Top 10 Facts About Instagram Star Abigail Ratchford

Top 10 Facts About Instagram Star Abigail Ratchford
Top 10 Facts About Instagram Star Abigail Ratchford

Top 10 Facts About Instagram Star Abigail Ratchford

Abigail Ratchford, who was born in Pennsylvania, is an aspiring actress and American model who is known for her internet fame, which took off in 2013. This was thanks to her deft use of various social media channels, as well as her use of provocative pictures that showcased her frame. Thanks to her efforts, she landed on a number of well-known men’s websites and even received a spot in a men’s magazine in Australia. Thanks to that six-page spread, Abigail also received an invitation to audition for a part in Maxim, as well as for a part in a feature film and television shows that would be aired on E! and ABC networks.

However, there is still little known about this seemingly overnight internet sensation. Besides her beauty, some people may wonder about her background, goals, dreams and more. While she definitely has a pretty face and nice body, there has to be more to her than just what meets the eye. This is why this top 10 list has been created – to provide inquiring minds a bit of insight into the life of this beautiful young lady. From her background and schooling to some secrets she may have wished had remained hidden, you will find a lot of information and eye-opening facts about the life of Abigail Ratchford. Keep reading to see what you may have missed if you have only been admiring the pictures this young lady displays on Instagram.

10She Started her Career with a Weight Loss Goal

Abigail Ratchford launched her career after a diet. And probably some additions, upstairs… If you know what I mean.

The entire reason that Abigail Ratchford got started with her internet fame was due to a New Year’s Resolution that she made in 2013. She decided that it was time to get in better shape and once she felt confident with the new body she had created, she decided to set up her own personal photo shoot. This took place during the first weekend of March in 2013, and the photos that were taken during that photo shoot showed Ratchford in Christian Louboutin heels and red lingerie. This is what originally helped her attract quite a bit of attention when she posted them all over her newly made Facebook fan page.

Once the photos started to be shared, they were featured on a number of different men’s websites in just a few weeks of her original posting. This is also when she began to attract the attention of a number of different commercial agents in New York, many of who sent her to auditions for a number of shows that would be featured on big-name cable networks. This was how this now, extremely famous social media model and aspiring actress got her start in the limelight and on the red carpet. It seems as though her popularity and notoriety are just growing and don’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

9She is a Small Town Girl

Abigail Ratchford is from Electric City. Scranton, Pennsylvania

Ritu Manoj Jethani /

Abigail Ratchford was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is also referred to as the “Electric City.” There is no question that she exemplifies what is thought of as the “All-American” girl and beauty. She is of German, French and Irish descent and her father is a District Attorney in her hometown in Pennsylvania. Her mother runs a very large and successful child care program in the same area. Abigail is the fifth of a family of seven children and raised in a household with Irish Catholic beliefs.

To go along with the Irish Catholic beliefs, Abigail attended both a Catholic grade school and a Catholic high school. She also attended a Jesuit University for a short time before she began her career in modeling. However, in an interview, Abigail stated that she wanted to do more and knew that it was not within the walls of the university that she could live her dream. This is when she decided to leave the university and begin pursuing her career in modeling. This included posting numerous sensual poses on Instagram and other social media channels, which is what helped her first achieve her notoriety and fame.

It seems from her humble and quaint upbringings, this is truly the ideal of the “American dream” and she is pursuing something she has always wanted to do. Her success started with the internet, but there is no question that there is much more in store for this young lady as she continues to branch out and try new and exciting things in her career, as well as in her life.

8She Moved Across the Country to Los Angeles in 2014

Nobody in L.A. is from L.A..

Abigail Ratchford moved to Los Angeles in January of 2014. This move was an effort to advance her career. Prior to moving, she was on a number of billboards that were found along the shoulders of Sunset Boulevard, Maxims, and International Esquire. Abigail has also been referred to as TMZ’s sweetheart after she appeared on the popular entertainment gossip show several times. Once she moved to Los Angeles, Abigail also began to branch her career out to include acting. Her first acting role was on an episode of “Parks and Recreation.”

Once Abigail moved to Los Angeles, she did an interview where she stated how grateful she was for the exposure she received on social media, but she also stated how she would like to develop a career of longevity and substance that does not completely rely on internet fame or success. She has stated that the career that she really wants will make her expand her modeling portfolio and she will have to focus on gaining more theater experience and enrolling in professional acting training.

While she may not have finished college, there is no question that she is driven to achieve the goals she has for her career, even if it means going back to school for a while. This is one of the best ways, Abigail believes, to ensure that her career is not short-lived and based completely on the success she had on the internet.

7She Recreated the Famous Kim Kardashian “Break the Internet” Photo Shoot

Kim’s so photogenic!

Abigail decided to give Kim Kardashian a run for her money when she put her own unique spin on the reality star’s “break the internet” shoot, which was done for Paper magazine. At 23, Abigail posted a cheeky picture of herself on her Instagram account as she prepared for the shoot. In the original picture, Kim, at age 35 stripped down to nothing but a pearl necklace to bare her curves in a number of fun and different poses.

By taking a look at the behind the scenes photos of Abigail’s shoot, there is no question that she gave Kim a pretty good run for her money when it comes to curves. In the photo that Abigail originally posted to social media, she could be seen in the studio with her bare bottom and back to the camera – this is the exact same pose that Kim had on the cover of her magazine shoot. There is no question that for some this was considered a controversial shoot, but there is also no question that both ladies pulled it off rather well.

It seems that Abigail has taken inspiration from a number of big name photo shoots in her calendar, stating that she chose photos that inspired here. The ‘break the internet” replica definitely got quite a bit of attention when the star finally released the photos, which only seemed to propel her fame and notoriety further.

6She Prefers Men with a Set, Unique Style

Better be a sharp dressed man if you want to get Abigail Ratchford’s attention.

to an interview that Abigail did with Urbasm, she prefers men who have their own style. When asked by the interviewer what she though makes a man more attractive when he dresses, her answer was definitely clear and concise. She stated that she likes when men are either extremely casual in what they wear or extremely dressed up. Dressed up includes wearing a nice suit, tie or something of the like. She also stated that she did not really feel attracted in any way to the “in between look.” She went on to define this “in between” look as khakis and jeans and a button up shirt. Abigail also stated that too much jewelry was not attractive to her.

When it comes to clothes and fashion there is no question that Abigail has a look all her own, so it is not surprising that she has a preferred look that she likes to see men in. With fashion being such an important part of today’s culture it is not surprising that she has such a strong opinion about the subject. This means if any guy wants to turn her head, they better decide if casual or dressy is their look because otherwise, they will likely have a pretty hard time getting this girl’s head to turn. Also, take it easy on the man-jewelry, since this was also something she made a point of stating that she did not care for.

5She has had Two Romantic Partners Since 2013

Abigail Ratchford is a true romantic

Abigail dated Jamie Lovien from 2014 to 2015. They share the same sign, Aquarius, and Lovien is a disc jockey from Los Angeles. There are some who claim that Lovine was actually born into the entertainment industry having grown up with some of the most known and influential figures in entertainment and music. However, he did not follow in his father’s footsteps but instead went with his own passions of music, technology, comics and sports entertainment. He and Abigail only dated for a year after she had moved to Los Angeles.

Abigail also had a relationship with James Peperno, an American businessman. There are not many details on this relationship, but it has been confirmed they were romantically involved for a while when Abigail first moved to Los Angeles, prior to her fling with Lovine.

There has also been a rumor flying around in 2016 that Abigail and Johnny Manziel were involved romantically; however, both parties have denied these claims. They both state they are only friends and not involved romantically. While Abigail has not been hopping from one relationship to another, there is no question that TMZ is staying on top of the internet sensation. Every time she is seen with a guy there is a new rumor that they may be dating. She has stated before that to set the record straight, at the current moment she is single and focusing on her career, not finding someone else to begin a relationship with.

4She wants a Romantic Man Who Treats Her Like a Goddess

Oh my a pretty girl with a checklist. What a surprise.

When it comes to finding a romantic partner, most women have a set number of things they look for. This is no exception with Abigail Ratchford. She has stated that it is important for guys to remember the small details when in a relationship. This includes a girl’s favorite movie, a story that is told or even doing something special such as surprising them with dinner every once in a while. Things like sending flowers out of the blue are also something she says she looks forward to when in a relationship. She wants a guy that will make her feel special and give her “butterflies.”

Abigail also stated that when it comes to things that every man should know when in a relationship with women, she stated that they should make other girls jealous of their girlfriend, not the other way around. They should also respect and protect their girlfriend and be supportive of their dreams and goals. This is the best way to win her heart and show that they are really committed to the relationship.

When it comes to relationship goals, these are Abigail’s and there is no question that quite a few ladies out there will agree with all of the things that have been listed here. She still believes in old-fashioned values, such as a man opening or holding a door for a lady and these are key features that she looks for in a romantic partner.

3She Created Controversy with her Seductive Video that Includes In-N-Out Food

In-N-Out made even more delicious with a little Abigail Ratchford love.

Ken Wolter /

The video of Abigail Ratchford in a swimsuit with a smorgasbord of burgers, French fries, and a milkshake definitely sent the internet into overdrive. However, not everyone was completely thrilled with the footage that was captured. The In-N-Out burger chain, whose products, the burgers, and fries, have center stage in the video, ordered the model to take it down. The burger company, which is based in California, have founders who have strong Christian beliefs and therefore believe that the video that was produced go against the image they are trying to portray.

The lawyers from In-N-Out have stated that they decided to send a letter to LiveRich Media, which is the producer of all Abigail’s videos after they received a number of varying complaints from their customers. There are some reports that state that the burger company may file a lawsuit if their demands to have the video removed are not met. The goal of this video was to go “viral.” Abigail made it after Elizabeth Anne, a fellow model, had a video that went viral after producing a unique tennis video. This is yet another way that Abigail is working to make a name for herself online and this video is just another in a long line of sexy and seductive videos and pictures that the model and actress has posted on social media. Some say it is garnering the wrong type of attention, but there is no question that her popularity is bigger than ever.

2She Stripped Naked Online to Celebrate Reaching the Milestone of Three Million Followers on Instagram

Abigail celebrated her 3 millionth instagram follower in her birthday suit.

While there are some people who like to mark milestones by having a fancy dinner or a cupcake decorated with a special candle, this is not Abigail’s idea of a celebration. In fact, this internet sensation prefers full-on nudity. Due to the major milestone of reaching three million fans on Instagram, the lingerie model stripped down to her birthday suit and held a photo shoot.

As a Playboy pin-up, Abigail is not shy in front of the cameras, and this was made clear when she bared it all to her fans online. The 20-year old (at the time) bared side booty and almost her entire breast in the picture. This image showed virtually every inch of her flesh with no apologies. The picture features Abigail in wild curls with a giant “3” silver balloon to mark the event. With the images she posted online, she also stated that looking back on 2,999,999 that three million sounded much better and she also went on to thank all of her fans.

There is no question that Abigail has become quite the social media siren thanks to her amazing figure that has more sex appeal that most people dream of. In addition to utilizing these amazing selfies to help and rocket her career to all new heights, she has also found herself in the headlines thanks to crazy Halloween costumes and other events that were risky, but successful.

1She Enjoys Wearing Risque Halloween Costumes.

Is that you Abby?

Most average people grew up wearing wart-covered rubber fingers and garbage bags as their Halloween costumes; however, this is not true for super-internet-sensation Abigail Ratchford. In Halloween of 2015, she decided that she would play a double of a Playboy pin-up and donned barely there lingerie during her All Hallows Eve escapades. Rather than stick with the scary conventions that are expected, Abigail decided to expose her cleavage in an eye-popping way that made some believe she was smuggling beach balls in her top.

During this Halloween, she attended a party in New York in an outfit that consisted of a bra that featured purple beads and a slashed up skirt. This was somewhat similar to the Jasmine outfit worn by Kim Kardashian, but even quite a bit skimpier. In addition to showcasing her amazing assets upstairs, this outfit also featured a skirt that continually blew to the side to reveal her barely-there undies. However, surprisingly, Abigail was not the most flesh-flashing beauty at this Halloween event. In fact, her BFF Lindsey Pelas found an outfit that showed off even more flesh than Abigail. She simply wore white undies that had two tufts of tulle on the side. Their attitude about it was great and from all the pictures posted on social media, there is no question that the two had a blast that night in their barely-there attire. Chances are she may go even skimpier for 2016 Halloween parties.


Even though Abigail had a rather humble beginning in a family of seven siblings and going to Catholic school, she has definitely made quite the name for herself today. By posting photos of her curvaceous body on Instagram and other social media networks, she has gained a following of millions of people. This is a number that only continues to grow. With her shenanigans at three million followers, who knows what Abigail has in store for her fans at four million!

However, while she is certainly grateful for her internet beginnings, she has stated in a number of interviews that she is ready to expand beyond internet fame. While she has had a few opportunities to show off in the spotlight, she says that her plans are to grow her abilities and knowledge to do television, movies, and even the theater in the future. There is no question that this young lady has drive and ambition, and it looks as though she has the fan base to make a pretty good career for herself, as well. While there are likely going to be quite a few more seductive videos and images in the future, this young lady is ready to make a name for herself doing something – in her eyes – that is bigger and better.

Be sure to follow Abigail to see what new things she is up to. It looks like she posts on social media daily, which is likely why her fans and followers are so loyal to her.


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