Top 10 Facts About Instagram Star Abigail Ratchford

2. She Stripped Naked Online to Celebrate Reaching the Milestone of Three Million Followers on Instagram

Abigail celebrated her 3 millionth instagram follower in her birthday suit.
Abigail celebrated her 3 millionth instagram follower in her birthday suit.

While there are some people who like to mark milestones by having a fancy dinner or a cupcake decorated with a special candle, this is not Abigail’s idea of a celebration. In fact, this internet sensation prefers full-on nudity. Due to the major milestone of reaching three million fans on Instagram, the lingerie model stripped down to her birthday suit and held a photo shoot.

As a Playboy pin-up, Abigail is not shy in front of the cameras, and this was made clear when she bared it all to her fans online. The 20-year old (at the time) bared side booty and almost her entire breast in the picture. This image showed virtually every inch of her flesh with no apologies. The picture features Abigail in wild curls with a giant “3” silver balloon to mark the event. With the images she posted online, she also stated that looking back on 2,999,999 that three million sounded much better and she also went on to thank all of her fans.

There is no question that Abigail has become quite the social media siren thanks to her amazing figure that has more sex appeal that most people dream of. In addition to utilizing these amazing selfies to help and rocket her career to all new heights, she has also found herself in the headlines thanks to crazy Halloween costumes and other events that were risky, but successful.

1. She Enjoys Wearing Risque Halloween Costumes.

Is that you Abby?
Is that you Abby?

Most average people grew up wearing wart-covered rubber fingers and garbage bags as their Halloween costumes; however, this is not true for super-internet-sensation Abigail Ratchford. In Halloween of 2015, she decided that she would play a double of a Playboy pin-up and donned barely there lingerie during her All Hallows Eve escapades. Rather than stick with the scary conventions that are expected, Abigail decided to expose her cleavage in an eye-popping way that made some believe she was smuggling beach balls in her top.

During this Halloween, she attended a party in New York in an outfit that consisted of a bra that featured purple beads and a slashed up skirt. This was somewhat similar to the Jasmine outfit worn by Kim Kardashian, but even quite a bit skimpier. In addition to showcasing her amazing assets upstairs, this outfit also featured a skirt that continually blew to the side to reveal her barely-there undies. However, surprisingly, Abigail was not the most flesh-flashing beauty at this Halloween event. In fact, her BFF Lindsey Pelas found an outfit that showed off even more flesh than Abigail. She simply wore white undies that had two tufts of tulle on the side. Their attitude about it was great and from all the pictures posted on social media, there is no question that the two had a blast that night in their barely-there attire. Chances are she may go even skimpier for 2016 Halloween parties.


Even though Abigail had a rather humble beginning in a family of seven siblings and going to Catholic school, she has definitely made quite the name for herself today. By posting photos of her curvaceous body on Instagram and other social media networks, she has gained a following of millions of people. This is a number that only continues to grow. With her shenanigans at three million followers, who knows what Abigail has in store for her fans at four million!

However, while she is certainly grateful for her internet beginnings, she has stated in a number of interviews that she is ready to expand beyond internet fame. While she has had a few opportunities to show off in the spotlight, she says that her plans are to grow her abilities and knowledge to do television, movies, and even the theater in the future. There is no question that this young lady has drive and ambition, and it looks as though she has the fan base to make a pretty good career for herself, as well. While there are likely going to be quite a few more seductive videos and images in the future, this young lady is ready to make a name for herself doing something – in her eyes – that is bigger and better.

Be sure to follow Abigail to see what new things she is up to. It looks like she posts on social media daily, which is likely why her fans and followers are so loyal to her.


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