you have no actual research based knowledge. No worries; don’t be concerned. You’re not claiming to be a medical specialist, and it’s very clear that your sources are frothing redditors. I’m sorry you’re locked into such bigotry and hate. That can do real damage to your own well-being. May you find peace.

                • Socialite

                  But HAES has no scientific backing.

                  Experiments/research about “X” does not legitimize X being true, since the research is not about whether or not X is “scientifically backed.” It only says that people might be happier if they don’t watch what they eat.

                  (By the way, people feel happier when they take xtc. A paper stating that xtc makes people feel happier does not suddenly legitimize xtc or mean that xtc is now scientifically backed.)

                • This is the whole point of the article. Obesity acceptance is not wise. What are talking about if not the main point of the article?

              • Jon

                Notice how all the critiques have ceased once you pointed this out. Hmm.

            • anobesepersonworkingonhealth


              >”short term effects”


              This study neglects the idea that the conditions listed as obese people living longer with them could have been caused by the obesity itself. Thin people with these conditions do not have obesity as a possible cause and thus obviously have more immediate complex sources.

              >”Another unintended consequence of the weight loss imperative is an increase in stigmatization and discrimination against fat individuals.”

              Other people losing weight promotes fat discrimination because it is inherently recognized that being fat is unhealthy and being a normal BMI is. If you can look at an obese person and see health, your rose-colored glasses must be made of painted concrete.

              There are so many things wrong with this article, I could write an entire paper on the mounds of medical fact they are glossing over and flat-out ignoring. The word discrimination is used 16 times.

              I do not believe a HAES supporter actually knows what discrimination looks like. Race and physical sex are inherent from birth. A transgender person might seek to change their sex and be kicked out of their family for it. They can (STILL, in this day and age) lost their job. In some countries, they can be killed legally. A black man in the United States has a less likely chance of being given a job than a white man with an arrest record. A black woman is more likely to have her children taken away from her and be declared an unfit mother for the same offenses as a white woman who gets to keep her children. In some countries, women cannot drive cars or be seen in public when they are menstruating. In some counties, women are seen as property. THAT is discrimination. Being obese and feeling bad about it when someone, even a doctor, suggests you aren’t healthy is not. Being treated by a doctor who says you are unhealthy because you are fat is not discrimination.


              So eating patterns of people who subscribe to HAES don’t change after adopting this lifestyle. That is because HAES confirms a person’s need to feel good about what they are already doing so they don’t seek to change anything. There is nothing new or surprising about this article.

              Intuitive eating isn’t a new phenomenon and cannot be attributed to the fat acceptance movement alone.


              Health at Every Size is a fat acceptance movement. It urges people to accept their bodies as they are. Therefore fat people are accepting their bodies.

              There is tons of evidence to support the fact that being obese creates medical issues and contributes to an overall shorter lifespan. Google, Wikipedia, almost every single doctor can and will easily tell you this. It’s insane that people are calling for evidence that being heavy hurts a human body.


              I’m not going to link a whole slew of studies. Instead look at the bottom of this page.


              Or maybe read this.


              Maybe the CDC has something to say.

              I’m not interesting in bogging this down with links and suggestions for people to do their own googling when it will take much more to convince those who have convinced themselves that being obese is healthy that they are wrong and putting their own lives at risk for the sake of feeling good about themselves.

              The last thing I will say is that I bet you a million dollars that in 10 years, there will be a definitive study of the long term effects of the HAES and FA movements and it will confirm what every doctor worth their salt already knows. It will show all of the obese people who effectively killed themselves or are on the fast track there because they decided to believe that health is a mindset and not a physical certainty.

              You ask who is being killed by Health at Every Size. If you have any rational bone in your body, you will see.

              • Jon

                The hero we all need. Keep on fightin the good fight! Off to the gym now : )

            • Jon

              The innocent children they influence, who then go on to perpetuate the lies before also dying early from obesity-related diseases

            • Rebecca Lane

              I think it must be fat-phobes.

          • Rebecca Lane

            Upon what do you base this assumption? Where’s your data? Deaths, really?

    • Jon

      Me too! I find their “actual peer reviewed studies” to be quite entertaining.

  • Rebecca Lane

    Wow. I suppose you also think bringing back the public stocks to ridicule & punish people is appropriate? How about caning children in school? And where did your belief that “self-esteem is earned” come from? That is absurd.

    Bigotry based upon body size, like all bigotry, is ugly.

    • TheDarkArtist

      Not as ugly as obese people’s bodies, though.

      • Rebecca Lane

        Babe, you don’t like what you see, look somewhere else. Other people are not here to decorate your world.

        • Snargle

          Why do you care if he thinks you’re ugly? I thought you had accepted your body.

      • Phil Varlese

        Assuming that the HAES naysayers are correct (and I have serious doubts about that, based on the reading I’ve done over the past 4-5 years), the fact still remains that the size acceptance movement is quite necessary, and the comment made by TheDarkArtist hammers that point home quite well.

      • anobesepersonworkingonhealth

        While I don’t support the HAES or FA movements, bringing people down by making generalizing and hurtful statements, regardless of your opinion, is NOT helpful or necessary. It’s petty.

    • anobesepersonworkingonhealth

      This is not bigotry based on body size. This is the raw truth that the HAES movement is encouraging people to accept an early grave. When the points here are backed by years and millions of dollars in research, it ceases to be an opinion.

      Reading words you don’t like is not punishment. The people are punishing themselves with what they perceive to be self love and that is the great red herring of the fat acceptance movement.

      It is absurd that you equate not sugar-coating this truly awful social phenomenon with physically harming children or forced public imprisonment. Physically harming children is allowing them to become obese and therefore limiting them physically, socially, and emotionally. By allowing themselves to become obese, the parents and people of the fat acceptance movement build their own prisons and dig their own graves.

      You’re right. Bigotry is ugly. The hateful rejection of the medical professional opinion in favor of what is easy and immediately emotionally gratifying is ugly. If you or anyone you care about subscribes to HAES, you are doing them, yourself, and your loved ones a tremendous disservice by refusing to acknowledge the shovels in your hands.

      • Rebecca Lane

        “The medical profession”? As if all medical professionals are in complete agreement with each other? I just returned from my annual physical. Luckily, I have access to the best medical school & its teaching system in the US, and a HMO system which is routinely awarded national recognition. My PCP’s practice takes a weight neutral, HAES type approach to healthcare. They rely on proven, outcomes based diagnostics, not weight, to gauge health status.

        The redditor froth being generated by those who harbor the irrational & unexplainable prejudices based simply upon body size – here parading as “health” concerns – is sad. It’s ultimately a mental health issue, since this body hate and size bigotry are based upon the same roots as racism and sexism; privilege, power over, and reducing others to less-than-human status. While lower on the violence continuum, it’s precisely the same objectification that allows terrorists to cut the heads off of those the despise. May you get help. Peace out.

        • anobesepersonworkingonhealth

          My points do not come from Reddit. This discussion has nothing to do with websites.

          Your doctor’s practice may ignore fat percentage as an indicator of health in favor of catering to those who vehemently oppose the idea that being overweight is inherently unhealthy but I assure you, 99% of the medical professionals in the world will tell you that weight is an important diagnostic tool in determining health. By ignoring it, your doctor is catering to the need of HAES supporters to feel validated in their ideals and lying to you by omission, avoidance, or deflecting.

          I have no prejudice against obese people. Prejudice implies that there is no reason behind my opinion. These concerns are legitimate, relevant, and if you aren’t concerned, you aren’t looking at the whole picture.

          My mental health has nothing to do with this discussion. I do not hate people for their race, sex, status, or size. I hate people for forcefully deluding themselves. Size acceptance promotes people to accept their body fat percentage as something they are incapable of changing. By convincing people to become complacent, they are risking their lives and livelihood while you can be happy that their sharing of your opinion strokes your ego and stokes your own resolve not to change. When your doctor does not challenge you to lessen your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, and the incredible list of diseases that obesity can encourage, they are failing in their job as a medical health professional and they are failing you as a human being.

          There is no violence here. I am not objectifying anyone. Every human being is born equal, terrorists included. It is regrettable that their society encourages the idea that murder is acceptable and necessary.

          It is my hope that in your experiences and own reasoning that you come to the understanding that the HAES movement is ultimately damaging to every person who subscribes to it and that you are making a choice to listen to a doctor who uses the insecurities of obese people to make money instead of honoring their profession by telling you the truth. I hope that someday, you can help yourself.

        • Whoa. You’re active. At least here. Anyway. Sounds like your PCP belongs to a medical system that likes money. Imagine that a doctor that enjoys making a nice living. Marketing makes the world go round.

          Say this out loud: “weight neutral.” Does that sound like something an MD would come up with? Sound like a Mad Menism to me.

          Thanks for reading!

        • Hey : ) I understand why you’re being defensive but try to see it from a different perspective.

          Not everyone is born with a petite frame BUT one can make the most out of what one has been blessed with from birth.

          This is what I gather from the HAES movement. The emphasis is on HEALTH. Obesity isn’t health; lean muscle is. Take a look at Serena Williams. She isn’t small but nobody can accuse her of being unhealthy.

          Sure, not everyone is a professional athlete. The most important is doing the best we can.

          Getting healthy isn’t about diets; it’s a journey and embracing a change in lifestyle in order to take better care of ourselves, whether petite or larger.

          If everybody embraces this, I think people wouldn’t be so critical of the HAES movement.

          Just a thought. Chill : )

          • AndYet…

            Why does anyone owe “health” to you, or anyone else? Body shape & size are irrelevant to one’s inherent worth and value.

            • This is a great point. You can be ridiculously obese. Eat 5 pizzas a day. Be so ugly that you have to a tie a steak around your neck to get the dog to play with you. But none of this has any bearing on your inherent worth and value.


              The problem with HAES and the fat acceptance movement isn’t that they demand basic human decency for all. That’s cool. The problem is that they scoop up huge shovel-fulls of nonsense and expect nonbelievers to choke it down as truth.

              Being obese is bad for you. It’s also not a good look. But it has no bearing on whether you’re a good or bad person or worthy of love, respect or admiration.

              • AndYet…

                Oh, the contempt fairly drips off the page, dude. It’s clear that you don’t like looking at fat people. Look somewhere else.

                • No contempt.

                • Jason Pierce

                  It’s impossible to not look at fatties when they block the view.

            • I don’t think you understand and you’re quite rude when I’ve been polite. Rudeness seems to have value to you but not to me so I won’t even bother talking to you further.

        • CantBelieveThisCrap

          This is either completely false or you’ve been duped into the worst medical care hoax around.

          My my mother is a full clinical professor of medicine at an Ivy League school and my father has a dual cardiological appointment at that same school and another one of the same athletic conference located somewhere in Cambridge.

          As someone who actually has firsthand knowledge of the best medical system in the country, the idea of having a conversation at my dinner table about HAES that wasn’t purely sarcastic doesn’t even compute. It’s a non-starter. I can’t even begin to play devil’s advocate. There’s a certain minimum intelligence level where crap bottoms out, and HAES is well below that hull. It’s like toying with Holocaust denial or 9/11 conspiracy theories.

          The sheer magnitude of the unabridged and absolute stupidity of your position is so mind-bogglingly gargantuan as to strain credulity, the only last-ditch possibility of the reinstatement of any modicum of merit for your brain that you are dishonest – a troll, a poe. There is a yawning chasm between your thoughts and the actual state of reality. You have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about and every word you write confirms that in crystal clear form.

          Your babbling is an incoherent collection of strawmen, red herrings, and obscure jargon known only to the most fervent believers. The poorly thought out (excuses for) arguments include the usual suspects of Marxist false-consciousness and Orwellian doublespeak, both common among fringe ideological groups that have dedicated their time to stamping their feet and making emotional appeals rather than sincere thought, militantly rejecting any form of cogent dissent, letting their adrenal glands drown out the cognitive dissonance generated by their atrophied prefrontal cortices. Your ravings smack of victim-mentality and extreme paranoia, reinforced by the echo chamber of likewise uninformed peers with whom you undoubtedly choose to associate to the exclusion of the rest of the intellectual world. Even given your nominally professed goals of freedom and acceptance, you offer only the One True Way and damn the rest to ideological hell.

          HAES is like creationism. The only tenable excuse (not reason, excuse) for believing such unadulterated baloney is that you were brainwashed as a child. Step 1 in recovery is realizing you have a problem. Best of luck.

        • Jams


    • Rebecca. This is self evident. Here’s a primer:

      • Rebecca Lane

        Thanks for caring. An LA Times editorial? That’s your case?

        • Reality is my case I just sent you story to help you understand.

  • Kallisti

    I love the bit about self esteem being earned. I think that is what we need to be teaching children rather than the entitlement that seems to be the new norm.

    • Rebecca Lane

      Self-esteem and entitlement are not opposites. Self-esteem is the core sense of self that one gets by being raised in secure, attached circumstances, with solid mirroring by parents. It is an important part of brain and personality development which lays the groundwork for an individual to grow up confident in their abilities to have agency and self-directed lives. Adults who raise children with self-esteem give them the basics to experiment, grow, fail, and succeed as a means of exploring their world. Children and adults with good self-esteem understand that their worth is inherent, and they need not try to mimic it at the expense of others

      Entitlement results from being raised in unquestioned privilege and not allowed to experiment, fail, and succeed as a part of their own exploration, with support and love. Those who act entitled suffer from not having the opportunity to test themselves with love, and allowed to fail as a means of learning. It’s sad.

      Don’t confuse the two!

  • The author’s point here is that individuals have the power to manifest positive change in their own lives and should do so. By taking repeated, positive steps fantastic results can occur. The article encourages critical thinking and critical acting rather than mere acceptance. Thanks for reading!

    • Rebecca Lane

      Right. Hence the fat shaming and really awful graphics.

      • anobesepersonworkingonhealth

        Critical thinking encourages fat shaming because fat acceptance isn’t rational and the people who practice it know that.

      • The article is critical of the behaviors giving rise to obesity. There is arguably one offensive stock image included in the article. However, the author and many of the readers would believe it be offensive for different reasons than you do.

        • Rebecca Lane

          I presume you’re referencing burning the American flag? Yes, I find that offensive. Ditto the physical violence. Of course, a website that opens with a flash image that tells me I can find arrest records is a throwaway. Ah, the interwebs.

          • OMG! How dare you! 😉 Histrionic much? Speaking of which, dear readers and even you sweet Rebecca, this article clearly resonates. Lots of views. Lots of comments. Share a little love and buy something from our generous advertisers. Content doesn’t grow on trees. Take a look at what our advertisers have to offer. Rebecca I’m sure you’d appreciate knowing whether or not that young man you’re dating (ha! I’m sure you have them lining up! With all that charming self awareness) is a felon. Thanks for reading!

            • Rebecca Lane

              Gosh, are there young men lining up? Just a sec……………………………………………. nope! Thank goodness. My husband chased them all away. Thanks anyhoo.

              • Good for you marriage curbs the appetite for everything doesn’t it. Probably a good thing, right. ;). But still if you’re going to linger don’t, buy something or get out.

    • misha

      This list is the exact opposite of encouraging critical thinking. I would say it’s closer to being weight loss propaganda. This list is full of assumptions, generalizations and hyperbole.

      • Where, what, which, when, how? Put em up, put em up.

      • Snargle

        That’s like saying “anti-smoking ‘propaganda.'” It’s information meant to keep people from killing themselves, or at least from being ignorant of what they’re getting into.

  • Here’s another article that addresses the issue of America’s obesity from a different angle:

  • Guest

  • Mae

    FA and HAES are two completely different things, the fact that you began this list with a fallacy just goes to prove your ignorance and how full of crap you are. If you don’t even know the basics of the movement, how can you possibly even know enough to critique it?

    • Hey. Ignorance? Crap? Full of? Easy now! Both “movements” subscribe to the idea that obesity is healthy. The article attempts to persuade readers that this idea is wrongheaded. And in the opinion of many readers it has succeeded.

      • Rebecca Lane

        Actually, weight neutral is a better way to describe Health at Every Size. Since “health” is a dynamic state, it’s measured by reliable and evidenced based measures. All of my docs rely on lab work, not weight, and definitely not BMI, to assess health status over time. Outcomes based medicine is quite logical.

        • Ugh. You’re insufferable. Okay how’s this. Obesity is bad. Obesity = horrific, expensive medical conditions. We need a definition of obesity. Here it is: women with body fat % of 33% are obese. Men with a body fat % of 25% are obese. Google it. It’s a thing.

          I know you get a rash when people start throwing numbers around so break out the gold bond.

          • Content Generating Machine.

            She’s not going to listen. Wait till she gets to the stage of needing an extender to wipe after going to the bathroom, and needing a special helper stick to put on socks and shoes. It’s absolutely appalling. And sorry, all those folds? Is unhygienic.

    • anobesepersonworkingonhealth

      In what ways are HAES and FA different? I do know what they are but I see no difference.

  • Phil Varlese

    The Fat Acceptance & HAES movements are not the same thing, though not mutually exclusive.
    That alone to me is indicative of how little effort to understand was put into this article.
    The top reason why an article like this should be ashamed of itself:
    1. Because spreading misconceptions about fat people to perpetuate fat bias is never right.

    • anobesepersonworkingonhealth

      Would you please dictate for us the difference between Health at Every Size and Fat Acceptance?

  • Kid

    Crashing your car in to a brick was also isn’t harmful

  • Good BBC article on the obesity epidemic:

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  • badu

    “And the proportion of morbidly obese adults in the U.S. has quadrupled from 1 in 200 to 1 in 50.” So, you’re advocating for an actual way to reverse weight? Good for you. The science on metabolism has been ruthlessly derailed by the irrelevant ‘obesity’ campaign.

    It’s now time for objectivity to be reasserted. Excellent point.

  • Content Generating Machine.

    I love this! I hate hate, hate the whole FA/HAES movement. I started to gain weight after being fired, and I bought into the bs for a while. Why? Because it gave me an excuse to over eat, and quit exercising. Guess what? It took a toll on me: Finally, I was like enough. This is gross. I look and feel lousy.
    Now, I am back to eating healthy, and exercising. The invasion of FA/HAES is continues to swamp us, esp. in some feminist circles though.

    • Good for you! Hope you succeed! : )

    • Gregg Rodriguez

      Sadly for many feminists (actually just women in general), what’s more important isn’t the truth but what makes them feel happy/good. So fat acceptance is just plain wrong factually: everyone knows obesity is horrible. But it is a movement that makes people feel special and okay with themselves. Gets rid of anxiety and self-hatred. It just goes about it completely the wrong way.

      Anyway I’m glad you broke away from the lies. You can feel good about yourself, just do it the right way. Lose weight and feel good about yourself the proper way: by becoming fit and being proud of that accomplishment. Good job man

      • Fiona1933

        that’s not just women. its a human trait, to not face the truth. Its like when people dont want the doctor to tell them they have cancer, or when smokers ignore the warnings…these are not specifically female traits.
        But the FAM is very female. What it is not, claims aside, is feminist. Feminism is about solidarity among women and allied men, and it is about not being judged by appearance when it comes to work and education. This shower are ALL about appearance. They WANT to be objectified. Look at the whole 1950s retro thing: women werent fat then! They were tiny…18 inch waists, mad by corsets. It was a time of female oppression and objectification…but also a time of large underwear and big swimsuits. The FA fools are trying to recreate a look of female display for the male gaze, and hoping to brainwash the men. They are like creationists, with their slow sneaky infiltration. More and more fat characters on TV…and in movies. Now the fat girl is cool and gets the hot guy, or will soon. Its the thin girl who will end up lonely and is mean. Fat women displaying their ‘charms’ in tiny clothes til everyone gets used to it. Constant sniping at thin women…again, not feminism. God, they hate thin women. And thin women’s problems are nothing compared to theirs…being followed home by men and told that your clothes make you ‘provocative’ and you should be violently raped for not being available…although of course, being available will make you a slut. Getting ‘mooed’ at isnt as bad as ‘show us your tits”. anyway, enough. I hate them with a passion.

    • Ali Browning

      I have been the same piled weight on after having severe mental health problems, you stay in more, eat more, don’t get out and move so of course weight piles on and then you feel even more depressed and instead of getting to the root of what causes the depression you go up the shop and buy chocolate and do nuts and binge. Now I make an effort to do 30 mins excersise a day and more if I can, cut the carbs, eat proper food and band junk food from the house.

  • Matt

    Ok sure, true but elephant in the room here: Why the hell is your business what someone else does with their body? Let em die. Survival of the fittest. Literally.

    • Gregg Rodriguez

      If you live in America, you will be in charge along with every other non-fat person for subsidizing the enormous healthcare costs for every single fat person in the use because of the Affordable Care Act. If we did not have universal mandated healthcare, and fatties were walking around, using their own money to eat and then to die, well then I would mind my own business. But their bad habits impact every taxpayer’s wallet.

      • Messi the original

        you think the ACA is universal healthcare? hahaha. Get a passport and go traveling.

        • Gregg Rodriguez

          I think that Healthcare in the United States is a closed system where the price of services are determined by how many people pay into it and how many just use and take advantage of it. Universal health care just means that Healthcare services cost the same to all people and only a particular demographic pays into that system. I’m saying that fat people will use and use and use up services while everyone else pays insurance to cover the costs of those services. That’s how it works now even without universal healthcare. The reason healthcare services are so expensive in the us right now without insurance is because millions of people with no insurance go to the emergency room, get treated and then don’t pay their bill. To compensate for their losses, hospital service prices go up so that those who do pay, will also cover their losses from before when that illegal Mexican came in to get treated.

          This has nothing to do with universal healthcare, it’s simple economics. More fat people means more burden on health care which means higher prices across the board. Fat people are going to ruin the health care pricing system because they have no self control.

      • Ali Browning

        I live in the UK, our NHS provides care for alot of people sick because of bad life style choices such as smoking, drinking, sleeping around without using condoms, anorexia and over eating. The way to tackle these problems is education, about healthy life style.

    • Ali Browning

      agree a person’s body is their own to do as they wish with but seeing as we are allowed to express opinion on smokers, drug takers and heavy drinkers we can have our opinions about other damages to one’s own body, I have struggled with weight myself usually bad life style choices such as not comfort eating and taking less excersise when I have been depressed, I don’t judge other people’s appearance myself but i am had on myself when i gain weight, just as drug addicts and alcoholics need help so do over and under eaters, it is often a result of mental illness which needs to be tackled and sadly some people are not educated about healthy eating.

  • Court

    By no means do I think the fat acceptance movement is flawless. I appreciate certain aspects of it and others I view as complete BS. What I can’t stand is people (or society as a whole) looking at obesity as if it is simply an issue of over eating or laziness. Does this apply to a portion of our obese population? Certainly. But, there are no shortage of studies showing a direct link between poverty and obesity. There’s also no shortage of studies that show that many foods labeled as “diet” or “healthy” options are often associated with health problems or even weight gain. Point is, you can complain all you like about people who simply “won’t get off their ass and lose weight” but you’ll only be addressing one part of the issue. Until fresh, whole foods are accessible and affordable to everyone…until McDonald’s are popping up on every street corner and every college campus, we will continue to be a nation of overweight people.

    • Tim

      > What I can’t stand is people (or society as a whole) looking at obesity as if it is simply an issue of over eating or laziness.

      Because it is. There were no fat people in the Jewish concentration camps. Any notion that some people are just fat because that’s who they are flatly ignores the vast majority of human history where fatness was exceedingly rare. It’s only in modern days that it has become so prevalent and it’s completely obvious it’s due to our modern food and diet. Anyone who makes statements like yours is obviously blind to history.

    • sandre

      But healthy food is NOT more expensive than junk food. That is a huge misconception. Sure, organic kale chips or grade A organic grass-fed prime rid will be more expensive than junk food, but you don’t need to eat organic fancy hipster foods to be healthy. Buy beans, rice, pasta, and – even better – other grains like buckwheat, barely, and quinia in bulk. Buy vegetables – frozen if fresh is too expensive, or fresh if you can find a grocery store with cheap produce. Jon’s Market has high quality very cheap produce. Buy produce in season. Buy lean proteins like chicken, lean beef, turkey, and cheaper fish like tilapia. Buy frozen if you need to. Use coconut oil or olive oil, sparingly. It doesn’t have to be slathered on. If you are on a very tight budget, you will not be able to have everything fresh and unprocessed, but you CAN have a large portion of diet be fresh and unprocessed. Have you seen shows with morbidly obese people? They spend several times the money on junk food that I spend on my entire weekly groceries.

  • Branes51

    Actually, court. You can eat healthy and inexpensively. The first thing to do is cut the bad carbs, salt and sugar.

    Instead of a huge plate of spaghetti and meatballs, Make it 1 cup of spaghetti with a 1/2 cup sauce and 2 or 3 1/2″ meatballs, two non-starchy vegetables (green veggies, carrots, or squashes) and one slice of whole wheat garlic toast. Total carbs, 60 as opposed to 160 if you filled the plate with spaghetti. Plus you get all the nutritional value of the veggies.

    If you use a tsp of sugar in coffee, cut it in half or substitute honey. It takes a while to get used to, but your taste buds will adapt.

    It’s not that hard to lose weight. Just lower the calories and keep the carbs to a minimum. All carbs become sugar. Too many carbs without enough exercise and the excess sugar gets stored as fat. Pretty simple.

    Frozen vegetables are much cheaper than fresh and just as nutritious. Avoid canned because they have too much sodium. Excess sodium not only raises blood pressure, but it contributes to water weight gain. Our daily intake of sodium is usually twice or more the recommended amount. Just as an example. An instant noodle lunch, like Maruchan, has over 1000 mg of sodium! That’s almost half the recommended daily amount in one meal.

    One of the best ways to stop gaining weight..ditch the sodas. If you have to drink soda, drink diet, but that’s not recommended because aspartame, the most common sugar substitute, is known to cause brain cancer. Water flavorers with splenda or stevia are better. Homemade ice tea is even better. Use stevia to sweeten it. For a really healthy drink, make iced green tea.

    Best meats are poultry, fish, especially salmon, lean pork and occasionally, red meat. Remove the skin on poultry, it’s mostly fat. Avoid anything fried. Baked fries are just as good as fried ones and with a lot less fat.

    But the #1 way to eat healthy and not gain weight. DO NOT eat at fast food restaurants. Period. Everything they have is bad for you, except maybe a salad, without the fatty dressings.

    And exercise, at least 15 minutes a day. Walk, use a treadmill, lift weights. Do something to burn calories. The key to losing weight is very simple. Burn more calories than you take in. When you do that, your body has to start burning the fat you have stored.

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  • panait ciprian

    Fat is lighter than muscle which is lighter than bone. So just judging based on height and weight on males is wrong. On women not so much as they have little to no muscle mass and more frail bones usually. Your scale is over simplistic. The movement is as stupid as this article because it does not differentiate between people considered fat. There are people that are considered fat that are in good shape and there are thin people in bad shape. The best criteria to judge if someone’s weight is a problem is resistance to effort.

    • Tim

      “Fat is lighter than muscle which is lighter than bone.”

      I know what you want to say, but how you said it is wrong. 1 lb of muscle = 1lb of fat = 1lb of bone. Muscle is more dense than fat so 1lb of muscle will be smaller than 1lb of fat. That’s what you really mean. Density.

      • panait ciprian

        well, when you weight the same volume then 1m^3 bone weights more than 1m^3 of muscle more than 1m^3 of fat. I think most people understoof I meant density.

        • Tim

          I’m sure some did but you have people on here saying stuff like obesity doesn’t increase the rate of diseases that much, then reject the studied statistic that shows 90% of Diabetes Type II patients are Obese. So people here aren’t exactly big adherents to the facts. So that’s the main reason I was more specific here. I can’t assume people know the facts.

          • panait ciprian

            point taken. My comment did not want to claim that obesity is bad but that many diagnosis methods are flawed or wrong. If you want to see if someone is obese in the true sense of the word have them do an effort test. If they can manage it then probably they are ok. If they do not then there is a problem.

    • Ali Browning

      frail bones ha! little muscle mass, ha! you have not met me, female and strong boned with a lot of muscle, sort of runner’s build, I have gained weight since a major operation and as a muscular person excess weight goes to my middle so that’s dangerous fat, I can get rid of that by moving more each day and eating pure food and cutting the carbs

      • panait ciprian

        then you are an exception. I thought the most as self implied.

  • Ali Browning

    I think accepting any poor life style is wrong be it smoking, drinking excess ( which seems to be seen as cool in the Western world sadly) poor food choices and sleeping around without using condoms etc. Some people gain weight easier than others do I think we all know when we are not healthy, I gain weight very easily from eating sweets and carbs and when I do not take excersise each day, eveyone’s body is different and we need to look after ourselves, some people may not be very inteligent and just don’t know how to eat healthy so education is important, also raise the prices of junk food, put health warnings on it, keep it out of site of kids after all cigarettes in the UK are now kept out of site of children and yet the junk food is always on view to them, healthy life choices begin in childhood. I think fat acceptance is like Pro anorexia people. It is harm ful, however it is always wrong to pass judgement and bully someone, a fat person who may be getting bullied is probably mentally ill as well and to bully them will mean they may go and just eat more, instead of shaming them they need help, I don’t anyone really likes to be fat if they say they do then they tend to be kidding themselves.

  • fszergdf

    George Takei shared a post about fat acceptance and one of the comments was about how a woman discovered that both of her identities (homosexuality and “fatness”) were not choices.

    Flipping seriously? That’s disrespectful to the max.

    Outside the box, SJWs turned “homosexuality is a choice like being fat” to being “fat is not a choice like homosexuality” or “homosexuality is a disease” to “this phenomenon that cause doesn’t cause disease”,

    SJWs are engage in self-destructive behaviour. Eventually they realize their multitude of beliefs are at odds with eachother. But it’s too long to wait for them to get rid of themselves. We need to stop them as soon as possible.

  • Craig Bowers

    Thank you. Honestly, as a person who is still overweight but was once very obese, I find people who speak of pride with this absurd. It reminds me of those who say that cigarette-smokers (I was one as a kid) should be treated honorably, even though they knew it killed them.
    Do I hate people who are “fat”? No. Of course not. I have many close to me that are. But similar to other issues regarding one’s health, I hope that they realize that this should be addressed. Now, they should feel self-respect, yes. But not respect for the problems that need to be addressed. That would be similar to me claiming that I should be proud that I fail to floss my teeth 6 out of 7 days days a week…
    Thank you again.

    • Eric Zombrow

      I was on a seizure med that ballooned me up to 298 I knew that it was awful for me. The mere idea of staying that big was sickening. I lost over 100 pounds and I am at 189 my ideal weight for being 6’2″. Hard work correct diet and discipline. If I can do it and keep the weight off for years anyone can.

  • Eric Zombrow

    I have had this debate over and over, its Feminazi propaganda and it hurts people more than help them.