Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

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This one is gonna stir the pot.  Here’s our top 10 TV Shows of All Time.  Do you agree? What’s in your top 10?


10: Days of our lives



Hailed as the longest running soap opera in the world. It has captivated the imagination of its fans for an already whopping 46 years, with a record breaking 48 seasons and more than twelve thousand episodes. It is a worthy pick to place in our top ten list of top TV shows. Days of our lives was so loved by its viewers that this series have undergone a modernizing change to adapt to modern viewers of today. This series portray the trials, tribulations and success of a group of individuals in the fictional city of Salem. A show aired on NBC, it was among the best sitcoms the network has ever produced.

9: Sesame Street

Most of the children of the 80s and 90s have grown up watching Sesame Street. The Muppets of Jim Henson became the vehicle to teach children all sorts of educational subjects ranging from letters, numbers, words and life. The creators of the show wanted to focus on providing fun educational shows for children, little did they know then that their noble idea will become one of the hallmarks in television history. The nostalgic opening song of this most beloved children’s show of all time, makes everyone who grew up with Kermit T. Frog and Big Bird long for those old good days as a child.

8: Friends

Friends started off with a mixed average review and a sitcom that wasn’t there yet in relation to shows like Seinfeld, however after 10 years of comedic writing genius, Friends became one of the greatest shows of all time. The story of a group of friends and how they go through their life, which was authored by David Crane and Marta Kauffman became the epitome of such a genre. It has been the inspiration of many comedy sitcoms afterwards. The show was so popular that most of the catch phrases such as Monica’s “I know”, Rachel’s exaggerated “Noooo” and Joey’s popular greeting, “How you doing?” has become part of the people’s daily vocab today.

7: M.A.S.H.

A comedic take on a rather serious issue of war, MASH or Mobile Army Surgical Hospital and its company of writers was able to beat all odds and created a masterpiece of TV history. The show covers the Korean War, but as it was aired in the midst of the Vietnam War some sentiments that were present at that time was cleverly included in its episodes. Originally created as a spin-off from a movie of the same name, it quickly became one of the most favorite show that has ever been aired on TV. The last episode of MASH is still the most watched show of all time.

6: Cheers

Cheers is number six on this list. The show depicts the lives of another group of friends that came together to air their grievances in life inside a bar named Cheers and owner and tended by Sam Malone, acted by Ted Danson. Comedy flows like beer as Sam served customers what they want. Having a weakness to sexy women, Sam continued an on and off relationship with Diane, portrayed by Shelley Long. The show also introduced Frasier, who is a psychiatrist aimed to turn Sam’s life around. His character was so successful that it became a separate series in itself. The show lasted eleven season and it served its last pint of comedic beverage in 1993.

5: The X-Files

Fueling the paranormal, controversies and extraterrestrials, the X-files kept the fire for Conspiracy theorists. The show started in 1993 and it became an influential factor in continuing the spread of mystery under various unexplained phenomenon. Its episodes put its viewers in a rollercoaster ride from mystery to horror to a pinch of comedy to break the monotony. Blessed with charismatic actors which are shoved into investigating the unknown. The X-files is one of the most influential sitcoms of all time thus gaining the mid place in this list.

4: I love Lucy

One of the most watched comedy sitcoms of all time, the comedic duo of then, real life couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz filled American homes with unrelenting laughter for more than six years. However it was so popular that I love Lucy continued to attract viewers after a number of reruns. In 2013 special Christmas episode, a colorized version of “I love Lucy’s Christmas episode originally aired 62 years ago still gained 8 million views.

3: The Simpsons

This top 10 list will not be complete without citing the longest cartoon series of all time. The Simpsons, which first aired in 1989, showing the glorious stupidity of Homer Simpson and everyone was stuck to it ever since. Though its scenes of violence, Alcoholism and Sexuality caused critics to give poor ratings as it was still considered a children’s show, it still garnered the admiration and love of millions of people who love to have a good laugh at a fictitious stupid person getting the worst in life and not feel guilty.

2: The Sopranos

The underground world of the Mafia is what makes the Sopranos among the best TV shows of all time. The show deals with the life of Tony Soprano, who is a capo of a New Jersey crime family. It focuses on his ability to balance his family life against a backdrop of violence, sex and murder. Through the series, viewers are given a glimpse in David Chase’s world of how the Mafia operates. Millions are hooked to the heart-breaking and exciting episodes of the Sopranos for more than eight years. The show tackles the suffering of a person striving to raise up a family but is forced by circumstance to slowly destroy it.

1: Seinfeld

Seinfeld holds the number one spot in this list as it became successful not because of a good story line, but because people get the chance to get a laugh every stand-alone incident that seem to get Seinfeld and his three friends in some laughable situation in every episode. That quite long run on sentence clearly shows why Seinfeld is among the best shows in the world and is the number one of this 10 ten list. If a sitcom can create unique scenarios every time for eight years and continue to keep viewers extremely interested while dying of laughter then that is quite a feat.