Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Illuminati

Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Illuminati
Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Illuminati

Top 10 Things You Should Know About the Illuminati

The Illuminati is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented organizations in all of history. The Illuminati have become synonymous with the concept of control, power and outright evil. From enslaving all of mankind to controlling the banks, there is supposedly little that the Illuminati cannot do.

Research into the Illuminati by scholarship happens only at the fringes and is not taken seriously. Those who believe that the Illuminati is real and active are labeled conspiracy theorists and are often disregarded as rational people entirely. Some of the most devoted researchers are told that they are mentally unstable and are ignored by all but the fringes of society.

But at one point, the Illuminati was a demonstrably real group of people. During the 18th century Enlightenment, a group of men banded together to work to destroy the powers that controlled and enslaved the people of Europe. They did not believe that the Vatican and organized religion should continue to control the governments and monarchies of Europe. They also rejected the hegemonic control of monarchs who claimed to be appointed by God in order to legitimize and maintained their power.

This Illuminati, with its humanist ideals and political origins, has morphed into an Illuminati that not only worships Satan but has also created methods of brainwashing that are currently being used to control the minds and bodies of 10 million people around the world.

But how did this transition from a group to political activists to a group of Satan-worshipping genetically related bankers? To understand the huge gap between these two groups, you need to learn more about the original Illuminati and its representations in society.

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the Illuminati:

  1. The Illuminati Is a Secret Society

The Illuminati is quite secretive. Not just anyone gets in the circle.
The Illuminati is quite secretive. Not just anyone gets in the circle.

Despite all of the references to the Illuminati in the media and in Hollywood, the Illuminati remains a secret society. As a secret society, no one outside of the group knows anything about its operations, members or existence. Built on misdirection and with a belief in total secrecy, few people can claim to know anything about the Illuminati because there is no confirmed existence of the group.

Secret societies are built solely on self-interest. A secret society is formed when a small group of people band together to protect mutual interests from other groups or from the world at large.

Despite its negative connotations, secret societies are not always a bad concept. Secret societies have long been used for good works. The Underground Railroad that operated during the 19th century is just one of many examples of a secret society that was formed to protect their mutual interests of saving people from slavery.

As a secret society, a person cannot just join the Illuminati. They must be nominated or receive an invitation. Most people who join secret societies have no idea that they are joining a legendary society until after they have been fully initiated.

Some secret societies work in the relative open. The Freemasons are an example of a secret society that operates covertly but still operates on the surface. The Skull and Bones society of Yale University is another well-known secret society.

  1. The Illuminati Was Founded on May 1, 1776

The Illuminati attempted to throw off the Vatican's shackles.
The Illuminati attempted to throw off the Vatican’s shackles.

The Illuminati is believed to have been established on May Day in 1776. The group was founded by a German named Adam Weishaupt in an area that was known as Upper Bavaria. The group acted as a branch of Enlightenment thinkers, and it is often associated with the dangers of thought in the Enlightenment. This group of people became known as the Bavarian Illuminati.

As a secret society, the group’s official founding is unknown. It is said that there were only five original members of the group and each vowed to keep the group a secret.

Initially, the goals of the Order of the Illuminati were to further the Enlightenment commitment to reducing religious influence in Europe and preventing the abuses of power by the monarchies that controlled Europe. The original members were men who are suggested to have been progressive intellectuals and politicians.

Committed to free learning and rejecting the yoke of the Vatican, the Bavarian Illuminati grew. Its branches extended from its home in Germany and into the empires of Europe. It is possible that the original Illuminati held over 2,000 names in its ledger of official and initiated members.

The Illuminati was not adored by governments or by the church, which continued to wield influence and power over most of Europe. The group was outlawed and then officially disbanded in 1785 only a few years after its foundation.

Many people believe that though the group publicly broke up, it continued to carry on in secret with a reduced membership. Driven underground by the global powers of the day, some believe that the later Illuminati was derived from this original group of Enlightenment thinkers.

However, the group that is often referred to as the Illuminati today would not appear to share the Enlightenment values of the first group of radical thinkers. Instead, the modern Illuminati is part of a wider conspiracy that a select group of people work to undermine the politics and organizations around the world and enslave the world’s citizens to do their bidding.

The new Illuminati has one goal. It is not to create a New World Order but to destroy the Old World Order.

  1. The Illuminati Is Political

The Illuminati is ant-religion
The Illuminati is ant-religion

The Illuminati is supposedly an organization that is both political and spiritual. However, this is probably untrue. Its original political ambitions included diminishing the power of the church in Europe. However, the power of the church had less to do with religion and more to do with political power. The Vatican and the Pope had the power to determine the fate of almost any citizen in Europe.

The power of the Vatican was more authoritarian than even many governments. Kings and leaders all over Europe were at the mercy of the Popes decrees. Germany had long been a hotbed of resistance against Rome and against organized religion.

The political nature of the Illuminati separates it from other major secret societies. Membership of the group did not require people to ascribe to a certain religious ideology or dogma. In fact, it required no belief in a supreme being at all.

Instead, the Illuminati was a humanist organization. Humanism is a belief that humans have both agency and value, something that some religious sects reject. Humanism is not an Enlightenment concept or even a Renaissance idea. Communities all over the world have rejected the idea of being controlled by a supernatural force for thousands of years.

This belief system was a part of an ancient humanism that can be found in ancient India, ancient Iran and even ancient Greece. Thinkers in these places attempted to move away from the myth and legend that dominated their societies in an attempt to find human reason.

A belief in humanism was not an ideology in itself, it was a rejection of the ideology inherent in myth, legend and traditional organized religion.

The humanism adopted by the Illuminati has had profound effects on the arts and sciences practiced in Europe and around the world.

  1. Mystical Fraternities Began Long Before the Illuminati

The Illuminati weren't the only secretive bunch
The Illuminati weren’t the only secretive bunch

The Illuminati is far from being the first mystical fraternity or secret society. In fact, if one moves away from the modern idea of secret societies, there has been a long and fruitful existence of these groups for thousands of years.

Almost any minority group has had to operate in secret at some point in its life. This is especially true of the esoteric schools of thought in many long standing religions. In religion, these groups are often referred to as occultists but this is a general term that does not represent the diversity and contributions of these groups both throughout history and in the modern world.

From the Christians to the Jews to the Muslims, each group has had sects that have been forced to operate underground or face the risk of being called heretics.

The Shia Muslims formed a secret society called the Hashshashin the 13th century. The Shia Muslims differed from their Sunni counterparts because of their growing tradition of mystical thought within Islam.
This group, also known as the Nizari, is a little known group that worked throughout the Levant and the Middle East. The goal of this group was to establish a Shi’ite state. In order to break free from the Sunni majority, the group had to employ a small and secretive group to run their political and warfare. The group became famous for sabotage, espionage and the assassinations that they committed.

The group was highly secretive and tried to do all of their work without being noticed. They did their best to avoid casualties that were not related to the intended target. Their work in espionage was so well known in some powerful circles that it is said that King Richard the Lionheart even employed them.

Though the library that held their records was destroyed hundreds of years ago, the legend of the Hashshashin lives on through the modern English word “assassin”.

  1. The Illuminati Is Often Confused with the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar. Not Illuminati
The Knights Templar. Not Illuminati

The Illuminati and the Knights Templar are often uttered in the same sentence but there is a big difference between the two groups.

The Knights Templar existed four centuries before the Illuminati was founded. Their role was to protect Christian pilgrims. The group were a powerful military order but they were far from being a secret society because the group received an official endorsement from the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. They also wore an official uniform, something that a secret society would not do.

The Templars are much more closely associated with the period of the Crusades than with the Illuminati. However, the connection usually comes because the Freemasons began to integrate Templar rituals and symbols into its activities. Since the Freemasons are so often associated with the Illuminati, this is where the connection comes from.

  1. Freemasons Are a Different Group from the Illuminati

The Freemasons. Not Illuminati
The Freemasons. Not Illuminati.

Although some believe that the Illuminati was initially a splinter group of the Freemasons, there is no official proof of this.

The Freemasons are one of today’s oldest and most visible secret societies. It is a fraternity to which one can only gain access if a male relative was a member of the group. There are Freemason groups made up by women but these lodges are not officially recognized by the organization as a whole.

The Freemasons were initially founded in the 18th century. They took their name and symbols from the legendary guilds of stonemasons and builders in medieval Europe. These builders created some of the strongest and most symbolic architecture in Europe, some of which survives today.

The Freemasons are often referred to as a cult. The use of symbols and ceremony in rituals performed by the Masonic Lodges often inspires those uninitiated in the group to give it this label out of misunderstanding and fear. Some suggest that the cult like actions of the Freemasons actually came from a group called the Rosicrucian Fellowship.

  1. Alleged Members of the Illuminati Include Politicians, Bankers and Celebrities

Jay-Z. Illuminati? Maybe.
Jay-Z. Illuminati? Maybe.

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The members of the new Illuminati are referred to as members of the New World Order. The New World Order is one of the most popular and widely subscribed to conspiracy theories in the Western world today. It says that there is a small but powerful group of people who are controlling not only the world’s resources but the people of the world.

The group includes all kinds of public figures from Jay-Z to the Bush Family to the Queen of England. Some people suggest that the people at the top of this group are all genetically related.

The Illuminati is often related to and associated with this theory. The structure of the Illuminati, which contains three levels of membership, each with increasing privileges is said to support this theory. The three levels make up a pyramid, a common symbol of the Illuminati’s activity.

In the New World Order, the middle class would be destroyed. Instead, the select few members of society would rule the rest of the world like peasants. The relationship between the Illuminati and the rest of the population would be more like master and slave than manager and employee.

Some theories say that the New World Order has also tried to issue a cull on humanity. The theory suggests that the Illuminati would rather see a population of 500 million people than the six or seven billion that currently inhabit the world.

Believers say that the New World Order is a political concept and not simply a conspiracy theory. There are strands that link the two. The increasing power of the government over the media in many countries that still insists that its citizens are free to think as they choose is what many conspiracy theorists link to the brainwashing methods supposedly used by the New World Order.

Theorists believe that the media is used by this elite group of people to manipulate the masses. The idea is that the media is designed to whip up fear among the general population so that they reach out to the members of the group for protection. This is the theory behind why the media shows videos of terrorist attacks on loop and shows leaders vowing to protect their countries instead of reporting the number of good things that happen in humanity every day.

  1. The Bavarian Illuminati Was Not So Secret and That Is Why It Disbanded

Ya gotta know how to keep a secret.
Ya gotta know how to keep a secret.

The success of the myth of the modern Illuminati is because it remains the most secret, but known, society in the world today. While many people understand that it exists and that members of the Illuminati walk the same streets, there is no concrete information related to the modern existence of the Illuminati at all.

The myth and legend is what keeps the Illuminati in the forefront of so many minds. Whether they are historians, conspiracy theorists or lovers of Dan Brown novels, the modern Illuminati explains away many of the ills of the world today. The fact that there is as much tangible proof of the modern Illuminati as there is for the Abrahamic god only continues to play into its increasing popularity of as the explanation of why bad things happen in the world.

The reason that the Bavarian Illuminati is not remembered is because although it was a secret society, it was not as secret as it could have been. This is evidenced by the fact that it gained such a large following. 2,000 people in 18th century Europe is a much more significant number than it is in the 21st century. A group that contains 2,000 people would have been overt and well known by governments and the Vatican. These powers would have sent spies to attempt to infiltrate the group to inform on its actions

The Illuminati had to be publically dismantled. So, as a secret society, it had a different level of secrecy compared to the Illuminati that was supposedly derived from this German group. Without the legend and mystery, the Bavarian Illuminati is slowly disappearing into the depths of history.

  1. People Believe in the Illuminati Because There Is No Proof That It Does Not Exist

It's hard to prove a negative. Like proving the Flying Spaghetti Monster isn't Jesus Christ's real father.
It’s hard to prove a negative. Like proving the Flying Spaghetti Monster isn’t Jesus Christ’s real father.

While there is historical evidence for the Bavarian Illuminati, there is not any tangible proof for the existence of a modern Illuminati. As a result, believers that are told that it cannot be proven can counter with the argument that it cannot be disproven either.

If there were recognized and tangible proof of the existence and actions of this secret society, it would not continue to operate in society as such a popular myth.  Reminds me of how you can’t prove the the Flying Spaghetti Monster isn’t real.

1.Real or Not, The Illuminati Have Become Huge Influences in Modern Western Culture

The Illuminati love their crazy symbols. And if you like money, so do you!
The Illuminati love their crazy symbols. And if you like money, so do you!

If you are looking for signs of the Illuminati, then you do not have to look far. From rap music to the U.S. dollar, signs that are associated with the modern Illuminati are found everywhere you look.

Rapper Jay-Z and singer Beyonce are suggested to be heavily entrenched in this secret society because they use pyramid and diamond symbols in their businesses and performances. There have been photos and music videos that show both performers integrating symbols of the Illuminati into their art.

Even Lady Gaga has got in on the action. Some of her videos include the use of diamonds and goats’ heads, which are said to be symbols of the modern illuminati.

From The Da Vinci Code to Nicholas Cage, Hollywood has continued to capitalize on what some people claim is a living legend. These representations stray far from the Enlightenment ideas and instead represent the much more violent and terrifying representation of the modern incarnation of the Illuminati.

Even the beloved Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, has not gone unscathed. Some researchers say that the statue is a symbol of the Illuminati that represents the transition from the Old World Order to the New World Order.

However, using these signs in works of art does not imply that the artists are members of the Illuminati. Instead, it demonstrates that they are adapting signs and symbols of both history and popular culture in order to create a statement through their art.


The Illuminati have a long history in the Western world. From its 18th century Enlightenment origins to the blockbuster Hollywood movies, the myth of the Illuminati is so well-recognized that it has become completely distorted.

The myth of the modern Illuminati has little if anything to do with the actual group of Illuminati thinkers that existed in history. If anything, the alleged group of powerful people that control the world today stole the name and little else.

The Illuminati of Bavaria was united in its attempts to give people back their agency and to remove the shackles imposed on them by the both the monarchies and the Pope. They worked to change Europe and establish a middle class in society. However, as a historical group they continue to disappear in history. It seems their progressive ideas are not worthy of the infamy of a mythical group of people that are suggested to be bent on destroying everything that the original Enlightenment Illuminati worked to build.