Top 10 Reasons School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

Top 10 Reasons All School Children Should Wear Uniforms
Top 10 Reasons All School Children Should Wear Uniforms

Here are the Top 10 Reasons School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory at every school, everywhere.


“Schools should be schools and not fashion shows” that’s what my Mother used to tell me when I was attending my school. At that time I had little or no knowledge of what she is actually trying to say. I was usually like “what is wrong in wearing my baggy jeans at school?” Like any other teenager, I had this extremely “carefree” & “screw the rule” type of an attitude, which made me not, the greatest advocate for school uniforms.

This introduction was important because now I would be focusing on how wrong, I and other teenagers like me were and still are about uniforms.

What Critics Say

People who are against uniform at school are of the opinion that uniform undermine students’ ability to think creatively & doesn’t let them express their individuality. Some of the them also go on to say that uniforms are culturally incorrect especially in countries like USA, Canada & UK where people from different cultures live (or at least try to) in a harmony. Believe you me! As I write this, I am itching to lay down my points against this baseless criticism but just have to keep my writing in flow.

History of School-Uniforms

Before giving you the history of uniforms, allow me to slightly drift away from the topic… There is no denying the fact that current advancement in technology & Internet has solved many of our problems, it has enabled us to interact socially while dissing people who really matter in real life. It has enabled us to travel to moon and come back while making sure that we don’t care about the traffic rules. It has developed some of the most unbelievable breakthrough treatments and medicine in life sciences while making the number grow in old houses each year. I’m not a “caveman” or a huge fan of “Flintstones” but the point is, the more we move away from our basics and our values the more alien we become to ourselves & humankind.

The debate whether there should be uniform at school or not only began in the 19th century. Some of our readers might not agree with this (but then, its democracy!) but the more we talk about these “non-issues” the more we get into a slump!

We as humans have this unique tendency to mess up with traditional things and create something totally new. Yes, this is innovation, I know but too much of it in everything is not good for health! It is the blend of traditional values and innovative techniques is what we want.

NOW! The Top 10 Reasons

Now this is the best part, where I try and convince our readers to support kids wearing uniform at school. And believe me; I have many more than just “ten reasons” to support what I claim but I want to keep this short and interesting.

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  • Hyutturrfdd

    Very helpful

  • Anonymous

    I have heard it all before, come up with a new reason and I’ll listen, until then, uniforms are bad.

    • Me


      • what

        you are sooooooooooooooooo mean

    • When you start writing better comments…

      • Max farrelly

        Give an proper answer.its clear you are losing the argument.

  • A person

    Number 4 claims that uniforms are the best solution to bullying, which is COMPLETELY incorrect. I am a student that goes to a school that does not require uniforms, and this past year I was bullied for basically about everything EXCEPT what I wore. If I had to wear a uniform, I would still be bullied a lot. Kids in schools with uniforms would just find other ways to bully the same kid that might not have designer outfits.

  • A person

    Also I’m definitely a critic for school uniforms, and I have more reasons than what the post said. School uniforms basically tell students “You’re clothes are not good enough”, which is something a bully might say. I would definitely be distracted by in class if I had to wear a uniform. Many kids would feel self-conscious that they looked ugly. If someone breaks the rules because of clothes, just punish the student. Uniforms basically punish mostly innocent students. And we need fashion designers in this world, and uniforms would prevent people from getting interested in that career. Also uniforms prevent a perfectly innocent hobby/interest. If you ask me, uniforms are just the lazy way of trying to solve problems, and the problems are not solved.

  • Ethyn

    Ok you are literally telling me to not be creative. Also when you described what teenagers are like you were describing a stereotypical teenager not only is that offensive that doesn’t apply to every one

  • Peter Wiggin

    American high schools are flat out terrible. There is no real discipline and teachers’ hands are tied when it comes to controlling the classroom. There’s no cohesion when it comes to US schools, just a mishmash of districts and fractured rules. And you have the audacity to complain about wanting to ‘express’ yourself? NO. This is SCHOOL. You are here to LEARN. You are here to do what you are TOLD by your teachers. You will learn respect, self-discipline, critical thinking, and most importantly: HOW to learn ( more important than any one subject). Learning should be a life-long pursuit, not a stupid popularity contest. While we are at it, ban proms. It promotes awful social prejudices. Really, who’s the most popular? Prom Queens? Why would we put that sort of terrible focus on growing children? It’s sick.

    Now, because US high schools allows kids to wear any clothes they want (to a degree), there is no discipline with the students. They are disrespectful, do not listen to their teachers, and are not focused on learning — because there is no learning environment. The students want to believe the world conforms to them. It does not. Uniforms go a long way to providing a focused, structured framework within the educational system, a sense of belonging, a sense of oneness, a layer of safety (a missing child in a school uniform is easy to identify), and the bullying based on social-economic class diminishes (it does not stop all bullying, of course).

    You wear a uniform to work at McDonalds or Apple Inc. A lawyer wears a uniform (business suit), a doctor wears a uniform (scrubs or a business casual with a white jacket). Construction workers wear uniforms. Sports teams wear uniforms. Why on earth should we allow our children to be undisciplined slobs while at school then expect them to do well in the ‘real world’?

    We need to stop being ruled by the herd minority and start enacting sensible principles that work.

    School uniforms = better educational results. Ever wonder why private schools use them?

    Wasted breath. The hyper-vocal idiocy league and their “we want to expressssss ourselves 24/7” mentality will unfortunately always win out by popular vote. Try that at a real job, see how far it gets you.

    • nick massey

      i like uniforms people i wear one and this is all true I have never been bullied ever.

    • nastaran

      ( clap )

    • I like it.

      • k

        yes no i dont know listland

    • g

      yes no i dont know

    • Ender Wiggin

      I understand that this is school and that we need to learn. However, how are schools going to become more regulated if school uniforms are implemented? Schools aren’t necessarily zoos without uniforms. In fact, a 1999 study made by the experts of Texas Southern University shows that bullying went up by 12% after uniforms were implemented. Also, how are you expected to be a critical thinker when you clearly cannot decide as to what to wear when you go to school?

      There is a regulation in schools even without uniforms. Again, schools are not zoos without them as you may think they are. Uniforms do not guarantee an optimal learning environment, because people may be thinking more about how they look and spending more time preserving their individuality by doing their nails, hair, etc. This time can be saved if everyone is able to wear what they would like, so that they would implement more time into education than individuality preservation. Did you also know that uniforms violate the First Amendment of the U.S Constitution? The First Amendment states that everyone has the right to assemble, petition and have freedom of religion. This also applies for the Freedom of Expression. You are basically wanting an Amendment from the U.S Constitution to be broken just so that school laws can be “regulated.” How hypocritical is that?

      I understand that wearing a uniform is also helpful for the future due to many jobs having their own uniform, but uniforms are shown to dampen creativity, stop intuitive thinkers and insightful minds. Uniforms demotivate students to make a difference and stand out.

      We should stop being products from an assembly line and start having our individuality back by not implementing school uniforms.

      Tony Volk, an expert, has shown that school uniforms have little to no correlation with school grades.

      In conclusion, I believe uniforms can rob people of their necessities. What is the point of being able to dress for a job when you cannot even think properly for the job?

  • Anonymous

    I am not for, or against school uniforms. Basically, if a school had requirements for school uniforms, I wouldn’t mine; if a school allowed me wear what I please, I wouldn’t mind either. Yes, schools with no uniforms allows students to physically express themselves, but also keep in mind of the new fashion trends. Over the years, society has accepted provocative clothing. I am afraid that in the next generation or two, there will be students who are wearing crop tops and shorts that are really, not shorts anymore and we will accept this. Like I said before, my only concern is future, revealing wear. That, I believe, is unacceptable, for both genders. Also, clothing with brands supporting drugs, violence and alcohol is also a concern. Now, I won’t go on a million miles with my opinion on these topics, but I believe, (also in the future) that public schools with accept wear such as these. Supporting substances that ruin (literally) our bodies, mentally and physically, is also not appropriate for future generations. Either way, students (including myself) are allowed to express themselves in both ways. If a school has no school uniforms, students can express themselves mentally and physically; if a school does have school uniforms, the student can express themselves and creativity mentally as well (personality wise). School is also a way to show them for who they are, either negative or positive.
    Just keep in mind, society, about what we will think is acceptable for our future. In conclusion, I believe that people should just be accepting toward each other no matter what their opinion is. No matter what you wear, what you do, what school you go to, who your parents are, how much money you have, and many more factors, you are still YOU. Thank You.

    • nastaran

      i couldn’t have said it better myself ( clap )

    • Oh man…. Where to start? First, very sweet. But super naive. Don’t worry though. can help. People are driven by animal behavior. You’ve really got to read this:

  • madison

    who wrote this article? credible?

    • Super credible. Well mostly credible. What do you mean by credible? It’s in English and online. What more do you need? Do you think your teacher knows more than does? Maybe. Maybe not. Roll the dice champ! But remember our articles are for entertainment purposes only! 😉

      • Anahi Garcia

        What more do I need? I need credibility. And it is not wrong to trust a certified teacher than a “mostly credible” website.

        • Are you sure? Maybe your certified teacher has an agenda, a bias, or slant.

  • kyle vasfeer

    i have never been bullied ever and i have always been Waring uniforms, I agree with nick massey

    • Interesting. Maybe you’re a giant?

      • Anahi Garcia

        Maybe you’re ignorant maybe people just like that person you don’t have to be bullied to be normal bullying doesn’t happen everywhere

        • What? Here I’ll lend you comma: , Here’s a period: .

          Use them. I don’t know what you mean.

  • nicks bff

    hey nick um remember when i transferred schools well this one has no uniforms
    and its AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deepak ahuja

    correctly stated…….
    school uniforms are very important in school as it shows equality but it is expensive also. wearing casuals is the best way of bulling and teasing as well as making that student feel inferior.

    • Nope.

      • Elle

        What do you mean? Why Nope?

      • Katatles

        can you pleas be more clear with your replies? It seems that you dismiss everyone that disagrees with you.

  • mia alvarez

    yes this is true deepak ahuja

    • demi

      bull sheettttttttttttt

  • trollololololololololo


  • Tatyanna

    Omg I am now wearing uniforms foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Christopher Johnson – NGM Stud

    This is not true kids are still doing that kind of stuff its just lies made by the schools to make us think we should wear uniforms

  • Amazing Person

    For number 4, you don’t have to wear designer clothing. I never have wore designer clothing to school before. But, I’ve never been bullied because of what I wear. Uniforms don’t make equality. They don’t make everyone the same, they just make people look the same. I comepletely agree with ‘A person’.

  • Amara

    kids would not be getting looked at because their skirt maybe to small

  • Luke

    number 7: Why are kids EVEN IN GANGS!?!?!?!!? When I read this u was like: WHAT IS THIS BS, these kids are like 11 to 17 years old, and what are they doing in GANGS!?!? We’re living in 2016 not the 1990’s when kids brought guns to school or smoke bombed the lockers as a prank. This article is very unrealistic.

    • nina

      actually, yes our schools do have gangs even tho its 2016. maybe not guns, but drugs for sure

      • og inder

        gang gang gang OTF say wallahi

    • God of Perversion

      Sadly, it isn’t unrealistic… When I was in middle school a year ago we had two gang factions. We had multiple incidents where knives were reported and when the police were called to investigate the gangs presented themselves, instead of hiding. Gangs are a serious threat. I’m sorry about the name cut me some slack I’ only 14.

  • Addam

    Sources? You have none and all of this is obviously written from the perspective of someone with the views and personality of the teachers from “The Little Prince”. I, as a high school student, completely agree with uniform and love it because it makes my life so much easier. However in search of websites to increase my argument’s credibility I come across this. A page with no sources, opinionated writing, fabricated facts, and myths about the school system in general (as well as an affinity for looking on Google to find pictures). You have little to no writing skills and it makes me question if you’ve ever even been to a school with a uniform– or a school at all for that matter. I find everything about this website completely repulsive.

  • Jordan

    1) In many schools with mandatory uniform, noticeable jewelry, certain haircuts, make up, and other accessories are banned.
    2) Firstly, the example of the girl doesn’t have to do with cost. (but whatever i guess) The issue with cost is brought because of low-earning families. Instead of the children wearing hand-me-downs or very cheap clothing, these parents would be forced to pay, on average, $250 for uniform every year, and that’s if the child doesn’t grow or get wear on the clothing. AND the parents also need to buy other clothing for weekends and evenings.
    3) This one is valid, but there are other ways.
    4) Gangs aren’t a huge issue in many schools and in the schools that have these issues, a uniform doesn’t stop them. Gang members find other ways of identification, such as a certain belt, haircut, or the way they wear their tie.
    5) This point is straight up misinformed. Teachers and administration at uniform schools spend a good amount of time enforcing policies. In some schools, student are not let in school because their skirts are a bit to short, or they are wearing the wrong pair of shoes. This means that they lost class time (and were put at risk) because of the strict uniform policies. In fact, I think the last sentence of this claim supports my point exactly, “Spending our valuable time on petty issues is going to take us nowhere but will just keep the never-ending debate on fire!”.
    6) Students who have loner tendencies and self-esteem issues aren’t helped by uniform. Enforced conformity isn’t unity.
    7) This claim is also extremely ill-informed. Study actually shows that uniforms can increase bullying. Because each student is wearing clothing of the same exact style from the same company, not all of the students bodies will be flattered by the style. In fact, because the clothing is meant to fit all body types, it doesn’t fit any well at all. The example you used is also wrong. In uniform, the rich kid will still feel superior, the nerd will still be bullied, and the son of a plumber will still be a very specific and possibly personal example.
    8) Not really. School uniforms are meant to be worn year round, so they are hot in the summer and don’t keep you warm in the winter. School uniforms tend to be made of very cheap material, so they’re itchy and ill-fitting. It’s hard to focus on trigonometry when you feel like you’re wearing a shirt made of paper. Children aren’t bad because of their clothing, they may talk about it, but they have plenty else to discuss. Sadly, people just don’t work like that, kids will always be cruel no matter what they’re wearing. Bonding nicely is a cute notion, but it’s simply wrong. On the testing claim, what studies and trends? Any studies (that i have heard of or read) done on the subject only show a slight increase in test scores, and these scores can be easily attributed to the other changes in the school such as teaching style and new tech.
    9) You’re right, almost all jobs beside low-income brute work don’t require uniform. Therefore, uniform doesn’t help. When a child is forced to wear the same outfit every day, trust me, they will find other ways to rebel. For the 1994 study: first of all this study is outdated, second just because they are perceived well by teachers, doesn’t mean they’re better kids. Adapted uniform culture actually doesn’t have many long term affects, in fact, it can stunt social growth and self expression. BTW, If you do read this comment and decide to reply, I’d love to see a source for the last sentence.
    10) If safety is the number one priority, there are many easier and way more effective ways. You mention a statistic that leads to violence, then give a different statistic, personally, I doubt either of these statistic are true.

  • human

    I liked how this was written by someone who used to hate uniforms. It gives a special view not many articles have

  • kaitlyn

    School uniforms are not a very good solution to cost. In fact, it would add MORE to what parents have to buy. Do you really expect kids to be wearing these uniforms to the mall or a friend’s house on weekends? Parents end up having to supply their regular clothes AND uniforms

    • anon

      but they’d need a LOT less regular clothes

  • Maxfarrelly

    I need soucres for the questions.this is pure rubbish

  • chicken

    you are right