Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Illuminati

  1. Freemasons Are a Different Group from the Illuminati

The Freemasons. Not Illuminati
The Freemasons. Not Illuminati.

Although some believe that the Illuminati was initially a splinter group of the Freemasons, there is no official proof of this.

The Freemasons are one of today’s oldest and most visible secret societies. It is a fraternity to which one can only gain access if a male relative was a member of the group. There are Freemason groups made up by women but these lodges are not officially recognized by the organization as a whole.

The Freemasons were initially founded in the 18th century. They took their name and symbols from the legendary guilds of stonemasons and builders in medieval Europe. These builders created some of the strongest and most symbolic architecture in Europe, some of which survives today.

The Freemasons are often referred to as a cult. The use of symbols and ceremony in rituals performed by the Masonic Lodges often inspires those uninitiated in the group to give it this label out of misunderstanding and fear. Some suggest that the cult like actions of the Freemasons actually came from a group called the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

  1. Alleged Members of the Illuminati Include Politicians, Bankers and Celebrities

Jay-Z. Illuminati? Maybe.
Jay-Z. Illuminati? Maybe.

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The members of the new Illuminati are referred to as members of the New World Order. The New World Order is one of the most popular and widely subscribed to conspiracy theories in the Western world today. It says that there is a small but powerful group of people who are controlling not only the world’s resources but the people of the world.

The group includes all kinds of public figures from Jay-Z to the Bush Family to the Queen of England. Some people suggest that the people at the top of this group are all genetically related.

The Illuminati is often related to and associated with this theory. The structure of the Illuminati, which contains three levels of membership, each with increasing privileges is said to support this theory. The three levels make up a pyramid, a common symbol of the Illuminati’s activity.

In the New World Order, the middle class would be destroyed. Instead, the select few members of society would rule the rest of the world like peasants. The relationship between the Illuminati and the rest of the population would be more like master and slave than manager and employee.

Some theories say that the New World Order has also tried to issue a cull on humanity. The theory suggests that the Illuminati would rather see a population of 500 million people than the six or seven billion that currently inhabit the world.

Believers say that the New World Order is a political concept and not simply a conspiracy theory. There are strands that link the two. The increasing power of the government over the media in many countries that still insists that its citizens are free to think as they choose is what many conspiracy theorists link to the brainwashing methods supposedly used by the New World Order.

Theorists believe that the media is used by this elite group of people to manipulate the masses. The idea is that the media is designed to whip up fear among the general population so that they reach out to the members of the group for protection. This is the theory behind why the media shows videos of terrorist attacks on loop and shows leaders vowing to protect their countries instead of reporting the number of good things that happen in humanity every day.

  1. The Bavarian Illuminati Was Not So Secret and That Is Why It Disbanded

Ya gotta know how to keep a secret.
Ya gotta know how to keep a secret.

The success of the myth of the modern Illuminati is because it remains the most secret, but known, society in the world today. While many people understand that it exists and that members of the Illuminati walk the same streets, there is no concrete information related to the modern existence of the Illuminati at all.

The myth and legend is what keeps the Illuminati in the forefront of so many minds. Whether they are historians, conspiracy theorists or lovers of Dan Brown novels, the modern Illuminati explains away many of the ills of the world today. The fact that there is as much tangible proof of the modern Illuminati as there is for the Abrahamic god only continues to play into its increasing popularity of as the explanation of why bad things happen in the world.

The reason that the Bavarian Illuminati is not remembered is because although it was a secret society, it was not as secret as it could have been. This is evidenced by the fact that it gained such a large following. 2,000 people in 18th century Europe is a much more significant number than it is in the 21st century. A group that contains 2,000 people would have been overt and well known by governments and the Vatican. These powers would have sent spies to attempt to infiltrate the group to inform on its actions

The Illuminati had to be publically dismantled. So, as a secret society, it had a different level of secrecy compared to the Illuminati that was supposedly derived from this German group. Without the legend and mystery, the Bavarian Illuminati is slowly disappearing into the depths of history.