Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Elvis Presley

5. Elvis had a federal badge from President Richard Nixon

Elvis Presley was a member of the Special Police.  The special really stoned Police.
Elvis Presley was a member of the Special Police. The special, really stoned Police.

Elvis died because of a drug overdose, and the doctor who performed his autopsy found multiple types of drugs in his system. Therefore, it seems ironic that Elvis would request a meeting with President Richard Nixon and ask for an official badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. When he made the request, Elvis already had quite a collection of police badges and weapons, but he felt that a federal badge would give him the ultimate power to carry any drugs he wished.

In fact, when Priscilla Presley wrote her memoir, she mentioned that Elvis didn’t want the badge so that he could fight drug use. He wanted it because he thought it would give him a license to carry drugs and weapons without having to face any legal consequences. To get his badge, Elvis took a midnight flight to Washington and wrote a handwritten letter to President Nixon, asking the commander in chief for a federal badge. Elvis and his traveling partner drove by the White House in the early hours of the morning and gave a note to one of the guards at the entrance gate.

Initially, Elvis was just slated to meet with one of the president’s advisors, but he was actually let into the Oval Office where he met Richard Nixon. According to those who remember the conversation between “Tricky Dick” and the King, Elvis said he thought the Beatles were a bad influence because they were anti-American and accepting of drug use. Nixon agreed with Elvis’s opinions about drugs and granted the King’s request when he asked for an official federal badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

4. A Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich was Elvis’s Favorite Food

Elvis Presley, the King, had a weakness for peanut butter and bananas.
Elvis Presley, the King, had a weakness for peanut butter and bananas.

A busy touring schedule kept Elvis in good shape in his younger years, but his weight ballooned as he marched through his 30s and the touring schedule actually started taking a toll on his health. Elvis was famous for his eclectic eating habits, and his upbringing in the Deep South was responsible for his favorite food: a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Peanut butter and bananas are usually a healthy part of a balanced diet, but not when they’re squashed between white bread and an entire stick of melted butter. Drugs like amphetamines and painkillers contributed to the King’s early death, but his butter-filled diet also strained his health.

Sometimes, Elvis would add bacon to his famous sandwich, and his name became so synonymous with the fatty entrée that it was soon called “the Elvis” in his honor. Variations of the sandwich also included honey, but a whole stick of butter was Elvis’s most common request. Elvis’s addiction to drugs and food was blamed for his apparent loss of interest in recording new songs in the mid-1970s.

According to one story about Elvis Presley’s food cravings, he wanted something called a Fool’s Gold Loaf so bad that he gathered his entourage for a flight on his private plane for a last-minute flight to Denver. The Fool’s Gold Loaf cost almost $50 in 1976, and Elvis spent nearly $20,000 on the travel and his midnight craving. Served on the menu at the Colorado Mine Company, the Fool’s Gold Loaf was estimated to contain an incredible 8,000 calories and was a concoction of Italian bread, margarine, jelly, peanut butter, and an entire pound of bacon.

3. Elvis had Blond Hair

Elvis Presley had gorgeous blonde locks.
Elvis Presley had gorgeous blonde locks.

Dying one’s hair is an activity that millions of people do, but it’s always interesting when a famous person is known for a hair color that isn’t natural. A few famous people with similarly famous locks include Lucille Ball, who had naturally brown hair but dyed it red and Winona Ryder, whose natural hair color is blonde and has been dying it black since the 1980s. Elvis Presley’s famous pompadour was also the result of a dye job as the King actually had dark blond hair.

Elvis cultivated a very specific style and appearance, and his legendary hair style was definitely one of the most memorable facets of his persona. Although his hair darkened to a brownish color as he grew to adulthood, Elvis’s hair was a light shade of blond during his childhood. In addition to the famously black locks Elvis sported, another famous part of his hairstyle was its height. The high pompadour style worn by many actors in the 1950s was actually based on the invention of an 18th century mistress of France’s King Louis XV. Although the style originated with women’s fashion, it wasn’t long before it became popular with both sexes.

Because of Elvis’s controversial style and persona in the 1950s, fans who chose to copy the King’s haircut and wear a pompadour were seen as rebellious. Coming out of World War II, most young men would wear the crew cut or flattop that mimicked the styles commonly worn in the military. However, experimenting with clothing and hair was one of the first ways that baby boomers started trying to distinguish themselves from the older generation. Getting a haircut like Elvis was definitely one way to stand out in 1950s America.