Top 10 Zombie Movies of All Time

Top 10 Zombie Movies of All Time.
Top 10 Zombie Movies of All Time.

Top 10 Zombie Movies of All Time

No. 10: Pet Sematary


First of all, it’s Stephen King – that enough right there. Pet Cemetery is just one of a dozen great horror films based on a novel by King. Plus, it taught us all a very valuable lesson: forget about human zombies, what you really need to look out for are the cat zombies. Even more, the film examines our fear of death as a species in general and takes a unique look at the “it’s time to let go” dilemma. All in all, the result is both deep and properly terrifying. Even more, for those looking to avoid too much gore, it offers the zombie genre without too much splatter. Hardly a family film, but it won’t make you queasy either.

No. 9: Dead Snow

Not only does this film have zombies but it also has Nazis. Nazi Zombies. The film itself pulls on the isolated cabin setting, throws in some Nazi soldiers, peppers on some zombies, and adds a couple handfuls of gore to make a film that will always impress. It may be a relatively new addition to the genre, but it lays the groundwork for great things to come. It is an excellent example of how gore can be worked seamlessly into a plot without being too distracted. And while it may start a little mild, it gets gory fast, so be prepared!

No. 8: Fido

On its surface, Fido is simply a more family appropriate style of Zombie film. The idea of having a pet zombie may be played off a little lightly in the film but the result is comical nonetheless. However, Fido is actually rooted a little deeper than its simple style suggests. In fact, Fido is a subtle comment on society and uses zombies as more of a metaphor than a brain eating monster. However, it really doesn’t matter. The film is very good, unique, and a welcome alteration to the possibilities of zombie films.

No. 7: Dead Alive

Dead alive is probably one of the bloodiest films ever made. Next to every scene features enough splatter to make you wonder how anyone on Earth has any blood left. Even more, there is a monkey and some King-Fu. SO really, it’s an all-around zombie film. It is certainly a horror film, and earns the title proudly. But apart from enough fake blood to fill a small swimming pool, at one point they use a lawnmower as a melee weapon. So forget about everything else – because now, we all secretly know how to do that.

No. 6: Evil Dead

Evil Dead is the patron of the isolated cabin trope. Not to mention is spawned a plethora of sequels that seemed to take on a life of their own. However, not only is the story very valid, but there is a lot to be said for the quality of this film. To begin with, Evil Dead was low budget. Despite this, they paired excellent camera work with a remarkably talented Sam Raimi. The result being an excellent film that far out shadows its own budget issues. Plus, it’s gory enough to deserve its mantle.

No. 5: Shaun of the Dead

Do you ever find yourself watching all of the gore in a zombie film and thinking “Gee, I would like to laugh more at the undead?” Well, fret not, because Edgar Wright it here to save the day. Shaun of the Dead is the perfect mixture of all the drama involved in a zombie apocalypse with the perfect amount of humor. Wright even makes all of the cliché zombie effects comical, from their guttural snarls to their staggering walks. Even more, he manages to create a film that both modernizes, parodies, and respects the zombie genre.

No. 4: Zombie

This is one for all of you true gore fans. It’s hard to describe the plot of the Zombie, because at some point midway through the film you have lost all concept of what is actually going on and are more concerned with just how much nasty they can squeeze into a single film. The infamous movie is a hinge for the zombie genre and features enough gore to impress even the most hardened zombie fan. Be warned, it is not for the faint of heart. Of which many are eaten…

No. 3: Zombieland

There is only so much drama a genre can take before the world starts to lose interest. Fortunately for zombies, Zombieland is just the cure. Beginning as an instructional manual to survive a potential outbreak – seriously, Cardio – the film is both humorous and all around fun. Starring exceptional talents such as Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone, there is nothing this film lacks. And that includes a few slow motion zombie deaths. Plus, it really makes you appreciate the small things in life – like Twinkies. From the very beginning to the very end, you will both laugh, cry, and jump.

No. 2: Night of the Living Dead

Homage must be paid. Night of the Living Dead is the film that started the Zombie genre. The black and white creation features all of the elements that would someday come to define the zombie film. George Romero probably had no idea of the genre his film would create, but today we are nothing but grateful to his brilliance. And unsure if it will be scary enough for your taste? This is film that would force Hollywood to start putting ratings on films. Seriously, they had to make a law because of it.

No. 1: Dawn of the Dead

The perfect combination of horror, political statement, great acting, romance, and truly talented storytelling. First of all, it gave us all the thought “I want to live in mall!” Forget about the horrible outbreak, point me to the closest escalator. The film really made us consider life after a zombie breakout. Even more, it stands the test of time like a champ. Even more, it features some terrifying moments that will make you jump out of your seat and head for the light switch. Plus, you will never be able to feel safe in an elevator again.